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Farming Alone Inside The Tower Chapter 215

Chapter 215: Becoming an A-Class Tower Farmer

As usual, Flamie spread its roots in all directions in the sea of dimensions to find the deep-sea monsters and apostles of destruction.

[Heehee. Found you!]

Flamie, having found its prey, happily strangled the enemy with its roots.

[Yay! It’s an apostle of destruction! Heehee. I got five coins!]

Flamie was overjoyed as it collected the coins dropped by the defeated apostle of destruction. But, there was one problem.

[How do I give these coins to master?]

Flamie began to ponder how to deliver the coins to Sejun without revealing its size, which was much harder than capturing the apostle of destruction.

Just then,

[Huh?! Master?!]

Flamie felt Sejun’s gaze upon its roots.

[Heeing. I’m embarrassed to show my roots to the master!]

Flamie, wanting to only show its cute side to Sejun, hurriedly moved the roots on the 98th floor. However, since it had already rooted itself, it took time to retract them.

[That’s it! I should throw the coins towards where master is now!]

Thinking it was an opportunity to deliver the coins to Sejun, Flamie threw the coins towards where Sejun was while moving its roots. Coins fell from the sky.

It was very odd, but

[Perfect! That was very natural!]

Flamie was very satisfied.


‘Why is Flamie here?!’

Cuengi, who was waiting to be fed a melon by Sejun, was startled to see Flamie’s roots piercing through the sky.

Though each floor was dimensionally separate, if roots were in the sky of the 98th floor, they must have come from the 99th floor. Clearly, they were Flamie’s roots.

Thinking that way, it was clearly Flamie’s roots.

‘Does Flamie have a plan, or not?! How do I hide this from dad?!’

While Cuengi was panicking,

“Huh?! What’s that?”

Sejun also discovered Flamie’s roots. The giant roots with small offshoots seemed to be grasping the sky.

“Why are there tree roots up there? Vice Chairman Theo, do you know what this is?”

Fortunately, Sejun didn’t associate the roots in the sky with Flamie.


Reacting to Sejun’s words, Theo looked up at the sky belatedly.

‘Why is the second here, meow?’

Theo was greatly startled upon seeing Flamie as well. However, as the eldest, Theo wanted to protect the second’s secret.

“Chairman Park! That… that is something floating in the sky….”

So, Theo tried to come up with an excuse to get out of the situation when,

Crunch. Crunch.


Flamie’s roots moved and coins fell near Sejun.

‘Second, what are you trying to do, meow?!’

Theo internally screamed at Flamie. The root throwing coins from the sky looked too suspicious, meow!

“Huh?! These are coins?”

Sejun picked up the coins thrown by Flamie.

“But why would it spit these out?”

Just as Theo, Sejun found it strange but his focus was slightly off. Flamie threw them, but Sejun thought it had spat them out.

And then

“Ah! Is this like a plant that eats bugs?!”

Sejun mistook Flamie’s roots for a carnivorous plant. Flamie, inadvertently transformed from an apple tree to a carnivorous plant.

“It ate the apostle of destruction and couldn’t digest these coins, so it spat them out.”

“That… that’s it, meow! That’s what I was about to say, meow!”

When Sejun misconstrued on his own, Theo hurriedly agreed, implying that Sejun’s thought was correct and


[Daddy Cuengi wants more of this!]

Cuengi kept asking for more melon with his mouth open, keeping Sejun from paying any more attention to Flamie’s roots. Thanks to this, Sejun focused solely on harvesting melons.

While Sejun was busy harvesting melons for a few hours,

[You have been recognized as the rightful owner of the land deed for the melon tree farm on the 98th floor.]

[Land Deed Skill: Farm Information Lv. Max is now activated.]

Recognized as the owner of the land deed,

“Farm information.”

He checked the activated farm information.

[Farm Information Lv. Max]

→ Size: 16529 square meters

→ Crops: 130 melon trees

→ Workers: 1 (landowner)

→ Special Notes: None

The farm was very ordinary.

While Sejun was checking the farm information,

“Puhuhut. As expected, Chairman Park is easy to deceive, meow!”


[It’s because Cuengi distracted dad!]

Theo and Cuengi both thought that they were responsible for preventing Flamie’s size from being discovered.

“Let’s go back now.”

After finishing the melon harvest, Sejun called for Theo and Cuengi.

“Understood, meow!”



When Sejun, along with the two, reached the waypoint on the 98th floor,

[Boss of the 98th Floor, Black Eagle Redin]

A giant 5m tall black eagle humanoid appeared.

“Wel… Welcome! Lord Sejun!”

Redin, who had been thoroughly mentally trained by the Minotaur King, was about to block Sejun but, seeing the black dragon tattoo on Sejun’s left arm, hurriedly bowed his head at a 90-degree angle to greet him.

“Yes. Nice to see you.”

[The 98th floor waypoint has been saved.]

[Loading waypoints from other saved floors.]

[Saved waypoints from other floors (6)]

– 99th Floor

– 85th Floor

– 83rd Floor




Thanks to this, Sejun easily registered the waypoint and returned to the 99th floor.


On the 23rd floor of the Blue Tower.

“Kekeke. Found it.”

A man with green scales covering his body stepped onto a giant floating land in the sky and spoke.

And then,

Thud. Thud.

As if it were the most natural thing, the man began to walk through the wasteland towards the center of the land.

How long had he walked? A bright white building appeared in the distance. It was the place where Sejun had seen Emila’s garden before.

As the man approached the garden,


The crops around the man turned to ash and the land began to turn into a wasteland. The garden’s area started to shrink little by little.

