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Farming Alone Inside The Tower 258

Chapter 258: Time to Wash the Scruffy Ones

After Sejun went to attend the Black Rabbit’s wedding, Kaiser took care of the farm at Sejun’s request.

The Mushroom Ants were so diligent and competent that there wasn’t much for Kaiser to do, but occasionally,


-What?! Fire ants are invading again?!

He had to fend off fire ants that occasionally came to kidnap the Mushroom Ants.

“Go back.”

The day before he was to leave for the 10th Tower, Kaiser, as usual, sent the fire ants back to their nest and settled back at the fountain.



One of the Mushroom Ants cautiously brought something to Kaiser, holding it with its front teeth.

-Again? Enough. Give it to Sejun.

Every time he chased away the fire ants, the Mushroom Ants brought him something like an elixir as a token of gratitude, so Kaiser intended to send it back as usual.

The effects of the Elixir Mushroom were too insignificant for Kaiser, and besides, he didn’t like mushrooms.



Unlike usual, the Mushroom Ant did not retreat and stood firm with its antennae held high, showing strong confidence.

-Alright. What is it?

Kaiser agreed to take the item, thinking of quickly accepting and sending it back.


The Mushroom Ant placed a single black bean in front of Kaiser and looked at him with eyes full of expectation.

-Hmph! No matter how sincere you are, I’m not going to pretend to be surprised by such a trivial item.

Kaiser spoke loudly to the Mushroom Ant while examining the black bean.

[Transcendence Black Bean]

→ A black bean grown in the Tower, rich in nutrients and delicious.

→ Cultivated by a farmer familiar with agriculture, enhancing its taste and efficiency.

→ It’s the bean with the rarest probability of being harvested among the five-colored beans

→ When consumed, the Transcendence Black Bean transcends all levels, activating the effects of the Strength Yellow Bean, Stamina Red Bean, Agility Green Bean, and Magical Blue Bean, with 300% effectiveness.

→ This bean will not sprout when planted.

→ Cultivator: Tower Farmer Park Sejun

→ Shelf Life: 150 days

→ Grade: A

– What?!

Kaiser was genuinely surprised this time.

The description indicated that it transcended all levels and activated the effects of other beans at 300% effectiveness, sending shivers down his spine.

Kaiser had previously eaten the Magical Blue Bean harvested by Sejun from the five-colored beans.

However, the effect was very minimal, increasing Kaiser’s magic stat by only 0.5%. Normally, it should have increased the magic stat by 100%, but Kaiser’s level was too high for the bean’s effect to be fully realized.

So, he had completely ignored them thereafter… but things would be different with this Transcendence Black Bean.

-If I eat this…

Thinking about the effects of eating the beans, Kaiser’s heart swelled with excitement, inevitable for a dragon.

It would multiply his already greatly enhanced abilities several times. The Transcendence Black Bean was indeed an incredible item.

-It’s truly amazing!


As Kaiser acknowledged the greatness of his gift, the Mushroom Ant chirped happily and confidently went back down.




The Mushroom Ant received congratulations from its peers. In their culture, being acknowledged by a great being for a gift brought them recognition among the Mushroom Ants.

For them, having their gift accepted by the great Black Dragon was an incredible achievement.

-I should keep this and get permission from Sejun later.

Recognizing its immense value, Kaiser decided to keep the black bean and pay Sejun properly later.

Thus, Kaiser kept the Transcendence Black Bean and a snack of four-colored bean roast with him as he hurriedly headed to the 10th Tower.


When Kaiser ate four beans, tiny compared to his true size, looking almost like dust,



Halphas watched with a tense gaze, while the dragons observed with anticipation. They thought Kaiser must have something up his sleeve seeing how confident he was.



Contrary to his confident demeanor, Kaiser’s power increased only very slightly. It was such a minor change that no one would feel wronged if asked what had changed.

Caw! Caw!

Halphas mocked Kaiser for his apparent failure.


“It’s not over yet.”


In front of everyone, Kaiser swallowed another bean – a black bean. It was the Transcendence Black Bean.

