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Chapter 932

Lee Han muttered as he took the >Asen’s Polaroscope>.

Basically, fantasy wizards had a very poor compatibility with Lee Han.

Moreover, Lee Han has recently deeply learned the principles of Yeongrak.

Now that the understanding of the soul has greatly improved, the difficulty level for fantasy wizards to attack Lee Han was unimaginably high.

‘I wish other places were like this too.’

Lee Han felt joy at the unexpected good fortune.

It would be great if other places were like this, but it probably would be difficult. Because not all wizards who have items are fantasy wizards.

Even if you are a fantasy wizard, your defensive magic will not necessarily consist of only fantasy magic…

What happened here in Uap’s workshop should have been considered a stroke of luck. Lee Han told himself that he shouldn’t hope for such a fluke.

“… hmm. Did I break too much?”

Lee Han, who was about to take the polaroscope and go outside, stopped.

When I checked the workshop one last time before leaving, it seemed like a lot of the magic had been broken.

… To be more precise, all defensive magic had been destroyed.

You might say it was excessive, but Lee Han also had an excuse.

There were so many magics in the underground workshop and they were so complexly connected that Lee Han could not properly disarm them while observing the situation.

Some magics are difficult to understand, and if touched incorrectly, unexpected adverse effects can occur. From Lee Han’s perspective, he had no choice but to hit it with all his might.

I’m still a second year student, so how can I control my strength and be considerate? That was still too much.

‘In a way, this is also one of the ways to move location. I’m sure my seniors will understand.’

Although he was closer to a robber than a thief, Lee Han shook his head.

He did not reveal his identity, took the targeted item, and did not cause any significant damage to those around him.

The magic in the workshop was horribly destroyed, but this would be okay.

‘I’m sure there are other seniors who have done something like this!’

* * *

“Hmm. “I don’t know if it will be okay.”

Arian, who was waiting on the first floor of the guild hall building located on the other side, spoke as if he was worried.

“It’ll be okay. “That student is excellent at improvising.”

“I know that Einroguard students are brilliant, but isn’t this a wizard’s workshop?”

Originally, Arian had planned to contact Uap himself.

If you want to naturally approach someone who is stuck in a workshop, you have to make an excuse to go visit them.

However, Lee Han rejected Arian’s offer.

-In that case, it is easy to be tracked when the item disappears later. I don’t want to cause trouble to you, Arian.

-But just sneaking in is dangerous. Isn’t it a wizard’s workshop?

-hmm. First, I will search carefully and then come back. If you feel like you can’t figure it out, ask for help.

The boy from the Wardanaz family declared that he would cast an invisibility spell himself and then explore the underground.

I couldn’t stop him any further because my will was unwavering, but I still regretted it.

Arian knew well how dangerous the wizards’ attack and defense were.

Although it was small in size and ordinary in appearance, the wizards’ attack was stronger and deadlier than any fortress. No matter how much he was a student at Einrogard and a genius from the Wardanaz family, other wizards’ workshops were a different story.

One mistake…

“That’s it!”


The two were surprised when Lee Han returned with a bright expression.

How can you come back so quickly?

“Have you found a way in?”

“ah. no. “I looked around and thought I could just break it with force, so I broke it, stunned the opponent, and took it.”

Lee Han carefully took out >Asen’s Polaroscope>.

As it was a targeted item, it had to be handled with care.

Of course, the two people were not very interested in the artifact that Lee Han brought. The story I just heard was too shocking for that.

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. young master. “I don’t understand!”

“I knew you would.”

Lee Han nodded as if he knew the other person would do that.

As expected, he was an experienced merchant, so he quickly recognized the sense of incongruity.

“You’re probably saying this because of the evil energy felt in this artifact. “I think it’s contaminated.”

It wasn’t easy to catch with magic, but Lee Han was able to see that the spiritual body passageway in another dimension connected to >Asen’s Polaroscope> was discolored darkly.

It was clear that things that could be observed or seen through a polaroscope were being secretly contaminated by forces from another evil dimension.

What was even worse was that it was not easy for the wizard to notice this.

It was difficult to notice because there was nothing strange when checking the magic power immediately, and the power of other evil dimensions did not immediately affect it.

By the time the wizard feels uncomfortable, he will have already become irreversibly corrupted.

“It’s not easy to notice the contamination, Arian. “You have great insight!”

“… Oh no. Was it contaminated? “That’s not what I said.”

Aryan was in a hurry and quickly resolved the misunderstanding.

What do you know? Arian was an experienced merchant, not a wizard.

I heard a rumor that Uap was collecting suspicious artifacts, but I never expected that the polaroscope would be such an artifact.

Then Lee Han was puzzled.

“Then what don’t you understand?”

“… Everything that just happened! “How did the person who went in to check the structure of the workshop come out with a polaroscope?!”

Amour nodded his head next to me as if he had said something well.

Since I wasn’t the talkative type, I was extremely grateful that Arian was asking me questions.

“ah. “You mean that?”

Lee Han embarrassedly explained what had happened, as if he had never thought about it.

After casting invisibility and casting some illusion magic, I passed through the first floor and went down to the basement, where there were a lot of magic installed. It looked like I could destroy it with force, so I went in…

“That’s it. “It’s nothing special.”

“… … ”

“… … ”

The two were distressed by the feeling that the magic common sense they knew was being denied.

… Was the magic of the workshop broken that easily?

‘No matter how much he comes from the Wardanaz family, he can destroy the magic installed by Uap so easily… ‘

Arian trembled deeply in his heart.

I felt like I needed to raise my evaluation of the Wardanaz family’s master even more.

