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The Genius Swordsman Assasin Chapter 947

Episode 947

“They say the bead ice cream here is the best on the continent.”

A black-haired young man who appeared to be a Sieghardt inspector winked at the blonde woman walking alongside him.

A soft and warm atmosphere was brewing between the two, as if they were on a date.


The blonde woman’s eyes widened in surprise.

“There’s no need to say anything when you see that it’s sold out every day in Sieghardt, where it’s cold all year round. It sells so well that new products are released first.”

The black-haired young man smacked his lips as he said that it was a dessert he had to try every vacation.

“How dare you call it dessert when we haven’t even had breakfast?”

“That’s why I came. If you’re late, you might not be able to choose the flavor you want.”

“That much?”

“After the Whirlwind mission is over, one of the team leaders buys a lot of ice cream. So… GASP!”

He opened the door to the ice cream shop, lowering his shoulders slightly, and then stopped dead in his tracks.

“Ugh… .”

The black-haired young man trembled all over as if he were about to faint.

“Okay, honey?”


He bowed deeply toward the inner table and then slowly stepped back.

“Let’s go out.”

“Where are you going all of a sudden…?”

“This is no place for people!”

The black-haired young man grabbed the blonde woman’s wrist and walked out of the ice cream shop.

“At least explain why before you go!”

“You shouldn’t go there! It’s where evil spirits live!”

As soon as he left the ice cream shop, he ran away, even leaving his girlfriend behind.

“Hey, that crazy guy!”

As the blonde woman stomped her feet in anger, a group of children about twelve years old walked beside her.

“I heard the honey-glazed melon flavor is coming next week?”

The short boy took a long sip.

“I don’t really like fruit flavors. Chocolate is the best.”

The little boy wearing the hat waved his finger and said chocolate flavored ice cream was the best.

“Anyway, I say kids don’t know what they taste like.”

The short boy clicked his tongue in pity.

“Is that what a guy who gets paid for something says?”

“I bought it for you last week.”

The children entered the marble ice cream shop, bickering and bickering, not knowing if they were getting along well or not.

“Sir! Our Choco and… Huh?”


However, as soon as the two children passed through the store door, they froze as if they had become stone statues in front of the school.

“Okay, I’ll come next time.”


The short kid and the kid wearing a hat walked out of the ice cream shop like lightning, arm in arm, as if they had never argued before.

“Guys, be careful!”

Crane lowered his eyebrows as he avoided the children running towards him like animals.

“Tsk tsk. Kids these days have no manners. It wasn’t like that when I was there.”

He clicked his tongue roughly as if he felt sorry.

“You were attacking Raon and got hit right away.”

Dorian slapped Crane on the shoulder and laughed.

“That, that was when I was little!”

“So you were spoiled when you were young too.”

He waved his hand, saying that all children are the same.

“Well, we were all around the same age back then. It’s not that I don’t have manners… .”

Crane wrinkled his nose as if he remembered the first time he got hit by Raon.

“Anyway, why did you ask me to come here?”

Dorian lifted his chin as he looked up at the sign for the ice cream shop.

“I feel like there’s some secret in this house.”


“Yes. Whenever they return to Sieghart, Lord Jeonju or Captain Runaan always stop by this shop. The secret to their strength might be in the ice cream here.”

Crane opened the door to the ice cream shop, saying, “Let’s go in and see for ourselves.”

“Huh? It’s the Lord! Look, just like I said, you’re always here… Huh!”

He waved at Raon, who was sitting at the table, and his chin shook.


Dorian also swallowed dry saliva as if he was surprised.



Karun and Balder, sitting across from Raon, turned their heads and frowned.

The two of them seemed to be in a bad mood and were giving off ominous, rough vibes.

“Well, we’re going to go now. Have a nice training!”

Crane, whose mind had already hardened, left the three men in front of him with ice cream and told them to have fun practicing before running away.

“Look, I’m running low on supplies too!”

Dorian also seemed reluctant to stay there and hurriedly backed away, leaving the ice cream shop.

“Haaah… .”

Raon sighed deeply, sweeping the hair that had fallen down his forehead.

‘He’s going out again.’

As soon as people entered the ice cream shop and saw Karun and Balder’s faces, they all ran away.

