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Chapter 89

Raiden Sieghard smiled broadly as soon as he arrived at the annex. Silvia and her annex maids were tidying up the garden, so the road and the surrounding area were covered in dirt.

‘It’s perfect for starting an argument.’

Deacon Merkin must have gone first and brought up the story of the unsent letter.

There were countless ways to start an argument since things were not organized even when the person in direct line came.

‘Until that guy comes out.’

I personally came to this narrow, dirty place to humiliate Raon Sieghardt and bring him to his knees. He planned to provoke the bastard until he came to fight.

Sylvia came in front of me. Even though she knew that she had come to cause trouble, her eyes were calm.

Raiden mocked and provoked her, who would have been his aunt if she had stayed in the family properly.

But her reaction was indifferent. Even though he let go of her words, spat on her phlegm, and trampled her well-tended flowers with dirty shoes, she did not succumb to provocation.

Sylvia’s patience was stronger than expected, and her expression was so calm that it was scary.

‘shit… .’

Raiden twisted his mouth. No matter how confident she was, it could be dangerous to touch Sylvia directly.

‘I can’t go on like this.’

While I was wondering what to do, I saw the maids clearing away the dirt with Sylvia. Their expressions were calm, but they couldn’t hide the fact that their hands were shaking.

‘That’s it!’

I figured out how to make them fall for the provocation. Unlike Sylvia, they could not control their minds.


Raiden grinned and spat onto Sylvia’s hand as she cleaned the floor. Her oldest maid’s eyes widened when she saw that.

“Isn’t that serious! “No matter how direct you are, if you start a fight like this, the main office won’t stay quiet!”

As expected, she got caught up in the argument and said something she shouldn’t have said.


Raiden pushed Silvia, who tried to stop her, and walked up to the maid and slapped her on the cheek.

As the maid said, it is clear that she will come from the executive branch, but she is a direct descendant. The only punishment you get is a few days of probation.

“I really don’t know the topics. “You guys are just the outcasts of this family.”

It was when I was about to step on the maid who was giggling and shaking.


A boy appeared from the annex. She had harmonious and almost perfect facial features.

‘That bastard is Raon Sieghart… .’

My stomach turned even more when I saw his irritatingly handsome appearance.


Raon drew his sword.

‘A guy who can’t even control his life like that grabbed a green demon and fought a mad blood demon? ‘That’s funny.’

Raon stopped right in front of his nose. Even though he saw him draw his sword, he only snorted. If he had his mind, he wouldn’t be able to swing that thing.

“Are you really going to wield that scary thing? “I’m a direct descendant?”

When I looked into the guy’s eyes, it seemed like he was still conscious. When I tried to stimulate him a little more, Raon’s mouth opened.


Before the words reached my ears, a red light flashed in my vision.


I was scared and tried to back away, but it was already too late. The bastard’s sword was racing towards his neck.


Not knowing what to do, I closed my eyes tightly when a strong impact sound rang out right in front of me.

When he opened his eyes, he saw Deacon Merkin blocking his path.

But Raon didn’t stop. Merkin lashed out his fist, taking advantage of the opportunity when the impact of his sword strike had not completely subsided.


Merkin, who had been hit squarely in the temple, fell backwards, trembling.

“Hey, you crazy guy!”

Raiden gritted his teeth and pulled out his sword.

“Do you know who you are swinging your sword at now!”

There was not even the slightest tremor in Raon’s voice. He really meant that he was trying to kill himself.

“You are a robber who invaded my territory.”
“What bullshit! “I am the real owner of this family!”
“This is not your home.”

The guy muttered something crazy again and lowered his sword.

“good night! “I tried to play around with you, but you’re going to rip my hair off!”

Raiden thrust out his sword. He intended to parry Raon’s sword and plunge the sword into the guy’s neck.

However, the strange rotation that occurred in the guy’s sword began to push his sword back.


He took a step back and twisted his sword, barely able to deflect Raon’s sword.


Raon fearlessly approached and drew his sword diagonally, as if he knew this would happen.


Raiden groaned. His hands are shaking as he blocks Raon’s sword. Once we started to get pushed back, it was not easy to take the offensive position.

“Go on, how dare you swing your sword at your direct descendants, both you and your mother will have their heads blown off!”
“I guess I can just pluck off your branches before that.”

With those words, an extremely cold sword strike grazed my shoulder.


I barely managed to block the guy’s sword that was pointed at my neck.


What a guy!

There was no gap in Raon’s swordsmanship, which surged like a wave. It’s clear that the provocation worked, but this is where his hands get dizzy.

‘Damn it!’

I wanted to raise my Dantian Aura to counterattack, but I was not given time to do so. All I could do was defend from beginning to end.

‘Just time. ‘If only I had time!’

If you have time to move your aura, you can kill this guy in one go. He knew that and never gave me any time.


Raiden gritted his teeth.

‘I can’t help it!’

Even if I suffered internal injuries, I had to get out of this situation. He blocked Raon’s sword and forcibly raised Dantian’s aura.

Coo coo coo coo!

There was pain as the mana circuit burned, but a powerful aura enveloped my entire body.

“It’s over! “You crazy bastard!”

After expanding the muscles of the lower and upper body, he struck down the aura piled up on the sword body. The power to split Raon and his sword at the same time.

However, Raon disappeared before our eyes right before the powerful sword strike fell.


A truly phantom-like movement. I couldn’t even figure out where it went.

“You will be the end.”

