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Chapter 736

Whoo! Whoosh.

A river-like history flows through the body.

The cleanest, cleanest history in the world flowed through the tachycardia and then spread to the tachycardia, finally beginning to fill it with no trace of the entire body.


Breathe in, breathe out.

Ungitonab is a process of accepting outside air through breathing and converting it into a bet suitable for one’s ignorance.

The history of filling Chung-Myung’s body jumped on the flow of self-assisted balls and swung around the body. The fresh energy of the meat and fresh air absorbed into the mix and small groups.

Although it has been constantly purified so far, it has not yet been completely mixed up, and the energy that had been divided into three parts has begun to be absorbed into the flow of Zaha.

At first, it was the same flow as a small stream.

However, it was so clear and pure that just flowing through the body seemed to purify all the table tennis of the body and lead Chung-Myung to a higher level.

One more round. One more round.

Every time a history runs through the body, the stream swells more and more. Soon, the energy that turned into a big river flowed out.

This purple river will grow even bigger in the future. One day it will be a great prawn, and one day it will be a great sea. Within the bell, it will spread throughout the world like a purple sunset that paints the sky.


Finally, Chung-Myung, who finished the construction, breathed deeply. His expression as he stole his sweaty face was slightly strange.

“This is…… it’s amazing.

He glanced upwards.

“No, you’ve been learning this good thing all this time? Where did you sell your conscience?”

Hey, you son of a b*tc*! I’ll teach you! Oh, my God.…!

“Oh, it’s noisy.

Chung-Myung, who stirred his hands, fell into thought with his chin on his back.

I should have just mastered it.

The self-destructor is certainly great.

It is a new technology that can produce at least half as much efficiency as the self-deprecation, which has given him the dignity of censorship in the past. It was definitely worth a look at the world’s most advanced position.

Although Shaolin’s Yeokgeun Segyeong, Shudang’s Sangcheong Taegeuksin, and Yangyangmuksingongsin fight against the world, it was clear that this self-confidence would never be inferior to those of the two clans.

“Yes, the problem is…….”

Chung-Myung scratched his head and sighed deeply.

Every learning has its own characteristics.

This is all too natural. The deity representing a literary group is bound to bear the characteristics best suited to the martial arts of the literary group.

Naturally, the self-inflicted craft is also the most suitable form for Hwasan’s martial arts. It could be at least half as strong as a self-inflicted ball just by changing the craft that the Hwasan disciples are learning. Regardless of its proficiency.

That’s how much self-studying was great ignorance. It made me wonder if I could solve these powerful skills without limitation.

The problem was with Chung-Myung, not Jahan Gong.

“Oh, that’s too bad.”

Chung-Myung’s inner space consists of the clearest energy in the world. Although it is not completely clean yet because it has not combined all the energy of the self-help group and the marriage group, it is still steadily increasing the amount of the clearest history.

You’re going to bring all this history to your own credit?

“You’ll be incredibly strong right now.”

It will be able to consolidate the history that cannot be mixed together and make full use of it. In addition, it is not necessary to explain the efficiency as it will be able to operate the history as a self-assisted ball.However, if that happens, the color will inevitably seep into Chung-Myung’s history. This means that his history, which has the characteristic of cleanliness, will inevitably become normal for a certain period of time.

“Ugh… Is this how it works?”

So far, there has been no problem.

It’s not complicated, such as plum blossoms, chilsung, and meat mixers. Chung-Myung was able to press it. As a result, Chung-Myung was able to maintain the characteristics of Chung-Myung’s history while operating such new technologies.

However, the self-inflicted ball is different from those of the uneducated. No matter how hard Chung-Myung is, it is hard to maintain the strength and purity of his history at the same time. In the end, he had no choice but to choose.

“What should I do?”

Chung-Myung was in agony with his chin on his back.

If he continues to increase the quality of self-harmony, he will someday be colored with the color of self-harmony.

Of course that’s not bad either. In the past, Chung-Myung gained the nickname of Maehwa Inspection during the self-lowering period, and rose to the position of the real world’s first sword. Considering the self-confidence, experience so far, and the enormous accumulation of foundations that cannot be compared to before, it can be twice as strong as in the past.

Twice as much as the plum screening.

It’s an unimaginable state for Chung-Myung to befor. It was clear evidence that what has been done since birth was born again was not wrong. So it would be perfectly acceptable to say that it is a satisfactory outcome.

It’s just…

“But the problem is that you can’t beat Heavenly Demon.”

Chung-Myung’s face is distorted.

The son of a b*tc* was the root of all the trouble. Twice as strong can’t beat Heavenly Demon. Because he’s not human.

How do you do it?’

If you just learn the ball, you can be more stable. This is a bottom-up job. No matter how wrong it is Even if you do, you will be stronger than twice as much as you did in the past, and depending on your efforts, you can aim for more than that.