Given the words and actions and rumors the two of them had shown so far, it just seemed scary.

“If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know. If there’s anything I can help you with, please let me know…”

The owner of this store also couldn’t control his tension and was creaking like a wooden doll with a broken string.

“Everything is delicious!”

-This is happiness! When I return to the Demon World, I will definitely build a bead ice cream factory! Bigger than your house!

The only people laughing in there now were Sia and Las.

‘It’s more serious than I thought.’

I had expected this to happen when I suggested to Karun and Balder that they go to the ice cream shop because of Lars and Sia’s urging, but it was even worse than that.

I didn’t know that everyone who entered the store would run away shouting apologies as if the Great Wizard had cast a barrier.

‘No, is that normal?’

With three of the four Jewels of Sieghart gathered here, it was no wonder people were afraid.

‘Besides, I can’t just sit still.’

Karun and Balder were giving off fierce vibes, showing that they were not happy about being here.

Since these large people were already making faces, it was natural for ordinary people to feel awkward.


While Raon was shaking his head, someone came into the ice cream shop.

‘Are you going out again?’

I turned my head, thinking I would just walk out of the store, but the person in front of the entrance was just staring blankly in my direction.


The person who came into the ice cream shop this time was Runaan. As always, it seemed like he came to eat marble ice cream.


Runaan nodded as if nothing had happened to him, Karun, and Balder, and went to choose ice cream. As always, he was a guy with a very clear opinion.

“What would you choose? This looks delicious.”

Sia approached Runaan and recommended some ice creams that she had eaten and found delicious.

“This is the most delicious.”

Runaan, like a child with a strong mind, chose Mint Choco right away.

-As expected of the Ice Cream Girl! A choice worthy of the King’s Chief!

Las nodded, saying that he had chosen his subordinates well.

‘When did Runaan become the leader again?’

Raon sighed, pushing down the excited Las.

“This isn’t as bad as I thought. I could eat it as a side dish.”

Balder whetted his appetite, saying that he should buy a large quantity of bead ice cream before the battle.

“The taste isn’t bad, but it’s too sweet, so I don’t think it’s a good idea to eat it often.”

Karun narrowed his eyes, thinking that it would be better for him to exercise self-restraint as an unmanned being.

“Two people.”

Raon turned towards Karun and Balder.

“Let’s get started. What are you trying to say that brought you to the annex so early in the morning?”

I nodded while eating the remaining mint chocolate bead ice cream.


Balder swallowed the ice cream ball in one bite and stamped his foot hard.


Even though he wasn’t in possession of any aura, his body was so large that the entire ice cream shop shook.

“Yeah! This is not the way Jinmujeonju should look when it’s shrunken like this!”

Balder leaned his bear-like upper body forward as if he had made a decision.

“Nephew! I have a favor to ask of you.”

“Yes. Go ahead.”

I nodded calmly, as I had expected it to be a request.

“Make me a martial arts that suits me!”

Balder clasped his hands together as if asking for something.

“I’ll give you whatever you want if you just make it!”


Raon tilted his head as he watched Balder shaking his hand in desperation.

“Wouldn’t it be better to tell the Lord about the creation of a new martial arts?”

I can make my own, but not to the extent of Glenn. I don’t know why you’re asking me to do this.

“My father’s martial arts were too sophisticated and didn’t suit me. On the other hand, the martial arts you created were a bit simpler and clearer. I want to use the swordsmanship you created!”

Balder clenched his fist, saying that Laon’s ignorance was more to his taste.


Karun roughly put down the spoon he was holding in his hand.

“You’re asking your nephew to make you a scholar? You’re crazy.”

He frowned as if he found it pitiful.

“Don’t you know what shame is?”

“My nephew is stronger than me, so what shame is there to feel? If he’s a good nephew, I could ask him for help!”

Balder snorted, not feeling the least bit ashamed.

“Then what were you trying to say that made you hesitate so much! When you can’t even say anything!”

He lifted his chin and told me to stop rambling and get to the point.


Karun glanced at Raon.

“I am….”

He took a moment to catch his breath and then nodded lowly as if he had made up his mind.

“I want to spar with you.”

“… Is this a duel?”

