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Chapter 98

Chapter 98

“Where can I get the remaining crops?”

While Sejun was harvesting the remaining carrots and pondering,

Pi Ppi!




The other rabbits who heard the news also gathered in front of the Red Ribbon’s Giant Carrot Altar.

And then,

‘Sejun will be able to do it!’

‘Sejun can do it!’

‘We believe in you, Sejun!’

The rabbits started to look at Sejun with expectant eyes.

He could feel the burning gaze on the back of his head. Sejun didn’t dare to look back.

‘This is a lot of pressure.’

He wanted to get out of here quickly.


[You have consumed the Agility Carrot.]

[It breaks down 30g of body fat and increases agility by 0.5 for 10 minutes.]

So, Sejun ate the carrots that raised his agility while harvesting them to speed up the work. Thanks to this, he managed to harvest 15,000 carrots in just 2 hours.

Then, he quickly left the carrot field where the giant carrot altar was and checked the other crops.

However, the Stamina Corn, Exploding Stamina Corn, and pineapples hadn’t even blossomed yet.

“What should I do?”

For the rabbits who were looking longingly at the Giant Carrot Altar, Sejun really wanted to hold the Harvest Festival of Abundance.



Sejun remembered the Ents. If Ent seeds could be eaten, they might be considered crops. Besides, their numbers had increased, so he thought he could quickly get about 100 seeds of purified Ent.



At Sejun’s call, Cuengi ran over.

“Let’s go to the western forest!”


At Sejun’s words, Cuengi enlarged himself. At the same time, Cuengi was continuously growing and had exceeded 15 meters in height.


Cuengi picked up Sejun and placed him on top of his head and prepared to run on four legs.

“President Park, sit down quickly, meow. You’ll fall.”


At Theo words, who was hanging on his knee, Sejun sat down on Cuengi’s back and Theo also lay on Sejun’s lap.

And then,

“Open this, meow!”

Theo quietly handed out a Churu. He had a plan to get Sejun to sit.



As Sejun opened the Churu and gave it to Theo,

Lick lick lick.

Theo started to eagerly lick the Churu.



[I want to eat too!]

Because of Theo, who was eating the Churu, Cuengi, the gluttonous king, also asked for something to eat.

“Cuengi, I’ll give you honey when we arrive. Okay?”



Thump. Thump.

Cuengi started to run quickly toward the western forest on all fours.

A short time later,

Thanks to Cuengi, who was full of the determination to quickly arrive and eat honey, they arrived in the western forest just 20 minutes after departing.

The center of the western forest was still trapped by the ice wall created by Iona’s magic, Avalanche.


“Wow. What’s all this?”

Sejun was surprised when he saw the completely transformed entrance of the western forest. Grass was growing where it had once been a wasteland.


Thump. Thump.

Thump-thump. Thump-thump.

Big and small Ents were wandering around the western forest. The number of Ents had increased significantly in the few days that Sejun was absent. Almost about 1,000.

Munch munch.

The Ents were still eating the remaining trees.

As Sejun was watching the Ents,


Cuengi, who had shrunk again, pulled out his empty glass bottle and called Sejun.

“Got it.”


Sejun, who received the empty glass bottle from Cuengi, opened the void storage, put the empty bottle in, and took out a glass bottle full of honey.

“Here you go.”


Cuengi, who received new honey bottle, was overjoyed and quickly began to eat honey after opening the glass bottle.

Just then,

Thud. Thud.

The largest of the ents, a 5m tall ent, approached. It was the first-born Powerful Purified Ent.


The Powerful Purified Ent put its branch on Sejun’s shoulder and

[Sejun… there’s… a fire… tormenting… us.]

It began to talk about the fire that was tormenting them.

“A Fire?”

Come to think of it, there were traces of fire burns here and there on the bodies of the Ents.

“I see. If the fire appears again, let me know. And I need about 100 of your seeds.”


A while later,

Thump, thump.

Young Ents with white seeds on their heads came to Sejun and extended their heads.

