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Chapter 923

“uh? Wardanaz. What are you doing?”

While Lee Han was bullying his junior, friends who had finished their exams came in one by one.

Even in the eyes of his friends, Eandurde’s current condition did not look very good.

It’s not better to whine with a gloomy face than to forgive even if you don’t know what mistake you made…

“I was explaining the mistakes I made on the test.”


The friends quickly threw their backpacks on the floor and fled upstairs to a private room.

They realized that if they stayed too long, arrows would fly at them too.

Eandurde glared at the backs of his cowardly seniors with contempt.

Like dirty fugitives!



When the junior suddenly let out a deathly scream, Lee Han turned his head in puzzlement.

Yoner was coming in from behind with his friends.



Lee Han recognized the meaning behind his junior’s urgent eyes and groans.

The heavy test papers on the desk quickly disappeared and disappeared below. It was >Wardanaz’s telekinesis>.

Eandurde looked at his senior with emotion and respect.

As expected, the magic of Einrogard’s seniors was nothing short of extraordinary.

“ah. “Is Eandurde here?”

“Yes, yes.”

“What about the test?”

“… … ”

Eandurde’s face darkened again at the question of Yoner, who checked the test right away even though he had hidden the test paper at best.

“that is… hmm… uh… ”

“I did my best. “I didn’t even fail.”

Without realizing it, Lee Han made an excuse for his junior. Gainando was impressed.

“I can’t believe you didn’t fail. “Isn’t it great?”

“… hey. “You go away.”

“that’s right. “You go away.”

“Oh, no, why… ”

When his friends, who were concerned that his junior would be influenced negatively, mistreated him, Gainando became sullen and withdrew.

Don’t you need praise too?

“Would you like to give me the test paper?”

“Yes yes yes.”

“Why is the test paper in here?”

Yoner looked puzzled as he saw the test paper popping out from a hidden space under the break room floor.

Lee Han shrugged his shoulders and made an excuse.

“I guess it was because I was afraid it would be blown away by the wind.”

“that… ?”

I didn’t really understand, but Joner didn’t ask any more questions and just checked my grades.

“and. “Did you enjoy it?”

Eandurde’s face brightened.

“But the alchemy test here is a bit disappointing.”

Eandurde’s face darkened.

“Of course, the decision to use Sulrakcho was very good.”

Eandurde’s face brightened again.

“But it would have been more effective if we had used Glacier Mountain together here.”



“Actually, I already said that earlier.”

“ah. okay?”

My friends thought to themselves as they watched the scene from behind.

‘This is why first year students are protected separately.’

When I was a freshman, I complained about why I was kept separate from the seniors, but now I think I understand why.

If you do that every time you take a test… !

“ruler. Eandurde.”

After the painful review was over, Lee Han gave his junior a much larger basket of groceries than usual.

Gainando, who was seeing us off together, noticed this and asked a question.

“uh? “Isn’t it more than usual?”

“Because he might not come for a while.”

Originally, students who were scolded for exams would avoid approaching them for a while.

I could tell just by looking at Cainan Island.

“I was fine, but Yoner was strict.”

“… … ”

Gainando opened his mouth in shock at his friend’s shameless words.

In Gainando’s opinion, they both bullied their juniors equally harshly.

‘Well, say such nonsense without a change in expression… !’

“Why are you doing that?”

“John, I respect you! You take care of your junior like this! Lee Han, you are the best!”

“Hehe. “What are you doing with something like this?”

Lee Han was pleased with his friend’s praise and turned around. Gaynando felt a deep sense of guilt.

I can’t believe you told such a ridiculous lie to your friend just because of a snack!

* * *

When the weekend of midterm exam week arrived, all the second-year students turned into lazy people and crowded into the common room.

“c4… ”

“Then with dxc4… The phone… ”

“Then I…” By transforming the queen into a dragon… With breath… ”

“Have you ever eaten hallucinogenic mushrooms?” no… Yes, use your breath… Then I summon the principal… ”

Students who usually tried to play whenever they had some free time became lethargic and only talked about it.