Raon glared at Karun.

‘Suddenly a duel?’

I had expected Balder’s request, but I had no idea that Karun would ask me to spar. I let out a breath without realizing it.

“I felt a lot from watching you in the last war. I really want to have a sparring match just to confirm that realization.”

Karun nodded, saying that was a request.


Balder banged his fist on the table and twisted his mouth into a grin.

“You said I was a guy who took advantage of his nephew, and you’re the same as me, brother!”

He clicked his tongue and wiggled his fingers.

“You’re going to beat up your nephew in public! Was it really that bad that Raon cut off Heuktapju’s head?”

Balder scoffed at the man’s jealousy, saying it was so ugly.

“I just want a fair fight. And if we fight now, there’s no way to know who’ll win!”

Karun shook his head firmly, saying that it was completely different.

“Me too! I just want to make it legally uneducated!”

Balder slammed his palm down, saying it was the same thing.

“How is that the same!”

“In the end, it’s all the same!”

Karun and Balder glared at each other with furrowed brows. Were they brothers? Their side profiles looked exactly alike.

“Do not fight.”

Raon pushed his hand between the two people.

“First, I will grant your request, Lord Jinmu. Please tell me what kind of martial arts you wish to study.”

It’s true that my first impression of Balder was the worst, but he was just a simple person.

I have been able to achieve the level of learning I wanted thanks to the help I have received and the requests I have made.

“There’s something you’re good at! Swordsmanship that can destroy everything with a single sword! Make it so I can use it with a double sword!”

Balder uses a long, yet soft, sword that is disproportionate to his large size.

I thought it would be good to create a martial arts weapon that could produce firepower like the Flame Dragon Sword or the Jungcheonpo.

“Okay, but it’ll take some time because I have to go into my ego room next week.”

“Don’t worry! I’m good at waiting!”

As soon as Balder said he could wait, his legs started shaking. It seemed like he was already looking forward to it.

“The room of the self?”

Karun narrowed his eyes as if he was surprised.

“You want to go in there now? That wouldn’t be a good choice, would it?”

He lowered his eyebrows, saying it was a bit odd to go in now, as if he had the same thoughts as Glenn.

“Anyway, it’s impossible for me to go beyond transcendence. It might even be impossible, so I want to go in when I have time.”

“Surely you have climbed over the wall on your own so far….”

Karun nodded, thinking that it wouldn’t be a bad idea.

“Then it will be difficult to spar.”

“No. So let’s try.”

Raon smiled as he looked into Karun’s red eyes, which were becoming lighter.

“Twice instead.”


Karun tilted his head as if to ask what I was talking about.

“Yes. I would like you to do two sparring sessions, one before entering the room of the ego and one after entering and leaving.”

“…Are you trying to figure out how much you’ve developed through me?”

He let out a hollow laugh, as if he finally understood what he was saying.

“Yes. Would you like to accept it?”

Raon waited for Karun’s answer with both hands clasped on the table with the hole in it.

“…good night.”

Karun nodded, pushing away the cup of ice cream he had finished eating.

“I accept it.”

He smacked his lips as if he was rather looking forward to it.


As Raon and Karun’s eyes clashed fiercely, a giant ice cream cone rose between the two.

“I chose it with Runaan! Let’s all eat it together!”

Sia waved to everyone, saying that it tastes better when eaten together.

“Ahem… .”


Raon and Karun blushed as they remembered that this was an ice cream shop filled with bright lights and fresh wallpaper.

“Hey, let’s eat first.”

Raon smiled awkwardly and picked up his spoon.

“… Okay.”

Karun nodded with his eyes slightly lowered.

“Ugh… .”

The store manager swallowed his tears as he watched the scene.

‘When on earth are those people going to leave…?’

Business was going well, but I felt suffocated and like I was going to die.

‘This is an ice cream shop for kids! Why is there chaos here!’

*      *       *

After leaving the ice cream shop, Karun entered the audience room.

“I have requested a duel with Gwangpungjeonju.”

He bowed towards Glenn, who was sitting on the throne and drawing a blank stare.

“I thought so.”

Glenn nodded, as if he had expected it.

“Because there was thirst in your eyes.”

“But there may be things that even the Lord does not know.”