The sound of Raon’s voice coming from behind gave me goosebumps. He quickly turned around, but the bastard’s fist was already in contact with his abdomen.


Raiden’s back buckled due to the strong impact.

“It’s not over yet.”

Raon’s sword was aimed at his heart.


Raiden closed his eyes and screamed, tired of the blade flying like a beam of light.

* * *

Raon was unable to drive the sword into Raiden’s heart. Just before he reached the guy’s chest, he raised his sword.

There are two reasons.
The first was because of Sylvia’s voice telling him to stop, and the second was… .

This is because two prosecutors from the Cheongeomdae directly under the head of the family who guarded the annex were standing in front of Raiden.

“You stayed silent when Helen was attacked, but are you coming out now?”

The Cheongeomdae prosecutors did not respond to Raon’s cold voice.

“Please step back.”

They lowered their posture and erected a stronger wall as if to protect Raiden.


As soon as Raiden realized that he was alive, he fell back. He was drooling and he pointed a finger at Raon.

“Lord, kill me! “Kill that crazy bastard!”
“… … .”
“What are they doing! “I, a direct descendant, was attacked by that colt!”

The Cheongeomdae prosecutors did not move despite Raiden’s instructions. It just stays still like a stone statue.

“Please step back.”
“after… .”

Raon raised his auror and blew out steam between his teeth. The Cheongeomdae swordsman is different from Raiden’s butler. He is not an opponent you can beat by surprise.

“Raon. stop!”
“young master… .”

As I was about to use the cartoonist Siphwa, Sylvia and Helen came up and grabbed my arms. When I saw their shaking eyes, the anger that had filled my heart and head melted like spring snow.

“Hey, these bastards are real! “Don’t you know who I am?”

Raiden stood up and screamed.

“He is the son of Lord Jinmu! Kill that bastard! no. I kill! Move!”
“Master Raiden. “Please step aside.”

The Cheongeomdae swordsman standing on the right turned around and blocked Raiden. They separated Raon and Raiden.

“We only listen to the matriarch’s orders. “Both of you, please step aside.”
“Ugh, on the subject of the bastard guarding the house! “I was right!”

Raiden gritted his teeth and raised his sword. When he was about to use all of his Aurors to attack the swordsman, Deacon Merkin, who was unconscious, ran behind him and grabbed his shoulder.

“Yes, master. It’s not possible!”
“shut up!”

The way he was gnashing his teeth and making a fuss was truly like a mad dog.

“young master. This is rather… .”

As Merkin whispered to Raiden, his shaking limbs slowly calmed down.

“Let go.”

Raiden pushed Merkin out of the way, passed the cheongeomdae, and made eye contact with Raon.

“Raon Sieghardt.”

His eyes were shining like an animal.

“I will inflict upon you humiliation and pain worse than death! “Please wait.”
“Me too.”

A red flash of lightning flashed in Raon’s eyes.

“I will never forget what you did here. “You never know when your head might fly off, so it would be better to get out of the habit of getting scared and closing your eyes first.”
“Ugh! You bastard! “If it weren’t for the surprise attack, you would have already been buried in the dirt!”

Raiden tried to rush in with madness, but was stopped by Merkin and only struggled with his arms and legs.

“Yes, master! “You must go now!”
“I will never forgive you! “I will destroy this annex itself!”
“young master!”

Merkin forcefully dragged Raiden and left the annex.

It was only after Raiden and Merkin had disappeared that the Cheongeomdae swordsmen relaxed their defensive posture and approached Raon.

“This matter will be reported to the head of the family. “You’d better be prepared on how to explain it.”
“Is this advice? “Aren’t you interested in anyone other than your immediate family?”
“Raon. stop.”

Sylvia’s hand holding her right arm gained strength. Raon clicked his tongue and sheathed his sword.

“… … .”

The Cheongeomdae prosecutors just bowed their heads and disappeared without answering.

“lady. young master. Sorry, sorry. I couldn’t stand it. I can’t even afford a night’s pay… .”

Helen came to Raon and Sylvia and knelt down.

“no. “You don’t know how much courage I felt when you came forward.”

Although Sylvia looked weak, she smiled and helped Helen up.

“There is nothing wrong with Helen.”

Raon nodded. There was no need for someone who had done nothing wrong to ask for forgiveness when the person who caused the problem had the courage to do so.


Sylvia hugged Raon from behind.

“You’ve gotten a lot stronger. “How reassuring she felt when she stood in front of her mother.”

Her voice was filled with laughter and moisture at the same time.

“Don’t worry about this. Because her mom can solve everything.”
“No, I…” .”

I turned around and tried to speak, but Sylvia was holding my shoulder so tightly that I couldn’t open my mouth.

“are you okay. “I only trust my mom.”

After saying that, Sylvia started cleaning up the dirty floor and the torn flowers and bushes. The faces of the maids, who had been frightened by their peaceful expressions, began to return.


Sylvia would be the one who was more anxious than anyone else right now, but she actually reassured the others. Perhaps it was because she became her mother or because she was naturally strong, but her heart was stronger than anyone else here.


Raon sat down and closed his eyes as he and Sylvia cleaned up the dirty area.

‘I have to solve this.’

Experience and instinct both whisper the same thing. The person who can solve this problem is not Sylvia, but me.

‘and… .’

The colt who had insulted Sylvia and touched Helen had no intention of letting it go.


Although no one could see it, Raon’s eyes shined brighter red than ever.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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