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Chapter 72

“What are those bugs?”

A man wearing Orc warrior armor let out a growling voice like an animal. His gaze caught Buren and Runan running down the hill to Cebu Village.

“Ji, these are Sieghardt’s trainees.”

A red-eyed demon wearing a mask with drawn eyes bowed down and answered.

“You must have said that those bastards went back?”

The man’s voice was full of life. It was different from the cool and calm voice he had shown so far.

“Boo, it definitely went back. I came back after checking… .”
“Then it must mean that one of those guys noticed what you were doing. “You idiot!”

The man raised his foot and struck the masked person on the shoulder.


Even though one of his shoulders was crushed, the masked man only let out a soft groan and did not move.


The man clicked his tongue roughly and stood up from the rock.

Sieghardt’s trainees had already arrived in the village and were running toward the collapsing fence.

“Is it those two?”

The man let out a shaky breath when he saw Runaan and Burren, who had cut down the orc that was destroying the fence in one go.

“Oh, probably not. “There was one girl with black hair who was better than both of them.”
“Where is she?”
“Seeing as I can’t see any more, I think he’s probably hiding and watching.”
“Hmm… .”

A man wearing Orc warrior armor crossed his arms and looked down at the village.

“You fight well.”

Sieghart’s trainees drew a line as if forming a camp and cut down all the orcs that crossed the fence.

“Those guys can’t break through.”

He saw the masked person behind him and gestured.

“Send the green demons.”
“yes? Sieghart said he wouldn’t touch it… .”
“Do you think those who noticed you just came back? He must have sent a request for support to the branch. It’s already too late to catch him. “It’s best to end this as quickly as possible, burn everything, and then get out of here.”
“… All right.”

The masked man lowered his head and disappeared into the shadows.

“Hmm… .”

The man turned his wrist and went down the mountain. A smile appeared on his small mouth.

“You came back even though I saved your life. It seems your luck ended with being chosen by Sieghart.”

* * *


Burren cut the charging orc to pieces and jumped over the half-remaining wooden fence.

“Stand in front of the fence! “The moment the orcs cross the fence, people become dangerous!”

The practitioners from the collateral world responded loudly and camped in front of the wooden fence.


Buren turned his head at the cool chill spreading from the left.

It’s Runaan. The frost that had settled on the sword was spreading on the floor, hindering the movement of the orcs.


The orcs were unable to move due to the cold spray in the air and fell down, spraying blood.


Runan was always right next to Raon, but it was unexpected that she came all the way here instead of following his opinion.

‘I’m glad though.’

The number of orcs was just numbers, but their ferocity and strength were on a different level from those we faced yesterday.

If it weren’t for Runan and the trainees from the vassal family, the fence would have completely collapsed, causing great damage to the village.

“Do not be attacked directly by the orcs! “After spilling, counterattack!”

Burren gave appropriate instructions and continued cutting down the orcs. Because he had commanded once, it was not difficult for him to give instructions appropriate to the situation.

‘If it continues like this, it won’t be difficult to stop it.’

Even if the orcs have been strengthened, the trainees have experience fighting against them, so they can sufficiently defend themselves.

‘but… .’

If Eden is truly as Raon said, it will not end like this. clearly… .


While Burren was thinking about the next day, the forest in front of the village began to move.

‘No, not the forest.’

Monsters covered in green hoods came out of the forest. Even at a rough count, the number was over forty.

“It’s green!”

Burren screamed and gripped his sword tightly.

‘Damn it! It was a real Eden.’

Nokwi was a low-level warrior from Eden and had the characteristics of orcs, goblins, and kobolds.


Burren raised the Aurors to their peak and called out Runaan.

“We will fight in front. “Please help me from behind!”

Unlike usual, Runaan responded immediately, creating thicker cold air with her sword and spraying it at the approaching green demons.

bang! Quang!

The green demons lifted the axes they had on their backs and belts and struck them at the trainees.

“Let go of the attack!”

Burren deflected the hail of axes with his sword and then cut off the Nokwi’s head.


The sensation of human flesh being split gave me goosebumps, but I suppressed them by chewing my lips.

“Don’t think of them as humans! “Blow off the head in one go!”

Even in the midst of his embarrassment, Burren was able to properly utilize Sieghardt’s swordsmanship techniques. He advanced with sharp sword strikes.


Runaan scattered frost on his sword towards Buren and the trainees who were moving forward.


The cold air passed by them and fell on the deer’s head.


The green demons’ clothes and skin froze and their movements began to slow down.

“Now! charge!”

Buren didn’t just give orders, he jumped in first and began cutting down the deer demons.

“can win!”

Even as I said those words, my heart ached. There were still many green demons left, and the trainees were getting tired.

There… .

Peeing! Whi profit!

The green demons with the characteristics of goblins and kobolds did not approach, but began throwing poisonous needles or spraying poisonous fog from behind.

“Close your mouth!”

Burren pulled up his clothes, covered his nose and mouth, and swatted away the poisonous stings thrown by the deer.

“Fuck it!”

There were many green demons throwing poisonous needles, and many more were approaching, so the practitioners began to retreat one by one.

“Ugh… .”

Burren let out a rough breath. With his breathing stopped, I knocked off his stinger and fought, making his head dizzy.


I glanced at the sound of Runaan cheering. She was spreading out a chill and pressing on her green demon, but the fact that she came forward meant that the worst was possible.


The green demons were cunning. The moment Runaan’s cold spread, he stepped back and threw a poisonous needle and a poison bullet.


The limbs of the trainees who inhaled poison bullets start shaking.

