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Chapter 81

“What if I really am Ruben’s follower like you say?”

Dazar leaned back on the sofa, narrowing his eyes. With one leg crossed and his head tilted to the side, he looked like a spy from a noir movie… …

‘It looks like shit.’

It was just very unlucky.

Like him, I crossed one leg, leaned back on the sofa, crossed my arms, and raised the tip of my nose.

“What should I do? “You have to report it right away.”

“To whom?”

“Yeah, of course…” … .”

Now that I think about it, who should I do it to? I closed my mouth slightly out of concern, but then immediately opened it.

“I guess I should tell Moroccanil, right? “Because he is the same transcendental person.”

Then Dazar laughed and stroked his hair. His loosely disheveled hair flowed gently through his long fingers. In the meantime, his hair seems to have dried.

At the same time, a good scent passed my nose and I wrinkled my face. Why does it smell so good for no reason? Sniff.

“Why are you laughing?”

“I laugh because it’s funny.”

“What’s funny?”

Dazar quirked an eyebrow.

“Why can’t I laugh as much as I want?”

“Don’t laugh in front of me.”

“why? Oh, maybe… … .”

Dazar grinned.

Her beautiful face sparkled.

“Are you afraid of falling for it? Well, even if I look like this, my face is worth looking at.”

Then he slowly stroked his chin. He was quite dumbfounded to hear such words from someone who might have been Ruben’s follower.

“It can’t be. That’s because an ugly face becomes even more ugly. When you smile, my fists shake a little. Do you know how hard it is for me to calm down my fist that wants to fly alone? So don’t laugh.”

“… … .”

Dazar slowly removed the hand that was rubbing his chin. He uncrossed his legs, sat upright, cleared his throat, and looked away.

“… … That’s it, that’s enough.”

He shrugged his shoulders and spoke softly.

“It won’t work with Moroccanillo. “If I were really a follower of Ruben.”

“… … yes?”

“Morocanil alone won’t be able to subdue me.”

As I blinked, Dazar’s eyes deepened. Dazar’s voice was small and flat, but the content was not. The loose atmosphere in the room suddenly tightened.

no. Dazar still seems to have a relaxed expression on his face, so I may have been the only one who felt that way.

“… … So, you’re a follower of Ruben?”

“Why do you say that?”

Dazar laughed.

“Seriously, no.”

Dazar’s expression was serious as he said that.

“If I were a follower of Ruben, why would I have brought you here to develop food?”

“There may be another purpose.”

“For what purpose? Are you intentionally developing food in a strange way, or something like that?”

Dazar crossed his arms.

“Why take the time to develop fake food? “It would be faster to hinder food development.”

“… … .”

“Besides, that little boy wouldn’t have left it alone. I must have already done something to steal it from you. “You’re probably worried about that and want to make sure I’m a follower of Ruben.”

Dazar’s argument was plausible.

If Dazar were Ruben’s follower, he wouldn’t have gone out of his way to develop food. Axion, who holds the Demon Dragon’s Dragon Heart, would not have been left alone.

As I was slowly nodding my head without realizing it, Dazar spoke quickly as if he would not miss the opportunity.

“So you don’t have to worry. “Morocanil also came to watch over me, but he probably knows my innocence.”

“Then why did Moroccanil come?”

Then why on earth did you come to the surveillance station? Dazar paused when he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

“… … “That’s my question too.”

Then he held his chin, tilted his head, and suddenly spoke.

“Maybe you came here to harass me. “Because he hates me.”

“… … .”

Certainly, Moroccanil did not seem to be on good terms with Dazar. Even when he dragged him away from the imperial castle. If he really came to the surveillance station just to harass Dazar… … .

“What on earth did you do to Moroccanil in your past life?”

How bad can someone have done to deliberately pretend to be a watchdog just to harass you?

“What is wrong? I didn’t do anything wrong to that guy. Rather, it was him who was at fault.”

‘I took over what was mine. dare.’

Come to think of it, I said something like that on ‘Chapter of Rest’ at that time. It looks like the relationship between the two is quite serious. Although I felt it before.

“Anyway, trust me now. “I don’t know how many times I’m talking about it.”

Dazar spoke softly.

okay. He has been giving me answers several times now. He said he was not a follower of Ruben.

And it was soothing my anxious mind.

More than anything… … I wanted to believe that too. Maybe that’s why I wanted to check more.

“… … all right. for now.”

“for now… … ? What is the answer? “I tried hard to allay doubts.”

“I don’t think people are easy to trust. “You must be tired. Please rest.”

I jumped up from the sofa. I felt like I spent too much time with him late at night.

It seemed a bit too much for someone who returned after being held captive by the imperial family. While thinking that, I left Dazar’s room.

