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Chapter 82

“Indomitable will?”
-Why… .

Lars’ voice was irritated. I didn’t seem to like the trait of indomitable will.

‘Then I guess it’s a good trait?’

If Lars dislikes it, it can only be a good trait. Raon brought up the status window with anticipation.

Name: Raon Sieghardt.
Title: .
Status: Curse of Cold (5 strands).
Characteristics: Anger, Ring of Fire (4 stars), Water resistance (4 stars), Sense of Tales (3 stars), Manga Ball (3 stars), Extreme Cold (3 stars), Fire resistance (3 stars), Bleeding Curse (1 star), sneak attack (1 star), indomitable will (1 star).

Strength: 62.
Agility: 63.
Stamina: 56.
Energy: 47.
Sensation: 66.
Anger: 10.

After confirming that my abilities had increased thanks to the reward, I looked into the new attribute .

When you receive a serious physical or mental shock, it temporarily increases mental power and reduces pain.

As soon as I saw the explanation, exclamations flowed out. If you have this trait, it is possible to endure as before even while in the state of Las’s anger.

“You’re lucky.”
-It’s not luck, it’s because the system the king created is excellent.

Lars gritted his teeth, glaring at the message.

‘It’s okay if you make it too well.’

When we first created that system, we created the characteristics that were most needed at the moment first.
The conditions for creating the characteristics of that system also worked on Raon, creating the indomitable will that is most needed today.


I got really annoyed.

‘I thought I could attack him now… .’

Raon accepted his feelings of anger and finally created a blade that could be used by the bastard, but due to that characteristic, he went back to square one.

‘Whoa…’ .’

Lars calmed his boiling emotions. Raising a guy’s stats by foolishly getting angry is now a thing of the past.

‘There is plenty of time.’

Little by little, the speed of recovery of abilities is accelerating, and feelings of anger have also been instilled in Raon.

He is showing rapid growth for a human, but in the end, he will be the winner.

‘wait. Your body and soul are mine. ‘I’ll trap you in a glacier for eternity!’

Lars glared at Raon with cold eyes.

“Tsk tsk.”

Raon clicked his tongue while looking at Lars.

“Look at your expression. “You’re thinking in vain again.”
-You must be the one thinking nonsense. How can we understand the high and noble thoughts of this king when we are human beings?
“It’s obvious. “He must have promised himself that he would wait patiently and eat my body, and then imprison my soul in a glacier.”
-100 million!

Lars opened his mouth.

-You guy. You’ve even mastered mind reading!
“There’s no way I wouldn’t know what I’ve heard and seen so far. “Your thoughts and movements are in the palm of my hand.”

Raon spread out his long right hand and waved it.

-How dare a human being!

Lars completely forgot the promise he had made earlier not to fall for Raon’s provocation and exploded with anger.


Lars’ coldness, which was further heightened, became a wave and surged towards Raon.


Raon bit his inner lip.

‘This isn’t a joke… .’

Even if you are injured, the level of pain is much worse than before. A sensation as if your entire body is being stabbed by sharp icicles.

Even though the water resistance was 4 stars, the pain was dizzying, so it was very dangerous to receive anger from Ras.

“Huh… .”

I resonated with the four rings of fire and endured pain that made my teeth grind.

[I felt unbearable pain.]
[Indomitable will is activated.]

With that message, the pain weighing on my mind and body began to significantly decrease.

-Kaaaa! Today, my king will cut off the bad relationship with you!

Lars tried his best to generate anger and coldness, but it wasn’t as difficult to hold on as it was before he accepted his emotions.

[You withstood Lars’ possession while seriously injured.]
[Sensing ability increases by 1 point.]

With the message, my mind became a little clearer.

– Damn it. How on earth is this happening?!

Lars fell from the body and cursed countless times. He seemed like a bully, not an angry lord.

“I told you.”

Raon laughed and waved his right hand.

“You say no to me. “It’s obvious.”

However, I didn’t feel comfortable.

