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Chapter 86

Raon stopped breathing.

‘It’s a coincidence.’

If it was a walking technique taught directly by the continent’s strongest martial artist, it was a skill of skill that could not be obtained by playing cards.

If word got out about this, it would be so big that the entire Sieghardt would be shaken.


The ring of fire resonated. My slightly dazed mind became clear as if I had been doused in cold water.

“It looks like you’re ready. “Then let’s begin.”

Glenn’s feet cut through the soft moonlight on the floor.

It was a leisurely movement, as if I was going for a walk, but I couldn’t catch the flow.

It blooms red like a flame on the left and flows down like water on the right. He couldn’t breathe due to the strange flow created by his feet.

Glenn’s walking method was very difficult. She was fast and slow, soft and hard.

‘But you still have to watch it until the end.’

You shouldn’t give up just because it’s difficult. Because even if you get just 1/10th of Glenn’s teachings, you can make a lot of money.

Raon watched without blinking until Glenn’s feet stopped.

After a very short and ecstatic time, Glenn stopped in front of Raon. Even though he demonstrated a heavenly walking technique, his breathing was relaxed and not a single collar of his clothes was disturbed.

“Did you see it?”

Red eyes as sharp as those of a beast ask. Did you see it properly? How much did you understand?

“… sorry. “I didn’t see it.”

Raon lowered his head while biting his lip. It’s truly a different style of walking. It was a level of ignorance that could not be understood through the four rings of fire.

“… … .”

Glenn didn’t react much, as if he knew that would happen. She just looks down at herself with indifferent eyes.

“Just do as much as you realize.”

He pointed his hand to the floor and stepped back. It seemed like he was telling me to try that step again now.

‘I’m going to disappoint you.’

I have seen many trends and felt a deep sense of martial arts, but what I can do now is nothing more than dust. I felt like I could already see Glenn’s cold eyes.

‘then… .’

Raon bit his lip slightly. Rather than showing a lot of things in a clumsy manner, he decided to re-enact what impressed him the most.


First daily report.
The first step is to extend from an unusual position with the right foot forward and the left foot back.
I decided to reenact the step that cut through the moonlight and pierced space.

“after… .”

Raon put his left foot back and his right foot forward. Between his feet is the width of his shoulders. As he was observing while spinning the ring of fire, he was not the slightest bit different from Glenn.

‘That step contained everything.’

It was fast, slow, strong, soft, and varied. It was one step that could lead to anywhere.

I lifted my left foot.
I put forward what I felt after seeing Glenn’s walking techniques and the martial arts techniques I had accumulated.


The golden moonlight on the floor split into a triangle, creating a deep resonance throughout the throne room.

Although it was a feeble step compared to Glenn, the flow was not much different.

It was the first step toward moving in any direction and any way.

“… … .”

Glenn’s eyes narrowed, and Loen’s mouth opened.

“after… .”

Raon exhaled and closed his eyes. He only took one step, but he felt dizzy. He seemed too nervous and focused.

“Is that one step everything?”

Glenn turned and looked at Raon’s left foot in front of him.


Raon answered succinctly and opened his eyes.

“Would you have seen more?”
“Because you can’t copy it even 1/10th of the time, let alone perfectly.”
“Can’t you follow along?”
“The walking method shown by the head of the family contained so much, like the walking of a warrior. “It is difficult for me, as an inexperienced person, to understand everything.”
“So you’re saying the first step was the easiest?”

Glenn’s voice became cold, as if it contained a bitter cold wind.


Raon continued speaking while looking at his left foot sticking out in front.

“The first step that the head of the family showed was the most important and impressive. “It was more deeply ingrained in my mind than any other step I showed after that, so I thought I should follow the first step.”
“Why did you think the first step was the most important?”
“Because you can move anywhere, at any moment, in any way. “It gave me the thrill of seeing the steps of an all-powerful person, and I can still picture those steps.”

It is impossible to fool Glenn with no education. She spoke honestly about what she saw and felt.


Glenn nodded slightly and spread his legs. The expression remained the same, but the atmosphere in the throne room seemed to have softened slightly.

“I have a good feeling.”

He took the same stance as before, with his left foot back and his right foot forward.

“The name of the walking technique I showed you is Taehwaboda. “Now that you know that the first step ‘Jincheon’ is the most important, you are halfway there.”

I walk again with a calm voice. The moment she saw the steps that could take her anywhere in the world, her hair stood on end.


The dantian vibrates and an aura arises. He led his body through the mana circuit.


Without even realizing it, Raon reenacted Jincheon of Taehwabo as shown by Glenn.

“It’s better than before.”

Glenn nodded expressionlessly and turned around. She climbed up onto the platform and laid herself down on her throne again.

“This is the end of the reward I will give you.”
“You mean that first step?”
“There was a lot to show. “You only took one thing.”

He just closed his eyes. He seemed to have nothing more to say.

“… All right. thank you.”

Raon nodded, licking his lips. He didn’t get much, but he had an eye opener just knowing that such a method existed.

“You take this.”

Glenn threw something he was holding in his hand. Raon caught the red gem that fell in front of his chest.


It was the Goblin King’s magic stone that I gave to Glenn earlier.

“Each object has its own owner. “This is what you earned, so take it for yourself.”

He shook his hands and closed his eyes again, as if he had no regrets.

“Take it here.”

Roen held out a black cloth. It was a cloth that blocked the energy of the magic stone.

“thank you.”

Raon wrapped the Goblin King’s magic stone in cloth and placed it in his bosom.

‘You’re giving this back… .’

I thought I’d research it, destroy it, or put it in storage. He didn’t expect to return it.

All of that person’s movements were unexpected.

“Stop going back.”
“yes. thank you.”

Raon stepped back. As I was opening the throne room door, I remembered that I had received a lot this time, so I decided to just leave.

