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Genius Martial Art Trainer Chapter 375 End

◈ Hassan (3)

“Have you been doing nothing for a while? Monk Mujin.”

“I was fine. Lord Seolhwa, how are you doing?”

The guest who suddenly came to Mujin was Ryu Seol-hwa, Geumji Ok-yeop (金枝玉葉) of Cheonryu Sangdan.

“Thanks to the activities of Monk Mujin and Jeong Mu-maeng, we were able to live without any problems.”

Her gentle smile catches Mujin’s eyes.

Mujin tried to regain his composure and asked the question again.

“Now that I think about it, the Cheonryu Sangdan must be busy right now, so what are you doing all the way here to Songshan?”

To Mujin’s question, she calmly answered while maintaining a calm smile.

“I just came here because I wanted to see Monk Mujin.”

It was an answer given with a calm expression, but for some reason, Mujin’s heart was pounding violently.

I felt like her calm words were more harmful to my heart than the terrifying Heonwonshindanggong used by Cheonju.

‘Why are you doing this?’

It was difficult for Mujin to understand his own condition.

‘… … ‘Have you been very lonely these days?’

This was the only reason that immediately came to mind.

When I think about it, I gave up dating and devoted myself to martial arts and fighting just because I had to deal with an enemy named Shincheon.

Considering the danger of the enemy called Shincheon, it felt irresponsible in many ways to be dating while it was not surprising if he died at any time.

To those who believe in you and are with you, and to your lover who shares love with you.

But now the biggest obstacle is gone.

Even though I had already promised myself that I would enjoy alcohol, meat, and love after descending the mountain, Mujin was hard to come to my senses when it hit me like this.

“Are you saying you took the time out of your busy schedule to come see me?”

In response to Mujin’s question, which he struggled to come to his senses, Ryu Seol-hwa smiled softly as expected and answered quietly.

“It’s okay, you don’t have to worry. “I already took care of all the busy work in advance.”

The Cheonryu Sangdan had long been aligned with Shaolin and the Jeongmu Alliance.

On the contrary, they were engaged in a tug-of-war with Daegeum Sangdan or Eunha Sangdan, which were Cheonhao Dae Sangdan, which lined up on the side of Shincheon or Sadoryun.

Currently, the Apostolic Alliance and Shincheon have collapsed. Cheonryu Sangdan had to quickly absorb their businesses.

This was because people in the middle of nowhere could take advantage of that opportunity and aim for empty seats in the Eunha Sangdan and Daegeum Sangdan.

In the end, it was said that as busy as Mujin had been, Ryu Seol-hwa also had to wander around the central plains, concentrating on work and barely sleeping for the past 15 days.

However, it wasn’t just because I was busy with work that I couldn’t visit Mujin.

“I wanted to come see you a little earlier, but Monk Mujin probably has a lot of things to sort out, so I thought it would be better to take some time, so I came to visit you now.”

If I wanted to, I could have come to see Mujin, even if it meant giving up my work a little.

The reason she came here after work was to be considerate of Mujin.

She knew that after the war was over, Mujin would also have a lot to organize. One way or another, the person who contributed the most to her in this battle was Mujin.

That’s why she waited for Mujin to take care of all his busy work and for his body and mind to stabilize.

And Mujin could also see that her words were sincere and not just an excuse.

A calm tone of voice tends to be more sincere than an exaggerated tone of voice or gesture. And as if there wasn’t a single lie, the eyes that were looking solely at Mujin were also the same.

Mujin looked into her eyes for a moment, but without realizing it, he turned his head to the side.

‘Wow, was she this beautiful?’

My heart kept pounding. She didn’t seem to mind before, but she was extremely conscious of being alone in this room with her.

Despite Mujin’s somewhat awkward reaction, Ryu Seol-hwa just smiled softly and looked at Mujin.

Naturally, an image of Ryu Seol-hwa, whom he had seen as a child, appeared in Mujin’s mind.

When we first met, I was just a child.

Of course, she was about two years older than Mujin biologically, but she was just a timid girl who depended on her siblings and couldn’t decide anything on her own.

Although things changed little by little, Mujin felt it was closer to the feeling that the object of dependence had changed from Sibi to himself.

Well, she seemed a little more active than before, but in the end, she just felt like a younger sister.

Then one day. When Mujin was seriously injured by King Nang.

She said something similar to a confession to Mujin.

He said that he, the golden jade leaf of the Cheonryu Sangdan, would take responsibility, so why not just quit martial arts and live by his side?