And then,


The Transcendence Black Bean transcended all levels, activating the effects of the yellow bean for strength, red bean for stamina, green bean for agility, and blue bean for magic power that Kaiser had eaten earlier, and then enhanced their effects by 300%.

-What… What is this all of a sudden…

“How could… Kaiser…”

Not only Halphas but also the dragons on the same side were astonished by Kaiser’s sudden increase in abilities.

Currently, Sejun’s beans, classified as A-grade, had an effect that increased all stats by 300% for one minute.

That meant all stats were increased by 4 times, 1+3.

And the effect of the Transcendence Black Bean activated the four colored beans’ effects at 300%.

In other words, it increased all of Kaiser’s already tremendous stats by 12 times, multiplying them four times and then three times.


“I’ll show you hell for three minutes.”

The duration also increased by 300% from one minute to three minutes.

“Let’s see you struggle!”

Kaiser instantly moved beside Halphas and began his attack, targeting his neck.

It would have been a hellish three minutes for Halphas, but



-Kuk! To be defeated so easily…

Kaiser’s overwhelming strength, which he hadn’t yet adapted to, led to a mistake. He instantly snapped Halphas’s neck, killing him.


Halphas’s dead body turned into red mist and flew towards the direction of destruction.



Black coins and Tower coins fell from where Halphas died.




Kaiser, Kellion, and Ramter all exerted their power to collect the coins.

However, the coins were all drawn to Kaiser’s strong force,

“Hehehe. That won’t work on me.”

Kaiser collected them all.

“Tch… Isn’t that cheating?!”

“That’s because you ate something!”

Kellion and Ramter accused him of being under the influence of something, but the money already in Kaiser’s pocket was not coming back out.

In this way, thanks to Kaiser’s efforts, the dragons defeated the Apostle of Destruction, the Crow of Death, Halphas, and returned to their homelands with the dragons who had been waiting for the rescue team in the 10th Tower.

And then,

“Let’s have a talk.”

As they approached their territory, the leaders of the other eight dragon tribes addressed Kaiser.

They were very curious about what Kaiser had eaten to become so powerful.



Sejun woke up from his sleep and cautiously turned his head to look around.


On his left arm, the black rabbit, who had insisted on sleeping with his uncle the night before the wedding, was using Sejun’s arm as a pillow.


On his right arm, Cuengi was also using his arm as a pillow.

And then,


Theo was sleeping on his lap. Iona, who was always by Theo’s side, had spent the night in ChuChu’s room, who was her disciple. Of course, this was possible because of the Theoball.


Lastly, the Golden Bat, not wanting to leave him, was sleeping, embracing Sejun’s chest.

“Black rabbit, let’s wake up.”

Having checked the positions of the animals, Sejun first woke up the black rabbit.


As Sejun woke him up, the black rabbit groggily protested. He wanted to sleep more, but that wasn’t possible.

Today is the black rabbit’s wedding day. As the groom-to-be, the black rabbit had a lot to prepare. Sejun still couldn’t quite believe the black rabbit was getting married.

“Black rabbit, it’s time to get up.”

Rub, rub.

Despite his efforts to gently massage and wake the black rabbit,

After a while,


[Uncle, see you later!]

The black rabbit quickly dashed outside, and

“Alright, everyone, time to get up.”

Sejun began to wake Theo, Cuengi, and the golden bat.


The golden bat, always the most obedient, was the first to wake up.


“Chairman Park, just five more minutes, meow…”


[Cuengi wants to sleep more…]

The lazier ones protested. Normally, Sejun would indulge Theo and Cuengi’s whining and sleep in with them, but today he and his companions had a lot to do.


“Alright, scruffy ones, it’s time to get clean.”

Sejun dunked Theo, Cuengi, and the golden bat into the bathtub. They had to be clean to avoid embarrassing the black rabbit.

“Meow! I’m all wet, meow!”

Theo, caught off guard and unable to use his water-affinity ability, created a fuss being unexpectedly dunked in water, but he was already soaked.

