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Chapter 80

“prison? “Why am I in jail?”

“Well, you were captured by Moroccanil at that time.”

“what? “Who gets caught?”

Dazar shouted angrily, but it was not threatening at all. Why are there flies flying around?

I completely ignored Dazar and let go of Moroccanil’s neck and patted him on the shoulder.

“Thank you for saving me. If it wasn’t for Morokanil, I would have fallen flat on the floor. “Can you please put me down now?”

“… … All right.”

Moroccanil was silent for a moment, probably still worried about me, and then quietly followed my instructions.

I was about to say thank you again after seeing him carefully drop me off.

Vanilla’s angry voice rang out.

“Don’t look at Celia! Noma the thief! “Silianun is Sion’s!”

I had forgotten for a moment, but Vanilla was still hitting Moroccanil’s knees with both hands.

“… … “It looks like this little girl is Dazar’s daughter, Miss Vanilla Siaster.”

“joy! “Silianun, turn off Zion, turn off Vanilla!”

Vanilla, who confidently shouted out whether or not Moroccanil recognized her, glared at Moroccanil and continued speaking.

“And it’s Sylianun Dazar’s!”

… … huh?

Why am I that damn in-law… …

The corners of my lips twitched at Vanilla’s lightning-quick words. I had a feeling that Dazar would soon throw a tantrum with his unlucky voice.


“She is not Dazar’s.”

The person who coldly objected to Vanilla’s words was Moroccanil, not Dazar.

“I don’t know why. Why did you think such a ridiculous idea? “Miss Vanilla Siaster.”

“right… … .”

Moroccanil’s voice was as cold as ice, wondering where he had abandoned his usual angelic kindness.

“hey. What are you talking about to a child? “Vanilla, come here.”

Rather, Dazar quickly approached Vanilla and picked up the child, looking like an angel.

Are my eyes wrong? No, are my ears rotten?

Why does Dazar look so nice all of a sudden?

“Dazar. Even if the child is still a child, he or she must be strictly taught to avoid saying things that may be rude to others. “No matter how carefree you may be in this life.”

However, Dazar countered without any sign of surprise, as if he was familiar with Moroccanil’s appearance like that.

“huh. None of your business.”

When I saw Dazar bounce off Moroccanil’s long, serious words with a short sentence, I suddenly remembered my childhood.

‘huh. reflect.’

If you cover your ears and say “I can’t hear you, I can’t hear you” over and over again, you can raise the other person’s blood pressure endlessly.

Moroccanil also seemed to feel a reflex attack, as his cheek twitched slightly.

“… … “You really,”

That was when Morokanil’s eyes lit up with a growling voice.

“Come on, everyone. “I’ll stop here.”

I clapped my hands and separated the two. This was to prevent a confrontation between the two.

“I know you two get along well. It’s winter now. “It’s cold for kids.”

As I got down to the floor, Axion waddled over and wrapped his arms around my knees. There was snot running down his nose.

The two men fell silent and closed their eyes at my words.

“… … .”

“… … .”

Then, Dazar was the first to come to his senses.

“ah. That’s right. Vanilla, isn’t it cold? Let’s go in. “You too, come in quickly.”

He covered Vanilla with the cloak that Dazar was wearing, then looked at me and nodded.

I was the one who asked to go in, so without saying anything, I picked up Axion and followed him.

As I moved, Moroccanil also started following me.

“Why are you coming?”

It was pointed out to Dazar right away.

“Didn’t Dazar bring you here as a guest?”

“What kind of guest is this? “I never invited that guy.”

“… … “Then why did Morokanil come here?”

It was Moroccanil, not Dazar, who answered my question.

“I came to Siasterga as a watchdog for Dazar. We will be together from now on. “Celia.”

“… … yes?”

Dazar’s surveillance station?

* * *

Vanilla pursed her lips.

“Why did you bring Chimipja with me?”

“Oh my, Vanilla, your horns have grown strong. “If you are a bad intruder, do you mean Moroccanil, who came with us?”

Carl, who was folding Axion’s spacesuit next to Vanilla, laughed out loud.

Vanilla sat next to him and took a sip of warm milk, puffing out her cheeks.

“It’s not Moroka. “I hate you!”

“That’s right, that’s right. “Vanilla, everything you said is correct.”

“joy! “Chimipja is trying to take away our Celia.”

When Carl agreed, Vanilla quickly started reaching for Moroccanil.

Without stopping to fold his spacesuit, Carl opened his eyes and spoke in an exaggerated voice.

“No, you mean you did such a bad thing?”

“yes! Look at Zion too. Really? Zion?”


