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Farming Alone Inside The Tower Chapter 216

Chapter 216: It’s Useless to Me!

“The restrictions have been lifted?”

Sejun took off his straw hat to look into it more closely. There seemed to be no change in its appearance, so he immediately checked the options of the straw hat.

[Earth God Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat]

→ This is a divine item brought to the earth by Patrick, the Earth God who pitied the starving ones on the earth and descended to the earth to act as a saint.

→ While wearing the straw hat, the talent: Favored by the Earth is awakened.

→ Your power increases as you bestow Earth’s mercy.

→ Usage Restriction: Must have a farming-related job, Strength 300 or more.

→ Creator: Earth God Saint Patrick

→ Grade: ★

“Huh?! The name has?”

The item’s name had changed. Moreover, the straw hat, which had been of relic grade, had been upgraded to a divine item. Saint Patrick was actually the Earth God himself.

“The talent only awakens while wearing it? Interesting.”

Sejun read the item description. This kind of item was new to him.

Then, Sejun continued to read the next line.

“Earth’s Mercy?”

A few thoughts came to mind immediately after reading this.

“Let’s test this later…”

As Sejun continued to read the item’s description.

“Strength over 300?”

He was slightly startled by the usage restriction that required over 300 strength.

However, having just created a new variety, all his stats had increased by 10 due to his job characteristics, and fortunately, Sejun’s strength was now 307, so there was no problem in wearing the straw hat.

“But what is this grade?”

Sejun wondered about the ★ next to the grade after reading the last line. It was a grade he had never seen before. He didn’t think that the star would be lower than SSS grade.

“So, it must be the grade after SSS.”


Having finished checking, Sejun put the straw hat back on.

[You have worn Earth God Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat.]

[Talent: Favored by the Earth has awakened.]

Having confirmed the message that the talent had awakened, Sejun checked the talent window in the status window.

→ Talents: Beyond Mediocre, Friend of Nature, Myriad Landlord, Enhanced Magic Circuit, Friend of Fire, Sturdiness, Sturdy Vitality, A Medicine That’s Bitter is Good for Stamina, (Favored by the Earth)

→ Talent: The Favored by the Earth was indicated in parentheses, likely because it was only activated when wearing Earth God Saint Patrick’s straw hat.

[Talent: The Favored by the Earth]

→ It’s a talent for receiving the earth’s love while having the highest affinity with the earth.

→ The earth moves favorably for you.

“Moves favorably… ahhhhh.”

Sejun yawned while reading the description. It wasn’t that his body was tired, but he felt mentally fatigued. Moreover, he would usually be sleeping at this time, so his body, accustomed to the habit, was signaling that it was time to sleep.

“I should sleep.”

“Meow… Let’s sleep quickly, meow…”

Theo, who had been dozing off clinging to Sejun’s knee, urged him to sleep quickly.


Sejun hurried to the tap to shower, wash his clothes, and then quickly dried them with a flick of his fingers creating fire.


“Ah, this is nice!”

After a refreshing shower and putting on dry clothes, Sejun lay in bed and chuckled at the sensation of his bare skin brushing against the blanket.

‘What happened to Patrick?’

Before falling asleep, Sejun wondered about what had become of Patrick, the Earth God who descended to earth for the starving people… But Sejun’s thoughts didn’t continue.


As soon as his head hit the pillow, he fell asleep.



The sounds of Sejun and Theo’s snoring layered upon each other in the bedroom.


The next morning.


After a good night’s sleep, Sejun sat up.

And then



The sounds of two different snorings could be heard.

“Did Iona come?”

Iona, who must have arrived at dawn, was wrapped in Theo’s tail, sleeping.


Sejun lifted Theo’s body onto his knee and marked the date on the wall. The 338th day had begun.

“First, I need to check the radishes harvested yesterday.”

He had fallen asleep yesterday without checking the options of the new radish variety.

“Is this it?”

Sejun picked up a thick radish that resembled a calf.

[Radish of Strong Lower Body]

→ A radish grown within the tower, rich in nutrients and delicious to eat.

→ Upon consumption, it activates lower body muscles, promoting the growth of leg muscles.

→ Consumption increases reproductive capabilities.

→ Cultivator: Tower Farmer Park Sejun

→ Expiration Date: 120 days

→ Grade: B

As its name suggested, it literally had the effect of strengthening the lower body. It seemed like something people who disliked leg exercises would appreciate.

“But what’s this?”

Sejun frowned upon seeing the second ability benefit from consumption. For some reason, it made him angry.

“But why am I getting angry?”

As Sejun pondered,



Father Rabbit and the male rabbits approached, wanting to reserve the next harvest of the Radish of Strong Lower Body.

‘That’s why!’

Sejun realized why he was feeling angry. It’s useless to me!

“No! Absolutely not!”

Being petty to the rabbits, Sejun replanted the Radish of Strong Lower Body into the ground. He had to wait for the radish to bloom to harvest seeds.

After planting the radish, Sejun went to the kitchen to make breakfast. The menu was locust meat and potato soup.

“Guys, let’s eat breakfast!”

Once the potato soup was ready, Sejun called the animals to eat together.

After breakfast,


[Cuengi will go take care of the herbs!]

“Okay, see you later”

Recently engrossed in tending herbs, Cuengi strapped on a snack pouch filled by Sejun and ran towards the western forest.

“I should get to work too.”

After seeing Cuengi off, Sejun went to the empty field to figure out how to bestow the Earth’s Mercy.

“This must be Earth’s Mercy, right? Land Moving!”


Thinking that planting seeds was an act of mercy bestowed by the earth, Sejun used Myler’s hoe to plant corn seeds.

[The earth moves favorably for you.]

[The magic power consumption for Land Moving is reduced by half.]

[You have planted 500 Stamina Corns.]