But… what if he moves in a way that can bring back all the characteristics of his career?

In fact, it is a matter of removing the floor.

If you do so, you will lose all the merits of the self-assisted ball. If he is unlucky, he may not be able to get back to what he has reached in the past. It’s the law of broken martial arts.


“As long as we succeed…….”

It’s literally a dream stage.

It may be a clue to catch the shadow of Heavenly Demon, who was so distant that he couldn’t even dare to look.

“Well, it’s either awesome or disgraceful.….”

Chung-Myung ruffled his messy hair with an irritating touch.

“Oh, d*mn it! What’s so complicated? If you have a good martial arts, you just have to cook it and count it. Why do you have so much to think about?”

Chung-Myung, who had been bothering his hair to pull out his hair, soon moved on to the side as he turned his cross-legged.



Lying on his side with his arms folded, Chung-Myung grinned as he watched Ho Gong blankly.

“I’ve grown up a lot, too.

I can’t believe you described twice the plum inspection as a disgrace.

“If only I was twice as strong in the old days…….”

Then Hwasan may not have fallen. I could have saved the death penalty a little more, and Chung-Myung probably wouldn’t have died either.

If so, Hwasan would have been the world’s most powerful gate beyond Shaolin based on his reputation for blocking that Heavenly Demon and the power of Chung-Myung, the world’s most powerful sword.Yeah… That’s not a bad result either.


Chung-Myung, who was blankly drawing the scene, laughed bitterly.

“That can’t be it.”

Death in moderation and survive in moderation, and only the rest of us will be honored? Who in the world would be happy with such a half-glory?

This time, I won’t miss a single grain.

The sand in your hand has no choice but to slip through your fingers?

That’s ridiculous!

If you can’t block it with your hands, you can wrap it with a cloth. If not, those who came into his hands would not let go, even if they had to put mud on them.

“What can I do?”

Then you have to overdo it.

Chung-Myung turned his eyes slightly and looked at the budding mound.

“Why? Do you think it’s crazy?”

The answer was not heard.

“I wouldn’t do this if it were in the past. It’s not gambling. You have to build it up steadily.”

If any of Hwasan’s disciples, other than him, had made this choice, he would have broken his head on the spot.

“But…… I can do it now.”

Chung-Myung captured the scene of the Hwasan faction.

It will be slower than learning the ball right now. But if time goes by, we can go further. And the part he didn’t fill because he couldn’t be stronger…….

His eyes turned to Hawasan’s disciples sweating in the Great Pond. There was no laxity in the movements of those who trained even though no one came forward and scolded them.

A light smile flashed around Chung-Myung’s mouth.

“…They’ll fill in the parts I didn’t fill. It’s a little unreliable, but it’ll do that.”

It looks a thousand times better than the old death penalty.

“What the f*ck?”

Chung-Myung kicked up the mound, lifted his foot, and then slipped back down.

“Yeah, well, that’s not wrong.”

Chung-Myung sat straight again.

In the past, he did not believe in the death penalty.

Never once did I think they’d replace what they couldn’t do. The death penalty was for him, not for him.

But Chung-Myung is different now. It can be entrusted to the current death penalty, which is incomparably weaker than the celadon ships of the past.


His determination is young in both eyes.

“Let’s give it a try. Will there be ghosts or monsters?”

Chung-Myung slowly began to look inside himself.

The foundation is a self-inflicted ball.

He has already transformed plum blossom screening into his own interpretation and delivered it to Hwasan. But this is a different matter from that.

Unlike plum blossoms, this should be nothing but for Chung-Myung.

Other HWASAN’s disciples cannot and should not be mastered.

As Chung Jin said, a new technology for only Chung-Myung, which will not be delivered to future generations.

To name it, Zaha Chung-Myung Shin Gong…….’

– No! – No!

Don’t do that! You son of a b*tc*!

“Wow, man.”

No, you’re saying something. What’s important about names?

‘……it was a bit cringy, to be honest.’

Let’s decide the name later.

Chung-Myung took a deep breath.

‘It’s not something that’s going to happen if you just make it up.’

The damage that should be done right now should be minimized and the possibility of spreading should be widened as much as possible.You don’t have to walk on a perfectly set path. Tomorrow’s Chung-Myung will be stronger and better than today’s Chung-Myung.

So Shin Gong should grow up with Chung-Myung.

‘Don’t try to be perfect.’

Perfection is like a lack of possibility. What he had to choose was not immediate perfection, but an infinite future.

Slowly sinks into the inner side.

Quietly and quietly.

His shoulders, which slowly began to assimilate with nature, sank the busy birds and rested their tired wings.

Chung-Myung’s closed eyes never opened again until the sun rose in the middle of the sky and the red sunset set again, and the dark night colored the world.


The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung.
Status: Ongoing Type: , , , , , , Author: Artist:
The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect


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