Axion, who was sitting on the sofa and playing with his hands, nodded as if it was correct. Vanilla said, ‘Am I right?’ I looked at the knife with those eyes.

Carl looked at the tip of Vanilla’s nose, which was so high in the sky, and felt like he was about to burst into laughter, but he managed to hold it back.

He said that Cilia once said that she would make the world’s best fertilizer and did all kinds of things… … He was the strongest butler who did not run away even when they mixed up Celia because she thought she would get hurt.

“I see. “You seem like a very bad person!”

Carl knew that Morokhanil couldn’t be a bad person because he was a transcendent, but he did his best to agree with Vanilla’s words.

My two cheeks, which had been swollen like a toad’s cheeks, sank a little.

“Wow. Trying to interfere between us! Dazar is also pale. “Celia is ours.”

“… … Hmm. Are you saying that Duke Siaster also hates Moroccanil?”



“of course… … .”

Vanilla shouted boldly.

“Of course, we are family with Silianun Dazar! Family belongs to each other! “Because you’re a bastard, it’s Ciliaunn Dazar!”

“… … .”

If Celia had heard it, she would have let out an incredulous sigh and then laughed in shock. Celia was not here now.

Instead, Viscount Evan Roar’s long-time butler, Karl, is with him.

“Okay, family is good. “I’m sure Celia is very happy to become a family with Vanilla, Dazar, and Axion.”

As expected of Evan Loir’s butler, he passed the knife off as if it was no big deal and laughed. Vanilla smiled and waved her feet when told that Celia and Shion were her family.

Just thinking about the word family made me excited.

I think I hated the word family in the past. She got better precisely from the time Celia started playing with her.

“Shion. Let us protect Celia! “We are family, so we have to protect Celia!”


“If Celia is not there, my sister will protect Zion!”


When Karl spread his shoulders wide and patted his chest, he unconsciously smiled like a grandfather.

Meanwhile, Vanilla thought.

‘Let’s destroy that Chimipja!’

Karl, who had no idea what thoughts were going through Vanilla’s little head, smiled emptyly and looked at the two children with loving eyes.

When the two of you are together, your loveliness makes my heart ache.

Thinking like that.

* * *

“So, Moroccanil is your watcher?”

“… … okay. That’s right. “How many times do I have to say it?”

Dazar, who returned from the clothes he wore when he went to the imperial palace to his usual roomy clothes, smelled good, as if he had just washed them.

I’m a little annoyed because someone who might be Ruben’s follower smells nice.

“Hmm. So, are you really saying that you might be a follower of Ruben?”

“What makes you conclude that that guy is my watcher?”

“I was very suspicious, so the same transcendental person came as a monitor.”

“her. “Don’t you think I’m in a very unfair situation?”

Dazar let out a laugh and crossed his feet.

When we returned to the mansion with the children earlier, we first dispersed to our respective rooms.

Moroccanil had announced that he would be staying in the guest room on the same floor as Dazar’s room, and would be unpacking there.

As soon as I left Axion and Vanilla with Carl, I rushed into Dazar’s bedroom.

‘You really… … ‘I’m not afraid.’

He must have known that I was running towards my bedroom through the spirit of the transcendent. Dazar grumbled, shaking out his wet hair.

‘But I don’t know what to do if I’m naked.’

Of course, I accepted it proudly.

‘Then what? Am I embarrassed? ‘That’s a shame.’

‘… … ‘I really think so, so I can’t answer.’

I brought up the main topic to Dazar, who was shaking his head.

“So you’re a follower of Ruben, aren’t you? “Be honest.”

Dazar looked at me with strange eyes.

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

곧 미치는 남주의 엄마입니다
Status: Completed
I thought I was possessed in a novel about farming. Until the male lead, who went crazy because of magic and killed the heroine appeared. “Axion…?” Cheeks like rice cakes, puffy lips & eyes like silver beads. This extraordinary beautiful baby…. “Isn’t this the child My Lady adopted?” My son and the main culprit of the destruction of this world? There was seven years till the male lead killed his (adoptive) mother. I decided to convert the tragedy. Mother wants to live, son! *** ​ The reality of a penniless single mother, first of all, I signed a contract with the hostess’ father using my specialty. Initially, I was just going to make money for milk powder. “Is this ‘rice’? The more you chew, the sweeter it tastes!” “This meal will solve the world’s food shortage!” “This chewy texture! Did you say rice cake? I can’t believe this!” Did I just spread the taste of Korea? It will be perfect if I can stop my baby from going crazy now. “Taming me…is it over now?” “Without you, the world is meaningless.” “Did you want to see me go crazy?” This time, the female protagonist’s father, who was her future in-law, went crazy.


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