Karun raised his hand with two fingers raised.

“Raon said let’s have two sparring matches.”


Glenn narrowed his eyes as if to ask what she meant.

“Yes. Before and after entering the room of the ego. I think they are planning to use me as a test subject.”

Karun smiled faintly, saying that he had gone to ask for a favor but had been treated unfairly instead.

“That’s just like Raon.”

Glenn leaned back on the throne and burst into laughter, as if he had not expected Raon’s actions.

“As you know, my lord, I have a stronger desire for that position than anyone else.”

Karun pointed to the golden throne where Glenn sat.

“If someone other than me became the head of the family, I would have thought of leaving the family. However….”

He lowered his chin slightly, looking out the window which was slowly darkening.

“If someone who can be acknowledged becomes the head of the household, I think I can accept it even below that level.”

“Karun… .”

Glenn’s eyes widened as he realized the meaning behind Karun’s words.

“Of course, I will never step down on my own. I will shed my blood and flesh and grind my soul to get to that position.”

Karun bit his lip and looked at the golden throne. His eyes, which had always been cold, were now glowing with heat.

“Then I’ll see you at the training ground tomorrow.”

Karun turned around as if he had said everything he wanted to say and left the house.

“I thought it would be a shame to hand it over to anyone….”

Glenn licked his lips as he swept the throne that Karun had been looking at.

“I guess either way is welcome now.”

He smiled faintly, as if looking forward to what was to come.

‘I don’t know if I can see it….’

*      *       *

The next day at noon.

Raon entered the Gaju training ground with calm, composed steps.

There were only four people in the training ground: Glenn, Alice, Denier, and Balder.

“I meet you, my lord.”

Raon approached Glenn and bowed.

“Don’t let greetings drain your strength.”

Glenn waved his hand as if telling them to hurry up and get ready for sparring.

“Nephew! Today, I will beat that arrogant man to a pulp!”

Balder stamped his foot, saying that he would brush aside Karun lightly.

“Where can we see the skills of the swordsman who defeated the Black Tower?”

Alice took a long sip, her arms crossed.

“A duel between Transcendents is something you can’t see even if you pay money. I’m looking forward to it.”

Denier stepped back and smiled faintly.

‘Denier… .’

Raon narrowed his eyes as he examined Denier.

‘Are you trying to do some reconnaissance?’

It’s a little annoying.

Unlike others, Denier is an unknowable being.

I want to raise the issue openly, but since he hasn’t done anything suspicious, I have no choice but to keep quiet for now.

‘Then I guess I’ll have to show them my strength to the point where it’s useless to watch.’

It didn’t seem like a bad idea to show off overwhelming force so that even Denier couldn’t feel anything.

“It’s a duel between Jeonju residents, so only a few people were invited.”

Glenn climbed up onto the stage, telling them to focus solely on the battle.

“thank you.”

As Raon bowed his head to Glenn, the door to the training ground opened and Karun came in.


Karun came up onto the training ground with a cold glare in his eyes, as if he was seriously planning to train today. His eyes felt like they were filled with the blade of a sword, making my skin tingle.

“Are you ready?”

Karun’s fingertips were red, as if he had already warmed up.

“of course.”

Raon said that they could start right away and placed his hand on the sword of the Heavenly Sword.


Karun nodded as if he liked it and grabbed the sword.


Raon and Karun remained motionless as if they had become stone statues within arm’s reach.


As cold sweat formed on the foreheads of the two inspectors, a huge falcon rose from the direction of Bukmangsan Mountain.

The moment when a hawk passes over the smokescreen, creating a small shadow.


Raon and Karun simultaneously drew their swords and swung them at each other’s necks.

Oh my god!

The two swords clashed, releasing an ear-piercing roar.

“I will see your floor today.”

Karun tightened his grip on his sword as if he was expecting something. His sword dug into Raon’s neck as if it was going to pierce it.

“I’m sorry, but I’m deep inside.”

As Raon raised his wrist, Karun’s sword, which had been swinging violently, began to slowly retreat. He twisted his mouth, his eyes as red as the flames of the Heavenly Sword flashing.

“If you want to see my bottom, you will have to risk your life, Lord Jeon.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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