I can’t believe they cleared Uap’s attack and defense so easily in broad daylight.

“That’s great. “It’s amazing.”

Amour came to his senses first and praised. Lee Han spoke in a humble manner.

“I was just lucky. “If it had been any other magic, it wouldn’t have been broken so easily.”

“haha. “In my hometown, there is a saying that it is a person’s ability to bring good luck.”

Arian, who came to his senses late, joined the conversation.

“young master. “Is there anything inside that needs to be cleaned up?”

If fire or a threatening summon was summoned, someone had to be sent.

If we didn’t do that, we didn’t know when the danger of the underground workshop would spread outside.

“ah. You don’t have to worry about that. All the magic inside has been destroyed. “There is no particular risk.”

“Wow, indeed…” okay.”

With the Einrogard student in front of them, the two thought to themselves at the same time.

‘Could this be called a quiet recovery?’

If I had to be specific, it was quiet, but it seemed like they were attacking too confidently…

‘no. I guess it was just a coincidence this time. Even the master of the Wardanaz family would not deliberately cause trouble.’

* * *

The next target was a mansion located in the noble district in the center of the city.

This is the mansion of a collateral family that is related to the Greenbell family.

In Grandeur City, the Greenbell family was a traditional urban noble family, and its power could not be underestimated. Arian warned us to be careful.

“It’s a collateral family, but if the commotion grows, people from the Greenbell family will also move to help. Even excluding that, since they are financially wealthy, their defenses will be thorough.”

A mansion well-fortified with a benefactor to be reckoned with and an abundance of gold coins.

Arian thought that now was the time to choose the standard method.

He disguises himself as a merchant who has come to offer a gift and sees through the falsehood of the mansion.

“hmm. “I’ll go inside first and check it out.”

“… “You’re not going to beat me up and take it away like last time, right?”

Lee Han burst out laughing at Arian’s joke.

“haha. “You’re really good at telling jokes!”

“I was joking, but… ”

‘Although it was a bit sincere.’

“I will just check the structure of the mansion and then leave.”

The two waited at a nearby tavern for Lee Han to return.

About 30 minutes have passed.

In the alley, Lee Han came out from the invisibility spell and took a deep breath.

“Are you back! Thank you for your hard work. ruler. “How can I help you prepare?”

“hmm. that is.”

Lee Han hesitated and lifted his backpack. Then, he took out a squirrel statue artifact from inside.

This copper statue, radiating a bright red color, was a precognitive magic artifact requested by Professor Passelette Crair.

“Actually, I brought it out.”

“… … ”

“… … ”

Amour almost dropped the tin cup he was holding. Arion was so dumbfounded that she forgot her iron rules as a merchant and glared at her master.

What’s wrong with that?

“You said you would just check the structure and come out!?”

“no… “There are circumstances here.”

“Did the opponent seem too weak?”

“What are you talking about? “It’s not like that.”

Lee Han waved his hand in response to the two’s reactions and tried to explain as best as he could.

Although he acted a bit like a robber because he only got lucky in Uap’s workshop, Lee Han was originally a magician who enjoyed quiet and traceless work.

The wizard, who likes to compete head-on and likes to show off, never joined the position-shifting club in the first place.

As such, when Lee Han attacked this mansion, he really planned to go the standard of the standard.

After secretly checking the structure of the mansion and identifying the gaps, he borrows the power of others to visit the mansion, and gradually spreads chaos, making the gaps bigger…

When numerous seemingly coincidental events are woven into an order known only to the wizard, the target quietly disappears without anyone noticing.

Despite Lee Han’s explanation, the two were indifferent. He looked like he wanted me to quickly tell him about the robbery of the mansion.

“… “When I went in, I saw that the eastern part of the mansion was guarded by a water spirit.”

Not only the water spirit, but also powerful water magic swirled around the inside of the eastern building, keeping a lookout for intruders.

Seeing this, Lee Han tried to control the water element just in case.

It might not be so easy for an outside wizard to take control, but there was no harm in trying.

And Lee Han took control of Yuan Shao.

-… Ugh.

Powerful magical power and trained water element magic gave Lee Han the power to rob the mansion of its magic.

The water spirit realized that an intruder had taken control of the elements and came running in anger.

And after seeing Lee Han, he quickly ran away.


Lee Han realized that the situation was bigger than expected and decided to retreat.

Other areas of the mansion haven’t noticed the anomaly yet, but it was only a matter of time before they were discovered…

-Who are you? Some guy uses magic arbitrarily… Wow!


Unfortunately, a nobleman wearing a red silk vest heard the commotion and came running.

Lee Han had no choice but to stun his opponent with the power of water he was controlling. I don’t know who it was, but I couldn’t just leave it alone.

“Then I searched my body, and the other person had this. So I just brought it out.”

“… … ”

“… Is it okay to bring it out so openly?”

“I don’t know… ”

This was the first time a thief took something so aggressively without being detected.

How to live as a magic school wizard

How to live as a magic school wizard

Graduate student Lee Han. Born as the youngest child of a magical family in another world. -I will never go to school again! 'What are you aiming for?' ‘Play and eat for the rest of your life...’ ‘Yes. You too will feel your talent. Go to the magic school, Einrogard!' 'Matriarch!' If you graduate from magic school, your life is guaranteed. Do your best and graduate!
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Graduate student Yi-han finds himself reborn in another world as the youngest child of a mage family. – I'm never attending school, ever again! 'What do you wish to achieve in life?' 'I wish to play around and live comforta-' 'You must be aware of your talent. Now go attend Einroguard!' 'Patriarch!' My future would be guaranteed once I graduate. For my future!


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