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Chapter 918

‘Right. This is what I mean when I say that ancient times were a time of madness.’

I’ve read a few times in books that in ancient times, unrefined madness overflowed everywhere, but I never thought this was what it meant.

Otherwise, the current scene could not be explained.

The fact that the sirens and mermaids serve the young skeleton headmaster and offer up their tears is truly…

‘It’s clear that sirens and mermaids were much kinder in ancient times.’


A mermaid swimming below the surface spotted Lee Han and suddenly growled and attempted to attack him.

Then the young skeleton principal stretched out his arms and stopped him.

“Please stop. Mermaids! This person is my disciple. I will not allow you to hurt my student. “You better attack me!”

The mermaid who tried to attack quickly backed away, apologizing for the misunderstanding.

The young skeleton principal said as he checked to see if Lee Han was injured.

“Mermaids are not tolerant of intruders. You’d better be careful. “Are you hurt anywhere?”

“I’m fine. … My heart may have been a little hurt… ”


* * *

After that, no enemies came out to hinder the young skeleton principal’s voyage.

Every species visible from beneath the sea to above the sky seemed to pay homage to the young skeleton headmaster.

“Perhaps you were using a small world or a unique world before I came? Sirens and mermaids are in a state of confusion.”

“Student Lee Han. “Don’t deny reality!”

Professor Garcia shouted in a pitiful voice in an attempt to somehow bring his student back to his senses.

Of course, Professor Garcia was also greatly shocked by what he saw today.

I can’t believe such a violent race would show such reverence for a young skeletal headmaster.

However, a wizard must accept the reality, no matter how shocking it may be, and create a new theory, not deny the reality and escape from it.

“Isn’t the theory of confusion also plausible…? ”

“That’s not plausible.”

“Then it’s really the principal’s goodness…” line… line… “It seems that the species does this out of goodness.”

Lee Han found it difficult to say the word ‘goodness’ and had to hesitate several times.

Professor Garcia also nodded slowly, as if he was having a hard time. Even though his head knew, his body refused to acknowledge it.

“Then why are you acting like this, Principal?”

“… Time changes many things. Student Lee Han. ruler. “Let’s quickly help the principal.”

‘You’re changing your tone.’

Lee Han felt that Professor Garcia was diverting his words, but he moved on without pointing it out.

Honestly, if it were Lee Han himself, he would have said that.

What could even Professor Garcia say about such a change in the skeleton principal?

‘How much of a temper tantrum did the kingdom’s bastards have? no. No matter how much I scratch my temper, I can’t believe that a person like that can change like that… ‘


Back at the port, the young skeleton headmaster stopped.

“Why are you doing that?”

“The well below the city was destroyed. If this were to happen, people around here would have no way to get water… ”

As invasions from outside occurred frequently, it was difficult for facilities within the city to remain safe.

Facilities essential to citizens were often destroyed, and unless nearby nobles or wizards stepped forward, these facilities took a long time to be restored.

“I will help you with the repairs.”

“Repairs won’t mean much. look.”

The young skeleton headmaster flapped the sleeves of his robe and pointed ahead.

Merchants from other places were already screaming and screaming about selling clean water.

“They probably saw that the well was broken and got permission to sell water around here.”

Merchants selling water here also had to pay expensive bribes to receive permits.

There was no way the merchants who paid such a bribe would simply allow the restoration of the well. If only the eyes to see were lost, the well would be destroyed.

“indeed. then… ”

Lee Han expected that the young skeleton principal’s specialty would soon emerge.

It was certain that the merchants selling the water would be beaten up, and then the key was whether to throw them into the sea.

But the young skeleton principal chose none of the things Lee Han expected.

He took out jewel-encrusted jewelry from his pocket, tore it open, and distributed it to the merchants.


Before Lee Han’s surprise was over, the young skeleton principal cast a spell.

Then the shape of the statue next to it shook and its composition changed to water. What was just an ordinary decorative statue has been changed into a fountain.

Professor Garcia opened his eyes wide.

Turning a statue into water was a type of transformation magic, and Professor Garcia could do it, but casting a spell to keep it in its shape semi-permanently like that was not a magic that a person could perform.

And that in as short a time as it takes to take a single breath!

‘Nonsense… !’

“how?!” “how!”

Professor Garcia realized that his student had shouted the same thing and looked away. When he saw the boy from the Warda Naz family, he seemed to have similar questions to his own.

“This student also had the same question as me. “I’m curious how you cast that spell?”

“yes? “I asked why they gave away the jewels.”

“… … ”

The young skeleton principal smiled and comforted his students.

“calm down. everyone. I’ll explain everything without you having to press. “First of all, the reason the statue was changed to water is because the statue belongs to nobles.”

Repairing a well could be done with other people secretly breaking it and pouring dirt on it, but sculptures erected by nobles, like statues, were a different story.

Even people here cannot damage it carelessly.

Knowing this, the young skeleton principal did not bother to repair the well, but instead turned the statue into a fountain where water would gush out forever.

People around here can get water from here if they want.

“I wasn’t asking that, I was asking how you cast the spell… ”

“I asked why they gave away the jewels.”

The young skeleton headmaster was slightly embarrassed by his students’ reactions.

Was this something you weren’t really curious about?

“The reason I gave away the jewels was because those merchants also suffered losses. “Even though they paid bribes to get the permit, they will go bankrupt if they don’t receive any income.”


Lee Han was surprised by the reason that exceeded his expectations.