Those words were appreciated, but from Mujin’s perspective, it almost felt like his younger sister was throwing a tantrum.

And as time passed, when I met her again after a long time. Ryu Seol-hwa had changed.

It didn’t mean anything bad.

He didn’t depend on Mujin or make a fuss about him. However, it did not mean that he became indifferent to Mujin.

She tried to understand Mujin’s choice and path forward, and tried to be considerate.

Just like the attitude she shows now.

She, who thought she was just a child, has become an adult.

A woman who had been in love with him unrequitedly for a long time. Above all, they are now women who can lean on each other’s shoulders as equal adults.

While his heart was pounding, Mujin had this thought.

‘Is there really a need to endure it?’

I had made a pact with Hyeoncheon to go down the mountain anyway, and especially now that Shincheon had collapsed, there seemed no need to ignore this feeling.

That’s why Mujin opened up about his feelings a little honestly.

“I wanted to meet you too. Lord Seolhwa.”

As soon as Mujin finished speaking, looking embarrassed, her elegantly smiling face froze.

Mujin, wondering if he may have made a mistake, is about to quickly add another word.

A flower has bloomed.

Her face, which had been smiling faintly until now, was in full bloom.

And a drop of dew flowed down the petal.

It was as if the emotions she had been holding in until now had leaked out without her knowledge, and a single tear was flowing down her brightly smiling eyes.

And Mujin was frozen as if he had been struck by lightning, staring at her smile.

It was a moment when the flower was engraved in Mujin’s mind, like a fire mark.

* * *

After that day, Mujin continued to have a serious meeting with her. No matter how excited you are, you can’t prepare for the ceremony right away.

Well, maybe that’s natural in this day and age, but Mujin himself felt a bit of reluctance.

Then, the day finally came.

To commemorate the victory in the war against Shincheon and the Apostolic Alliance. And to commemorate the end of the war. Above all, it is the day when the martial arts convention is held to elect the next political leader.

Mujin and Ryu Seol-hwa rode in Cheonryu Sangdan’s carriage and leisurely headed to Hunan Province.

Of course, only the carriage they are riding in moves leisurely. The carriage that followed was full of iron.

Mujin had no intention of neglecting exercise even while dating. And Ryu Seol-hwa also understood Mujin.

No, it was Ryu Seol-hwa who ran the rehabilitation exercise business thanks to Mujin in the first place, so she was also an exercise addict in her own way.

As we moved leisurely together, enjoying metal-working and muscle-lengthening techniques, we were soon able to reach Hunan Province.

There, the place where the foundation of the political alliance was laid in the past was rebuilt. The building of the political alliance that was destroyed by the universe.

Of course, it was the work of Cheonryu Sangdan.

The Cheonryu Sangdan, which had absorbed the businesses of the Daegeum Sangdan and the Eunha Sangdan and, above all, had a contract close to a monopoly with the Political Alliance, was now showing off its power and ability, going beyond the Five Grand Sangdans in the World and close to being the best in the world.

And, befitting the name of the martial arts competition, various events were taking place there.

Among them, the one that attracted the most attention was Yongbong Branch.

It may be said to be a remnant of the Murim Alliance, which has now collapsed, but the Jeongmu Alliance continued the tradition of the Yongbong branch.

Mujin’s feelings as he looked at the later exponents of the political factions competing on the off-stage were strange in many ways.

‘I was like that back then too.’ It wasn’t a sentiment.

‘… … ‘Do you think I can leave?’

Funny enough, the average age range of those who participated in the Yongbong branch was not much different from Mujin.

If you think about it, Mujin is only in his early to mid-twenties.

It was an age group that Moorim would consider a late-stage index.

In the first place, there was something strange about Mujin, who won the last Yongbong branch when he was around 18 or 19 years old.

However, Mujin cannot participate in the Yongbong branch because he has other competitions to attend to.

While spending time watching various events with Ryu Seol-hwa. All major events, including the Yongbong Branch, have come to an end.

Finally, the event that will mark the finale of the martial arts competition held for the first time by the Political Alliance has begun.

“Nice to meet you all, Dongdo of Moorim. “Binseung is Hyeoncheon, the leader of the political alliance.”

Hyuncheon’s greeting on the non-stage is met with applause and cheers from the martial arts people who came to the martial arts competition.

Hyeoncheon, who lightly raised his hand to calm them down, opened his mouth again in a voice full of the inner power of a Buddhist Buddha.