“Just stay still.”

“Okay, meow…”

Theo resigned to his fate and


entrusted his body to Sejun’s hands, starting to sleep again.

“Are you sleeping?”

Rub, rub.

Sejun was slightly annoyed at how comfortably Theo slept during the bath, but he was grateful that Theo stayed still and washed him.


After cleaning Theo, who was asleep, Sejun wrapped him in a towel and returned to the bathtub,

Kuehehehe. Krueng?!

[Hehehe. Is it Cuengi’s turn now?!]

Cuengi, eagerly awaiting Sejun’s touch, hung on the edge of the bathtub and asked in an excited voice.

“Yes. Come here.”



Cuengi entrusted his body to Sejun’s hands.

Rub, rub.


Cuengi chuckled joyfully as Sejun’s hands soothingly scrubbed him.

‘It’s really fortunate that Cuengi likes baths.’

Otherwise, bathing Cuengi would have required Pink-fur or the Minotaur King. And a tremendous amount of water.

Otherwise, Cuengi, who digs in the earth and roams around every day, would have really become scruffy.

“Alright, Cuengi, go wake up big brother and dry off together.”

After the bath, Sejun placed Cuengi next to Theo,

Krueng! Krueng!

[Okay! Big brother, wake up!]

Cuengi responded and began to shake Theo awake.

“What, meow…?”

Theo, who had been sleeping warmly wrapped in a towel, opened his eyes in a groggy state.


[Dad said to dry off with big brother!]

“Puhuhut. No one can beat Vice Chairman Theo in drying off fur, meow!”

Hearing Cuengi’s words, Theo suddenly got up and then flopped down, vigorously rubbing his body against the towel. It was to wipe off the moisture from his fur.


[Cuengi can dry his fur better than big brother!]

Cuengi followed Theo’s lead, energetically rubbing his body against the towel on the floor.

A brother determined to win and a younger brother determined to beat his elder. Sejun let them be as they competed in drying themselves. Well… at least they were drying their fur…

And then,

“Golden bat, come here.”

Sejun called the golden bat for its turn.


As usual, the golden bat eagerly swam in the bathtub, approaching Sejun.

Scratch, scratch.

Being small, the golden bat was bathed by Sejun’s fingers gently scratching its body.

(Pip-pip. It feels refreshing!)

After bathing the golden bat and turning around,

“Puhuhut. Vice Chairman Theo won, meow!”


[No, Cuengi won!]

Both were insisting they had won, even though their fur wasn’t completely dry yet.

“Sigh. Come here.”


In the end, Sejun had to dry Theo, Cuengi, and the golden bat himself and barely managed to take a shower himself.

Ppyak, ppyak.

While Sejun was showering, the attendants brought in suits for Sejun and the animals to wear at the wedding.

Unlike Sejun’s suit, the animals only had jackets and bow ties. This was the best choice for the animals, as wearing anything more would be uncomfortable for them.

Sseureuk. Sseureuk.

Sejun dressed first.

“It fits perfectly.”

The attendants had taken his measurements upon his arrival, so the suit fit Sejun’s body perfectly.

After getting dressed,

“Now, retract all your claws.”

Sejun asked the animals to retract their claws to prevent the clothes from tearing,

Sseureuk. Sseureuk.

and then helped them into their jackets.

“It’s stuffy, meow!”


[It’s uncomfortable!]


The animals, wearing clothes for the first time, seemed uncomfortable.

“Wow! Our kids look great in their outfits.”

Sejun soothed and reassured them.

“Puhuhut. I, Vice Chairman Theo, look good in anything, meow!”


[Cuengi looks good too!]

(Pip-pip. Do I look okay too?)

The animals’ mood improved thanks to Sejun’s encouraging words.

“Good. Let’s go!”

“Puhuhut. Let’s go, meow!”



Filled with confidence from Sejun’s coddling, the animals followed Sejun out of the room.

Day 357 of being stranded. Finally, the Black Rabbit’s wedding was about to begin.


Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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