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Farming Alone Inside The Tower Chapter 223

Chapter 223: Who made it like this?!!!

“This is going to take forever to move.”

Sejun looked at the remaining 60,000 bottles of Samyangju after completing the quest. These were meant for the Black Rabbit’s wedding and needed to be carefully stored in the void storage.

He could have asked Cuengi and Pink-fur to help with heavy lifting, but glass bottles were fragile and couldn’t be moved in large quantities at once.

Therefore, since he needed to move them one by one with the help of the animals, it seemed like it would take a lot of time.


-These looks delicious.

-I wish I could have just one bottle…

Seeing the two dragons eyeing the Samyangju greedily, Sejun had an idea.

“Excuse me, Kaiser, Kellion, could you help me move these? I’ll give you 10 bottles of Samyangju each.”

Sejun offered the Samyangju as bait for the dragons to help him move the 60,000 bottles to the void storage. It was a faster and safer method, and more economical, considering the potential breakage of the bottles.

-Okay! What’s so hard about that. Move!

-Sure. You can always ask me, if you need help. Move!

The two dragons readily agreed to help at Sejun’s request. In just a few minutes, they transferred all 60,000 bottles of Samyangju safely to the void storage.

“Thank you, Kaiser, Kellion. Here’s the alcohol.”

-Kahaha! No need for formalities between us…”

-Right. Khahaha. We’ll be going then.

After receiving their 10 bottles of Samyangju each, the dragons quickly flew off towards the fountain to enjoy their Samyangju.

However, they couldn’t leisurely savor their drink.


Black Dragon’s Territory.

“What?! A new tower has appeared?! The Creator didn’t mention a 10th Tower…”

Startled by Anton’s report, Kaiser was shocked.

“Yes. Moreover, the grey tower has appeared right at the base of the Destruction.”

“Hmm… A grey dragon… Is there a dragon clan we don’t know about?”

Kaiser, assuming the color of the tower represented its managing dragon clan, pondered.

“Or could it be the birth of a new dragon clan? It might be a hidden plan of the Creator.”

“That’s possible. We need to investigate this tower.”

“Because of this, the head of the Hisron clan, Silver Dragon Crisella, who is the organizer of the next meeting, has proposed an earlier meeting.”




Kaiser frowned at Anton’s words.

‘I won’t have time to enjoy the Samyangju Sejun gave me…’

“Alright. I’ll leave immediately. You make sure the young black dragons don’t act rashly.”


“Polymorph release.”

After entrusting the black dragons to Anton and reverting to his true form, Kaiser spread his majestic wings and flew towards the territory of the Silver Dragon.



After lunch and rest, Sejun playfully rubbed his hands together and brought them close to Theo.


Theo’s fur stood up in response to Sejun’s hands.

“Hehe. How is it? My magical hands?”

As Sejun played with Theo’s fur,

“Don’t…Just..just pet me here, meow…”

Theo, lying lazily on Sejun’s lap, turned over lazily and showed his belly, saying sleepily.

“Che. Fine.”

Disappointed by Theo’s lackluster response, Sejun began to pet Theo’s pink belly.

Swoosh. Swoosh.

They both fell asleep together.

Thus, they took a nap.

After some time,


Sejun woke up, refreshed, ready to start his afternoon work, which was to transplant the Poisonous Potatoes in the western forest. He had noticed some kudzu vines in the western forest preparing to bear fruit the previous day.

His plan was to contaminate the soil with the Poisonous Potatoes before the kudzu could root, preventing their spread.

Then, by surrounding them with Detoxifying Green Onions would completely trap and he could cultivate the kudzu. This was why Sejun had allowed Cuengi to cultivate the kudzu.

Arriving at the field of Poisonous Potatoes and Detoxifying Green Onions,

“Huh? Why does its color look like this?”

Sejun said noticing the Detoxifying Green Onions planted around the Poisonous Potatoes. Unlike other green onions, the five surrounding the poisonous potatoes were completely white, even the leaves.


Sejun pulled out one of the white Green Onions.

[You have harvested a Powerful Detoxifying Green Onion.]

[Your job experience increases slightly.]

[Your Harvesting Lv. 7 proficiency has slightly increased.]

[You have gained 50 experience points.]

“Powerful Detoxifying Green Onion?”

It seemed that the Green Onion had enhanced detoxifying abilities due to its constant battle against poison, hence the ‘powerful’ in its name.

“Let’s see.”

Sejun checked the harvested Green Onion.

[Powerful Detoxifying Green Onion]

→ This Green Onion, grown inside the Tower with ample nutrients, has fought against toxins during its growth, enhancing its detoxifying abilities beyond that of regular detoxifying Green Onions.

→ When consumed, detoxifies grade A or lower poisons for 1 hour.

→ When consumed, boosts the liver’s ability to detoxify for 48 hours.

→ Long-term consumption may awaken the talent: Immunity to Thousand Poisons.

→ Cultivator: Tower Farmer Park Sejun

→ Expiration date: 150 days

→ Grade: B+

“Oh! Long-term consumption could awaken Immunity to Thousand Poisons?!”

Munch. Munch.

Sejun immediately ate one of the powerful detoxifying green onions whole. It tasted similar to regular Green Onions.

Swoosh. Swoosh.

After eating the enhanced detoxifying Green Onions, Sejun gathered the rest and


carefully harvested the Poisonous Potatoes and transplanted them into a pot.

Once he had transplanted all four sections of the Poisonous Potatoes,

[Green Tower, 23rd Floor Land Deed]

“Huh? A land deed from the Green Tower!”

Sejun found a land deed lying on the ground of the Green Onion field. Brachio, undeterred, had sent another land deed. This time it was enchanted to unfold automatically if someone within 1m approached it.