“I… .”
“Well, stay healthy.”

To be honest, I had no idea what to say, so I said the most basic greeting I would give to an adult and bowed my head.

“… … .”

Glenn said nothing and frowned, and Roen covered his mouth and shook his hands.

“… “I’ll go.”

I quenched my appetite and left the throne room. I guess I chose the wrong words.

– Stay healthy! Even a well-functioning head turns to stone at times like this!
‘Ugh… .’

I had never said anything sincere to adults, so I didn’t know what to say.


As I sighed and walked down the hallway of the family home, a new message appeared before my eyes.

[ observed reaching perfection.]
[ is learned faster.]

* * *

The throne room Raon left was still filled with moonlight.

Roen looked at the moonlight on the floor and then raised his head.

“I didn’t know you would take out the Taehwabo.”

I knew that Glenn cared about Raon, so I thought he would give a special reward, but I never imagined that it would be Taehwabo.

‘Because Taehwabo is a walking technique created by the head of the family.’

The first step that Glenn Sieghardt created after getting out of horse training was Taehwaboda.

Glenn cared for Raon more than expected, as he couldn’t get it even if he gave him a gold plate, and he taught him Taehwabo, which he didn’t pass down to his sons.

“Did you see it?”

Glenn slowly opened his eyes. Unlike before, where there was only coldness, there was a sweet light in his eyes.

“He imitated Jincheon after seeing him only twice.”
“Raon. I saw that guy just twice and took half of the Taehwabo. “Isn’t it amazing?”

Not only did his eyes look, but his voice was one shade higher than usual, and the corners of his mouth were raised.

“her… .”

Roen opened his mouth. Although he had lived as Glenn’s shadow for decades, this was the first time since the first master was born that the man was so happy.

“I cut down the green demon, and it wasn’t luck that I survived the bright blood demon. “His sharpness of sight and control of his body and Aurors are not at the level of a criminal.”
“That’s right.”

To his surprise, Raon grasped the essence of Taehwabo in this brief moment.

“But what touches my heart is something else.”

The smile on Glenn’s lips deepened a little.

“You mean judgment. It’s amazing. A 15-year-old child can figure out what is important and what to throw away. “If I had the chance, I would want to raise it myself.”
“I’m not just talking about today.”
“then… .”
“In order to save everyone, I alone blocked the path of the mad blood demon.”

Glenn continued, looking at the carpet where Raon’s footprints remained.

“Raon has a good feel. “The moment she saw those glowing ears, she knew she could never win.”
“I guess so.”
“Despite this, he blocked the way until the end. “He did not back down even though his body was damaged while saving the village chief, and he bought time for the villagers and trainees to escape.”

If Raon hadn’t held on, the village and its trainees would have turned to blood in the hands of the mad blood demon.

There are not many people who sacrifice themselves for others in desperate times. Plus, if you were a 15-year-old, you could probably count them on your fingers even if you searched the entire continent.

I couldn’t help but smile because I was thrilled that such an amazing guy was my grandson.

“It’s been a while since I’ve seen you smile like that.”

Roen grinned.

“What is the joy of risk?”

The corners of Glenn’s mouth instantly lowered. She lowers her mouth more than usual, to the point where she looks older.

“Rayden returned after destroying the branch of the White Blood Cult by himself, and Raon cut down the Green Demon. “It’s a very steep slope.”
“what. “It’s not that great or special.”

The corners of Glenn’s mouth rose slightly again at the praise from his grandchildren.


Roen muttered, “Is that so?” and nodded. There was still a bright smile on her lips.

“Now that I think about it, the head of the family couldn’t hold back her laughter when Master Raon said, “Is your health okay?” If you want to act cool, a little more… .”
“It’s not Chuck!”

Glenn rarely shouted, but Loen’s smile was not erased.

* * *

“What is this?”

Raon returned to the annex and pointed to the message he had seen earlier.


Lars, who was hanging on the bracelet like a parrot, soared into the air.

-It is learning.
-It is an element of the system created by the King in order to learn the skills of those with special abilities or superior military power while in the demon world. Seeing this reminds me of another thing. Among the arrogant guys who attacked the main king… .
“Simply put, it means that your learning ability increases.”
-Don’t stop talking!
“Anyway, right?
-Phew, it’s similar.
“How should I use it?”
-Can you possibly tell me that? If I receive the wrath of the King… .
“it’s okay. Because it’s obvious.”

Raon laughed and snapped his fingers.

“It means that the ability to learn Taehwabo increases. “What kind of secret is this?”

Lars let out an annoyed voice.

“I need to get started right away.”

Raon quietly opened the window and left the room again.

-Do it tomorrow when the sun rises. It’s a hassle to follow along.
‘There might be a time limit.’
-There’s no way something like that exists… .
‘I can see it’s there as you speak.’
– Oh, how did you know?
‘Your reaction was strange.’

Normally, Lars would have spewed out anger, but seeing that he only showed mild irritation, I thought he was hiding something.

“I told you. “You are in the palm of my hand.”
-Don’t be cocky! This king is the monarch of the demon world, something that no human being can fathom… .

Lars widened his eyes, spreading a terrifying coldness.

‘okay. that.’

Raon pointed with his finger at Lars’ increasingly cold body.

‘If it had come out like that from the beginning, I wouldn’t have even known it was strange. ‘You’re so easy to deal with.’

He pushed Lass away with his right hand containing the flame of a cartoon ball.

– Damn it! You are the worst creature this king has ever encountered!
‘Saying that the Demon King is the worst is a compliment, right?’
-Keuuuuuu! I’ll kill at least you. Do whatever it takes to kill him… .
‘okay. later.’

Raon headed to the training ground while listening to Las’ curse-like screams.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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