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Chapter 93

Only those who have received permission from the direct lineage, the great master, or the head of the family can enter Sieghart’s Great Training Hall and train.

There are a few exceptions, one of which is sword fighting.
Anyone who wanted to see the sparring between prosecutors and prosecutors, risking their pride, was able to enter the grand banquet hall.

There was still more than an hour left until the sword fight began, but since it was a fight between so many famous people, the seats in the grand performance hall were already full.
Those who could not sit on chairs were busy trying to find a good seat on the outskirts of the training ground.

The sound of people chatting made the main hall resemble a market floor, but their stories all proceeded similarly.

“It’s a unique sword fight that only happens once every 100 years. “Anyone who misses today’s match will regret it for the rest of his life.”
“okay. “It will be a fight that will never come again.”
“Well, they are direct prosecutors and collateral trainees.”
“Those are the kids whose names come up the most these days.”

A confrontation between a direct prosecutor and a collateral trainee. And since they were two swordfighters who had recently achieved great merit in their family, people’s interest was at its peak.

“If Raon and Master Raiden fight, who will win? “It would be fun if it was similar.”
“Well, sword fighting is unique and the results are already known.”
“No matter how strong Raon is for his age, he can never be defeated.”
“But I cut down the green demon… .”
“Raon didn’t do that alone. 5 Trainees from the training center fought together.”
“On the other hand, Master Raiden single-handedly brought down the branch of the White Blood Cult. “No matter how small the branch is, it is not an easy task.”

Most of the prosecutors thought that Raon’s rumors were exaggerated, so they were confident that Raiden would win the sword fight.

“Hey, Raon also endured against the master, the Glorious Demon. “You have to fight to know.”
“That was Rimmer’s nonsense. “Just say it!”
“You must have endured it. How many seconds?”
“I don’t like Master Raiden either, and I think this incident was a mistake, but I can’t help it. He is already an expert intermediate level. “There is a big wall between Raon and me.”
“but… .”

Perhaps the atmosphere had already been formed, but the number of people predicting Raon’s victory gradually decreased.

Raon’s defeat was already pictured in the minds of the prosecutors at the main training ground.

“I think it’s okay as long as Raon endures for a while. If you fight well, the head of the family might change the bet… .”
“There’s a lot of talk about it being a huge hole.”
“who… 100 million!”

The prosecutors turned their heads when they heard a cold voice coming from behind. Martha Sieghardt was furrowing her fair forehead.

“gibberish? “Gura?”

Marta leaned forward and snorted.

“If it were really Gura, would I or Burren have stayed quiet? It’s not something you wear as decoration on your head. Think about it. yes?”

An angry sound that did not match her elegant appearance came out of her mouth.

“Umm… .”
“that is… .”

Rather than questioning Martha, the prosecutors groaned and turned away. She can’t help it. Even if he was a formal prosecutor, he wouldn’t have the guts to mess with Denier Sieghardt’s beloved daughter.

“Just look at those dynamic eyes.”

Marta crossed her arms and leaned back in her chair.

“Because something completely different from what you expect will happen.”

* * *

“Denier raised your daughter wrong.”

Balder, who was sitting on the platform, crossed his legs and smiled coldly.

“No, I didn’t raise it wrong, but I picked it up wrong.”

He muttered, wondering what talent a guy with such eye-holes had.

However, he also had no interest in Marta’s careless treatment of the prosecutors. That’s how big the difference in this world was between the immediate world and the collateral world or below.

“The fight is already over. “I want to end the sword fight quickly and listen to that arrogant bastard scream.”

The outcome of today’s match was already obvious. No matter how talented Raon is, he cannot face Raiden without experiencing the sword.

After the sword fight, the Danjeon was shattered and the mana circuit was torn and the thought of seeing Raon screaming with excitement made me smile with excitement.

“oh! long time no see.”

Balder’s head turned to the cheerful voice that did not fit the serious atmosphere of the podium.


A red-haired elf was approaching with a sly smile on his face.

“Why are you here?”
“Oh, I saw it while passing by so I stopped by.”
“Then just pass by.”
“Ahaha. “Even jokes.”

Despite being told to disappear, Rimmer did not go down, but instead stuck next to Balder.

