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Farming Alone Inside The Tower Chapter 201

Chapter 201: A Combined Attack!

Vincent, following Togan’s orders to purchase alcohol and food for a party, stepped out of the hideout with one of his subordinates.

“Huh?! What’s that?”

He saw a floating space in the air. Vincent and his subordinate cautiously approached the space with an iron door.

“Stand by.”


Vincent left his subordinate on standby and went inside.


Inside were boxes filled with various crops. There seemed to be at least thousands of boxes.

And then,

[Power Potato]

[Stamina Corn]




“What the?! These are Park Sejun’s crops!”

Vincent was shocked upon recognizing the contents of the boxes. He didn’t understand why they were here, but that wasn’t important now. These were all money!

“Quickly, bring Master Togan here!”


At Vincent’s command, his subordinate hurried back to the cave.


Vincent began to rummage through the void storage quickly. He planned to grab a few valuable crops before Togan arrived.

“What’s this?”


When he opened a glass bottle filled with liquid, a strong alcohol smell wafted out.

“Oh! There’s alcohol too.”

Vincent, having discovered soju stored in the warehouse, cheerfully grabbed a few bottles.

Just then,

Kuehehehe. Krueng!

[Hehehe. This is exciting!]

A strange noise came from inside.

‘What’s that?!’

Vincent, hiding his presence as much as possible, cautiously approached the source of the sound.


[Next up, carrots!]

A small bear, roughly the height of one’s knee and seemingly having wandered in lured by the smell of food, was busily stuffing carrots into a pouch it was carrying.

“What the? A bear cub? Hey, scram!”

Relieved, Vincent revealed himself and kicked towards Cuengi, venting his frustration for being made tense for no reason.



[It’s a thief!]

With surprising agility, Cuengi simply caught Vincent’s foot,


[Cuengi will chase the thief away!]



The bear began dragging Vincent outside.

Thwack! Thwack!

While being dragged away by Cuengi, Vincent drew his sword and attacked Cuengi’s back in resistance, but Cuengi’s hide was incredibly tough. His sword couldn’t even cut through the fur, let alone the hide.

‘What the heck is this creature?!’

Vincent, realizing too late that something was amiss, suddenly remembered just how dangerous a bear could be. Right. Bears can rip people apart.

“Let go! Save me……”

Vincent tried to call for help with a voice filled with fear, but


[Punishment for thieves!]

But it was already too late. Cuengi had flung Vincent forcefully outside the entrance.


As Vincent hit the ground hard, his unfinished plea for mercy became his last words.

And then,

-This damn bear cub!!!

From Vincent’s body, a light shone, and a giant blue snake revealed itself.


[Cuengi will protect Daddy’s warehouse!]

Cuengi, stood at the entrance of the void storage, stretched its short legs as wide as he could, and roared towards the blue snake as if guarding it..


As Sejun was coming up the stairs,


[No one steals food from Daddy’s warehouse!]

Sejun saw Cuengi deliver a furious uppercut to the jaw of the giant blue snake.



Hit by Cuengi’s uppercut, the blue snake was flung into the air.



The snake’s body turned to dust, and a bronze coin fell from the sky.

“An Apostle of Destruction?”

Sejun spoke, watching the falling bronze coin. The presence of an Apostle of Destruction meant the Three Head Society was nearby.

“Vice Chairman Theo and Golden Bat, please check whether the Three Head Society’s hideout is located somewhere in this area.”

“Understood, meow!”


At Sejun’s request, Theo and the Golden Bat moved quickly, and Sejun hurried toward where Cuengi was.

Krueng! Krueng!

[Daddy, this guy tried to steal food from the storage! So, Cuengi punished him!]

Cuengi, picking up the bronze coin from the ground, handed it to Sejun and reported.

“Good job. You did well.”

So, Cuengi’s punishment meant sending them out of this world. Sejun petted Cuengi on the head and updated the data in the Cuengi language translator.

