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Farming Alone Inside The Tower 252

Chapter 252: Are You Really Going to Fight with That?

4th Floor of the Tower.

The Crash Guild, called by Gagel’s Vice Chairman Michael.

The 20 members of the Crash Guild, upon arriving at the 4th floor of the tower, headed straight to the Black Graveyard guarded by Black Skeletons and immediately attacked them.

“Hahaha! Bring it on!”

“Knights! Protect the king!”

Clatter, clatter.

500 Black Skeletons emerged to confront the 20 members of the Crash Guild.

However, while the average level of the Black Skeletons was 20, the average level of the Crash Guild was 50.

“Haha, it’s fun crushing them.”


The Black Skeletons were no match for the Crash Guild. It was a one-sided massacre.


As the Black Skeletons realized they were no match, they retreated. The Crash Guild members were unscathed, whereas only about 100 Black Skeletons survived.

The Crash Guild was indeed powerful.

And then,

“Should we pursue them?”

“No. They must be highly poisoned by now. Let’s rest here for a bit.”


Having plenty of battle experience, they comfortably dealt with the Black Skeletons.

At that moment,

“Huh? There’s one still intact?”

A Crash Guild member, Peak, discovered an unbroken head of a Black Skeleton among the pile of bones.


As Peak picked up the head of the Black Skeleton,

“You! The great king’s…”

The Black Skeleton started to shout at Peak.

“Shut up!”


Peak kicked the head of the Black Skeleton.

Roll, roll.

The head of the Black Skeleton rolled across the floor.

Thump! Thump!

Peak played with the head of the Black Skeleton like a soccer ball.

He deliberately didn’t kill it, intending to torment and humiliate the opponent. This was typical of the nature of Crash Guild members.

“How dare you disturb the great king’s…”

Undaunted and still being kicked around, the head of the Black Skeleton continued its speech.

“A king, huh? Peak, bring that over here.”

The Crash Guild Leader Zibik showed interest in the Black Skeleton’s words.

“Yes, understood.”

At Guild Leader Zibik’s order, Peak hurriedly brought the Black Skeleton’s head over, presenting it respectfully with both hands.

In the Crash Guild, a higher rank meant not only being the strongest but also the most cruel and brutal.


Zibik held the Black Skeleton’s head in his hand.

“Hey. Say it again. Something about a great king.”

“That’s right. This place is where the great king rests. Do not disturb his eternal slumber.”

“So, where exactly is this king resting?”

Zibik thought there might be a treasure, intrigued by the mention of a king.

“Invaders! Do you think I would tell you where the king rests?! We are the beings who eternally guard the king’s side…”

“Kkek. You told us.”

“What?! When did I…”

“You just said you guys eternally guard him, right? You’ve already kindly informed us…”


Zibik crushed the head of the Black Skeleton in his hand as he spoke.

And then,

“Let’s go, guys!”

The Guild members started pursuing the remaining Black Skeletons.


[You have arrived at the Black Graveyard on the 4th floor of the Black Tower.]

[Your mission is to find and eliminate the cause threatening the extinction of the Black Skeletons.]

[You have moved from the top floor, the 99th floor of the tower, to the 4th floor.]

[You have descended 95 floors.]

[Due to the effect of <Title: Retrogressor>, all stats increase by 95.]


Feeling an overflow of energy as all his stats increased by 95, Sejun delighted in his newfound strength.

As Sejun was enjoying his enhanced power,

Rattle, rattle.

“How dare you invade the resting place of our king?! You are… aren’t you Onik?!”

The Black Skeletons, armed with rusted swords and shields, surrounded Sejun and the animals, recognizing Onik among them.

“Captain Philip of the Knights! Please lower your weapons! These people are with the great Black Dragon and his subordinates!”

You Threatened Dad with a Sword?! Thinking that Cuengi might step in angrily, Onik hurriedly introduced Sejun and the animals.

The great Black Dragon?! Philip quickly scrutinized Sejun’s group.

And then,


“I greet the Great Black Dragon!”

Philip knelt down and paid his respects,


“We greet the great Black Dragon!”

The rest of the Black Skeletons also knelt and paid their respects.


Toward Cuengi, who seemed the strongest.

Krueng! Krueng!

[Cuengi is not a Black Dragon, but a Crimson Giant Honey Bear! Dad is the Black Dragon!]

“Ahem. Captain Philip, this here is the great Black Dragon.”

Onik quickly tried to rectify the situation, pointing at Sejun.

“I… I apologize! Great Black Dragon! I will atone for my rudeness with my life!”

“That’s enough.”

Sejun, accustomed to such misunderstandings, casually dismissed the matter.

Moreover, he had come to prevent the extinction of the Black Skeletons, so he couldn’t let them die because of him.

“First, tell me the situation.”


Philip explained the current situation.

“So, Gagel sent new people, and you were badly beaten?”

“Yes. Regrettably, we were no match for them with our abilities. So we hastily retreated to protect the king’s tomb…”

Philip explained the battle with the Crash Guild and their subsequent defeat.

Upon hearing Philip’s explanation,

[You have identified the cause of the Black Skeletons’ extinction on the Black Graveyard of the 4th floor.]

[A Mid-Level Administrator Quest has appeared.]

[Mid-Level Administrator Quest: Eliminate or drive away the 20 members of the Crash Guild on the 4th floor.]

Crash Guild 0/20

Reward: 100,000 Experience Points, 1,000 Tower Coins

Failure: You cannot return to your original place until the quest is completed.

The quest appeared.

“Twenty members of the Crash Guild?”

