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Chapter 963

Episode 963 I said I won’t disappoint. (3)

Dozens of huge ships turned their bows at once. The aftermath was truly so great that it shook the calm waters of the Yangtze River.

The boat was rocked by the incoming waves, but Jang Il-so, standing on it, looked peaceful as if he was standing on flat ground. He glanced back at So-rim and Gong, who were unable to do either this or that.


A look of blatant contempt appeared on his face.

Hu Jiaming quietly studied his expression.

If Shaolin, the leader of the nine sects and the North Star of the powerful, is so pathetic, the day when Jang Il-so’s grand decree is realized will come that much sooner.

However, the young emotion on Jang Il-so’s face now clearly seemed closer to irritation than joy.

“You don’t seem to be in a good mood.”

“It can’t be good…”

Jang Il-so answered harshly.

“When I was struggling in despair with no hope in sight, what supported me was…”

A ghostly look flashed across his face for a moment.

“It was an oath that one day I would take everything they had and make it mine.”



Jang Il-so paused for a moment and glared at So-rim with a contemptuous gaze.

“The true nature of the people who control the powerhouse is just like that.”

A self-mocking sneer leaked from red lips.

“Humans hide their true feelings behind logic. They’re probably coming up with dozens of reasons why they shouldn’t step forward by now. “It is a logic that sounds plausible and cannot be refuted in most cases.”

Jang Il-so’s ridicule became even deeper.

“But at the end of the day, when you dig into it, you’re just scared. “Those who have never shed blood to achieve something have no choice but to feel that the value of what they will lose is greater than the value of what they will gain.”

If someone else had said this, Hu Jiaming would have been judged arrogant and arrogant without hesitation. Shaolin may not be the masters of the world, but they can be said to be the masters of Gangho. This is too fragmentary for an evaluation of such people.

But at least Jang Il-so was qualified to say this. This was because he knew better than anyone else how desperately Jang Il-so had worked his way up to this position.

“You’ll find out eventually.”

Jang Il-so spoke softly.

“He who is afraid of losing something small will eventually lose everything. “I will make it happen.”

Hu Jiaming slowly shook his head.

“By the time they find out, they will have already lost everything.”

After hearing that, Jang Il-so chuckled and laughed.

“okay. “Maybe so.”

He then tilted the liquor bottle in his hand and took a sip, then poured the liquor onto the Yangtze River as if he had lost interest.

“Well, okay. Because I got everything I got.”

The old faction is still glaring at this side as if they will tear it to death at any moment. Jang Il-so thought they were just funny.

Right now, you will be busy with anger towards Sapaeryun and Jang Il-so. But you will find out soon after the anger goes away. What did they do?

What should a human being who feels guilty do?

regret? Apology?

‘you’re welcome!’

There are only a very few people who can do that. Isn’t it human to find excuses for things that are clearly our fault, and to blame others for their mistakes?

It was Jang Il-so who created the rift.

However, it will be none other than themselves who will open the crack.

Now all you have to do is wait. The wounds he created festered and festered until the flesh rotted and the bones melted.

Everything he wanted to achieve here has already been achieved. All that’s left is just…

“It’s entertainment.”

Jang Il-so’s eyes turned to Maehwa Island.


He lightly bent his neck, and the jewelry on his entire body jingled. It almost sounded like cheering.

“Now it’s time to end this stage with the blood of that poor Namgung.”

“I will take you there.”

It was at that time that Hu Jiaming was about to steer the ship towards the Black Dragon Ship.

“no. “It’s over now.”

Jang Il-so raised one hand to stop him. When Ho Myeong looked back with his young eyes, Jang Il-so raised one corner of his mouth.

“I’m tired of watching the Black Dragon King so let’s go back to our ship.”

“⋯⋯Yes, Lord Ryeonju.”

A small suspicion arose, but Hu Jiaming did not bother to ask why. Jang Il-so’s every action is always calculated. This time too, there may be a reason he cannot guess.

Jang Il-so looked back with a sad expression on his boat as it cut through the rough water. His gaze went beyond the old school located on the riverside and went further afield.


His unexpected question was thrown out into the air.

“Tsk tsk.”

Namgoongmyeong, who let out a faint smile, had deep regret in his eyes.

“Finish it, finish it…”

The last sun has risen.

I gave up any expectations right away. If they, Shaolin and the other nine factions, had even the slightest intention of saving them, they wouldn’t have watched the situation get to this point.

okay. I didn’t even expect it, I thought.

However, as this moment approached, Namgungmyeong had no choice but to admit that he had not been able to completely let go of his attachment to them.

No, maybe that’s not faith in them.

It is a belief in the path he has walked, revering the two letters “hyeop” and “jeong.” It was a lingering feeling that what he had believed until now might not be completely false.

But at this moment, everything, including his life, was denied.

‘What are we here for?’

What made Namgungmyeong even more angry was the utter foolishness they showed.

If you’re not going to help, if you’re just going to watch with your eyes open, you might as well turn away resolutely!

What are you standing there for? Are you going to get any comfort from watching their deaths?


Namgoongmyeong, who was swept away by a torrent of terrible emotions, closed his eyes tightly at the call. She couldn’t bring herself to look back.

What on earth should I say? He shouted so hard to hold on and hold on until the end, but was this the only end he could give them?