‘The rate at which its power is getting stronger is accelerating.’

Lars’s energy is getting stronger. If he doesn’t get stronger faster than that guy, he’ll eventually get eaten by that guy.


Raon and Lars were preparing to chew and devour each other from the closest distance.

* * *

next day.
Raon woke up around noon and came out.

When I looked at the village, I saw that some restoration work was in progress. It seemed like the branch’s prosecutors and trainees had organized the village between night and morning.

“You’re awake.”

Branch leader Burkas, who was near the fence, approached Raon.

His eyes were different from yesterday. It was as if he saw himself as a mystical creature.
It seems he heard from another trainee that he cut down a green demon and fought a battle with a bright blood demon.

“Are you feeling okay?”
“It has improved a lot.”

Raon nodded slowly. I don’t know what on earth Rimmer had sprayed on me, but my broken bones were coming together, and flesh was growing on my torn waist and thighs.

I felt like if I went back and focused on recovery, I would be back to normal in no time.

“You did a great job. “It is no exaggeration to call it an achievement to cut down a green demon, fight a bright blood demon, and survive at the age of 15.”

Burkas swallowed dryly and raised his thumb.

‘No, it’s more than an achievement.’

No one would believe me if I told a trainee who wasn’t even a swordsman yet that he had cut down the Green Demon of Eden and fought a mad blood demon for about 10 minutes.

Even if I return to my family with this news, there will probably be more people who think it is a lie.

I took a closer look at the bandaged Raon. Even though he had suffered such severe injuries, he didn’t look like he was in pain or make a weak sound.

It’s amazing what he went through to have that kind of patience and strength at that age.

“We will take charge of this place, so you can lead the practitioners and return to the family. We took temporary measures, but there are many people, including you, who are seriously injured. “Go back and get proper treatment.”
“All right. Thank you for your thoughts.”
“Isn’t it the same Sieghardt?”

Burkas smiled slightly and waved his hand.


Raon slightly bowed his head and headed towards where the other trainees were.

“… … .”

Burkas watched Raon’s back blankly.

‘Hold on from the mad blood demon… .’

Even as an expert intermediate, I didn’t have the confidence to last 5 minutes against the mad blood demon.

It was both surprising and touching that Raon fought alone for 10 minutes after letting the trainees run away.

‘It looks big.’

The small back of a young boy who looked less than half his size looked so big.


Burkas smiled as he looked up at the sun shining on the world from the exact center of the sky.

‘The family will be in chaos.’

* * *


Runan ran in front of Raon like a puppy that has seen its food. She lowered her eyes as she examined her entire body.

“Does it hurt?”
“It’s okay now.”

Raon shook his head and laughed. It’s not a lie, the pain has really reduced a lot.

“You don’t have to worry anymore.”

The corners of Runaan’s mouth rose very briefly. Now, this guy also seemed to express his emotions a little more.

“Because I have to return to my family. “Tell everyone to get ready to leave.”

She nodded loudly and ran to where the other practitioners were.

“Are you going back right away?”

Buren, who was watching the scene, quietly approached.

“okay. “The branch manager will take care of everything, and he told me to go back.”
“Ha, where on earth did our instructor go!”

Buren frowned and kicked the floor.

“Are you really feeling okay?”
“The injury has not healed, but I have entered the recovery period.”
“Get better for sure. “Because I have to defeat you when you are in perfect condition.”
“Even after seeing that?”
“Because I saw it.”

His blue eyes did not waver at all, as if they were placed on a rock.

“I’m not giving up or backing down. “If I can’t walk, I’ll crawl after you.”

There was also a strong will in his voice. Burren also seemed to have grown further through this mission.

“I silenced those who knew that you had the Aura of Frost. Since you saved my life, no one will reveal my secret.”

Raon opened his mouth wide.

‘You thought that far?’

I thought it was inevitable that it would be revealed that there were two types of Aurors, but it seems Burren was the first to silence the trainees.