Sejun spoke as if it was nothing. The reward alone showed that it wouldn’t be a difficult task for Sejun.

Furthermore, Sejun, who had fought strong hunters on the 44th floor of the Tower, knew he was a formidable force on Earth, though not so much on the 99th floor.

“You guys destroy Gagel’s experience farm. I’ll handle the rest.”

Sejun, unable to leave the 100m radius of the Black Graveyard, was unable to attack Gagel’s experience farm.

‘I have only a day and a few hours left until the wedding of the Black Rabbit. I need to deal with this quickly and return.’

Sejun tasked the animals capable of long-range attacks with destroying Gagel’s experience farm, located away from the Black Graveyard.

“Understood, meow!”


“Kyoot kyoot kyoot. Okay!”

Thus, the animals ascended to the sky. Cuengi used his telekinesis, and Theo was aided by Iona’s flying magic.


Boom! Bang!

Theo, Cuengi, and Iona began to noisily destroy the experience farm.

“Now, lead me to where the Crash Guild is.”

Sejun said as he took out his weapon, a hoe, from his void storage and spoke to the Black Skeletons.

“Great Black Dragon… Are you really going to fight with that?”

Philip, seeing Sejun’s weapon, asked in disbelief. The weapon seemed too unimpressive.

“Yes… let’s go quickly.”

A slightly embarrassed Sejun hurriedly took the lead. If he had known this would happen, he would have brought the Amplifying Greatsword…

Rattle, rattle.

“I’ll guide you!”

Philip hurried to walk and quickly moved ahead of Sejun when,


Five arrows flew towards Sejun.

Sejun quickly tried to dodge.



The thought of having to dodge so many arrows actually slowed his movements. Sejun’s stats were high, but his combat experience was limited.


In an effort to reduce his body area, he hunched down as much as possible.

[Talent: Sturdiness ignores weak attacks.]

[Talent: Sturdiness ignores weak attacks.]

He managed to dodge three arrows and was hit by only two. Thanks to his talent, there was no damage.


“Why is there a person here?”

“Well… good for us. No one else is around. Let’s just deal with him and take his money.”

Seeing Sejun hit by the arrows, five members of the Crash Guild thought he had suffered a fatal injury and leisurely revealed themselves.



“Dust of Destruction!”



The remaining dragons, following Stella’s command, unleashed their breath attacks on the approaching red mist towards the 10th tower.





The Black and White Dragons excitedly collected Tower Coins that appeared as the Dust of Destruction disappeared.

For the other dragons, eliminating the dust of destruction was a tedious and irritating task, but for them, it was exhilarating.

While the dragons were busy eliminating the Dust of Destruction,

Caw! Caw!

Strange noises began to emerge from beyond the dust of destruction.


At the same time, an oppressive aura weighed down on the dragons.

“What is this?!”

“Why… is this sound happening now?”

The dragons’ gaze turned towards the source of the noise beyond the dust of destruction.

And then,


A black bird, dwarfing the dragons in size, emerged from the dust of destruction.

“Apostle of Destruction, Second Seat… Crow of Death… Hal…phas…”

“Damn… I didn’t want to stay here…”

“All dragons, flee! And survive!”


Stella, realizing she had to buy time, ordered the other dragons to escape and fired her breath at Halphas.

But that was Stella’s last command in her life.


Halphas opened its beak and shot a dark red beam towards Stella’s breath.

The dark red beam engulfed Stella’s breath and ultimately swallowed Stella herself.

And then,


Where the dark red beam vanished, no trace was left. Halphas’ attack completely annihilated Stella.

The power of a true body of the Apostle of Destruction, not just a fragment, was not something a dragon could stop alone. It would take at least 500 dragons combining their strength to resist it.


As Stella vanished instantly, the dragons were in disarray and huddled close to the 10th tower, keeping an eye on Halphas.


Halphas fired another dark red beam at them.

The attack was too fast to dodge,


Left with no other option, the dragons combined their breaths and fired at Halphas.

However, their breaths were slowly engulfed by the dark red beam.



Just as Halpas’ attack was about to reach the dragons,


A bright light exploded from the 10th tower.

And then, Halphas’ attack was extinguished. The 10th tower had repelled the power of destruction.


The dragons sighed in relief, having narrowly escaped with their lives.



As Halphas continued to watch them, they could neither leave nor approach, forced to stay close to the 10th tower, waiting for backup.


“Onik, is that person… really the great Black Dragon?”

Watching Sejun hit by the arrows, the Black Skeletons quietly asked Onik from behind.


‘I can hear everything. You fools!’

Sejun heard everything, feeling embarrassed.

“It’s all your fault! Land Moving!”


Using Myler’s hoe, he vented his anger on the Crash Guild members who caused his embarrassment, burying them in the ground.

[You have eliminated 5 members of the Crash Guild.]

After Sejun dealt with the enemies,


He looked back, smugly,



All the Black Skeletons had collapsed.

And then,

[The Crash Guild has opened the Sealed King’s Tomb.]

[The Sealed King has acquired a living body.]

[The Sealed King begins to absorb the souls of the knights who sealed him to regain his power.]

Messages appeared about the king’s tomb being opened.

[The quest has been updated.]

[Mid-Level Administrator Quest: Defeat the sealed king on the 4th floor of the tower before he fully regains his power and save the souls of the Black Skeletons.]

Reward: 100 million Experience Points, 50 million Tower Coins, Salvation of the Black Skeletons

Failure: You cannot return to your original place until the quest is completed.

The quest was updated simultaneously.


Farming Alone Inside The Tower

Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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