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Chapter 68

Dawn two days later.

Rimmer stood on the stage of the training hall where the sun had not yet risen.

The trainees looked at him with a mixture of tension and anticipation.

“I speak for the last time. Anything can happen outside the family. Doubt and doubt again. “If you feel like it’s too much, just walk away and don’t look back.”

His gaze was directed at Raon, who stood at the front of the trainees. Raon calmly nodded his head.

“Then let’s go. Normally it would take a month, but now that the main pipeline has been opened, it will arrive in two weeks. Good luck.”
“thank you.”

Rimmer clapped his hands like he usually did during training. His students bowed their heads and turned to him and his instructors.

“Arrange in four rows. “We move according to the comrade-in-arms group decided in the morning.”

The trainees moved in perfect order under Raon’s instructions.


Rimmer laughed when he saw that.

‘You created a comrade-in-arms team?’

No matter how senior he is, he is only a teenage boy. When he was nervous about going on a mission without an instructor, his calmness was surprising as he planned it with his comrades.

‘He always surprises me.’

There was no time to be bored while watching Raon. He is a guy that creates anticipation every time.

‘The thing that surprised me the most was Guhwadan.’

When I saw Raon eating the Nine Flowers he got for defeating Marta in the past, I was so surprised that my mouth fell open.

‘I never thought I would absorb all of that.’

When you take an elixir, energy is inevitably wasted. The way to take an elixir is to minimize the damage with the help of others, but Raon took in all the energy of the elixir alone. He is a monster in many ways.

‘I’m sure you can do well.’

Raon has outstanding talent not only for his strength and aura, but also for his senses. He proved that in his confrontation with the 6th training ground, so he will return after completing his mission without difficulty.


After Raon finished lining up, he approached Rimmer. Eyes that have calmly sunken. There was no anticipation or tension.

‘This is a 15-year-old… .’

Rimmer nodded as he felt the skin growing on his arms.

“Go forth.”
“Go out.”

After giving a low answer, he led the trainees and left the training hall.

“… … .”

Rimmer looked at the backs of the trainees he had trained for three years for a long time.

After all the trainees disappeared, the instructors approached him.

“Chief instructor. Shouldn’t we follow along now?”

Rimmer shook his head. I yawned, holding the back of my head with my clasped hands.

“There is a guy whose senses are like ghosts. “I’m going to take a nap.”

He walked straight to the chief instructor’s office.

“her… .”
“Gwae, are you okay?”
“Shouldn’t we go now?”

There were worried voices from the instructors behind him, but Rimmer pretended not to notice and smiled.

‘Rather than worrying about them, worry about the orcs.’

* * *

Raon walked ahead and looked back. The 42 practitioners move in four rows, but the factions are divided into three.

The first is a collateral faction centered around Buren Sieghart. The collateral followed Buren like a master.

The second is the vassal family faction that opposes the collateral world. However, Runaan, who was supposed to be the center of the place, was stuck right next to her, making their location a little ambiguous.

The third group are recommended students from commoners. Those who helped him as a temporary trainee have been following him ever since.

Lastly, Martha is an exception who does not belong anywhere.

Raon looked at the faces of the trainees and then lowered his eyes.

In fact, I thought it didn’t matter what they did or what happened.

Although he was a trainee and belonged to Sieghart, he thought that he was not from here. He attempted to leave with only Sylvia as his immediate superior.

Through the sparring with the Owen Kingdom, the first mission, and the battle with the 6th Army Commander, I learned a little that that was not all.

As I shared the same feelings with them and spent more time with them, I became attached to them, albeit a little.

‘My mother’s words bother me.’

Sylvia’s voice asking me to show myself as the chief prosecutor like the old Sieghardt was still lodged in my heart.

‘That’s difficult.’

Is it because he lived as an assassin? It was more difficult to take care of allies than to kill and destroy the enemy.

“Let’s rest here for a while.”

Raon stopped in front of a tree so large that five adults could not hug it even if they stretched out their arms. The trainees sat down with their backs against the tree.

“I have something to say.”

I stood in front of the practitioners as they took out water, drank it, and caught their breath.

“There may be people who don’t like me, but now I’m your chief.”

In a calm voice telling the truth, some people clenched their fists, some nodded, and some did not show any reaction.

“I know that there are some who don’t take the mission of subjugating monsters seriously or come out excited as if they were going on a picnic. “Your mind is free, but if you go with that kind of playful spirit, you or your colleagues behind you will become victims.”
“Uhm… .”

The practitioners who really thought that way lowered their heads slightly as if they were embarrassed.

“Like the chief instructor said, you never know what might happen during a mission. “Don’t move recklessly and follow my instructions.”

Runan and the recommended students answered loudly, and Marta and the vassal family students nodded.

“… … .”

The collateral trainees stayed quiet while watching Buren.

“Of course.”

Burren stood up, pouring water on his head.

“As I said at the end of the spar with the 6th training leader, I recognized you as the leader. If there is a reasonable order, I will rush to a place even if it means death. But I will not follow your instructions if it means tarnishing Sieghard’s name.”
“What do you think Sieghardt is like?”
“It’s about knowing your honor as a prosecutor. “You must help the weak, be confident in front of the strong, and work hard to discipline yourself without being embarrassed.”
“… … .”

Raon looked into Buren’s eyes without saying a word.

“Know. I didn’t forget that I was jealous of you and started a fight, disobeyed the decision, and tarnished Sieghart’s name. I know that, which is why I’m saying this now. “I will never show any shame from now on.”

Burren pounded his chest with his clenched fist. Deeply burning green eyes. Her will seemed to be visible in her eyes.

‘It’s really changed a lot.’

