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Chapter 94


Raiden stepped back, holding his face. His bare head was loose and his hair was fluttering around like he was crazy.

“Ugh… .”

I groan from the excruciating pain.

I still don’t know what happened. How did he hold the sword to his throat and why did his face hurt? I didn’t understand a single thing.

“What have you done to me!”

Raiden gritted his teeth and raised his head. Raon was standing there and looking this way.

“It’s simple. “I dodged your sword and struck your face.”

He answered calmly as if he were eating a meal.

“Well, how did you do that… .”
“Just once.”

Raon gave an answer that had nothing to do with the question and raised his index finger.

“I said I was going to die eight times today. “This is compensation for the lie that I sent you a letter without even sending it.”
“This bastard… .”

Raiden’s eyes widened to the point of tearing up. I wanted to tear Raon limb from limb right away.

“Eight times? Stop talking nonsense! “You will regret for the rest of your life that you didn’t finish the sword fight just now!”

Raiden screamed and struck down his soft sword.


The kite sword loaded with Aura began to sweep around like a typhoon. It was the radiant wind of the crystal sword.

Coo coo coo coo!

The soft sword shook like a kraken’s tentacle, but Raon avoided the pouring sword energy by continuously stepping on the Garambo technique.


Raiden clenched his fist and swung the soft sword. The sword energy on the soft sword began to wave like waves, blocking Raon’s path.

‘You shouldn’t aim to catch it all at once.’

We still don’t know exactly what happened. You must not let down your guard. You have to put pressure on it like you would kill a bug that came into the room.

The long blade of the soft sword was used not only on the wrist, but also on the elbow and shoulder.

From Raon’s perspective, you will feel as if you are seeing a wall made of soft swords and swords in front of you.

“I’ll serve you the raw fish just like that!”

Raiden used the tenth type of Red Sword of the Crystal Sword. A wall of soft swords twisted like rose vines rushed towards Raon.

“hmm… .”

Raon, who was using the Garambo method and releasing the soft sword, turned around. He steps back to avoid the enemy barrier.

“I got caught!”

The further you step back, the faster the red wall accelerates. Now he was like a rat in a poison.


Raon, who had been moving backwards, turned in the air and kicked the ground.

‘What is this guy!’

I could only see him as a crazy person, rushing straight into the wall of sword energy.


Raiden let out a sigh. The moment the red wall was pushed to the end, it went out like a candle.


I urgently turned my head. Just like before, I thought Raon would appear from the right and brought out my sword.

‘doesn’t exist?’

But nothing was visible on the right.

“It’s on the left.”

Before the words reached my ears, a terrible pain came to the left side of my face.


Raiden screamed and rolled on the floor due to the impact on his left cheekbone.

“Uuuuuu… .”

The pain doesn’t go away. It was clear that his cheekbones had sunken.


Raiden screamed. He stood up by injecting aura into the soft sword and sinking the blade into the ground.

“W-what did you just do… . “It was definitely in front!”
“This is the price you pay for spitting on the flowers your mother grew.”
“You crazy guy!”

My chin was shaking. Raon’s eyes did not waver at all. It seemed like that idiot was trying to pay off eight debts like I said before.

“Do you think I’ll end up like this?!”

Raiden stepped back and raised his Dantian auror. It’s no longer a joke. It was a sword fight, and I decided to kill that guy right here and now.


The raised aura was sent out throughout the mana circuit and the sword was raised. The aura stretched out, causing the collar to flutter even without wind.

“I’ll cut you to the bone and kill you!”

Raiden swung out his stiffly raised soft sword. It’s literally like a flash of speed. In the blink of an eye, it arrived in front of Raon’s eyebrows.


The moment Raon was about to strike down his sword for defense, Raiden vibrated his entire right arm.


The violent tremor spread throughout the soft sword, and the path of the blade, which had been spread out, was bent like a coiled snake.

It was a crystal kite sword that tore apart the enemy’s entire body like a kraken with eight tentacles tearing up the sea.

Amidst the sharpness that cut even the air, Raon did not back down. He lowered his posture, his eyes shining.

‘That bastard again!’

Raiden gritted his teeth. The guy had looked like that before, then disappeared and appeared from the right and left. He couldn’t miss this time either.


Using the aura raised with all his might, he lashed out a kite explosive sword. A condensation of black energy swollen like a balloon swirled around Raon.

‘You must not let your guard down.’

