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Chapter 696

Gangseo Castle Namchang.

Namchang, the representative city of Kangseo, is not that big compared to other cities representing other castles.

Namchang is a place where its reputation is somewhat ambiguous compared to the infinite of the northernmost province, the Hangju of the Jeol River located on the right, and the combined ratio of Anhui.

But even so, the saints are saints. People were coming and going in the busy streets of Namchang again today.

And it was the same for Baekhakru, the largest base in Namchang.

Those who filled the top floor of Baekhakru were drunk and busy talking about something. Although it is separated from Hanam, which is the center of the central region, the most talked about by them here was the Chun U-men.


A man spat with a fiery face and explained something.

“And Hwasan is walking in! Kha, that’s really!


“How was it?”

Those sitting around listened to the man with their eyes shining.

The man who sat in front of them now went all the way to the far island and saw the opening ceremony of Chun Woo-men with his eyes. Attention is bound to be paid to every word.

“I don’t know if it’s because I’m from the middle ground, but I’m sure something’s different. Should I say that I feel dignity?”

“Hey, man! No matter how popular Hwasan is these days, is it comparable to the North Sea Ice Palace or the South Bay Beast Palace, which are members of Saeoeuo Palace? I heard there was even a Sichundanga!”

“Oh, my God! Tsk! Tsk! Were you there?”

“…That’s not it.”

“If you haven’t seen it with your eyes, don’t tell me! Where were you dealing with Hwasan until I got there?”


The person in front of them, or Jinpyeong, was the one who usually devalued Hwasan. Hasn’t it been a habit to say that no matter how long Hwasan flies, he won’t even end up in the old file room, and he’ll end up in that kind of doorstep?

“You can’t tell if you don’t see it with your eyes.”

“How great was it…….”

“The rumor that’s been circulating in the powerhouse hasn’t even half expressed Hwasan! You people, think about it. Like you said, Sichundangga, Bukhae Ice Palace, and Namman Beast Palace are ordinary gatekeepers?”

“That’s right.”

“Would such a clique give up the seat of the blind without thinking and recognize him as a heavenly leader?”

“Well, it turns out…….”

A person who was speaking with a high voice took the glass and poured it into his mouth.

“Wow! I’m thirsty!”

Then he grabbed the bottle. But it was empty without any alcohol left. He frowned a little awkwardly.

Then, before he could say anything, he quickly ordered an additional drink.

“Jumbo boy! Hey, jumbo boy! What are you doing? Hurry up and get a drink! A good one! And a proper cold salad!”

“Yay! Yay! I’m on my way!”

It was not until the new drink came that the man filled his glass with a satisfied face and opened his mouth again.

“Anyway, if you had seen Hwasan with your eyes on the island, you would have agreed with me. Hwasan is a greater moon father than I thought. Of course, there’s a bit of a shortage of heads, but if that was a problem, Hwasan’s reputation wouldn’t have penetrated the sky like it is now.”

“There you go, there you go.”

“Hwasan is already the loser of the island, but I don’t think he’s going to stop there. We’ll see, because with Chun Woo-meng, Hwasan will have wings! It’s not long before Hwasan is called a greater gatekeeper than that old file room.””Oh…, so.”

“Hagi, if you listen to the buzz, that’s not all that nonsense. Isn’t it said that even Jang Nilso of the international community visited Hwasan to keep him in check?”

“That’s great, Jang Nilso.….”

Those sitting at the surrounding table were now all listening to their conversations.

Some people were just listening to save face, while others were openly interested in turning their chairs.


Then one of the people who was listening silently opened his mouth.

“There must have been guests from the old file room, how were they?”

“How was it? What do you mean?”

“Or did you show any signs of discomfort?”


The man smirked as if he knew what I was saying.

“I don’t think there was any sign of it.”

“Oh…. Is that so?”

The man who asked the question tilted his head, asking back as if it was unexpected.

“From the point of view of the old file room, I don’t think it would have been very nice to have that brotherhood.”

“I don’t know. Even so, it wouldn’t have been easy to show that there. That’s how great the spirit of the alliance was.”


Jinpyeong grinned.

“I don’t know, but I think it’s time for the old file room to look after the thunderstorms.”

“Aye. But still, does that make sense?”

“Hahaha. It’s common sense to think that way. But think about it. When you first heard the name Hwasan, who thought they would seal that Jongnam and become the loser of the island?”

“…he is.”

Everyone shut up.

Surely there was no contradiction to this statement. No one in the old file room thought that Jong-nam, who was well-known, would be humiliated by Hwasan, who was on the verge of extinction.

Of course, there are complicated circumstances in there, but they didn’t announce them, and they didn’t have to pay attention.

“It’s been a long time, but there’s no way they wouldn’t say it’s a file room. I’m sure you’re afraid of undoing it by now. Hahaha!”

It was just that moment.


Someone hit the table hard.

The loud noise startled the entire crowd and turned to one place in unison.

A middle-aged man with a nasty impression, who was sitting in the corner quietly drinking, was staring at Jinpyeong with his eyes wide open.