My steps were heavy when I came in, but now when I leave the door, they feel light. I wonder if my agitated mind has calmed down a little thanks to checking with myself.

I slightly relaxed my fists and started walking down the hallway.

* * *

Bang, the door closed.

Dazar stared at the sofa where Celia had been sitting a moment ago. After the person I was talking to left, there was silence in the room.

‘Was it this quiet?’

She just came and went for a while. My room was eerily quiet. Normally I wouldn’t have been aware of it.

“… … “It’s because he’s so loud.”

Dazar thought that the reason why this silence felt unfamiliar was probably because of Celia Evanroir, who was busy chatting away.

And right then.

“A follower of Ruben.”

A voice came from somewhere along with the sound of laughter. For some time now, a red bird has been sitting on the window.

Dazar’s face crumpled as he recognized the owner of the voice.

“That’s a bit too much.”

The red bird mumbled and flew away, landing on Dazar’s shoulder.

“The man in front of me is even scarier than that.”

Tsk tsk. As the red bird shook his body and laughed, Dazar shook his shoulder with an annoyed look on his face.

Because of this, the red bird, which almost fell to the ground, stumbled and flew up.

It spun around on top of Dazar and continued to giggle.

“It’s funny, it’s funny! After all, it’s fun to be around you.”


Dazar’s eyebrows twitched and the room flashed white light. He used divine magic. The red bird, hit by a beam of light and thrown against the wall, fell to the floor and laughed like crazy. He didn’t seem to have been hit at all.

The red bird quickly flew up and sat on the window sill again, cleaning its wing feathers with its beak.

“I had to be able to hold back my laughter when I saw you talking to that girl like she should take it easy. “She won’t know anything about your lies.”

Dazar said nothing. I was just looking at the empty seat in front of me with slightly sunken eyes.

Because there was nothing wrong. Because there was nothing to refute. He kept his mouth shut.

* * *

I walked slowly down the hallway and patted my sore shoulder. In a situation where there was a high possibility that Axion was Ruben, I couldn’t help but pay close attention to those around me.

ha. The sighs that had increased after visiting the ‘Place of Rest’ were exhaled today as well.

For some reason, my shoulder feels like it hurts. Were his muscles tense?


As I walked, patting my shoulder with my fist, I suddenly heard a low voice behind me.

“Did I lose control of my strength earlier? “Are you sick?”

“uh… … ? Moroccanil?”

I was startled and turned around to find Moroccanil right behind me.

what? There was no one there just a little while ago.

‘Plus, the hallway is straight, so there’s no place to hide.’

I looked at him curiously and asked him.

“Where have you been?”

“… … It was over here, but I guess you couldn’t see it because it was dark. “It seemed like he was thinking deeply.”

“ah… … .”

If he is, then so be it. He has no reason to lie.

Since he was a transcendental person, his presence was difficult to sense, so he seemed to have passed by without seeing him.

I scratched the back of my head and parted my lips.

“sorry. “I guess I overlooked it.”

Then Moroccanil smiled softly and shook his head.

“no. “You may not know.”

As expected, Morokhanil is an angel. Even though the surroundings are dark, it shines brightly.

“But what are you doing here, Moroccanil? “Are you on your way to Dazar?”

This hallway had no particular connection other than the one leading to Dazar’s private room. Moroccanil was silent for a moment and then answered.

“no. “I just came out to look around the mansion for a while.”

“… … “Tonight?”


I blinked. The angel seems to be enjoying a walk at night thanks to his own luminescence.

At that time, Moroccanil made a suggestion.

“If it’s okay with you, can we take a look around the mansion together?”

It seemed like he was talking about guidance.

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

곧 미치는 남주의 엄마입니다
Status: Completed
I thought I was possessed in a novel about farming. Until the male lead, who went crazy because of magic and killed the heroine appeared. “Axion…?” Cheeks like rice cakes, puffy lips & eyes like silver beads. This extraordinary beautiful baby…. “Isn’t this the child My Lady adopted?” My son and the main culprit of the destruction of this world? There was seven years till the male lead killed his (adoptive) mother. I decided to convert the tragedy. Mother wants to live, son! *** ​ The reality of a penniless single mother, first of all, I signed a contract with the hostess’ father using my specialty. Initially, I was just going to make money for milk powder. “Is this ‘rice’? The more you chew, the sweeter it tastes!” “This meal will solve the world’s food shortage!” “This chewy texture! Did you say rice cake? I can’t believe this!” Did I just spread the taste of Korea? It will be perfect if I can stop my baby from going crazy now. “Taming me…is it over now?” “Without you, the world is meaningless.” “Did you want to see me go crazy?” This time, the female protagonist’s father, who was her future in-law, went crazy.


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