“Aileen, there’s a Green Tower land deed here.”

Knowing he had the luck of a sunfish, Sejun didn’t dare to touch the deed and immediately informed Aileen.

[The Tower’s Administrator says she will handle the Green Tower land deed and tells you not to worry.]

Knowing that the Administrator couldn’t travel through the land deed, Aileen confidently shouted.

“Alright, then I’ll leave it to you, Aileen.”

Sejun handed the Green Tower land deed to Aileen and called for Toryong.


-Did you call for me, master?

Toryong quietly poked its head out in response to Sejun’s call.

“Yeah. Can you take me to the western forest?”

Sejun, holding the pot to his chest, climbed onto Toryong’s head.

-Of course! I will ensure a comfortable ride!”

Boom boom!

Toryong, with Sejun on his head, moved towards the western forest.


Green Tower, 78th Floor.

“Eek! Why do I have to do this?! Hurry up!”

A giant green dragon grumbled as it rescued animals on the brink of destruction. It was Ophelia, the Tower Farmer of the Green Tower, filling in for Brachio, who suddenly had to attend the meeting.

“Alright. That’s everything.”

Once the animals were inside Ophelia’s protective barrier,


Ophelia unleashed her breath attack at the pursuing kudzu, completely obliterating the 78th floor of the tower.


The once splendid herb garden that Cuengi would have loved disappeared.



Arriving in the western forest on Toryong, Sejun called out to Cuengi,

Krueng? Krueng?

[Dad, what’s wrong? Why are you here?]

Cuengi, munching on a bitter kudzu root, frowned and asked.

“I came to plant this.”

Sejun showed the pot he was holding as he got off Toryong’s head.



Sejun dug up the soil and planted the four pieces of the Poisonous Potato in the north, south, east, and west directions, centering around the area where the corrupted ents had fallen.

“Just to be sure, I should test its effectiveness.”

Sejun picked one of the kudzu fruits nearby and planted it near the poisonous potatoes.

[You have planted kudzu in soil full of toxins.]

[The kudzu is contaminated by the toxins and withers.]

The kudzu fruit rapidly shriveled. It worked as he thought.


Satisfied that the kudzu wouldn’t spread, Sejun happily picked up Myler’s hoe.



[You have planted 1020 seeds of Detoxifying Green Onions in soil imbued with magic power.]

[Your job experience increases slightly.]

[Due to Detoxifying Green Onions seeds listening to the sound of the farmer’s footsteps, the effect of Magic Seed Sowing Lv. 7 has been enhanced.]

[With the effect of Magic Seed Sowing Lv. 7, the growth rate of Detoxifying Green Onion seeds will double for the next 24 hours.]

[Your proficiency of Magic Seed Sowing Lv. 7 has slightly increased.]

Sejun began planting the detoxifying Green Onions at a distance to prevent the toxicity of the soil from spreading.

While he was surrounding the area with detoxifying Green Onions,



[Your proficiency of Magic Seed Sowing Lv. 7 has been filled, and the level has increased.]

The skill level of Magic Seed Sowing increased.

“It’s done.”

As Sejun returned after planting all the detoxifying Green Onions,

Krueng! Krueng!

[Dad, here are the kudzu roots! You must be hungry from working. Eat these!]

While Sejun was busy, Cuengi had dug up kudzu roots and brought ten blue kudzu roots to Sejun.

“Thanks. Have some honey jelly, Cuengi.”

Feeling bad for eating alone, Sejun offered honey jelly to Cuengi.


[Thank you, Dad!]

Cuengi gratefully took the honey jelly from Sejun.

“Come here. Sit next to me and let’s eat together.”

Sejun picked up the hesitant Cuengi, still wary from yesterday’s scolding, and placed him beside him.

“Go ahead, eat.”

Pat. Pat.

As Sejun patted Cuengi’s bottom,


[Cuengi’s so happy…]

Cuengi, teary-eyed, was moved by Sejun’s unchanged gentleness despite his wrongdoing. Cuengi vowed to be more filial son to Sejun.


‘Is Cuengi crying because he can’t eat the honey-flavored kudzu roots? I should keep my promise though…’

Sejun thought Cuengi was crying because he couldn’t eat the honey-flavored kudzu roots and was in a dilemma.

Munch. Munch.

Preoccupied with his dilemma, Sejun chewed on the honey-flavored kudzu roots, hardly noticing their taste as all his stat potentials increased by 50.


The next morning.


As Sejun got up and went outside,


He saw a bunch of grapes hanging from the grapevine. Sejun hurried over and harvested the bunch of grapes.

[You have harvested 32 seedless grapes for beginners.]

[Your job experience increases slightly.]

[Your Harvesting Lv. 7 proficiency has increased slightly.]

[You gained 1600 experience points.]

Although he picked just one bunch, the message indicated that 32 grapes had been harvested.

“Wow! Grapes!”

Sejun deeply inhaled the fragrance of the grapes and examined one of them.

[Seedless Grape for Beginners]

→ A seedless grape, modified to strengthen the physique of beginners.

→ Eating one grape increases all stats by 1.

→ Cultivator: Tower Farmer Park Sejun

→ Expiration time: 150 days

→ Grade: A

A straightforward description.

“Hehe, let’s taste it.”

Sejun put the fragrant grape in his mouth and gently squeezed out the pulp.


[You have consumed a Seedless Grape for Beginners.]

[All stats have increased by 1.]

The stats increased as described.


“Ugh! Who made it like this?!!!”

Tasting the grape, Sejun grimaced in disgust. It wasn’t the taste he had anticipated.

“Who modified the grapes like this?!”

The grape was incredibly bitter.


Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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