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Chapter 916

Professor Garcia pretended not to hear what was just said and ignored it, then turned the patrolmen into hamsters.

When a companion entered the cage, the hamster squeaked fiercely as if it was happy and wanted to die.

“I would like an interpreter, please.”

-Shut up.

After trapping all the patrolmen in the cage, Professor Garcia cast the transformation spell once again.

Then, the three’s appearances completely changed to patrollers.

“Check the sign… That’s it. “Isn’t it awkward, Student Lee Han?”

“The professor’s skills are truly perfect.”

“Why do you have something like this? really. Lastly, could you please ask the patrol officers if there is anything to watch out for inside?”

Lee Han, who heard the professor’s words, spoke to the hamster.

The hamster squeaked and told the patrollers, and the patrollers squeaked in rejection. Then the hamster beat the patrolmen.

After a while, the answer came back.

-They say not to act weak or be humble. If you ask why you couldn’t even catch a slave, answer ‘Shut up before I sell you as a slave’, and if you are a superior, reply ‘I will capture the slave right away and offer it to you.’

“… … ”

‘Aren’t people here interested in anything but new slaves?’

Lee Han had this thought in his mind, but for now, he nodded.

As we entered a different era and a different region, we had to respect each other’s customs.

* * *

“excuse me… ”

“Shut up before I sell you into slavery!”

“Hi! sorry!”

“Shut up before I sell you into slavery!”

As we approached the city of Isran, people appeared who recognized the patrolman’s uniform and started talking to him.

Every time that happened, Lee Han made people step away with the lines he had carefully prepared.

“phew. It’s not easy. “I wouldn’t have been awkward or anything, right?”

“For me, not at all. Student Lee Han. “It was great.”

Professor Garcia thought to himself as he praised his student.

‘Aren’t you doing too well?’

Professor Garcia was slightly embarrassed by his student’s performance of chasing people away as if he was born with it.

I looked to the side and saw Professor Boladi faintly nodding his head. He seemed satisfied with his student’s performance.

‘… ‘Am I strange?’

“Then let’s move on. “I’ll look for the wizard in the city.”

The reason the group decided to enter the dangerous city was simple.

Information was easiest to obtain in these cities.

In remote, small villages far from the city, it was not easy to find out even if you asked questions.

The party’s current target was the people within the city who were likely to have the most outside information, that is, the city’s wizards.

‘I’m worried.’

Lee Han was lost in thought as he chased away people who tried to talk to him or make secret deals.

This ancient era of the Three Kingdoms was truly an era of strength against the jungle and self-respect.

An era in which classes were thoroughly divided and nobles oppressed their subordinates with fear and violence.

And here too, the wizards were nobles.

There were slaves who occasionally used magic, but those were exceptions, and those who were not of the bloodline could not learn magic.

A noble is a wizard, and a wizard is a noble.

‘I think I have a dirty personality like a dog… ‘

As soon as the patrolman over there found out that he was an outsider, he growled that he would make them into slaves and sell them, but I had no idea how dirty the wizard nobles here would be.

It was clear that there was no comparison with the Blue Dragon Tower friends.

‘Wouldn’t it have been better to dress up a little and pretend to be a nobleman? no. It wouldn’t have meant much anyway.’

I regretted that I was immediately suspected of being a slave because of my shabby, tattered Einroguard outfit, but even if I had disguised myself as a nobleman, I would have been found out quickly unless I knew anything about the city.

In the end, there was only one way.

‘Even if I go to the wizard, I have no choice but to use Professor Bagrek’s persuasion method… ‘

What happened was that while visiting the past dimension to solve the problem, it seemed like they kept resorting to violent means, but there was no solution.

Aren’t the times barbaric?

“I will capture the slave soon and offer him up!”

Lee Han, who was worried, bowed and bowed to a passing driver. The driver was satisfied and said, ‘The patrolman knows manners.’

The hamster squeaked as if it was pitiful.

-They say you are the perfect patrolman.

“oh. thank you.”

-If it sounds like a compliment, your ears are rotten.

‘I brought a colleague with me, but why are you so grumpy?’

Thinking like that, Lee Han found his way.

According to the information provided by the patrols and additional information obtained from the city, there were three types of wizards worth visiting here in Isran City.

First, the wizards who run the >Hall of Waves> located in the port.

These wizards were the descendants of the evil captain who led the kingdom’s magic fleet, and they were the ones who wiped out enemy coasts with destructive magic that borrowed the power of the sea.

Next are the wizards who study magic in the >Metamorphosis Cave> located near the castle gate.

The wizards here are traitors who came from another kingdom decades ago, and they once impressed the kingdom’s nobles by presenting a chimera that combined as many as twelve races.

Lastly, >Corridor of Statues> located on the inner side.

Compared to the previous wizards, he was relatively less destructive and cruel, but he had the quirk of periodically capturing slaves and turning them into statues.

Professor Boladi recommended the last wizards.

“Go that way.”

“Is it because they are the most insidiously evil?”

“The structure seems vulnerable to surprise.”

“… … ”

Professor Garcia nodded, regretting asking the question.

The >Corridor of Statues> certainly looked good for a surprise attack.

First of all, the number of people passing by was small, and there were no special security guards.

Except for the strangely human-like statues located here and there.

“Professor Garcia. “Please.”


Professor Garcia waved his cane as if he knew without having to explain.

Although the rules, techniques, and structure were different from the current imperial magic, any advanced magician could recognize it.

