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Chapter 926

“And Sharkan is not like that either.”

‘So you’re saying I’m that kind of guy?’

The baby basilisk protested internally.

He himself was mature and mature enough. If I were to be honest, Jo Woo-rin was the most childish.

“but. “There’s no way you’re going to sulk just because an undead summoner didn’t call you, right?”

Gainando shook his head and agreed with his friend.

Unlike other fields, Gai Nando knew a lot about black magic.

Basically, undead summons do not get upset or sulk just because their owners summon them less.

“Lee Han, you’re right. Well, it’s all the same, right? Who wouldn’t like it when a wizard calls them out on his own while they’re playing a card game in another dimension? I actually prefer not to sing. “The spirits will do the same.”

“no. “It’s good to call on the spirits periodically.”

“… … ”

Gaynando became sullen.

Wizards who made contracts with spirits considered intimacy more important than they thought, so they called them regularly to communicate.

Even if Lee Han didn’t summon Sharkan right away, he would periodically summon the Flame Sparrow Spirit, Frost Squirrel Spirit, and Dark Ball Spirit from his private room (of course, he didn’t like the spirits very much)…

“Hmph. “I hope my undead like what I sing.”

“We will become friends someday.”

‘Or subdue it with force.’

To Lee Han, it seemed easier for Guynando to learn black magic and subdue it than to become friendly with the undead.

The art of summoning undead was not as intimate as the art of summoning spirits.

‘If it’s not more sulky than that, what is?’

Lee Han tried to summon Sharkan again by touching his oath-bound bone fragments, but there was no response.

If he was really pouting, there should have been a rejection, but this was a little embarrassing.

“Kolok, is there a problem?”

“ah. professor!”

At that moment, Professor Mortum of the Black Magic School was walking out, coughing dryly.

Thinking it went well, Lee Han asked a question.

“I have something to ask you.”

“You have something to ask?”

The professor, who always looked clearly sick, tilted his head and looked puzzled.

It was quite rare for a boy from the Wardanaz family to ask a question, whether it was Gaynando, Ymirg, or Rapadel.

“It seems like a pretty difficult problem.”

“It’s not like that.”

“okay? “Tell me.”

When Professor Mortum said he was not a student, he changed his mind.

Seeing him say it like that, it really didn’t seem like it was a big deal.

“Sharkhan cannot be summoned.”

“… Cough! “Cough, crunch, crunch!!!”

Professor Mortum began coughing frantically. It was as if I had heard a rumor.

Lee Han asked in confusion.

“Are you okay?”

“Cough… “I said it wasn’t a difficult problem!”

“Oh, no. “I thought it was just a minor issue?”

Professor Mortum shook his head even as he coughed.

Sharkan’s inability to be summoned was a more serious problem than expected.

Originally, Sharkan was a powerful monster born between rocky mountains and leopards and worshiped by the leopards.

Of course, it was dangerous to turn a monster that was powerful in life into an undead monster.

A strong being would descend on a strong body, and this was especially true if that being belonged to the undead world.

Even though Professor Mortum was a professor at Einroguard, he would not intentionally gift a dangerous undead summoner to a first-year student. He presented it with sufficient safety measures in place.

“… … ”

Lee Han made a shocked expression.

‘Was there such a thing?’

I never felt any particular sense of safety.

Sharkan was an undead summon that had destructive power from the beginning. If Lee Han had not been able to subdue or persuade him, there was a high possibility that he would have attacked at any time.

“Was that safety device something that prevented anyone from attacking me? Sharkan was acting a bit friendly… ”

“Cough. It’s not like that. “It just weakens its power.”

“… … ”

Lee Han’s eyes became a little cold.

Do you not know the meaning of ‘safety device’?

‘I can’t believe you said something so absurd. That’s why I can’t stop coughing.’

A ban should have been put in place to prevent attacks. What kind of safety device does that mean that you have taken away some power?

“So with that safety device… “What is it that weakens your strength?”

“Cough. “Sharkhan is an alter ego.”


“The main body is a powerful giant of the undead world. “When the big man’s power weakened, he stole his alter ego and took it with him.”


Lee Han was astonished at Sharkan’s lineage, which was much more extraordinary than he had thought.

From whom did you steal something?

Even if it wasn’t just the skeleton principal, there were quite a few beings that had the property of splitting into alter egos.

If you just look at the hydra right now, don’t the nine heads make separate decisions?

If this hydra becomes stronger or has the ability to self-destruct, it will split as if it were splitting apart.

And of course, a being divided like this was bound to be weaker than the original being.

… But I shouldn’t have stolen it and taken it away!

“no. What on earth have you done? “You commit such a careless theft just because your opponent is weak!”

Shocked, Lee Han lost his composure and pointed at the professor.

How can you blatantly steal from your opponent just because he or she has become weak?

It was a stupid mistake that no member of the relocation club would ever make.

If the Demon Archduke robs the opponent’s mansion just because he is a little weakened, what kind of retaliation will he receive when he recovers later?

It was not even just an object or treasure, but his own alter ego.

“Cough. Listen to the end. Because I didn’t just steal. “I stole it, but I negotiated with the other party.”

“It seems to be a different concept from theft I know… ”

Professor Mortum chuckled and continued to explain.

A professor who was previously traveling through the undead world came face to face with a powerful being by chance.

The being was staying in a palace that was constantly changing shape, made of smoke-spewing obsidian mirrors, and if you looked at it intently, a huge leopard-like shape could be seen above.

Professor Mortum, who realized the strength of his opponent, immediately began preparing to invade the palace and obtain the treasure.

“… … ”

Lee Han was dumbfounded inside, but held back.