It was something I had never thought of, so I was dumbfounded.

“There is no need to be surprised. “I owe you my life, so I just did what I could.”

Burren scratched the bridge of his nose and turned around.

“I will prepare for departure. “You are resting.”

He left those words and headed towards where the other practitioners were.

‘How can something change like that?’

When we first met Burren, he had changed to such an extent that it was impossible to imagine that he was a child full of jealousy.

5 The miracle at the training ground might not be me, but that guy.


Raon packed his bags and headed toward the center of the village.

“That part needs to be repaired properly. “Just pile up the wood first!”

The slightly injured village chief was giving instructions to the villagers.

“Because it’s dangerous to pile it up. sideways… uh! “A benefactor!”

He found Raon and quickly ran to him.

“Gwae, are you okay? Because of me, he suffered a serious injury… .”
“It’s not the village chief’s fault.”
“You got hit by that monster while trying to save this ugly guy, didn’t you? “I really don’t know how to thank you.”

The village chief knelt down and bowed his head.

“… … .”

As Raon looked at the village chief who said thank you, he thought about the first time he met the mad blood demon.

‘at that time… .’

The moment the radiant demon attacked, he unknowingly hugged the village chief and backed away. Even though she knew she would get injured, her body moved first.

‘Why did I do that?’

Actually, if you think about it, it was unnecessary.
Since I received the Goblin King’s magic stone from the village chief and heard about his circumstances, there was no particular reason to save him.

However, he saved him even though he was injured himself.

‘It’s changing.’

Is it because of Silvia, Rimmer, the children, or the environment?
In any case, he was also changing.

And I didn’t hate the change that much. It felt like clothes of emotion were being put on an empty wooden doll.

“wake up.”

Raon smiled slightly and helped the trembling village chief to his feet. His aging eyes showed emotion and gratitude.

“Like I said, I will take this jewel. “I’m not sure, but there’s a chance that they’ll be summoned.”
“of course!”

The village chief nodded his head up and down.

“Don’t be the first to say it, but if anyone comes looking for the jewel, tell them that you took it from Sieghardt along with a few other items.”
“All right!”

The village chief nodded as if receiving revelation from God.

-Why are you saying that? Why don’t you just tell me everything?
‘It’s better not to know.’

We need to take not only this jewel, but also other items and erase the information that the Eden guys are after the jewel.

‘This information will be sold at a high price.’

Raon grinned. She couldn’t miss the opportunity to sell Eden’s information to Glenn at a high price.

* * *

The trainees left Cebu Village receiving enthusiastic cheers from everyone in the village.

Buren led the trainees in front of the injured Minister Raon, and Runaan followed behind Raon like a baby duck.

Martha walked alone as usual, but her eyes were cloudy as if she was thinking a lot.

Raon stood in the center of the trainees and observed the surroundings closely.

‘Thanks to my abilities, my senses have increased.’

Thanks to the karma of catching the green demon, the karma of confronting the radiant demon, and the abilities stolen from Lars, my sense level has increased considerably.

The range of senses has increased compared to before, making it easier to detect the presence of hidden people.

I felt like I could quickly find the location of the red-eyed ghost even if it was hiding now.

As I continued to expand the range of my senses in preparation for an unexpected attack from Eden, one person was captured by my senses.


I felt the cool breeze from Rimmer. He did not go back, but was still watching his practitioners.

‘Isn’t it obvious?’

There might be an attack by Eden or another force, so it was obvious that he would remain.


Suddenly, Rimmer’s presence disappeared like a candle going out. It seems he sensed what he noticed.

‘Because he’s a special person.’

Raon chuckled, cleared his spirits, and followed the trainees.

After a while.
Rimmer came down from the tree on the path the trainees had passed. He shook his head with a bored expression.

“That monster… .’

Even if Raon had grown to an incredible extent over the past few days, I had no idea that he would be able to sense that he was in hiding.

“How will you react if I tell you this news?”

He grinned, thinking of Glenn’s solemn face.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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