“As I hear it…You’re such a big mouth!”

Jinpyeong, flinched at the brutal spirit, shut up like a clam.

Who, who….’

He looked at the clothes of middle-aged people with his eyes busy. The easy-to-active, unclothed shoulders were inscribed with marks that seemed familiar. Soon after, Jinpyeong’s face began to turn white.

Joe, Jongnam….’

Of course, Jongnam has been in Bongmun for a long time.

Now that the gate has been sealed, Jongnam’s student can’t walk around the stronghold. However, it is the birthplace of the deceased. Jongnam’s disciples are crossing the river regardless of the main mountain’s

As proof of Jongnam’s high status, the number of shorthand songs was also significant. Unfortunately, now Jinpyeong has met one of the Jongnam’s inner songs right in front of him.

“Who’s the loser of the island?”

The man asked in a brutal manner.

Still, those who gathered on the top floor of Baekhakru were confident in their own skills, but they couldn’t say a word and swallowed only dry saliva in front of the hideous spirit.

“I tried to put up with it if I could! Jong-nam can’t open the door because he’s looking at Hwasan? Say that again, looking me in the eye.””Oh, my God, Daehyeop. It’s not like that…….”

Jinpyeong tried to fix it in a hurry, but the man’s face showed no signs of loosening. Then the man’s party said.

“Large, calm down. Why are you so angry at what you say without knowing?”

“So you’re saying we should just leave that big mouth alone?”

“Of course I don’t mean that. Words can’t be picked up when they’re spoken out. Of course, we have to pay for it.”

However, even the men’s company, who thought they would stop him, slowly rose from their seats.

Finally, those who recognized who they were shouted with slightly tired faces.

“……It’s the Three Swords of Thailand!”

“Well, why are they here?”

Three Swords.

They are inspectors that focus on Taehaengsan Mountain. He was from Jongnam’s inner family, who refueled Kangho without having to create a new inner family.

It was no wonder that they couldn’t stand it because they were known to have a great deal of pride as a member of Jongnam’s inner family.

The man standing next to the first angry man said to Jinpyeong. It was a man with a stern impression.

“Did Jong-nam say he was afraid of Hwasan?”

“…I mean, that’s not what I’m saying…….”

“Or why did you say that?”


The man kicked his tongue out of pity.

“You seem to have forgotten that you have nothing to say if you talk about something that you can’t take responsibility for in the stronghold. What are you going to do? You’re going to stick your tongue out? Or will you put your wrist out?”

“Dae, Daehyeop! The small man was out of his mind for a moment and talked nonsense. Boo, please….”

Jinpyeong, who became contemplative, asked for forgiveness, but the faces of the three men were cold.

“If you talk nonsense, you have to pay.”

As the men approached slowly, Jinpyeong closed his eyes in despair.

Hey, you’re screwed.’

Although Taehaeng Samgeom is not a great master, Jinpyeong did not dare to deal with it.

And even the word “not a great master” is compared to the native masters of Jongnam. Aren’t they like the Grim Reaper to ordinary strongmen?

Such people were so angry and pressured that it was a brave thing not to pee on the spot.

“Sa, save me…….”

It was the very moment when Jinpyeong lay flat on the floor and borrowed forgiveness.

“…I don’t think you’re wrong, but do you really need to be so afraid?”


The three people who were approaching Jinpyeong stopped walking. They all turned to one place in unison.

A man in a white robe sat in a window seat and was drinking alone.

He asked quietly, solidifying the face of one of the three swords.

“You said you weren’t wrong?”

“It had to be a little too much. But what the hell can you say if you shut your mouth so I can’t even say that?”


“Only those who don’t have the right to shut up and crack down on others. Isn’t that why you’re threatening him now?”

The face of the Three Swords of Taehaeng turned cold all at the same time.

“Who are you?”

“I don’t have anything special to show off because it’s an unknown cow.”

“How dare a newbie talk like that?”

“Ha ha.”

The man, who laughed briefly, slowly rose from his seat.

“Just because you have a reputation, what is wrong is not right, and because you have no reputation, there is no reason to see injustice and bear it. At least if you’re carrying a plum sword, you should be.””A plum sword?”

The cold energy sank on the face of the third sword.

The flower patterns engraved on the man’s chest of Jangpo only caught my eyes then.

Of course, they are the disciples of the inner family and have long since they descended from Jongnam, so they have never seen Hwasan’s plum blossoms in person. But where else is the gatekeeper in the world who uses flower patterns as a token?

“You… you! Is he from Hwasan?”

A smile rose around the man’s mouth.

“What’s the point of that? The important thing is that I don’t intend to overlook your injustice. Back off at this point. Otherwise you will have to see how sharp my sword is.”

“This guy!”

Chaeng! Chaeng!

Three swords were pulled up in unison.

Then the man shook his head as if he couldn’t help it.

“Don’t blame my sword for being heartless.”


A sword slowly pulled out of the man’s waist dance.

In an instant, the base began to be filled with tension.

The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung.
Status: Ongoing Type: , , , , , , Author: Artist:
The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect


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