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Chapter 67

Chapter 67

TL: Hanguk


[You have defeated the large branch scout of the Corrupted Ent.]

[You have gained 500 experience points.]

[You have leveled up.]

[You have gained 1 bonus stat.]

“Phew. Finally, it’s over.”

Sejun defeated the last remaining branch scout and leveled up.


Sejun increased his magic power with the bonus stat and checked his status for the first time in a while.

[Park Sejun Lv. 25]

→ Talent: Ordinary, Friend of Nature, Landlord

→ Stats: Strength(15.6), Stamina(16.1), Agility(13), Magic(17.25)

→ Job: Tower Farmer(C)

→ Skills: Seed Sowing Lv. 4, Harvesting Lv. 4, Seed Shop Lv. 2, Seed Harvesting Lv. 2, Beekeeping Lv. 4, Rain Thunder Lv. 1, Cooking Lv. 3


Sejun proudly looked at his status. His talents had increased by two and his stats had grown considerably. On top of that, he now had 7 skills.

Sejun was overjoyed to have such an impressive status while possessing the lowest-tier talent, Ordinary.

“You’ve grown well, Park Sejun.”

Just as Sejun was praising himself,


“I also did well, meow!”

Theo, who had defeated the branch scout, returned to Sejun’s lap, appealing for recognition of his contribution.

“That’s right. Good job.”

When Sejun stroked Theo’s head,



This time, the black rabbit jumped onto his shoulder, sticking out its buttocks and asking for praise.

“That’s right. Black Rabbit, you’ve worked hard too.”

Pat pat.

Just as Sejun was praising Theo and the black rabbit,


From far away, Cuengi came running fast. It seemed unfair that only its older brothers were getting praise. Cuengi tried to throw its body at Sejun like its brothers.


“Cuengi! Stop!”

Sejun hurriedly stopped Cuengi’s charge in order to survive.

Although Cuengi had shrunk its body as it ran, its mass remained the same. The kinetic energy of Cuengi, which is the mass of Cuengi times the square of its speed, was enough to send Sejun to the afterlife.


When Sejun made it stop, Cuengi started to tear up, looking aggrieved. Daddy’s mean…

“Cuengi also did well. Let’s eat honey.”

Sejun quickly consoled Cuengi before it started to cry.


Cuengi, whose face brightened up at the mention of honey, enlarged its body.

And then,


It grabbed Sejun’s arm, put him on its back, and ran to the brick house. That’s because there was honey at Sejun’s house.

Glug. Glug

When they arrived home, Sejun poured honey into a wooden bowl made exclusively for Cuengi and gave it to him.


Slurp. Slurp.


While Cuengi was dipping its front paw in the bowl and licking the honey, saying “Yummy!” repeatedly,




Sejun, Theo, and the black rabbit quickly fell asleep.

And then,


After finishing all the honey, Cuengi climbed onto Sejun’s chest and fell asleep. That night, Sejun had a nightmare about being buried alive.


“Wow! We’ve arrived…”

“Phew. That was tough.”

“I want to eat something right now…”

Oren and his followers, who hadn’t been able to eat anything while climbing up to the 99th floor of the tower, were looking around for food. However, there was nothing around.

“Let’s find the Minotaur King first and sell these items.”

They can earn money and buy food. Oren shouldered the bag filled with items from outside the tower.

“It’s this way.”

One of his minions checked the map given by Skaram and led the way. Like that, nine cats carrying bags entered the territory of the Black Minotaurs.



Minotaur 3008, the youngest of the Black Minotaurs, who had been waiting for the cats at the border of their territory as directed by Minotaur King, spotted the cats and sent a signal.


“Ugh… What?”

Sejun, who had had a terrible nightmare, woke up, feeling a dull pain in his right leg.

“Huh? What’s this?”

Sejun looked down as he felt a heavy weight on his right leg.


Theo was hanging on Sejun’s knee, sleeping.