Kuehehehe. Krueng!

[Hehehe. Then Cuengi will go refill the snack pouch!]

Cuengi happily accepted Sejun’s petting but then remembered he hadn’t finished his task and returned to the void storage to start filling the snack pouch.

And then,

[Hydra’s 4th Bronze Coin]

→ ???

Left alone, Sejun examined the newly acquired coin. It was the same type of coin that Theo had brought before.


As Sejun was putting the bronze coin into his pocket,


Something sharp stabbed Sejun in the back.


He had been too careless. Normally, he would have had Cuengi or Theo around him.. He had not expected an enemy that used stealth… He had let his guard down because it was a lower level.

‘I’m sorry, everyone…’

Scenes from Sejun’s life began flashing before his eyes like a spinning wheel of memories.

Just as he was reliving the scene of holding his mother’s hand on his first day of elementary school,

Poke. Poke.

He heard the stabbing sound from behind again. Cruel bastard… One stab would have been enough. Why stab so many times? I’m already dying…

Poke. Poke. Poke.

The enemy, not knowing Sejun’s thoughts, mercilessly stabbed his back. This guy is definitely a psychopath. Someone who takes pleasure in stabbing others.

‘Ah… To think I’ll die a painful death at the hands of such a person…’

As Sejun lamented and turned his head with the intention to at least see the face of his murderer,

Poke. Poke. Poke.

He locked eyes with a petrified hunter, panic-stricken as he madly stabbed Sejun.

“Eek! Why isn’t the dagger going in?!”

Poke. Poke. Poke.

Even as the hunter made eye contact with Sejun’s eyes, he desperately stabbed Sejun’s abdomen with a dagger, but it couldn’t pierce Sejun’s skin.

What’s happening? Sejun was puzzled by the hunter’s reaction.


[Talent: Sturdiness ignores weak attacks.]




Only then did Sejun see the message. He realized he hadn’t felt any pain at all.

And he realized he had been overreacting all this time. Luckily, nobody was around to see.

“Ah. Except for this guy.”

Sejun threw a punch at the hunter.



He intended only to knock him out lightly, but


The hunter, hit by Sejun’s punch, flew 10 meters into the air.


That shouldn’t have happened. Sejun, who had always been treated as the weakest by the animals around him, was baffled by the outcome he had created when,

-You dare to provoke me! Die!

The hunter’s body, hit by Sejun’s punch, shone brightly, and a giant silver snake appeared, opening its mouth towards Sejun.


Sejun instinctively flung his body away with the sound of a cool breeze.


And when his body landed about 5 meters away from where he originally was,


A powerful gale passed where Sejun had been, shredding and pulverizing everything in its path.

[You’ve overcome a near-death experience.]

[Due to the Talent: Sturdy Vitality, your maximum stamina increases to 17.]

The message informed Sejun that he had almost died.


Sejun turned around and breathed a sigh of relief.

At that moment,



A small stone, carried by the wind, struck Sejun’s knee, leaving a minor scratch. Whether because of the strong magic power carried by the wind, it managed to bypass the Talent: Sturdiness and caused damage to Sejun.

“How dare you injure Chairman Park’s knee, meow!!!”

Realizing Sejun’s knee was in danger, Theo hurriedly ran over in anger and launched himself at the silver snake.


In mid-air, Theo pulled out his dragon claw, infused them with magic power,

“Meow-meow-meow! Meow-meow-meow!”

And swung his paws like he was cutting through the air toward the silver snake. It was Theo’s Meow-meow Storm Fist.

-How could I perish like this…


The silver snake couldn’t finish speaking before its body broke into pieces and fell apart.



The silver snake turned into dust, dropping two bronze coins.

“Chairman Park, are you okay, meow?!”

Theo rushed over quickly, checking Sejun’s knee.

“I’m fine. It’s just a scratch.”

Since it wasn’t a serious wound, Sejun treated it lightly and was about to pick up the fallen coins.