Being shunned by those I believed to be colleagues walking the same path, and being ridiculed by a group of hunter-gatherers that resembled a flock of wildcats?

It was just when Namgung-myeong was about to collapse and lower his head.

“You must prepare yourself in battle, my lord.”

Hearing those unexpected words, he clenched his trembling jaw and looked back.

Everyone was standing up from their seats.

Those who were taking care of the injured, those who had somehow recovered their exhausted bodies and prepared for the end, and even the injured who had been on the brink of death not long ago.

Everyone got up from their seats and lined up in an orderly manner.

I desperately held on to my trembling legs, trying to somehow hold on to my consciousness that seemed like it was about to break off at any moment.

“⋯⋯Isn’t this the last one anyway?”


Nam Gung-pyeong looked at him and smiled.

“There is no hobby like lying down and waiting for the enemy’s sword. Even if I die, I will die fighting.”


“That is correct.”

Laughter erupted from behind.

“There is also an audience watching… “I have to show you how the swordsman of the Namgung family dies.”

“To those cowards?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Namgoongmyeong closed his eyes tightly.

It was the mistakes of the heads of the Namgung Dynasty, including Emperor Namgung, that caused all of this. Because of that mistake, they were in a situation where they could even lose their lives, but none of them uttered a word of resentment.

Would he have been so resolute if he were in their shoes?

Namgung-myeong was not confident about that. That made her even more sorry and more grateful.

“Still, I’m glad.”

A voice mixed with laughter flowed from someone’s mouth.

“At least Sogaju is not here.”


“If Sogaju had been here, I would have been completely ruined.”

Namgungmyeong was taken aback for a moment and spoke urgently.

“It’s not like that. Sogaju…!”

“I know, my lord.”

The inspectors of the Namgung family burst into laughter as they looked at Namgung-myeong’s bewildered face.

“We all know very well that Lord So did not take care of himself to save us, and that he did not run away to live alone.”

“So isn’t that a good thing?”

“At least the legacy will continue.”

Resolute will and venom slowly filled the eyes of the Namgung swordsmen.

“I don’t even want revenge. But I’m sure Sogaju will provide us with at least some food.”

“Yes, yes. “Then that’s it.”

Namgungmyeong lowered his head.

Who doesn’t want to live? Who wouldn’t want to grab an enemy’s trouser leg and beg for his life?

But it can’t be done.

When I think of Nangung Dowi, who risked his life to escape to save them, Nangong Hwang, who was submerged under the cold Yangtze River, and the elders who died without even being able to scream, I cannot bow my head to them even if I have to die.

Because he is the head of the family?

no. Because they were comrades who fought together.

Because I don’t want to be ashamed of those who died for those who remain here.

“You idiots.”

Namgungmyeong quickly turned around. It was because she felt like she would burst into tears if she saw them like this. As they say, now is the last time. Then at least it shouldn’t show its ugly side.

“It will take time.”


“It may take a hundred years, or even more. “No matter how many children remain in the family, it will be necessary to restore the status of the name Namgung.”

Everyone looked intently at Namgungmyeong’s back as he tightly grasped his sword.

“So, let’s be a light.”

Namgungmyeong slowly pulled out his sword.

“For those who remain in the family, the coming time will be like wandering through terrible darkness. If you endure that time, you will be able to see the sun rising in the sky again. So, die a death that can make your descendants who will have to endure that long time proud! Prove here that Namgung’s swordsmen are not cowards!”

Everyone grabbed their swords.

An unmanned person proves himself with his death.

It wasn’t until the very end that everyone understood what it truly meant. With eyes that had no hesitation, he jumped off the ship and glared at the enemies advancing toward the island.

“Assemble your battle lines!”


The survivors of the Changgung Sword Team at the front shouted at the top of their lungs.

Changcheon Namgung family.

People die. But the name remains and is remembered.

If their will can be conveyed through this death, it will never be a dog’s death.

“In the name of Changcheon and Namgung!”

Namgung-myeong shouted as if he was coughing up blood.

“Kill the evil enemies!”

Then, with loud shouts, the swordsmen of the Namgung family ran towards the landing enemies.

There is no point in holding on to your position. What they need to show is not persistence, but will!


Namgung-myeong, holding the sword, also rushed like a beam of light.

‘Be sure to survive! certainly!’

I hope that our will, shown here and now, will continue to Namgung Dowi.

And I hope that it will last a long time for the children of Namgung who will grow up.

Red blood spurted out.

The blood gushing from the bodies of the Namgung swordsmen in the lead, and the blood gushing out as the necks of the enemies were cut off, colored Namgungmyeong’s vision red.

But no scream comes out. Among those who used Namgung’s name, not one of them let out a weak scream.

Even when he was cut in the chest and his arm was cut off, he just gritted his teeth and swung the sword one more time.

death. And another life.

Among these countless deaths, even Namgungmyeong’s life will be added!

“Namgungmyeong of the Namgung family is here! “You bastards!”

Before I knew it, Namgungmyeong jumped over the heads of the Changgung Swordsman who was leading the team and descended among the enemies. The sword he was holding caught the sunlight and gave off an infinitely dazzling light.

The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung.
Status: Ongoing Type: , , , , , , Author: Artist:
The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect


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