In front of so many people, he reveals his mistakes and even makes a promise. It wasn’t something a 15-year-old child would look like.

“Then I understand.”

Raon nodded. She felt like it would be okay to trust a Burren who had changed like that. He put the water he was drinking into his bag and turned around.

“Here we go again.”

* * *

Burren saw Raon moving forward through the snow. Small back. Although she seemed to have regained her health and was appropriate for her age, she was still small compared to other trainees, including herself.

‘however… .’

The size of the bowl was not even comparable to that of other practitioners.

As I moved to complete the mission, I continued to observe him and realized this painfully. The patience he showed during training was nothing.

Raon never gets tired. No, even though I was tired, I never showed it.

Although the trainees struggled with cold and fatigue, he was always calm and relaxed. Thanks to this, the trainees behind him relaxed and consumed much less stamina.

‘If that guy had set off alone, he might have arrived a long time ago… .’

It is by no means a vain thought.
Even though Raon was the chief, he was always on alert. He was the only one who wasn’t sleepy.

‘The force must have become stronger.’

It was half a year ago that he defeated Kane, his direct descendant who is two years older than him, so he must have improved further now. He may have reached the upper level of a sword user or even the highest level.

To be honest, I felt like I couldn’t win more and more.

‘But I don’t give up.’

He hasn’t tried as hard as Raon yet, and it’s not like Sieghart to give up on a rival.


Burren gripped the handle of the Jinsword tightly.

Thanks to Raon, I came to my senses. I will catch up with him just to repay him.

‘wait. Raon Sieghardt.’

* * *

The colorful roofs harmonized elegantly, as if peacock feathers were fluttering. This is the rainbow ring roof that is the pride of Cebu town.

After two weeks, Raon and the trainees arrived near Cebu Village and stood on a hill overlooking the village.

“I can see it over there.”
“at las… .”
“Ugh, I can sleep inside now.”

Trainees who were tired of living on the street smiled and patted their shoulders and backs.

“Cebu Village… .”

It’s my first time here, but I did a little research because of my mission. It was a small village where a few people lived by farming, without any special products or tourist attractions.

Monsters sometimes come down once every few years, so it wasn’t a particularly special mission. In fact, there were wooden fences installed around the village to prevent monsters.

“I’m going down.”

Raon looked around the village and the mountains surrounding it as a whole and nodded.


The trainees packed their bags tightly and followed Raon down the mountain.


Raon narrowed his eyes like a crescent moon and slightly lowered his head.


A chilling sensation ran down my back. A feeling I felt every day when I was training to become an assassin. It was a human gaze.

‘Instructor? no.’

It was different from the perspective of the instructor who observed this area while already knowing it. It is an eerie feeling of scanning everything one by one.

‘No one knows.’

The trainees’ faces were tense from the tension of fighting monsters. Burren, Marta, and Runan also looked like they didn’t feel anything.

‘Of course.’

It’s a feeling so weak that even he wouldn’t have felt it if he hadn’t lived as an assassin for years. It would be strange if practitioners found out.

I lowered my head and rolled my eyes. My aura and senses were still weak, so I couldn’t determine my location.

‘That’s not good.’

I couldn’t tell if this was a family test or some other crisis. In this situation, the best way was to hide oneself.

Raon went down the mountain without saying anything. He was deliberately slowing down his pace when the sensation of running down his neck began to recede.

It seemed like he was running away to his base to report. Now was the opportunity.


I used my aura to create a thin barrier to prevent sound from escaping, and then turned around.


Buren raised his head, hiding his nervousness beneath his calm expression.

“This mission. “You become the chief and give orders.”
“What does that mean all of a sudden…” .”
“During the first mission, only Runaan and I moved. This time, you guys take the lead and play an active role. Prove what you said a while ago.”
“If that’s what you said… .”
“I am saying that I will show myself as a prosecutor Sieghardt.”
“hmm… .”

Buren bit his lip. Judging by his frown, he was taking his words seriously.

The trainees were walking quietly, but their ears and eyes were all focused on Raon and Buren.

“good night.”

Buren nodded slowly. The hesitation in her eyes disappeared.

“I will definitely show you that I have changed. let’s go!”

He walked quickly with a loud cry. The steps of the subordinates following Buren were also full of strength.

“You guys heard it too.”
“All right.”

The trainees who usually followed him nodded at once.


Runan understood immediately and looked at the practitioners of the vassal family who followed her.

“hmm… .”
“All right.”

The vassal family frowned, perhaps because they did not like the idea of Burren being given power, but eventually nodded.

“Martha. “I’ll tell you why later, but for now, consider Burren your chief.”

Lastly, I saw Martha right next to me. She closed her eyes and opened them with a cold expression.

“There’s no need to say that. Because I already said I would follow your instructions. “You just have to show it with results.”

Martha left those words and walked towards Buren.

-Are the young guys changing a little?

Lars let out a low voice, as if he didn’t like something.

-Cheeky ones!

As expected, he was like a person with a broken personality who got angry at everything.

‘Are you feeling the person observing you nearby?’
-Did you notice that? Well, he took the original king’s characteristics, so if he doesn’t know, he’ll have to bite his tongue and die.
‘Where are you? ‘How many people are there?’
-Do you think the king will tell you the location of that guy?
‘There is only one person.’
‘You’re the kind of person who can’t lie, so if you call me a bastard, you’re just one person.’
-This bastard… .

Lars was filled with anger and trembled.

‘Even so, there is a problem… .’

There is only one person observing, but there may be several people including his colleagues. He must not give up until the end.

“Hmm… .”

Raon whetted his appetite as he looked at the wooden fences of Cebu Village that were starting to come into view.

‘This mission doesn’t seem to be easy for some reason.’

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