And Professor Garcia is a particularly outstanding wizard among outstanding wizards.

The magic involved here could be easily resolved.

Lee Han was amazed by the professor’s magic.

‘indeed. You put a spell on the statues. In preparation for possible intruders.’

“Student Lee Han. Come here and see. “I’ll explain.”

“ah. Should I release it too?”

“yes? no. “I will do the lifting.”


Lee Han was about to say, ‘Then why are you explaining it to me?’ but then he heard it.

As a student, it was difficult for a student to dare to ask why when the professor said he was teaching.

“… This is magic. Okay? “If you have any questions, go back later and ask me and practice.”

“… “Professor, are you explaining this to me because you think I’m going to practice this in secret?”

“W-what are you talking about? Student Lee Han. Isn’t that what it is? “Are you just teaching your students as a professor?”

Professor Garcia stuttered and spoke a little gibberish. With that alone, Lee Han was able to guess the truth.

‘What a ridiculous false accusation.’

Still, ancient magic was quite foreign and unfamiliar, so it was interesting. Lee Han remembered what he learned.

“I’m going in.”


After finishing cleaning up the surroundings, the three entered the corridor.

And then I made eye contact with a wizard I thought I had seen somewhere before.

“… … ”

“… … ”

The wizard had the appearance of an ancient statue, and blood was dripping from both hands underneath him.

There were many corpses around. Looking at the clothes, it was obvious that they were the corpses of wizards belonging to the corridor.

“I can’t help it. I’m sorry.”

The young skeleton principal who was caught at the scene apologized and tried to make a move.

Lee Han shouted urgently, nervous at the destructive power implied by the movement.

“for a moment! “We are not enemies!”

It seemed like it wouldn’t be easy to persuade with words alone. Lee Han quickly removed the disguise spell.

It was only then that the young skeleton headmaster stopped when he saw a beggar’s uniform that he had never seen, rather than a patrolman’s uniform.

“Aren’t you from this city?”

“yes. Well, we… A visitor from another dimension! Please listen to the story!”


The young skeleton principal, who had been thinking about it, put down his hand. Then he spoke to Professor Boladi.

“Don’t hide from the sidelines, come out.”

Professor Boladi obediently came out of hiding and appeared. The young skeleton principal tilted his head at the sight.

“That magic just seemed similar to my family’s magic… ”

“you’re right. “I learned it from you.”


“Let me explain. “After removing the body first.”

The young skeleton principal’s face turned red at Professor Boladi’s words.

“This was not killed out of greed… ”

“I know. “These kids are being arrogant, right?”

Lee Han said as if he had a guess.

The young skeleton principal was royalty, but he was only royalty from a small country.

The wizards of such a strong kingdom would naturally behave rudely towards such royals.

It was clear that the young skeletal headmaster had exploded at the insult he received during his quiet visit for magical reasons.

“No, but.”

“yes? no?”

“We came here to rescue the innocent people trapped here.”

The young skeleton principal answered as if asking what he was talking about.

What does it mean to kill someone just for being arrogant?

“… Who are you… “Eup!”

Professor Garcia hurriedly covered Lee Han’s mouth when he was about to shout in shock.

“haha. “Please forget what I just said!”


* * *

After clearing the corpses from the corridor and settling down inside, Lee Han and his party began to explain to the young skeleton principal.

-So, in our dimension, you become an archmage who will be remembered forever in history, and as that archmage, you run a magic school, and we are students from there…

“play… “That’s amazing!”

The young skeletal headmaster shivered, his cheeks flushed with joy.

“I can’t believe that a future with such potential existed even for a weak wizard like me!”

For a wizard who deeply understands the concept of precognitive magic, the self in another dimension or the future dimension was not a very difficult concept.

The young skeleton principal was deeply moved by the fact that in some dimension he was raising students in the distant future.

All he was doing now was menial tasks like attacking and killing evil wizards.

To think that someone who is so lacking can eventually raise decent disciples!

“What kind of place is that magic school? Is it a warm and loving place?”

“… … ”

“Oh, that is.”

Since both professors could not speak, Lee Han had to lie as a student.

“It’s very warm and loving. There’s even a song. ‘Einrogard. Einrogard. It’s so good. A place with hot meals and soft beds. Einrogard.’”

“This is such a great consolation.”

The young skeleton principal answered with great happiness.

Although right now I can only attack evil wizards, one day I might be able to raise wizards with unconditional benevolence.

Just that thought brought the young skeleton headmaster’s energy back. It seemed like he could continue raiding evil wizards in the future.

“… “Aren’t we here by mistake?”

“Come to your senses. Student Lee Han. “You’re in the right place.”

Professor Garcia also felt dizzy, but managed to endure it due to his sense of responsibility as a professor.

This was clearly the young skeleton principal.

It was really hard to accept…

How to live as a magic school wizard

How to live as a magic school wizard

Graduate student Lee Han. Born as the youngest child of a magical family in another world. -I will never go to school again! 'What are you aiming for?' ‘Play and eat for the rest of your life...’ ‘Yes. You too will feel your talent. Go to the magic school, Einrogard!' 'Matriarch!' If you graduate from magic school, your life is guaranteed. Do your best and graduate!
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Graduate student Yi-han finds himself reborn in another world as the youngest child of a mage family. – I'm never attending school, ever again! 'What do you wish to achieve in life?' 'I wish to play around and live comforta-' 'You must be aware of your talent. Now go attend Einroguard!' 'Patriarch!' My future would be guaranteed once I graduate. For my future!


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