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Farming Alone Inside The Tower Chapter 231

Chapter 231: I’ll welcome you enthusiastically!

– Puhahah, what… no…

Jǫrmungandr’s fragment laughed mockingly at Theo’s attack.

However, following the path of Theo’s paw, the giant serpent’s head split in half.

And then,


It turned into ash and disappeared.


White coins began to fall from where Jǫrmungandr’s fragment had vanished. The coins were scattered, not clustered in one spot, but were scattered along the path of the fragment’s remains.

“Gaeron, collect them, meow!”

Theo, still glowing golden from burning the money, leapt towards the falling white coins and ordered Gaeron to collect them.

– Yes, Master!

Swoosh, swoosh.

Gaeron, perched on Theo’s head, quickly stretched out its tongue to catch the falling coins.

They had to hurry because beneath the falling coins was a sinister darkness surrounding the Tower, and instinct warned not to enter the darkness.

Moreover, the longer they stayed outside the Tower, the more unpleasant aura they felt. Initially faint, it grew stronger. Staying outside the tower for too long was dangerous.


“How… how could such a monster…”

Uren, petrified by Jǫrmungandr’s fragment’s gaze, was frozen in fear. The same was true for the rest of the group, including the Secret Inspection Bureau agents and the caravan guards, with weaker individuals were already unconscious.

They were like mice in front of a cat, unable to do anything but tremble.

Shiver, shiver.

Their trembling continued long after Theo had defeated Jǫrmungandr’s fragment. Although the fragment was gone, its terrifying image and gaze lingered vividly in their minds.


“Huff! Huff!”

As time passed, they began to regain their senses one by one.

And then,

“Lord Uren, who is that person?”

The Bureau agents, mistaking Theo as part of Uren’s group, inquired about his identity.

“That person is the famous, subordinate of the great Black Dragon, the deadly dragon clawed golden cat Theo Park!”

Uren proudly introduced Theo. Originally a yellow cat in Uren’s mind, Theo’s name had changed to that of a golden cat, imprinting Theo as the one who defeated Jǫrmungandr’s fragment.

For the first time, Theo’s introduction was altered by someone else. Finally, Theo’s fame began to spread.

“Oh! So that’s the famous Theo Park?!”

Having heard of Theo while working at the Secret Inspection Bureau, they instantly recognized Theo.


‘Just a genius wandering merchant trusted by the Black Dragon?’

‘Just a powerless boyfriend of the great destructive wizard Iona?’

Theo’s strength was far different from the information they had. Naturally, their knowledge of Theo was based on reports written when Jeras was active as a Bureau agent.

Even though there were updates, the information couldn’t accurately capture Theo’s ability to rapidly grow stronger by burning money.

‘We need to discard the old information.’

‘We need to start the report from scratch!’

The Bureau agents began gathering new information for their report, observing Theo diligently collecting the falling coins.


“Over there, meow!”

– Yes!

Theo and Gaeron energetically moved to catch the falling coins.

However, collecting all the coins, falling hundreds of meters or even kilometers apart, was impossible.

Eventually, Theo and Gaeron couldn’t gather them all, and 10 white coins sank into the darkness, leaving them to watch helplessly.

“What a pity, meow…”

Theo regretted losing the coins meant for Sejun. Should I jump in after them, meow?

As Theo contemplated diving into the dark void,

“Kyoot Kyoot Kyoot. As expected, Vice Chairman Theo, you can’t do without me!! Power of the wind, heed my command and lift what I desire. Levitation.”

Iona used magic to halt the coins’ descent, floating them towards Theo.

“Meow! Gaeron, catch them, meow!”

As the coins approached, Theo shouted, and

– Yes!

Swoosh, swoosh.

Gaeron quickly caught the coins with his tongue and put them into Theo’s bag.

Thanks to Iona, Theo managed to collect all 47 white coins dropped by Jǫrmungandr’s fragment.

“Thank, Iona, meow!”

Theo, entering the merchant’s passage, expressed his gratitude to Iona for helping him not lose any coins.

“Kyoot Kyoot Kyoot. You’re welcome.”

“But why are you here, Iona, meow?”

“Sejun sent me because he was worried about you, Theo.”

“Chairman Park did, meow?! Puhuhut.”

Theo was pleased to hear from Iona that Sejun was worried about him, Theo felt smug. Indeed, Chairman Park needs me, meow!

“Sejun is worried about you. Let’s hurry back!”

Roll, roll, roll.

Iona curled around Theo’s tail and started to nap.

“Puhuhut. Chairman Park is waiting for me, so I must hurry back to show him my face, then lie on his lap and eat Churu, meow!”

As Theo was about to rush back to Sejun on the 99th floor of the Tower,

“Uh…Lord Theo. Thank you for saving my life. I don’t have any money right now, but if you visit me on the 65th floor of the Tower, I’ll properly reward you then.”

Uren, having already forked over 1.2 billion Tower Coins to Theo, made this modest offer. To Uren, that amount of money was just about a month’s worth of food expenses. Uren invited Theo to the 65th floor for a proper reward.

“Okay, meow! I’ll come later, meow!”

Already eager to return to Sejun’s lap, Theo half-heartedly listened to Uren and hurriedly departed for the 99th floor.

Thus, Theo headed home. Along the way, the golden light disappeared as 1 billion Tower Coins burned away.

“And it’s not efficient, meow! Burning Chairman Park’s money is still the best, meow!”

Theo realized that, for some reason, burning Sejun’s money increased his abilities much more efficiently.