“However, Binseung is a monk whose intention was Buddhism in the first place, so I thought it was not right for him to be tied up in worldly affairs for too long. So, I wonder if we will elect the next leader of the political alliance here today.”

As soon as his declaration was over, cheers rang out around the off-stage again.

After waiting for them to calm down for a moment, Hyeoncheon briefly explained the method of selecting the next leader.

“One way or another, our political alliance is ultimately nothing more than a gathering of martial arts people. So, the basic selection method will be held by secretariat. “The final winner will be elected as the leader through a political party-style, non-aggressive campaign.”

“If so, can anyone participate?”

In response to someone’s hasty question, Hyuncheon smiled softly and answered.

“No matter what, problems can arise in that way, so I will place restrictions. Almost a month has already passed since the war ended, so I believe everyone has heard the news about the last war. So, if someone who wants to participate in the election of a leader comes up to the non-stage, the members of the martial arts group will decide whether or not to vote. If you support the participants, please give them a round of applause and cheers. “If you do not receive the support of your martial comrades, you are not qualified to inherit the position of leader.”

After Hyuncheon’s declaration, the crowd gathered around the off-stage looked at each other.

A man approached the off-stage with brisk steps.

He was none other than Hwang Bo-ak, the head of the Hwang Bose family.

Hwang Bo-ak considered himself qualified. He is an outstanding martial artist, and he also made some achievements in the war.

‘Hehehe. The lord has kept his promise. Ah, is he a former leader now?’

With that thought in mind, Hwang Bo-ak stepped forward just before going on stage.

A thunderous roar erupted.

‘Hehehe. As expected, everyone acknowledges me.’

It was Hwang Bo-ak who thought of such a thought, but a strange word was heard somewhere between the shouts.

“It’s a new monk!!”

“Shinseung is running for the position of leader!”

“cancer! “If you are a divine monk, you are qualified to become a leader!”


Feeling uneasy for some reason, I turned my head and saw a young man with a familiar face coming onto the stage next to me.


Hwang Bo-ak, who swallowed dry saliva without realizing it, quickly bit down on the leg he was trying to raise to the off-stage and stopped.

at that time. Mu-jin, who went up to the off-stage first, looked at Hwang Bo-ak with a puzzled look.

“Lord Hwang Bose. “Didn’t you mean to go on stage?”

In an instant, the attention of those around him was focused, and Hwang Bo-ak quickly shouted.

“Well, I just came out to see Bimu up close.”

There was no need to further embarrass Hwang Bo-ak, so Mu-jin nodded once and headed to the center of the off-stage.

In fact, Hwang Bo-ak only caught Mujin’s attention because he moved first.

Like Hwang Bo-ak, there were many who stopped while heading to the off-stage.

All of those here had seen Mujin’s inaction in the war that day, or had heard about it somewhere.

In particular, all the experts who were capable of challenging for the position of leader had first-hand experience of seeing Mujin’s inaction in the war that day.

It was said that everyone knew that if they tried to compete with Mujin here, they would end up in shame.

Except for one person.

“Cheongsu, stop!!”

“Hold on to Cheongsu!!!”

Suddenly, a commotion broke out among the group dressed in the shaman’s Taoist attire.

This was because Cheongsu, who had no interest in becoming a leader, tried to pull out his sword when Mujin came up to the stage.

Naturally, the eyes of the martial arts comrades gathered around the non-stage turned toward the shaman, and the faces of the shamans holding Cheongsu turned red from embarrassment.

For some reason, the sight was pitiful, so Mujin carried the nature keeper and shouted in a solemn voice.

“If the Cheongsu Dojang is not interested in the leader position, how about holding a separate meeting after the leader election ceremony is over?”


When Mujin nodded in response to Cheongsu’s question with shining eyes, Cheongsu, who was about to throw a fit, instantly calmed down.

“Whoa… … .”

The old shamans, their faces red with embarrassment, sighed in unison.

However, even after such a commotion, no one came onto the non-stage.

In addition, Hyeoncheon, who had waited for Il Da-gyeong, declared with his inner strength.

“Then, since there is no challenger, I will declare in the name of the previous leader, the original leader, that the position of the second generation leader of the Jeongmu Alliance has been taken over by the divine monk Mujin.”


Genius Martial Art Trainer ( Free )

Genius Martial Art Trainer ( Free )

Genius Martial Art Trainer ( Free )
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