[Pick… the… seed…]



When Sejun picked the seed from the Ent’s head,

[You have obtained a seed of the Purified Ent.]

[Your job experience increases slightly.]

[Your proficiency in Seed Harvesting Lv. 3 significantly increases.]

[Thank… you…]

The ent expressed its gratitude to Sejun, then went back to eating the trees.

In that way, about two hours passed and he was able to collect 98 seeds of Purified Ent.

“What should I do for the remaining one?”

While Sejun was contemplating what crop to offer at the giant carrot altar and waiting for the Ents to bear seeds,

Thump, thump.

Thump, thump.

The Ents began to move hastily, picking up the branches that fell to the ground.

And the Powerful Purified Ent approached Sejun,

“What’s happening all of a sudden?”

Sejun asked, placing his hand on the body of the Powerful Purified Ent.

[Fire… has come.]


At the same time, a scream was heard from the south direction.

“Theo, Cuengi, let’s go.”

“Got it, meow!”


Sejun, feeling uneasy about going alone, took Theo and Cuengi as bodyguards and followed the Ents to the south.


All the while they were moving, the scream kept coming.

“Guys, shall we stick together?”

“Sounds good, meow!”


Sejun, feeling scared, kept Theo and Cuengi close to him as they moved.

As soon as Sejun arrived at the very front of the ents from where the screams were coming,

“Fire ants?”

Sejun could see the Ents, big and small, fighting with 100 red ants of 1m size. The Ents were overwhelmingly at a disadvantage.

Most of the young Ents were much smaller than 1m.



The red ants used their large bodies to overpower the ents, then used their powerful jaws to cut through the ents’ bodies.


Thud. Thud.

When the giant Ents approached to block the red ants, the ants emitted flames from their antennae like a flamethrower, attacking the Ents.


The bodies of the Ents began to burn in the flames spewed from the antennae of the red ants.

“Create Thundercloud! Rainfall!”


Sejun quickly made it rain to extinguish the fire on the ents’ bodies.


“Where did these things come from?”

Something new keeps appearing on the 99th floor of this tower.

“Phew. How many have died…”

After seeing the fight, Sejun realized that there must have been a lot more ents originally. Many ents had been killed by the ants’ attacks.

“Guys! Attack!”

“Come out! Gaeron!”


At Sejun’s command, the animals attacked the red ants.


The ground beneath Theo transformed into a black swamp, and then 30m-long Gaeron appeared.

And then,


Gaeron sucked in the rain that Sejun was making, and then

– Water Cannon!


It spewed it out towards the ants.


The water pressure emitted by Gaeron was so great that it could penetrate rocks, but the ants’ exoskeleton easily withstood Gaeron’s attack.

Instead, their insides that couldn’t withstand the water pressure started to get destroyed first.

[Guard Theo’s slave, Bug Hunter Gaeron, has killed a Fire Ant Worker.]

[Guard Theo receives 90% of the experience points obtained by his slave, Bug Hunter Gaeron.]

[You have gained 450 experience points, which is 50% of the experience points obtained by Guard Theo.]




Moreover, when Cuengi, who had transformed into a giant, began to stomp and kill the Fire Ant workers, the fight ended in no time.

Sejun examined the exoskeleton of the Fire Ant Worker. He was intrigued, seeing that it withstood Gaeron’s attack. Of course, it turned to dust under Cuengi’s stomping.



When he stabbed it hard with his dagger, the exoskeleton vibrated slightly and seemed to spread the shock around.

“This could be useful?”

It seemed like it would make decent armor.

“Let’s take a few.”

Sejun put a few bodies of the Fire Ant workers into the void storage.

After the battle ended,


To prevent the Fire Ant Workers from approaching easily, Sejun had Cuengi dig the ground to create a long pit. This was because he had noticed that the Fire Ant workers avoided water when he made it rain earlier.

As Sejun turned to leave after making the pit,

thump. Thud.

[Sejun…please pick… the seeds…]

A 2m tall Ent approached, asking Sejun to pick the 5 seeds grown on its head. It was the Ent that Sejun had saved from the flames earlier.