“Podori, I’m here!” (TL: 포도 (Podo) means grape in Korean)

Sejun approached the grapevine carrying a branch capable of producing seeded grapes. Podori was the nickname he had given to the grapevine.

[Could it be?! Is that the branch that will give me seeds?]

Podori asked, looking at the branch Sejun was holding.

“Yeah. Just wait a moment.”

Sejun grafted the branch onto the grapevine.


[You have grafted the branch of the Grapes Overflowing with Vitality onto the Seedless Grape for Beginners.]

[The Seedless Grape for Beginners can now produce delicious grapes again.]

[Quest completed.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, you have obtained the exclusive cultivation rights for the next grape harvest.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, you have obtained the Relic: Violet Ring.]

Along with the quest completion message, a thick violet ring shaped like a grapevine appeared in Sejun’s hand.

“Let’s see what the options are?”

Sejun examined the ring.

[Relic: Violet Ring]

→ A ring imbued with the love of a farmer who adored grapes.

→ An unregistered Relic in the Black Tower.

→ Wearing it slightly increases grape harvest yield.

→ Wearing it allows you to harvest the coveted Altar of Grapes.

→ Usage restriction: Grapevine owner

→ Creator: Vines

→ Grade: S

“Whoa! I can harvest the Altar of Grapes?”

Sejun, who hadn’t been able to hold a Harvest Festival since Chuchu descended to the 55th floor with the Red Ribbon that allowed him to harvest the giant carrot altar, was delighted to have found a way to hold a Harvest Festival again.

Harvest Festivals were a joyous occasion for everyone, and only during the festival, the Raccoon Tribe’s market opened. While he could now make rice cakes, the excitement was slightly lessened, but he looked forward to buying bread, beer, and cheese at the harvest festival.

“Well… I don’t know when the harvest festival will be, but…”


Sejun put on the Violet Ring. With only one grapevine, he was in no rush. Eventually, the harvest festival would come as he continued to plant and harvest grape seeds.


[Thank you, Sejun~nim! I’ll produce delicious grapes for you from now on!]

Podori conveyed its gratitude to Sejun.

“Sure. I look forward to lots of delicious grapes.”


“Well, I’ll be going now.”

Sejun said goodbye to Podori and headed to the kitchen to prepare lunch.

Originally, Sejun planned to make Samyangju and rice noodle dough in the morning, but he ended up spending the whole morning checking the results of grafting grapevine branches onto other trees.

On his way to the kitchen, Sejun noticed something.

“Whoa! They’ve grown a lot already.”

Under the Golden Tree Stump Pot of Abundance, the rice stalks had turned from green to golden yellow.

“Hehehe. I should be able to harvest them tomorrow or the day after. Hmmm~ hmm~ hmm~.”

Excited at the thought of eating rice soon, Sejun hummed a tune as he headed to the kitchen.



Ramter, who had returned from drinking with Kaiser and Kellion, called out to the Red Tower’s tower farmer, Udon.

“Great Red Dragon Lord Ramter, did you call for me?”

Responding to Ramter’s call, a figure in red full-body armor knelt respectfully. The armor, made by Udon himself using scales provided by Ramter, was designed to withstand Ramter’s powerful aura.

Of course, the armor alone couldn’t completely block Ramter’s mighty energy, so it was essentially dependent on the wearer’s abilities.

“That’s right. Tower Farmer of the Red Tower, create a grand statue resembling the great Red Dragon, in my likeness!”

Ramter commissioned Udon to create a statue to send to the Black Tower.

“Yes, Lord Ramter.”

“Then call me when it’s finished.”

After giving his order, Ramter vanished.



Udon sighed deeply, removing his helmet. His face, adorned with a red beard, was drenched in sweat from enduring Ramter’s energy.


“A statue resembling Lord Ramter, the Red Dragon…”

Mulling over Ramter’s order, Udon stood up, but his stature didn’t change much from when he was kneeling. Udon was a dwarf, naturally short.


“I’ve got an idea!”

Udon hurried to a deserted rocky mountain, where he began sculpting a 1:1 life-size statue of the Red Dragon, an error on Ramter’s part for not specifying the size.


Thump. Thump.

While Sejun was preparing rice noodle dough after lunch,

“Chairman Park, I’m back, meow

Theo called out to Sejun and leaped towards his face.



Once again, Theo dodged Sejun’s attempt to catch him and hugged Sejun’s face.

“Ptui, Back already?”

Sejun, spitting out Theo’s fur, replied nonchalantly.

“What… What, meow?! Chairman Park, your reaction is too bland! I, Vice Chairman Theo, whom you were worried about, is back, meow! Welcome me more enthusiastically, meow!”

Theo expected a more enthusiastic welcome after hearing from Iona that Sejun was worried about him.

“What are you talking about?”


Disappointed by Sejun’s response, Theo

“Puhuhut. Chairman Park, are you shy, meow? Then I’ll generously understand, meow! But you can’t keep resisting my deadly charm forever, meow!”

Quickly interpreting Sejun’s work and lying on his lap, Theo began to show off his charm energetically.


‘This guy is shedding fur everywhere.’

Watching Theo’s fur pile up in the rice noodle dough, Sejun’s expression grew sterner.

‘At this point, it would be better to start over.’

The rice noodle dough seemed beyond saving. Oh well!

“Vice Chairman Theo, I’ll welcome you enthusiastically!”

Since it was ruined anyway, Sejun focused on vigorously stroking Theo’s body to prevent more fur from shedding.

‘Puhuhut. As expected, Chairman Park was just shy, meow!’

Theo’s misunderstanding grew even bigger.


Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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