I couldn’t get hit three times like an idiot. In case Raon might break through the soft sword wall, he sharpened his senses to the limit.

Kwakwakwa crazy!

The floor was cut away like a sheet of paper by the powerful sword of the Kite Explosive Sword. But there was no taste of the hand cutting the flesh. The guy disappeared again.

“Where are you?”

Raiden unfolded his spirit and blocked the surroundings with his drawn soft sword. He was prepared to block even if it came from the left, right, or behind.

“It’s ahead.”

However, Raon’s voice came from the front, not from the left, right, or back. He tried to prepare urgently, but the thing was moving faster.


Raon’s fist rose up as a beam of light and broke Raiden’s jaw.


Raiden screamed while clutching his chin. sick. It hurt more now than when I got slapped, or when my cheekbone collapsed.

“Ugh… .”

The jawbone was torn into pieces, and blood was flowing down the floor as if the skin had been torn.

“The third is the price for stepping on the flowers my mother grew.”

Raon came in front of Raiden and shook out his sword.

“I have figured out everything about your sword. “There’s no need to avoid it anymore.”
“dog sound… .”

Raiden jumped up and white steam blew out from his mouth. Anger exploded in his head, threatening to kill the bastard, but he suppressed it by chewing on his cheek.

‘It’s a provocation. ‘Provocation.’

My fingers are shaking. If I get hit by that guy any more than this, I might faint. If you lose here, you lose everything. I could never lose.


The entire dantian vibrated, spreading aura throughout the body. It may not last long, but this moment is stronger than ever.


Unlike the energy that seemed to run away, I calmed my mind and calmly unfolded the Crystal Sword. Faster, sharper, and more brilliant sword energy swept through the space than before.

‘You can’t avoid this.’

The most accurate sword technique unleashed so far was aimed at Raon.

Raon stepped into the Garambo method and entered the waves of sword energy.

The current crystalline sword was on a different level from the one Raon had dealt with. He will pay for his pride.


When he tried to stab Raon’s heart with the curved sword of the soft sword, Raon’s sword rose diagonally.


The soft sword that collided with Raon’s sword gave off a shock that was enough to shake my arm.


He clearly threw away Raon’s sword and aimed for the guy’s heart, but his swordsmanship was cut off midway.


Raiden unleashed the fourth form of Geoljeongyeongeom and put pressure on Raon.



When Raon struck down the sword, the soft sword stretched limply and bounced around like a broken rubber band.


He screamed and fired the crystal sword again. However, as soon as Raon swung the sword, Chosik broke off and the swordsmanship could not continue.

“W-that’s ridiculous… .”

The stable mind I had managed to create was shattered. The guy destroyed his swordsmanship as if he had truly figured out all his sword skills.

“I told you. “I know all your sword skills.”

Raon struck out a long sword and rushed forward.

“Off, off!”

Raiden threw out his left fist, but Raon easily dodged it and then struck with his sword.


Raiden, who was hit on the forehead with the blade of the sword, flew backwards like a kicked ball.


Raiden struggled on the floor, clutching his forehead as if the pain was so severe.

“Hey, this isn’t it!

I felt like I was going to faint from the extreme pain, but I chewed my lip and stood up. Now was not the time for her to lie down.

“That doesn’t make sense!”

It is impossible to understand the crystalline research in this short period of time. No, it had to be impossible.

“The fourth is for hitting Helen.”

Raon walked slowly, ignoring Raiden.

‘This can’t be happening!’

Raiden gripped the sword so tightly that it broke, and raised the soft sword.


The sword was used faster and sharper.


The soft sword filled with strong will made a spectacular trajectory and struck towards Raon. Speed, sharpness, power. Everything was different from before.

“… … .”

Whether he knew it or not, Raon’s steps remained the same. He walked lightly as if he had gone for a walk and entered the storm of soft swords.


Raon drew his sword. The soft sword stumbled greatly from the light sword that seemed to be chasing a fly.
The changes and trends that had been created so far disappeared all at once.


Raiden didn’t give up. He swung the mushy kite sword and unleashed the crystalline sword once again.


The sword energy on the soft sword poured down like rain.

Raon continued to draw soft sword techniques towards the rain of sword energy.


It was an indescribable light upward strike, but the crystal sword’s momentum was cut off, and the sword bounced roughly.

“What, what! “What!”

Raiden stepped back, his chin shaking. He couldn’t believe that his season could be cut off with just one swing, even though he had experienced it himself.