I never would have thought that he was even thinking about the circumstances of the water merchants here.

“The method of casting the spell is not very difficult. It’s simple. First, we start with small world magic, Dunamis… ”

“indeed… okay!”

Professor Garcia diligently took notes.

After listening to it, it really wasn’t a difficult method.

Did you say that the extraordinary lies in the ordinary?

If he followed the young skeleton principal’s instructions, Professor Garcia seemed to be able to do it well.

‘What does simple mean?’

Of course, from Lee Han’s perspective, I wondered what the two were talking about. Lee Han grumbled and spoke to Professor Boladi.

“I can’t believe it’s that simple. “Isn’t this really ridiculous?”

“… … ”

Professor Boladi said Lee Han often says to his friends, ‘Like this! ‘Why can’t I do this simple thing?’ came to mind, but he swallowed it quietly.

He was already a student who had a lot to learn here. For now, I had to cheer quietly.

* * *

The young skeleton principal, who had completely completed work on the water statue, began work on the castle gate without resting.

The prepared aquamarine and mermaid’s tears were already halfway combined with the correct mix. It was prepared on the way back after a short voyage.

“Working on the castle gate is a little different from working on the water statue.”

“Being different means… ?”

“It means there are many eyes to see.”

The young skeleton principal smiled bitterly.

Although I was doing this for the people of this city, I wasn’t supposed to stay here for long or do anything notable.

As soon as you do that, the city’s wizards and knights will realize something is wrong and track you down.

“As soon as we’re done, we have to get out. Otherwise, you will end up in an unwanted fight near the gate.”


Lee Han no longer asks questions like ‘Why do we have to do that?’ or ‘Is it worth it?’

It was a meaningful question to ask someone who would be shaken or think again after hearing it.

The young skeleton principal was not a person who would ever be swayed no matter what Lee Han said or persuaded him. All Lee Han could do was assist.

‘I’ll have to finish it quickly and learn Yeongrak.’

Lee Han decided to help the young skeleton principal with his work and finish it as quickly as possible.

Now that I think about it, it seems like I’m slowly getting used to the young skeleton principal. It was possible to respond calmly no matter what the other person said.

“Then I would ask you to be on guard… ”


As soon as he finished speaking, an explosion occurred in the distance.

Unlike Lee Han and his group, the young skeleton principal immediately realized what had happened just from the sound.

“Esadozikwa! Fury Ball’s minions are here again!”

“Is it an attack by demons?”

“It seems so. “We have to intercept them!”

The young skeleton headmaster stopped working on the gate and prepared to move quickly.

Lee Han and his party hurriedly followed suit. Given the might of the demon army I saw when I first came here, it is difficult to imagine how much damage will be caused to the surrounding area.

“Follow me!”

With a spell, the young skeleton principal quickly soared into the air. Lee Han and his party automatically followed after him using their magical powers.

Thanks to this, Lee Han became more relaxed and was able to check out the surrounding scenery. In an instant, the distance narrowed and the appearance of the demon army came into view.

‘That… ?’

Lee Han’s eyes widened at the sight that was different from what he expected.

I saw enemies surrounded by demonic armies, but no matter how I looked at them, they didn’t look like ordinary citizens.

Expensive battle golems and guard knights.

And even the wizards who have a luxurious appearance that cannot even be compared to Lee Han’s tattered coat!

The wizards’ costumes, decorated with silk, gold thread, and jewels, were so extravagant that anyone could guess that they were the nobility of this city.

You’re caught, wizards! To me, Esadojikwa, Lord Wrath’s chief lieutenant and chief messenger!

The Great Devil seemed to be in quite a good mood and burst into laughter.

Hall of Waves? Compared to my master’s power, it is at best a mere splash of water.

‘>Hall of Waves>!’

You chimera makers. Your toys are nothing more than a trivial pastime compared to the most supreme race of demons.

‘>Metamorphosis’ cave>?!’

Lee Han realized that all of the city’s magical nobles, whom he had learned from the patrollers, were surrounded here.

There were a few more, but the young skeleton principal replaced them the other day…

“Everyone, please stay back.”

The young skeleton principal pushed Lee Han and his group back while they were floating in the air and then erased them with several layers of barriers.

Lee Han advised cautiously.

“Mr. Gonadaltes. Wouldn’t it be better to leave them alone and wait for them to fight? “I don’t think they will stay quiet if they find Gonadaltes.”

From what I had heard so far, the city’s magical nobles were not the kind of people who would be grateful if you saved them.

Rather, there was a strong possibility that they would attack him and say, ‘Hey, you helped me well, I’ll make you a slave.’

The young skeleton principal also agreed with Lee Han.

“you’re right. “Probably so.”

“Then wait…” ”

“But then a lot of people out there will be killed or injured. I’m sorry. Disciple. When I save people, I don’t judge them based on their likes or dislikes. “I understand if you are frustrated.”

No sooner had he finished speaking than the young skeleton headmaster descended on the rear of the demon army as dozens of clones.

And a magical storm struck the army.

How to live as a magic school wizard

How to live as a magic school wizard

Graduate student Lee Han. Born as the youngest child of a magical family in another world. -I will never go to school again! 'What are you aiming for?' ‘Play and eat for the rest of your life...’ ‘Yes. You too will feel your talent. Go to the magic school, Einrogard!' 'Matriarch!' If you graduate from magic school, your life is guaranteed. Do your best and graduate!
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