“Hey, wake up.”

As Sejun shook his knee to wake Theo up,

“I’m awake, meow.”

Theo replied with his eyes closed.

For now, Sejun went down to the cave with Theo hanging on his leg.

As he descended into the cave,

[Master! Good morning!]

Flamie, which had grown three leaves, cheerfully greeted him in the morning.

“Right. Good morning.”


Sejun replied and added one more line to the wall, completing 8 正 in the fifth row, marking the 240th day. The morning of the 240th day began.

“The ninth Bluemoon isn’t far away.”

The next Bluemoon would occur from midnight on the 242nd day. there are less than 40 hours left. However, Sejun was not overly concerned because of Aileen.

Sejun had suggested to Aileen, who revealed herself during the Bluemoon, to have a meal together in his farm. He intended to pay them back in person.


[The Tower’s Administrator says that their energy is so strong that if you see them in person, you might faint or even die.]

[The Tower’s Administrator tells you to get stronger quickly.]

Aileen, who couldn’t leave the Tower Administrator’s area, lied with good intentions. And Sejun completely eliminated his worries about the Bluemoon with Aileen’s words.

His current abilities were not so weak as to faint from the roar of the Crimson Giant Bear mother or Minotaur King.

But to faint or even die from a roar… Sejun misunderstood that Aileen was overwhelmingly stronger than other monsters.


Sejun filled a wooden water jug and gave it to Flamie. He had been taking extra care of Flamie, because he felt sorry for not being able to do so before.

“Grow big and strong, Flamie.”

[Hehehe. Master! Thank you!]

Gulp, gulp.

In this way, Sejun who watered Flamie, watched the flame produced by Flamie while eating dried sweet potato for breakfast.

And then,

Lick, lick, lick.

Theo closed his eyes and eagerly savored his treats, only moving his tongue.

So while Sejun was zoning out, looking at the flames that Flamie was making,

[Master! You don’t look so good!]

“Ah. Maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep well, I feel a little sluggish.”

[Oh… Master! I’ll make you feel refreshed!]

“Huh?! Refreshed?”

One of Flamie’s three leaves turned white and sent a white flame to Sejun’s body.


The white flame seeped into Sejun’s body without any resistance.

[The Flame of Purification seeps in for 3 hours.]

“Purifying Flame?”

[The Flame of Purification burns impurities and improves your body’s condition.]



Sejun started to burn, surrounded by the white flame. But it didn’t hurt or feel hot at all. Instead, the impurities that had accumulated in his body were burning away, making his body feel lighter.


Theo, who had fallen asleep at some point while eating his treat, didn’t even notice the flames arising around Sejun’s body.

“Flamie, you’re…incredible?!”

Flamie. This guy had an amazing ability.

[Hehehe. I’m so happy that I could help, you Master!]

“Do you have any other abilities?”


One of Flamie’s leaves turned yellow and a yellow flame seeped into Sejun’s body.

[The Flame of Affinity seeps in for 3 hours.]

[The Flame of Purification disappears.]

It seemed that the flames could not be used concurrently.

[The Flame of Affinity helps the user control the fire and enhances the power of the fire.]

Flamie had a different flame ability for each leaf.

The first leaf had the Purifying Flame, which burns impurities.

The second leaf had the Affinity Flame, which helps the user use fire.

And the last, third leaf…

[I’m not sure what the ability of the last leaf is yet.]

The most recently acquired leaf, Flame didn’t seem to know what its ability was yet.

“For now, shall we test the Flame of Affinity?”

Sejun wanted to try using the Flame of Affinity. So he decided to go to the western forest, where there were many things to burn. He also thought about burning all the branch scouts so he could sleep soundly at night.

So the Western Forest Expedition was formed.

The members were Sejun, Theo, Black Rabbit, Cuengi. And their protector, Mother Crimson Giant Bear.