Everyone was half exhausted because the midterm exam was much harder than last year.

Kettles were floating in the air. With a light movement of his fingertips, Lee Han filled his friends’ cups with hot cocoa and coffee.

In fact, it was at times like this that I felt the strongest sense of training as a magician.

When you’re lazy with magic.

If Lee Han’s teachers heard it, it would make them blush…

I looked to the side and saw Gainando lying on the floor with a blank expression, just looking at the wizard cards.

“Now that I think about it, Wardanaz.”


“I heard that the club will begin external activities in earnest after the exams are over. Have you heard anything?”

Einrogard students, regardless of grade, were basically busy and unhappy.

Even if it was a club where people gathered for social purposes, it was impossible to escape from it.

When you are busy with exams or research, your club schedule gets postponed, and you end up doing it when you have free time.

‘It certainly was.’

Lee Han recalled a memory he heard from some seniors.

Obviously, after the exam is over…

-Phew. Wardanaz. Be patient! Because after the exam, I can go out and distribute meals to the poor!

-… It’s definitely a good thing, but is it really that exciting?

-ah. of course! When I go out and do activities, I receive a ton of food ingredients as gifts!

‘hmm. Other clubs… ‘

-ah. Junior. Once the exams are over, it’s time for real competition.

-yes. okay.

-But perhaps we can’t have His Highness Jo Woo-rin participate? Is it too much of a stretch?

Lee Han shook his head.

For some reason, only strange clubs kept coming to mind.

“I’ve heard of the kitchen club and the hardball club.”

“oh. “And what about the hunter club?”

“no. “I’m not sure.”

“What about the Adventurer’s Club? “What about the Wizard Card Club?”

“What about an outing club? What about the statue-making club?”

As questions poured in, Lee Han changed his lying posture and sat upright.

“for a moment. Why are you asking me this? “It’s not even the club I joined?”

“uh? “You didn’t do it?!”

“… … ”

Lee Han glared at his friends as if they were dumbfounded. His friends cleared their throats and averted their gaze.

“Oh, no. I heard everyone signed up… ”

“Now that I think about it, I haven’t joined all the unofficial clubs. Hmm.”

The Blue Dragon Tower students, who naturally thought that friends of the Wardanaz family would also have joined the club, were very humbled.

“How did you get the illusion that I signed up when I never even went there in the first place?”

“Well, I thought you weren’t showing because you were busy… ”

“… … ”

Lee Han could not refute.

The club I actually joined was also busy, so my appearances were quite sporadic.

Yoner, who was next to me, said.

“I heard our club is going out to see a play.”

Yoner was invited to as many clubs as Nilia.

He showed up at the Kitchen Club and other clubs and thought about it, but in the end, he joined the Einrogard Theater Club, an unofficial club, with Nilia (Ihan thought it was clear that Nilia, who didn’t want to go in alone, grabbed his ankle and begged for it).

Einrogard Theater Club was an unofficial club, but as its name suggests, it was a club that simply enjoyed a variety of culture.

By this standard, I didn’t have any money, so I didn’t even remember the name, but thanks to that, the atmosphere inside the club was calm and friendly.

“no. “You’re fine, right?!”

“Then you’re fine… ”

When Ihan was surprised, Yoner was dumbfounded.

Is it really that surprising that outside activities are normal?

“sorry. “Of course, I thought that club activities should be accompanied by notable results and plenty of gold coins.”

‘He’s my friend, but sometimes he seems crazy.’

“That is correct. “It’s hard to go out to unofficial clubs in the first place.”

Hearing Yoner’s words, Ihan recalled a rule he had forgotten.

Come to think of it, it was an official club that had permission to go out.

How can an unofficial theater club do this so easily?

“i get it. “You persuaded the professors with a plan to earn gold by recreating the miserable reality of Einrogard through a play.”