“Kollock. Because I felt that my opponent was weakened by the fight. “I don’t normally go out of my way to start a fight with a person from another level.”

‘Even if the opponent is weakened, I don’t think they will be ready to attack us right away.’

In any case, Professor Mortum, strong and weak, did not miss the opportunity to obtain treasure from another dimension and took action.

And of course, the other person also noticed the sign.

Despite hearing the power of the palace and his own title, when the wizard tried to enter, he took a step back and suggested negotiation.

-Wizard. Do not invade the palace of the beast that rules over death and darkness. I will gift you one of my clones, and this clone will become a powerful undead.

-Cough. What if you still want to go in?

-Then you will be destroyed.

Professor Mortum, feeling the strength of his opponent even while weakened, chose not to be greedy and retreat.

If it was a powerful undead clone, it was worth it.

“Cough. They gave it to me really cheaply. “A fragmentary alter ego with no ego.”

Professor Mortum must have still felt that he had suffered a loss, so he coughed and complained non-stop.

“Please continue talking. “What happened to that alter ego?”

“ah. “You mean that?”

The professor nodded slowly and explained.

The clone he received from a powerful undead clearly had extraordinary power, but it was nothing more than a newborn baby, without ego or reason.

This kind of thing was not very feasible for Professor Mortum to rule and manage.

While wondering what to do, the professor attached the clone to Sharkan’s remains and reborn it as an undead monster.

The result was successful. This newly born undead monster, Sharkan, reliably protected the new students and did all kinds of bad things.

“… professor. I have a question.”

Lee Han, who was listening as calmly as possible, raised his hand, trying to maintain a cool expression.

How was it possible to accept that Sharkan was not, in fact, an ordinary undead monster, but had the bloodline of an extraordinary undead being?

“So what is the safety device you mentioned?”

“Kollock. I told you so. They said it weakened their power. “It’s a fragment-level alter ego, so it’s not very dangerous.”

“… … ”

I thought it was really a safety device.

Lee Han later used magic behind Professor Mortum’s back and said, ‘It doesn’t really hurt this much, does it? I was determined to shout ‘Haha’.

Even if it is a fragment-level alter ego with no ego, it is sufficiently threatening if it has the body of a powerful monster.

In fact, didn’t Sharkan fight extremely well?

If Lee Han had not been able to suppress or deal with it, the attack could have hit Lee Han himself… !

‘Somehow, what I was doing was a little childish.’

If it was a newborn alter ego separated from the main body, that would be explained. I also understood that what they were doing was like that of a kitten or puppy.

“But why can’t I be summoned?”

“Cough. There are many reasons. But the most likely thing is that the main body has regained its strength.”


Lee Han realized what Professor Mortum was talking about.

Since the original body gave up the clone in an unfavorable situation, it was not strange for it to recover its strength and retrieve the clone when the situation became advantageous.

“no. Did you just go out to steal and then make this loss-making deal? “We’ve only been together for one year!”

“Cough. That’s strange. I thought it could be used for a hundred years… ”

As Professor Mortum was also a wizard, he was naturally well aware of the loopholes in the deal.

Since it is the opponent’s alter ego, it will naturally be retrieved when the opponent recovers from injuries and regains strength.

However, from the professor’s perspective, it seemed like the period would take about a hundred years.

How did they shorten it to about a year?

“That’s strange. Strange. Collock. “I guess Sharkan didn’t absorb the magic separately?”


“Cough. If the clone absorbs magic power, the main body would also absorb magic power, and then recovery of power… ”

Professor Mortum, who was speaking, shook his head.

No matter how much I thought about it, it was a very vain calculation.

Thinking about the strength I felt when I met him in the undead world, I could vaguely estimate the magic power needed to recover from my injuries.

No matter how much magic power the boy from the Wardanaz family has, it is difficult to remain sane when that amount of magic is absorbed, and even harder not to notice…

“… … ”

Lee Han’s face turned pale.

Professor Mortum was most shocked by that sight today.

* * *

“Cough, I can’t believe you wasted so much magical power!”

“The professor gave it to me without saying anything in the first place! “If he was like that, I would have taken him away!”

Lee Han wanted to force Professor Einrogard’s explanation into the school rules.

Why on earth would you gift dangerous items to your student without saying anything?

When I thought about it, this wand also had an evil and violent being sleeping inside it.

‘Perhaps the devil is sleeping in the rags given to me at school.’

Delet, who was yawning as he walked out, was surprised to see the student and the professor arguing loudly.

The black magic school did not have many advantages, but one of them was harmony.

“what?! what’s the matter?!”

“senior! “I almost died because of you!”

“Kolok, I gave it to you as a gift, but what kind of slander… ”

“for a moment. “Please explain calmly.”

Delet calmed down his junior and listened to the explanation.

And the more he listened to the explanation, the more strange his expression became.

“… Uh, so you’re saying that you restored a powerful being from the undead world while going about your daily life?”

“It’s all because of the professor!”

How to live as a magic school wizard

How to live as a magic school wizard

Graduate student Lee Han. Born as the youngest child of a magical family in another world. -I will never go to school again! 'What are you aiming for?' ‘Play and eat for the rest of your life...’ ‘Yes. You too will feel your talent. Go to the magic school, Einrogard!' 'Matriarch!' If you graduate from magic school, your life is guaranteed. Do your best and graduate!
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Graduate student Yi-han finds himself reborn in another world as the youngest child of a mage family. – I'm never attending school, ever again! 'What do you wish to achieve in life?' 'I wish to play around and live comforta-' 'You must be aware of your talent. Now go attend Einroguard!' 'Patriarch!' My future would be guaranteed once I graduate. For my future!


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