Sejun and the animals, riding on the back of Mother Crimson Giant Bear, arrived at the entrance of the Western Forest in 30 minutes.




The Black Minotaurs surrounded the cats in several layers to prevent them from escaping.

“Uh… we are wandering merchants who have come to sell rare items from outside the tower to Minotaur King.”

“Don’t… don’t hurt us!”

“Please spare us!”

Oren and his followers cried out in fear. They knew in their heads that the Black Minotaurs wouldn’t harm the wandering merchants, but with the Black Minotaurs in front of them, their bodies just started to shudder with fear.

It was the natural reaction of the prey in front of the predator. Theo, who boldly caught Woocheon Sam (1003) as a thief and took him to Sejun, was not normal. Although he probably wouldn’t admit it himself.


Black Minotaurs surrounded the cats and led them to the Minotaur King.

“Phew. Thank goodness.”

“I know, right? I thought we were going to die.”

“Finally, our hard times are over.”

The cats followed the Black Minotaurs with relief, thinking their hard times were over, but their true hardship hadn’t even begun yet.

If they knew that meeting the Minotaur King was just the beginning of their hardship, they might have descended the tower right away. But they weren’t that lucky.


At the entrance of the western forest, dried branches were spread out like obstacles.

“Why are there so many branches?”

As Sejun stepped forward to cut the branches,


The mother Crimson Giant Bear blocked Sejon with her giant paw.

Roar! Roar.

[Be careful! It will attack if you get too close.]

“Does that thing move?”



As the mother Crimson Giant Bear moved her paw close to the branches,


Suddenly, the dried branches moved and started to wrap around the paw of the mother Crimson Giant Bear. At the same time, a name that was not visible before appeared.

[Decayed Branch Watchman of the Corrupted Ent]

It can camouflage…

The mother Crimson Giant Bear shook off the Branch Watchmen that had stuck to her paw.

In that short period of time, dozens of nearby Branch Watchmen intertwined their bodies with the fur, forcing the mother Crimson Giant Bear to rip out her fur along with them.

“That’s annoying.”

They were not powerful, but they were incredibly annoying monsters.


Sejun struck his dagger and hand axe together after examining the Decayed Branch Watchman demonstrated by the mother Crimson Giant Bear.

And when the sparks flew, Sejun used his flame control ability from the Flame of Affinity to amplify the fire.

A flame the size of a golf ball was created above Sejun’s hand.

“Burn it.”

As Sejun threw the flame towards the Branch Watchmen,


Fire started to burn the Branch Watchmen vigorously.

[You have defeated the Decayed Branch Watchman of the Corrupted Ent.]

[You have gained 10 experience points.]




Sejun controlled the fire to move deeper into the forest. The fire moved little by little towards the west, following Sejun’s will.

However, the speed of the fire’s movement was extremely slow. At this rate, they wouldn’t even get a glimpse of the inside of the western forest if they burnt it all day.



The mother Crimson Giant Bear understood Sejun’s intentions and swung her paw lightly to create wind.


With the help of the wind, the fire quickly expanded its influence, devouring the Branch Watchmen.

The Branch Watchmen didn’t react to the fire and just burned to death. Thanks to that, a massive fire completely covered the outskirts of the western forest and Sejun leveled up twice.

And as he chose magic power as the bonus stat, controlling the fire became easier. It was an extremely comfortable hunt where he didn’t have to lift a finger.




Soon, Theo, Black Rabbit, and Cuengi, who came with them, were comfortably sleeping on the back of the mother Crimson Giant Bear.

After a while since they started burning the western forest,


Fog began to spread from within the western forest.


The fire, upon encountering the fog, quickly lost its strength and went out. It seemed it was not ordinary fog.


[The Flame of Affinity is disappearing.]

The Flame of Affinity that he received from the Flamie, disappeared after 3 hours.

“Guys, let’s get out of here!”

Sejun climbed on the back of the mother Crimson Giant Bear and boldly fled.



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