“Are you and I going to joke around or something?”
“You said something interesting.”
“The fight is already over, so who won?”
“I can see it through your broken eyes, but Raiden’s strength and the strength of the rag you raised.”
“Hmm, there is definitely a difference.”

Rimmer looked at Raon and Raiden standing on either side of the Great Hall and whistled.

“But a fight isn’t necessarily decided by momentum and force.”
“Hmph, that’s the same in fights between scum. Once you reach expert level, it is difficult to overcome the gap in level. Plus, Raiden is a senior prosecutor. “Your disciple will be torn apart by his flesh and bones.”
“Then would you like to make a bet with me?”
“If you’re that confident, let’s make a bet.”

Rimmer grinned and held out both hands.

“Are you trying to pull another trick like the rumor that you fought a mad blood demon?”
“The head of the family is also coming to see me today, so I wonder if my trick will work.”
“hmm… .”

Balder’s pupils dilated. The advantage is that it is difficult to treat Rimer carelessly. He still saw his father, the head of the family, once in a while.

“Since you’re so confident, let’s do something together. If you’re scared, you can leave… .”
“Shut up!”

When Balder frowned, the stool he was standing on caved.

“Ahaha, just kidding.”
“What are you going to bet?”
“This is me.”

A leaf-shaped dagger emerged from Rimmer’s arms. When exposed to the sun’s rays, it gave off a pure scent and a mysterious glow like real grass blades.

“This… .”
“Do you know what it is?”
“Are you sure you want to bet on this item?”
“Sure. Isn’t it a one-shot bet? “One shot!”
“… So what do you want? “Do you even want my dragon dog sword?”
“no. “There is no need for that.”

Rimmer shook his head and grinned. It was the look on his face when he was picking on Buren and teasing Raon.

“I am… .”

* * *

Raon relaxed his body by rotating his wrists and ankles. He was the first general to come to Daeyeon, and although many people were watching, he did not feel nervous at all.

‘The medicinal effect is good.’

Is it because I drank the Cheongsimsu that Martha gave me beforehand? Her mind was clear, and her heart was beating as slowly and calmly as usual.

I received the medicine I received from Buren well, and my physical injuries have now fully recovered. It seemed like he could show off his full power like when he was training in the open space or the 5th training ground.

Raon saw Raiden standing on the other side. He was leisurely sipping wine even before the sword fight.

‘I guess he’s trying to show confidence.’

The reason why Raiden is so relaxed is simple. He is acting like that on purpose to show the difference between him and me.

‘but… .’

That kind of performance is only done when there is an overwhelming difference or when there is a clear chance of victory.

Raon smiled coolly as he watched Raiden enjoying the maid’s massage. He will regret what happened today for the rest of his life.

“Sieghardt’s Heaven enters! Everyone please be respectful!”

As I was relaxing my shoulders, the prosecutors standing in front of the main entrance to the training center shouted.

Coo coo coo coo!

The huge door split in half, and Glenn and Cheongeomdae entered at the same time.

There are many people, but all I see is Glenn. The air in the training hall became sharp as if it would pierce the skin due to his electrifying momentum.

As my power grew stronger, I realized how high up he was, giving me goosebumps every time I saw him.

“Meet the matriarch!”

Raon knelt down and bowed his head like everyone else in the training hall.

-Every time I see you, I kneel down and say hello. Humans are really annoying.

Lars clicked his tongue in frustration. However, I could hear a bit of envy in his voice.

He went from being the Lord of the Demon World or something to now being a shabby tenant living in his own bracelet, and he seemed to be jealous of Glenn, who was respected and feared by everyone.

‘Anyway, I’m narrow-minded.’
-What did you say?

Raon lowered his head and gave a small smile.

“Everyone stand up.”

Meanwhile, Glenn, who was sitting on the throne in the center of the podium, spoke. Although it was a small voice, it was clearly heard in everyone’s ears.

“thank you!”

Sieghardt’s swordsmen bowed their heads again and then stood up.


Glenn slowly lowered his gaze and looked at Raon on the west side of the training ground and Raiden on the east side, then nodded.

“Start the sword fight.”

The host below the table bowed deeply to Glenn and turned around.


As he raised his hand, the flag bearers standing on the outskirts of the Great Banquet Hall waved flags with the fire sword symbol engraved on them.

At the same time, the flag fluttered and the entire gym was ablaze with flames.