“… Oh, no. “We were just invited.”

Students sometimes forgot, but Einrogard was the best magic school in the empire.

There were plenty of celebrities from the empire who wanted to invite students there and show them their art.

No matter how grumpy the skeleton principal was, he couldn’t turn down all of these invitations.

Lee Han was astonished.

I wasn’t paying any attention because it was a culture and art club, but there was this gap?

“that… ! “Sign up right now and start smuggling!”

“… calm down! “Not to that extent.”

Yoner calmed his friend down.

There was no way the skeleton principal would be kind to such an act of inaction. When the theater club left, it was followed by unprecedented surveillance.

This is a level of surveillance that is completely different from the usual ‘if you have the ability, look into it’ level of surveillance.

“What level is it?”

Still, Lee Han could not let go of his regret and asked.

“In the name of protecting the Ainroguard wizards, the streets and alleys of the city were blocked, people were cleared out, and all stores and shops were emptied. Death knights surround and guard it.”

“… “I guess I’ll have to cancel my subscription.”

Lee Han quickly gave up.

From the looks of it, it was clear that among all the Einroguard clubs, the Skeleton Headmaster hated the theater club in particular.

Well, since all the students in the club are happy and having fun, how could you not hate them?

“joy. But the theater club is lucky.”

Gainando muttered in a gloomy voice.

“what’s the matter?”

“It’s hard to go out to the club I belong to, so I’m thinking about it.”

The Wizard Card Club, or rather the Wizard Card Collecting Club (they were two completely different clubs), was an unofficial club.

As my immediate plans to go out were unclear, I couldn’t help but envy the theater clubs that received external invitations even if I stayed still.

“It would be better to be an official club… ”

‘There is no perfect club.’

Lee Han felt it again.

In official clubs, it was easy to go out, but the things you had to do were harsh, and in unofficial clubs, although there was freedom in the things you had to do, it was not easy to go out.

… There were some mutants like the theater club, but those were a bit of an exception…

‘for a moment. then.’

Lee Han did a simple calculation.

Of the clubs I joined, it seemed like all the official clubs would go out, but what about the unofficial clubs?

First of all, the Einrogard Social Club was a ghost club created by Yukveltire, who was the furthest from social circles, so there was no way for it to be active.

And the location shifting club…

‘… ‘Isn’t that too much?’

No matter how good the plan was, it seemed difficult to go out to unofficial clubs among unofficial clubs.

What kind of crazy professor would allow going out to a club like that?

It was clear that the location movement club would be active within the school. Lee Han vowed to thoroughly crack down on outside warehouses for a while.

* * *

“no. “We’re going out too.”

“… yes?! Are you talking about the library club?!”

Lee Han was surprised by the words of senior Sevius, a 4th year hamster beast.

“… no. “It’s a story about a club that moves locations.”

“aha. “You’re talking about escaping.”

Lee Han nodded as if he understood.

Of course, when Lee Han escaped, he also expressed it as ‘going out’. Who would say that literally?

“I’m really going out. “We submitted the plan and received special permission.”

“… “What plan did you submit?”

“Recovering the magic item the professors want.”

“… … ”

Isn’t this just an official club?

How to live as a magic school wizard

How to live as a magic school wizard

Graduate student Lee Han. Born as the youngest child of a magical family in another world. -I will never go to school again! 'What are you aiming for?' ‘Play and eat for the rest of your life...’ ‘Yes. You too will feel your talent. Go to the magic school, Einrogard!' 'Matriarch!' If you graduate from magic school, your life is guaranteed. Do your best and graduate!
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Graduate student Yi-han finds himself reborn in another world as the youngest child of a mage family. – I'm never attending school, ever again! 'What do you wish to achieve in life?' 'I wish to play around and live comforta-' 'You must be aware of your talent. Now go attend Einroguard!' 'Patriarch!' My future would be guaranteed once I graduate. For my future!


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