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Farming Alone Inside The Tower Chapter 724

724. Reviews and side stories guide

hello. Dear readers.

Thank you so much for joining us on this two-year journey with the Sejun family.

As it happened, I started serializing on May 11, 2022, and it lasted exactly two years. I didn’t intend to complete it for 2 years, but I realized it only after I decided to complete it yesterday^^

This is already the fourth time I’ve completed it, but perhaps because it’s a long story, this one was the hardest.

This work was originally created because I wanted to receive healing while serializing another work called .

As a contest had just begun, I started the series with the mindset of writing what I wanted to write without any greed.

However, I received a lot of love that I never expected, so I was very happy for two years.

Thank you so much.

And although I personally thought it would take longer than expected to achieve a perfect ending, I was a little surprised to hear people say it was a sudden development even though I reached the end as naturally as possible without forcing any ending angles.

I think it’s because my skills are lacking. I’m really sorry.

Still, if I were to make an excuse, I wanted to write about the Earth date with Eileen and the Sejun family playing on Earth that some readers were waiting for, so I didn’t include them in the finale.

Speaking of the side story, the story is based on the concept of ‘Welcome to Destruction Kindergarten.’ It is about the story of Se-jun and Eileen running a kindergarten on Earth, where Park Tae-cho sends them to another world to bring back and rehabilitate mischievous perditions. I think the main focus will be on what the group plays with.

The spin-off begins on June 1st, three weeks later, and we plan to publish the series three times a week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

If there is anything you would like to see in the side story or a character you are curious about, please leave a comment. I will try my best to use it as much as possible.

Then I will take a break for 3 weeks and see you on June 1st.

Stay healthy everyone!

Thank you^^

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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