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Chapter 81


Rimmer sighed as he watched the trainees return to the village.

“It’s really inflexible.”

He glanced at Burren, who was following right behind Raon.

I thought it was a little more harmful than when I first saw it, but it seemed like it was only for Raon.


The reason why Buren changed was after seeing Raon’s efforts. It was no wonder that she seemed different only to him.

‘Runaan has also changed.’

The child, who used to show little emotion and did not show any signs of it, is now starting to speak and express himself clearly. This change will also have a significant impact on her swordsmanship.

‘And Martha.’

Her eyes also changed noticeably. She seemed greatly moved when she saw Ra-on’s fight and courage.

‘The reason I’m interested in the sword world is probably because I want to catch up with Raon.’

The reason why Marta became interested in the sword world was probably because she wanted to chase after Raon or stand next to him.

Rimmer looked at all the trainees and felt that they had all grown, both physically and mentally.

I felt proud, but my face turned red because I felt sorry for not being able to come on time.

“Okay then… Ugh!”

As I tried to follow the trainees, a sharp pain arose in my lower abdomen.

“shit… .”

He was a master of excessive use of a broken Danjeon and even of practicing sword discipline. It felt like life itself had diminished.

‘The lifespan must have been shortened further.’

Although it was not properly told to the trainees, in order for someone other than Sieghardt to open the sword realm, he would have to sacrifice his life force beyond his physical strength.

Since he was neither young nor in good health, his life expectancy would have been considerably shortened.

‘Well, I have no regrets.’

Because I lived long enough anyway.
I didn’t feel like I had survived since the power outage broke down.

Since I started teaching those children, I felt like I had gained a new life, so my shortened lifespan was not worth it at all.

“after… .”

Rimmer waited for the pain in his heart and dantian to subside before standing up.

The village people were seen bowing their heads to Raon.

“Still, I have to die to see that guy standing on top.”

He chuckled to himself and then disappeared like the wind.

* * *

The protection of Cebu Village and Mount Cebu is the responsibility of Sieghart’s southwest branch.


Sieghardt Southwest Branch Chief Burkas clicked his tongue as he headed toward Cebu Village.


A trainee named Crane came and said that Eden had appeared in Cebu Village.

Raon Sieghardt said he discovered Hong-Eye’s observation, but to be honest, I thought it was bullshit.

In order to become a warrior who can feel Hong-Angui’s gaze, you must be at least an expert intermediate level.

It made no sense for Raon, now 15 years old, to feel that.

“Branch manager. This doesn’t make sense. Do you really need to go? “We investigated everything.”

Deputy Manager Seobian grunted as he stood next to me. He seemed dissatisfied because it was he who inspected Cebu town and Mount Cebu.

“Raon is not the problem. There are Burren, Runaan, and Marta. “If a problem arises between the three of you, our entire branch could lose its head.”
“Wow, just hearing that sounds terrible.”
“Manage your facial expression. must… uh?”

Burkas’ eyes widened when he saw the blood spreading on the road to the village. As I followed the blood flowing like a river, I saw a huge green body.

“Oh, ogre?”

A round and ugly face. A thick body and limbs that look like several layers of logs put together. It was the corpse of an ogre called the king of the forest.

“Oh, why is the ogre here?”
“Two of those too… .”

The branch swordsmen stopped in front of the ogre’s corpse and swallowed dry saliva.

“Uhm… .”

Burkas examined the ogre’s corpse and frowned. A sword strike that instantly cuts to a vital point. It was a master’s sword.

‘I don’t know about Eden, but something happened.’

There was the corpse and blood of a dead ogre, as well as human blood and clothing.

“Raise alert to maximum.”

Burkas’s eyes changed. He ran towards the village, and the branch prosecutors followed him with stern expressions.

They sped up even more when they saw the entrance to the village, which looked like it had been trampled by a giant. As they were about to cross the center of the village, practitioners appeared in front of them.

“you… .”

Burkas was speechless when he saw the trainees at the front.

‘what. This… .’

Raon Sieghardt.
The boy’s frail-looking left arm was as flaccid as a rag, and there were fist-sized holes in his waist and thighs.

However, even in such a serious situation, the child did not moan even once, and his eyes were as clear as looking at a lake at night.

A powerful force conveyed even when injured.
I felt like I was encountering an experienced prosecutor who had achieved many accomplishments and built up a reputation.

“This is Raon Sieghardt, the 5th training center’s chief trainee.”

Raon was polite and polite.

“Oh, well, yes. What happened? Have the Eden guys really appeared?”

Burkas was taken aback by Raon’s sincere energy and stuttered.

“That’s right.”

After saying that, he threw two helmets at his feet.
It was a green demon’s helmet with the head of an orc warrior engraved on it, and a radiant demon’s helmet with the head of an ogre engraved on it.

“And, a bright-blooded demon and a green demon? “Gee, the real Eden has appeared?”
“We caught the green demon, but the instructor caught the glowing blood demon.”
“This is Instructor Rimmer.”
“ah… .”

The Gwanghyeogwi is a warrior who has clearly become a master. I was surprised that Rimer, whose Danjeon was broken, caught that guy.