“It’s wrong. “This can’t be happening!”

I grabbed my trembling right hand with my left and struck down the soft sword. The second season of Jeongjeong Yeongeom unfolded.


The sharp and ferocious sword strike, like the fangs of an animal, was aimed at Raon’s heart and neck.

Raon stopped. There was no look of embarrassment. He simply lowered his raised sword.


Like a painting drawn by a master, the sword attack without the slightest hesitation melts away the anger.

The sword energy fades away, and the herbivore is suppressed. With just one swing.

“ah… .”

Raiden let out a sigh. When I saw Ra-on approaching with a burst of laughter, my heart sank.

Garambo method to soft sword method.
I use swordsmanship and footwork that any continental prosecutor would know, but I can’t get through him.
I knew it was a herbivore, but I couldn’t see any way to stop it.

“Ugh, huh!”

My breathing becomes difficult. Every time Raon’s sword moved, I got goosebumps, as if I had stuck my head into the mouth of a wild beast.

“Do not come! “Don’t come!”

I tried drawing the soft sword again, but it bounced off Raon’s sword and got stuck in the ground.


Raon, who erased all his sword energy, raised his sword and struck his cheek.


For a moment, I couldn’t speak as the pain got stronger. It was to the point where my limbs were convulsing.

“Bwak bwak!”

Raiden let out a strange groan that wasn’t even a scream and grabbed his bulging cheek.

“Get up.”

The fire of anger burning in Raon’s eyes has not yet gone out.

“It’s still the fifth time.”

* * *

The sword fight went as Raon intended from beginning to end.

Raiden fell for the provocation and opened a crystal soft sword that he had not mastered yet, and Raon used a soft sword method that he could use even with his eyes closed because he was not used to it.

If a prosecutor who has mastered an outstanding swordsmanship that is not yet fully trained fights with a swordsman who has perfectly mastered a swordsmanship that everyone knows, who will win?
Most people would think of him as a swordsman who has mastered excellent swordsmanship.

But no.
A swordsman who has learned incomplete, advanced swordsmanship may be strong and show off brilliant swordsmanship, but he cannot use swordsmanship appropriate to the situation.

On the other hand, a swordsman who has perfectly mastered basic swordsmanship can use the sword blade that is most appropriate at that moment, even if it is a simple sword move.

At first, it may seem that the swordsman who has mastered strong swordsmanship will have the upper hand, but as time goes by, the difference will widen, and the swordsman who has perfectly mastered basic swordsmanship will gradually gain the upper hand.

Moreover, the most important thing is not the swordsmanship, but who uses the swordsmanship.

The person who uses basic swordsmanship is Raon, who has learned the Ring of Fire and received information from Judiel, so it was natural for him to unilaterally beat Raiden.

Raon looked at Raiden, who was waking up and bleeding.

“Ah, not yet. It’s not over yet. I can never lose… .”

What is contained in the eyes is a terrible life. It was a malicious intention to kill him no matter what he did.


Raiden’s aura surged like an explosion. The area around it turned green, and the floor trembled.


Raon calmed down and picked up the sword, feeling the fierceness of the sword as if it would tear his skin.

Suspension tax. I took the most basic posture with the sword in front of my abdomen. Even in the face of the enemy’s intense force, his sword did not waver at all.


He poured the energy that Raiden exploded into his soft sword and struck it down. In a split second, one blade turned into dozens of blades and were shot toward vital parts of Raon’s body.

It was the last herbivorous storm of the Crystal Sword that Raiden had cherished and saved.

Raon raised his sword amidst a bundle of sword energy that made it impossible to survive even if hit by just one blade.

Unlike the soft sword that extends like a beam of light, the movement is boringly slow. But neither the sword nor Raon’s eyes wavered.


The moment the sword that tore up everything came close to his nose, Raon struck down his sword.

It wasn’t slow, it wasn’t fast, it wasn’t flashy.
However, the true intention of swordsmanship was contained within it.

Soft sword method. As meant to connect the stars, the swordsmanship was performed naturally without any deviation.

The Great Wind, which seemed ready to engulf Raon at any moment, splits before the huge flow of soft sword techniques.

“iced coffee… .”

Raiden’s bloodshot eyes can be seen in the tearing waves of sword energy. His face was one of astonishment beyond embarrassment.

“Is this all?”
“I-I…” .”
“It will be difficult if you give up already.”

Raon brushed aside his sword and approached Raiden.

“You have to die three more times.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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