Swish. Swish.

The Ent’s branch-like limbs playfully tickled Sejun, as if it was trying to be affectionate.


“Don’t mess around, meow!”

Theo, warning the Ent, threw a punch towards the Ent’s branch.


The Ent, in response, slapped Theo with another branch.

“Aack! How dare you mess with me, President Theo, meow?! Okay let’s fight, meow!”


Angry, Theo jumped towards the branch but,


The Ent quickly moved its branch out of the way.



Theo chased the branch more eagerly.

Whoosh. Whoosh.

The Ent moved its branches back and forth, evading Theo’s paws. Eventually, Theo was tricked into running around energetically by himself.


[You have obtained 5 seeds from the Purified Ent.]

[Your job experience increases slightly.]

[Your skill level in Seed Harvesting Lv. 3 increases significantly.]

[Your proficiency in Seed Harvesting Lv. 3 is full and the level increases.]

Meanwhile, Sejun had harvested 5 seeds from the Ent’s head, raising his Seed Harvesting skill level to 4.


-There is a small chance that the number of seeds obtained when Seed Harvesting increases by 2~5 times.

A new effect was added to the Seed Harvesting skill which had reached level 4.

“Let’s go now.”

“That was a good fight, meow! See you next time, meow!”

Theo was satisfied, even though he was tricked by the Ent.

“Only one more crop left.”

Sejun was lost in thought as he returned home. There was no rush, so Cuengi moved slowly.

Once they arrived home,


Pi Ppi!

The black rabbit and ChuChu, who had been waiting for Sejun, were angry at Sejun and asked where he had gone.

“No… I just went to gather crops.”


[But we have all 10 crops here, where did you go?]

The black rabbit looked frustrated as he spoke.

“All 10 are there?!”


The black rabbit nodded his head and led Sejun to the carrot field.

Sejun followed the black rabbit with an expression that said, ‘What are you talking about?’. But then he saw the crops placed in front of the giant carrot alter.

“Huh?! This is?!”

Among the crops, there were two he hadn’t seen before. There was a well-ripened red strawberries and a Cheongyang chili peppers.

“Ah! How could I have missed these?!”

Only then did Sejun remembered that on the 215th day of being stranded, the fifth seed store opened, he bought 100 each of strawberry and Cheongyang chili pepper seeds along with 20,000 carrot seeds.


“What? They were hidden behind the corn? I see.”

It was no longer important why he hadn’t discovered the strawberries and Cheongyang chili peppers. There was something else of importance.


Just looking at the strawberries made his mouth water. He desperately wanted to taste them, but he couldn’t because of the intense gaze of the rabbits watching him from behind.

‘Right. First things first.’

As Sejun regained his composure and approached the giant carrot altar and raised his hand,

[Would you like to offer the crops to the Red Ribbon’s Giant Carrot Altar?]


With Sejun’s response, the crops began to be absorbed into the giant carrot altar, one type at a time.

Then, a notification appeared before Sejun.

[100 of 1 type of farm produce has been offered.]

[100 each of 2 types of farm produce has been offered.]



[100 each of 10 types of crops have been offered.]

[The quest has been completed.]

[As a reward for completing the quest, the Harvest Festival of Abundance will be held.]

[The Red Ribbon’s Giant Carrot Alter will randomly summon 1,000 rabbit tribe members to enjoy the Harvest Festival of Abundance.]

[A blessing of abundance will be bestowed on the entire floor where the Red Ribbon’s Giant Carrot Alter is located.]

[You have acquired the job skill – Crop Gigantification Lv. 1 as a quest completion reward.]

Finally, the Harvest Festival of Abundance was held.




Pi Ppi!

While Sejun was watching the rabbits celebrate,


The seeds of the Ent that Sejun had put in his pocket were sucked into the giant carrot alter.

[100 each of 11 types of crops have been offered.]

[The Harvest Festival of Abundance is enhanced to a Harvest Festival of Abundance and overflowing Mana.]

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