“As expected of an amazing person… Oh, wait!”

Burkas gaped. I have finally heard something more surprising than Rimmer catching the Glorious Demon.

“You said you caught the green demon?”

Raon nodded with calm eyes.

“Uh, how? “How can you catch a green demon?”

It is surprising that Rimmer caught the Glorious Demon, but it is truly absurd that the trainees caught the Green Demon and the Green Demon.

“Good catch.”
“Now, tell me in detail!”
“Well, that guy in the back will tell you better. “I need to treat some injuries.”
“Oh yeah. “That’s how it should be.”

Burkas nodded. Raon’s injury was definitely serious. So much so that an ordinary person would cry and make a fuss.

“Sobian. “Please heal Raon.”
“Oh, yes.”

Seobian, deputy manager and therapist, stood blankly and followed Raon.

“So what happened here? “Tell me everything without leaving anything out.”
“You may believe it or not, but… .”

Burren told Burkas everything that happened here, without the slightest exaggeration or understatement.

“Now that makes sense…” .”

Burkas’ voice was thick and bouncy. Hearing a story that didn’t even seem like words, his voice became choked up.

“But it’s true.”

All of the trainees, including Burren, Runaan, and Marta, nodded.

“her… .”

It’s absurd.

‘You grabbed the green demon by the back, cut off his arm, and eventually decapitated him?’

This is surprising enough. But what I heard afterward was nothing but astonishment.

‘I can’t believe I lasted nearly 10 minutes from the mad blood demon… .’

Burren said that Raon made everyone run away and held on to the Gwangbore until Rimmer appeared.

It is said that a 15-year-old trainee who had not yet obtained the qualifications to become a swordsman shared a sword with the master, a mad blood demon. I was so dumbfounded that my head was pounding.

“Whoa… .”

Burkas sighed and looked at the trainees. Eyes that don’t waver at all. Everything they said was true.

I turned around and looked at the house Raon entered.


I swallowed the dry saliva. Even Glenn, the current head of Sieghart’s family, would not be able to deal with a madblood demon at the age of 15.

‘monster… .’

All I could think of were those two words. Raon Sieghardt was a monster beyond the concept of a genius.

* * *

“Okay, then let’s go.”

A man named Seobian, who introduced himself as the deputy manager, stood up after wrapping medicine and bandages all over his body.

“thank you.”
“Oh no, no.”

He waved his hand and went out.

“ha… .”

Raon endured the pain and leaned his back against the wall.

‘It feels like I’m dreaming.’

I still couldn’t believe that I was able to cut down the green demon and survive the mad blood demon with this body that still had problems.

‘I was lucky.’

When cutting down the green demon, he was able to gain the upper hand thanks to the attention of the trainees, and based on his growth, he was able to withstand the battle with the mad blood demon.

If it had been just a little bit short, both sides’ lives would have been in danger.

‘Instead, I was able to grow again.’

Raon clenched his fists. During a difficult fight with a mad blood demon, his abilities, experience, and rank all increased.

The difference between the person I was before coming to Cebu Village and the person I am now is at the level of heaven and earth.

Now, he had definitely reached the lower level of Sword Expert.

‘After all, you can’t become strong without going through hardships.’

I have felt this since my past life, but it seems that opportunities come only after going through waves of crisis.

‘There… .’

Raon grinned and shook the ice flower bracelet that contained Lars.

“Thanks to you, I was able to grow once more.”
-Okay… .”

A blue flame burned from the ice flower and Ras rose up.

– King Bon has never made such a poor bet. You couldn’t kill that ignorant bastard wearing an ogre helmet!
“That’s not it.”

Raon shook his head.

“The bet between you and me was the death of a mad blood demon. In other words, it didn’t matter who took it down.”
-Ugh, damn it!

Lars’ anger rose. The guy lamented that the situation was urgent and he didn’t bet properly.

‘hmm… .’

Raon frowned instead of teasing Lars like usual. Unlike usual, the boy’s emotions touched his heart more deeply.

‘Is it because I was angry?’

Because I received Lars’ anger, I felt like I could feel his emotions better.

‘It’s more dangerous than expected.’

I only received 10 rage, but the aftereffects were significant. It seemed like I had to be very careful when signing a contract with this guy.

“Let me check again.”

Raon raised his voice and recalled a past message as if it was no big deal.

[You have won the bet with .]
[All abilities increase by 3 points.]
[You have won your fourth victory over Wrath.]
[Additional abilities increase due to the effect of 4 consecutive wins.]
[Strength increases by 1 point.]
[Agility increases by 2 points.]
[Spirit increases by 1 point.]

It rose to an extra point, like when you won your third bet. It was a generous reward.


Raon clenched his fists. As his abilities rose simultaneously, he felt his muscles, which had lost strength to the point of futility, coming back to life.

-I wasn’t making this damn bet!

Lars shouted that it was a trick and covered the entire room with cold.

“You know that. “There are still some left.”

[The trait of is created as the second reward of the bet.]
[The characteristics have been determined.]
[The trait is created for you.]

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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