“Gladiators forward!”
“at las.”

Raiden smiled and stretched out his hand, and the maid behind him brought out a sword sheath. She pulled a flimsy sword from its scabbard longer than a spear.


The long, thin soft sword writhed like a living snake and made strange sounds.

Raon ignored Raiden, who was giving him a murderous look in his eyes, and looked back.

I saw Sylvia biting her lip, clutching the railing so hard that it almost broke. She told her with her eyes. It’s okay, just wait for her in peace.

Next to Sylvia were Helen and her maids with their hands clasped together. She was shaking her shoulders as if praying to God.

I made up my mind again. This was not a fight against Raiden, but a war to protect them.

“after… .”

Raon cleared his head by exhaling and walked over to face Raiden.

* * *


Raiden tilted his head back and looked at the sky. How long had he waited for this day? A week was longer than a year.

‘I can finally repay you.’

Humiliation in the annex. The opportunity to change the eyes of the prosecutors who seemed to be holding back their laughter every time they looked at him had finally come.

I held back the excitement that rose to the tip of my chin and adjusted my sword.

‘Now, come. Right now… ‘That bastard.’

Raiden gritted his teeth. Raon said he was not looking at himself, but at Sylvia and the maids behind him.
The indifference shown right before the battle made me feel sick to my stomach.

‘I’ll cut off your limbs.’

When I imagined the faces of Raon and the maids when they cut off Raon’s limbs and cut off his dantian and mana circuit as a result of the sword fight, a feeling of joy rose up my spine.

“Get ready.”

At the host’s ready signal, Raiden turned his wrist. I just lightly moved my wrist, but the soft sword wriggled like a snake.

“I am ready.”

Raon nodded without even pulling out his sword.

“Ha, I’ve never seen someone as cocky as you.”

Raiden leaned in and wrinkled his nose.

“Let me tell you how lucky you were that day.”

Raon laughed as he adjusted the sheath of his sword.

“This bastard is really… .”
“Please step back.”

The host forcibly pushed Raiden away.

“I’ll see if I can smile like that even if my arm is cut off or my dantian is torn.”
“Then I won’t have to see you again in my life.”

Raon held the sword while maintaining a smile.


Raiden ground his teeth as if they would break and stepped back. It would have been better for him to start a sword fight sooner than to argue with that guy.

The host asked with his eyes whether they were ready, and the two people nodded.

“Then let the sword fight between Raiden Sieghardt and Raon Sieghardt begin!”

The host raised his hand that blocked Raiden and Raon and stepped back.


Raiden let out a roar and struck down his kite sword. With a fluttering sound, the sword tangled like a ribbon and fell towards Raon.


Raon twisted his body like a fluttering flower petal to avoid the soft sword.

“Do you think you avoided it?”

When he raised his wrist and struck, the soft sword swung like a wave and chased after Raon.

“Tsk… .”

Raon frowned and tried to avoid the soft sword by using Garambo, but Raiden already knew the flow.

“I told you. It’s different from back then! “Keep running away!”

Raiden grinned and unfolded the third type of Crystal Sword, the Demon Demon. The blade of the soft sword bent in a zigzag motion and aimed at Raon’s leg.


Raon drew his sword and lowered it. He seemed to think that he could not avoid the demonic ghost and was trying to block it with his sword.


Raiden licked his lips with his tongue.

‘You idiot!’

Soft sword techniques change direction of attack so quickly that it is very difficult to defend. If you defend what you can see, you are bound to get cut somewhere else.

The same goes for Raon now. The guy took the sword to his lower body, thinking he was aiming for his legs, but that was a big mistake.


When Raiden swung his wrist, the soft sword aimed at Raon’s calf rose upward like a snake on a vine.

‘I’ll take your arm like I warned you!’

An image of the sharp blade cutting Raon’s arm and him screaming was depicted.


Raiden swallowed dryly. Raon disappeared before his eyes before the soft sword tore off his arm.

“Uh, where… omg!”

Raiden screamed and the hand holding the sword trembled. He felt a cool sensation on his uvula. When he turned his eyes, he saw Raon, who had disappeared, holding a sword to his neck.

“Well, what happened…” .”
“It’s the first.”
“Well, the first one? “What is first?”
“You will die eight times today.”

After saying those words, Raon’s fist exploded into Raiden’s face.


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