“Hold on! yet… .”

The words “Bertie” that came out of his mouth sounded empty. His arms become weak and his legs shake.

‘If things continue like this… .’

I can’t last long. As the word annihilation rang through my mind, a huge energy surged from the left.


The yellow aura rushed in like a gale and swept away the green demons who were throwing poisonous needles and bullets.


The dust settled, revealing the person who had destroyed the green demons.

“Martha… .”

Almost ten green demons all collapsed, and Martha Sieghardt stood alone.

“Kill them all!”

Under Martha’s instructions, the trainees who remained by Laon’s side jumped into the battlefield.

“Ji, now! “Wipe it all away!”

Burren gritted his teeth and tightened his grip on his sword. Although he and his disciples were intoxicated by the poisonous dance, he could not miss this opportunity.


When Marta struck down the sword filled with aura, the axes and swords of the green demons crumbled.

‘It’s perfect timing.

Thanks to her surprise attack at the right moment, the green demons were swept away without even having a chance to counterattack.

‘it’s okay!’

Raon was still not visible, but Seunggi was visible.

“Don’t miss a single one!”

Buren gritted his teeth and ran towards the retreating green demons.

“to the end… uh?”

He chased him all the way to Mt. Cebu and was about to swing his sword, but stopped with his neck hunched over.

“W-what… .”

Something was moving in the red mist that seemed to cover the entire forest.


The sound of dry swallowing was heard from behind.


A monster wearing green armor with bulging muscles appeared.

A cross scar appeared on his forehead, and the buck teeth around his mouth were round and curled up to the tip of his nose, which was the helmet of an Orc warrior.

Buren’s hand holding the sword trembled.

“Oh, the orc warrior’s armor! “Green devil!”

Green Demon was one of Eden’s lower-ranking executives and was a monster that inherited the power of an Orc fighter in a human body.

“W-stand back!”

Burren stepped back, his hand holding the sword shaking. His hands and feet shook from that terrifying energy.

“ah… .”

Runan also couldn’t hide her trembling eyes.


Martha, on the other hand, ate her food. Eyes that look like they might pounce at any moment. But she also knew that she was not good enough on her own.

“You’re bothering me.”

The green demon’s mouth opened. It was a murderous growl as if he were a true orc fighter.

“I gave you a chance to have a little fun, but you threw it on the floor. That’s just stupid.”

He grabbed the double axes he was carrying on his back. An overwhelming, breathtaking energy wave swept over the trainees.

Red energy burning above the axe. It was a speculation that only mid-to-high level monsters would be used. Eden’s executives were all able to use speculation.


The trainees could barely stand, chewing their lips.

‘If it weren’t for that training, I would have collapsed a long time ago.’

Burren scratched his palm with his fingernails. If Rimmer hadn’t trained him to gain strength, he would have been on his knees waiting for death.

“To be able to withstand my strength despite being a trainee, I am worthy of the name Sieghart.”

Green Demon grinned.

“But it’s stupid. “The reason you are dying is because you stepped forward without knowing your own abilities.”
“Uhm… .”

Raon’s warning came to Buren’s mind.

“You’ll have to try it to find out. “You disgusting bastard!”

Martha grinned and came forward. She held her hand back and made a hand signal to Runaan and Buren.

Three seconds later, the two people’s eyes glowed brightly at the hand signal to attack at the same time.

“No matter what you do, it is of no use.”
“Because it stinks from the snout. shut up!”

Marta charged in from the center, while Burren and Runaan infiltrated from the left and right.

“Would it be okay if three people got together?”

Nokjeongwi swung the ax he was holding sideways. A heavy speculation swept through the space along with the terrifying wind pressure.


Buren’s sword broke, Lunan bounced, and Marta fell to her knees. What happened with just one move. The status of the three people and the green demon was completely different.

“iced coffee… .”
“Um, those three aren’t enough?”
“Then how…” .”
“What about Raon? “Where is that guy!”
“Well, he probably ran away. “Why would I come after seeing that!”

A light of despair appeared in the trainees’ eyes. Those three, who couldn’t win even if they all attacked, were defeated in one move, so there was no way out.

Still, I couldn’t run away. I couldn’t even breathe properly, let alone move, due to the deadly poison spread by the green ghost.

“Did you think we just let you go because you guys were strong?”

The green demon walked forward with even more intense anger.

“You are just caterpillars climbing a huge tree called Sieghart. “Did you think anything could happen to a subject who had no ability, no power, and no mental strength?”

With each step he took, a fire filled with speculation burned on the floor.

“ah… .”
“Off… .”

Burren grabbed the broken sword, and Runaan stood up, her arms shaking.

“Fuck it!”

Martha hasn’t lost her fighting spirit yet. He gritted his teeth and pulled the Auror up.

“Out of all this trash, you are the best.”

The green demon approached Martha, who was in front.

“Well, I was able to recognize his gaze.”

He purred and stood in front of Martha.

“eww… .”

Marta trembled, biting her lip, not yet able to relax from the orc warrior’s armor.

“Since this is the case anyway, it would be right to trample all of Sieghart’s buds.”

Nokjeon-gwi raised his double-edged ax and smiled murderously.

“Stop dying.”

Marta opened her eyes wide. Just as Nokjeon-gwi was about to strike down her axe, a black shadow appeared behind him.

Raon Sieghardt.
He, who had not been seen until the end, slashed his sword with his red eyes shining.

“no. “You die.”

Raon’s sword, engulfed in red flames, raced towards the neck of the Green Demon.

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