When the area of the garden had halved in size,

“Is this as far as it goes?”

Along with the man’s words, Emila’s garden expelled the man and moved to a different location.


Krueng! Krueng!

[We’re home! Cuengi will go check the herbs!]

As soon as they arrived at the farm on the 99th floor, Cuengi ran towards the western forest to inspect the herbs.

And then,

“Shall we take a nap?”

“Good idea, meow! But first, I’ll eat some Churu and then sleep, meow!”


Sejun, intending to nap, headed home with Theo.

Just then,

[An emergency job quest has arisen.]

[Quest: Emila’s garden has suffered significant damage and needs to be restored. Create a new variety today and restore the garden with the power of creation!]

Reward: A large amount of job experience points.

Suddenly, a quest appeared.


Create a new variety within today? Although it was sudden, the lure of a large amount of job experience points was tempting. Sejun, whose Tower Farmer rank had been stagnating a B, found it an irresistible offer.

“Chairman Park, what’s wrong, meow? Don’t tell me, meow?! Are we out of Churu, meow?!”

Feeling something was off as Sejun stopped, Theo asked.

“No. It’s not that. A quest just came up, so I don’t think I can sleep.”

“That’s fine, meow! Because Chairman Park has two hands, meow!”

In other words, Theo didn’t care about Sejun’s situation and just wanted to eat Churu and then sleep, fed by Sejun.


[You have harvested 6 Magical Cherry Tomatoes.]

[Your Job experience have slightly increased.]

[Your proficiency in Harvesting Lv. 7 has slightly increased.]

[Due to the cold effect imbued in the Sickle of Freshness, the Expiration date of the harvested crops has increased by 5 days.]

[You have gained 300 experience points.]


Chomp, chomp, chomp.

Having no choice, Sejun fed Theo Churu with his left hand while harvesting the Magical Cherry Tomatoes with the Sickle of Freshness in his right.

After a while,


After enjoying the Churu, Theo comfortably snuggled up on Sejun’s lap and fell asleep, while Sejun continued to harvest, hoping for a new variety to appear.

“All cherry tomatoes are harvested now. Time to move to the sweet potato field.”

Having harvested all the cherry tomatoes, Sejun moved to the sweet potato field.

And then,

“Land Moving!”

Using Myler’s hoe, he harvested sweet potatoes.

[You have harvested 500 Power Sweet Potatoes.]

[Your Job experience points have slightly increased.]

[Your proficiency in Harvesting Lv.7 has slightly increased.]

[You have gained 25,000 experience points.]

“This field is done too.”

Sejun finished harvesting the sweet potato field and quickly moved on to harvest the potato field, carrot field, peanut field, and green onion field in succession.

With about an hour left before the day end,

“I guess I can’t complete the quest.”

Having harvested nearly hundreds of thousands of crops, Sejun was about to give up on the quest. There were simply no more crops left to harvest in the farm.

At that moment,


The father rabbit pointed to the radish field, calling Sejun’s attention. There, five radishes that had not been harvested remained.

“Oh! There were still some radishes left?”

Sejun hurried to the radish field and,


He pulled out a radish.

[You have harvested a stamina radish.]

The first radish was a dud.



The second and third radishes were duds as well. Now, only two radishes were left.

“Vice Chairman Theo, which one should I pick first?!”

Sejun, becoming more cautious, asked Theo.


Responding to Sejun’s question, Theo brought his front paw towards the radishes, feeling if there was any attraction.


“Chairman Park, there’s no attraction, meow!”

Theo did not feel any attraction.


Sejun, who wasn’t expecting much to begin with, decided to pick the left radish.

Just then,

“But strangely, my whiskers are drawn to this right radish, meow!”

Theo mentioned, noticing his whiskers pointing towards the radish on the right.


With a flicker of hope, Sejun trusted Theo’s words and,


He pulled out the right radish.

[You have acquired a Radish of Strong Lower Body.]

[Your Job experience points have slightly increased.]

[Your proficiency in Harvesting Lv.7 has slightly increased.]

[You have gained 50 experience points.]

“Huh?! Radish of Strong Lower Body?”

[You have achieved the feat of creating a new variety in the tower.]

[Your exclusive cultivation rights for the new variety are recognized in the tower.]

[Without your permission, the Radish of Strong Lower Body cannot be cultivated.]

[Your Job experience points have greatly increased.]

[All stats increase by 10 due to your job trait.]

A message appeared that the new variety Sejun had been waiting for had been born.

“Vice Chairman Theo, well done!”

“Puhuhut. I knew it would all work out, meow! Chairman Park, you can always count on me, meow!”

Theo, inflated with pride, earnestly showed off in response to Sejun’s praise.

‘Puhuhut. I helped Chairman Park today too, meow!’

Theo, feeling proud of having helped Sejun, contentedly rubbed his face on Sejun’s knee.

While Sejun was entertaining Theo’s smugness,

[You have created a new variety within the time limit.]

[You have earned a large amount of job experience points as a quest completion reward.]

[Your Job experience points have greatly increased.]

[Your Job experience points have been filled.]

[Your rank as Tower Farmer (B) has increased.]

[You have become a Tower Farmer (A).]

[Your job rank has increased and your job traits have been enhanced.]

Finally, Sejun became an A-class Tower Farmer.


Sejun read the message about his rank increase with a proud expression again and again when,



A golden light exploded from Sejun’s straw hat.


[Relic: Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat recognizes the wearer’s job rank increase.]

[Tower Farmer (A) recognized.]

[Relic: Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat restrictions are completely lifted.]

Saint Patrick’s Straw Hat revealed its true form.


Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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