“Stay still, meow! I will heal it, meow!”

Press. Press.

Theo hurriedly climbed onto Sejun’s knee and began gently massaging the injured spot with his front paw. It was a healing massage, and the wound began to heal quickly.

“Thank you.”

“Puhuhut. Of course, meow! I, Vice Chairman Theo, will protect Chairman Park’s knee, meow!”

Theo puffed out his chest, looking quite pleased with himself.


While Sejun was appreciating him and stroking Theo’s head,


Sejun’s gaze met that of Togan, who was sneakily picking up the bronze coins the silver snake had just dropped.


Togan, who had barely escaped with one subordinate after throwing his men to the golden bats that had suddenly attacked the hideout.

That’s when,

“What’s that guy?”

Togan saw Sejun, who was at the lakeside, examining the coins Vincent had dropped at his death. A straw hat and shabby clothes. He didn’t look strong at all.

“Bring me that bronze coin.”


Togan ordered his subordinate to assassinate Sejun and retrieve the bronze coin, but instead, the subordinate was defeated by Sejun, and the sixth head of the sealed Hydra was unleashed.

‘It’s actually a good thing. It will sweep them all away.’

Togan hoped that Hydra’s sixth head would annihilate all the enemies around.


“Meow meow meow! Meow meow meow!”

The sixth head of the Hydra died, chopped into thousands of pieces by the sudden appearance of a cat wildly flailing in the air.

‘What in the world is happening?!’

Realizing the unfavorable situation, Togan hid himself deeper.

That’s when,

-Swallow the bronze coin dropped by the sixth head.

A voice resounded in Togan’s mind.

“I can’t! If we come out now, we’ll die!”

Togan resisted the opinion formed by the voice in his head. It was too dangerous.

-Don’t worry. If you swallow that coin, no one can stop us.


-Yes. I am the first head of Hydra, that commands all heads. I can take down all enemies.

“I will trust you, then.”

Quietly moving, Togan picked up the bronze coin.

‘I’ve done it!’

As Togan celebrated internally,

That’s when,


His eyes met with Sejun’s, who was petting Theo.

-Swallow the bronze coin quickly!


Togan, having locked eyes with Sejun, quickly swallowed two the bronze coins as the first head of the Hydra had commanded.

-Kekeke. Well done.

Togan’s body began to glow after swallowing the coins.


-Kekeke. Such overflowing power!

-I may have been careless before, but this time will be different!

In front of Sejun appeared a snake with two heads appeared, a black snake twice the size of the silver snake that had appeared earlier, with the silver one right next to it, with only a head emerging.

“What the?”

As Sejun was taken aback,

“Chairman Park, don’t worry, meow! I’ll protect you, meow!”

Theo quickly shielded Sejun.

And then,

Krueng! Krueng!

[Cuengi has filled the snack pouch! Oh? Another bad snake?]


Cuengi, who had filled his snack pouch, rushed out of the void storage and, upon finding the Apostle of Destruction, hurriedly ran to stand in front of Sejun.

“Hehehe. Come at me.”

With Theo on the left and Cuengi on the right standing firmly, Sejun overflowed with confidence.

-Kekeke. Try to stop this! Assist the sixth head.


The black snake inhaled deeply and spat a black liquid toward Sejun,


and the silver snake blew wind to spread the black liquid further.

‘That looks dangerous.’

Sejun sensed something ominous about the black liquid. Even a single drop seemed deadly poisonous.

“Guys, eat this.”

Sejun hurriedly handed detoxifying green onions to Theo and Cuengi.

Crunch. Crunch.

“Vice Chairman Theo, use Meow-meow Storm Fist! Cuengi, use Krueng-hooo!”

Sejun, too, quickly ate a detoxifying green onion and instructed Theo and Cuengi. If they were combining their attacks, so would his side!

“Understood, meow!”



Following Sejun’s command, Theo and Cuengi used their skills simultaneously.

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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