[Your job experience has increased slightly.]

[Stamina Corns can hear the farmer’s footsteps, enhancing the effect of Magic Seed Sowing Lv. 7.]

[Due to the effect of Magic Seed Sowing Lv. 7, the growth speed of the Stamina Corns doubles for the next 24 hours.]

[Your proficiency in Magic Seed Sowing Lv. 7 has slightly increased.]

No message about bestowing the earth’s mercy appeared. Instead, the earth moved favorably, halving the magic power consumption he needed for Land Moving skill.


Sejun was then able to quickly plant 100,000 corn seeds by planting them in batches of 1,000.

After planting the corn, Sejun tried various methods to figure out how to bestow the Earth’s Mercy, but all attempts failed.

“What on earth is the Earth’s Mercy?!”

As Sejun was getting exhausted from continuous failures,


[Dad Cuengi is back! Cuengi has brought something good!]

Cuengi came running, holding a kudzu root.


[Eat it right away!]

Cuengi handed over the kudzu root, urging him to eat quickly.

“Okay, thanks.”

Crunch, crunch.

As soon as he received the kudzu root, Sejun chewed it thoroughly.



It was bitter, but Sejun swallowed it, enduring the taste, as Cuengi, who had grown the root for him, watched him with shiny eyes.

[You have consumed the Kudzu Root of Life.]

[Stamina potential has increased by 20.]

[You have consumed a bitter medicine.]

[Talent: A Medicine That’s Bitter is Good for Stamina is activated.]

[Stamina increases by 3.]

‘So that’s why it was bitter…’

Seeing his stamina increase by 3, Sejun quickly opened the void storage to take out honey jelly.

“Two for Dad, two handfuls for Cuengi.”

Sejun put two pieces of honey jelly in his mouth and then handed two handfuls to Cuengi.

And then,

“Shall I try giving fertilizer to the earth this time?”

Sejun fell into contemplation again, trying to figure out what the earth’s mercy was.

Keuhehehe. Krueng! Krueng!

[Hehehe. Cuengi knows! Give Dad more bitter things to get more honey jelly!]

Unbeknownst to Sejun, Cuengi had started to form a strange misunderstanding.


Ook! Ook!

After lunch, the monkeys called Sejun. It was to inform him of the completion of the Samyangju.

“Samyangju is finished?”


In response to Sejun’s question, the monkeys vigorously nodded their heads and led him to the brewery.

Upon arriving at the brewery,


The fresh scent like that of flowers and a profound aroma filled the brewery. And on the table, there were about 100 bottles of Samyangju already poured into bottles. It seemed that the scent of Samyangju had spread while it was being transferred into bottles.


Just smelling it made Sejun imagine the taste, causing him to involuntarily swallow saliva.

“Hehehe. I should hold a tasting session with Kaiser and Kellion?”

Sejun imagined what he would receive in exchange for the Samyangju and headed towards the fountain where the two dragons were.


-Ahhhhhh… Excellent!

-As expected, the liquor made by Sejun is the best.

Above the fountain, Kaiser and Kellion heartily praised the soju made by Sejun as they enjoyed drinking it.



Suddenly, Kellion downed the soju in one shot and began to refill his glass,

-Wait! Kellion, what are you doing?!

Kaiser stopped Kellion.

-What?! Of course, the last shot is mine! It’s my liquor!

-What are you talking about?! There are exactly 8 shots in one bottle?! We have to drink four each, fairly! By the way, I’ve had only three shots.

-Where does it say that?!

-Are you going to be petty like this?!

Both became very sensitive over the last remaining liquor and started to emit energy without realizing it.


Because of this, the tower supporting the fountain shook,


Sejun, who was climbing up to the fountain, fell from the tower.


-What’s that sound?!

The two dragons hurriedly looked toward where the noise came from,



Sejun landed safely on the ground with a superhero pose. With his increased strength, such a fall was no longer dangerous for Sejun.


Sejun was pleased that he hadn’t been hurt.


“Puhuhut. That landing is still lacking, meow! You still have a long way to go, meow!”

“It’s because I fell suddenly! I can usually do better!”

Sejun, irked by Theo’s lukewarm evaluation, was busily making excuses, saying this wasn’t his true skill,

-Sejun, you’ve gotten a lot stronger!

-I thought you would have been hurt.

Kaiser and Kellion flew over and marveled at Sejun who was perfectly fine. Sejun was like a sunfish that even something like this could surprise the dragons.

-But, what were you doing climbing up for?

Kaiser asked Sejun.

“I’ve completed a new liquor, so I thought you’d like to try it.”

-What?! A new liquor?!

-Let’s go!

Excited by the mention of new liquor, the two dragons were eager. They were feeling disappointed since they were running low on alcohol anyway.

So they moved to the brewery.

“Here. Have a drink each first.”

Sejun poured Samyangju respectfully into the dragons’ cups.


The two dragon statues swallowed their cups and sent the cups filled with Samyangju to their true bodies.

‘Hehehe. What will they give me in return?’

Sejun smiled, looking forward to the dragons’ response.


At the Black Dragon’s lair.

-What’s this scent?!

Kaiser grabbed the cup filled with Samyangju.


As soon as Kaiser smelled the Samyangju, he swallowed the liquor without a second thought.

And then,


Kaiser felt his mind clear up, as if things obscured by fog had disappeared.

‘It’s gone!’

At the same time, Kaiser realized that something had truly disappeared. Lately, Kaiser had been expending a tremendous amount of mental strength resisting a force that was trying to hinder his thoughts of ‘fighting destruction to save the world.’ That force had disappeared now.

-This liquor has such an effect… Kuhahaha! Can’t help it. I need to keep drinking!

Having found a justification for drinking, Kaiser laughed heartily and savored the taste.


Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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