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Chapter 64

Martha Sieghardt thought about the instructions she received from Raon as she ran toward the front.

-The compatibility between you and defense checkups is not good. It’s best to change your partner.
‘I’ll never do that!’

When the other person was told to run away, he immediately swore. Raon was not embarrassed, and nodded his head as if he knew he would.

-Then I will give you other instructions. Destroy the examination.
-A checkup?
-The other person’s examination is not perfect. No, it can’t be perfect. Because it’s at the trainee level.
-How can you say it’s not perfect?
-They united 9 Aurors to stop you. In other words, it means that the movement of aurors occurs within the examination.
-then… .
-okay. If you take advantage of that gap, you can destroy the swordsman even with the current power that has consumed many auras.

Those words sent goosebumps down my spine.

‘What is this guy?’

I wondered if there was such a thing as a monster, figuring out the enemy’s weaknesses and coming up with a strategy from where I was sitting.

-I want to win head on, not through weakness.

I didn’t want to be overwhelmed by Raon’s words, so something different from what I thought came out.

-okay. If I regain my stamina and restore my aura, I will be able to win. Because you are outstanding. But right now?

As expected, there was no answer. Now that my stamina and aura were low, I couldn’t think of a way to beat those stamina monsters.

-As I said, this is not a one-on-one sparring, but a team battle. Choose. Will you choose your pride for a victory you are not sure of, or will you choose the victory of your team?

Martha, who heard those words, stood up without answering.

‘In the past, I would have ignored comments like that.’

If I had been overflowing with pride before losing to Raon, I would have kept fighting no matter what he said.

But I experienced defeat once, and this time I might suffer a second defeat. It was better to win somehow than to lose.

‘I said it was Dawn.’

From afar, I saw a guy named Dawn that I had fought earlier. The rock-solid momentum was still there. He wanted to crush it with his fist right away, but he bit his molars and held back.

“Did you come here even though you knew you couldn’t win? “That’s stupid.”
“If you play with your snout carelessly, you’ll get hurt.”

Just like the old me.

Marta kicked off the ground and jumped at Dawn.

“Type 4!”

The trainees behind him came to Dawn’s side and gathered Aurors.


Martha extended her energy without striking the raised sword.

6 I could feel the aurors of the training ground trainees gathering towards Dawn.

‘It’s really slow.’

It’s just as Raon said. Because the auror was large, its movements were as slow as a slug.


Martha took a deep breath and turned to the right.

“no use!”

Dawn turned around and blocked the front. Same composition as before. But there were also differences.

Marta, who had been striking with her sword with ignorance, struck Dawn’s right side, where the aurors had not yet condensed.


As the sword clashed with the sword, a strong wave occurred.

Martha was pushed back by the shock, but Dawn and the trainees, who were as strong as a deep-rooted tree, also shook greatly.

“Ugh… .”

Dawn and the trainees calmed down the groaning and shaking examination.

Martha’s eyes sparkled like black pearls.

‘That guy was right.’

It’s just as Raon said. The defense power of places where Aurors had not yet gathered was significantly lower than other places.

“This was really the strategy.”

I laughed out loud.
Because the strategy is too easy?
no. Raon Sieghardt recognized the weakness of that swordsman at the base where the flag was planted. Because that monster gave me goosebumps.

“Don’t be complacent once you have the upper hand!”
“once? Damn it. “It continues!”

Marta jumped forward with enthusiasm.

Pretending to attack, he fell to the left and hurled his sword at Dawn’s lower body, unable to move the auror.


Dawn quickly struck down the sword, but the upper body shook greatly and the trainees who had completed the examination were thrown to the side.

“It’s all over now!”

Marta radiated beast-like force and rushed towards Dawn, whose sword was broken.

* * *

Buren raised his head, twirling his wrist holding the sword.

Dekal, one of the most prominent trainees in the field, was glaring at us with fierce eyes.

‘I lost earlier.’

There was no way to defeat them as Decal and the seven trainees charged in at the same time and used sense swords that destroyed sword skills.

Due to the difference in number of people, the other guys were not in a position to help, so I kept getting pushed back.

5 It was true that he had made a definite plan to take down the training camp.

‘I don’t just get caught anymore.’

Retreating once is enough. Even if I fall, I will beat them all down.

“I can’t believe Sieghart, the Burren of the world, has run away. “I guess there is no business in Dagul.”

Decal grinned.

“This time, I hope you fight until the end like a prosecutor!”

At his gesture, the trainees behind him ran like a pack of rats.


Decal also dug into the center and lashed out his sword.

The swords wielded by eight people were not in harmony, but each one targeted the weakest gap.


Burren raised his auror and stepped forward. She moved sideways like water and performed a phenomenonal sword technique.

His sword was bent to aim at the decal on the right.

“Push away!”

Trainees who had learned the Sensory Sword dug in, aiming for the moment when Burren’s sword extended.

But that was a trap set by Burren.


The training sword aimed at the decal bent like a crescent moon and struck the wrists and chests of the trainees who entered.


In an instant, the two practitioners were rolling around on the floor, clutching their wrists and chests. Looking at the situation, it is as it is.


Burren’s sword did not stop. He moved by stepping on the Garam Bobeop and struck down the Phenomenal Sword Technique again.

The three trainees instinctively took advantage of the large movement using the entire shoulder.

‘I got caught.’

Burren’s blue eyes flashed. Her elbows gently bent and mercilessly took pictures of the chests of the approaching practitioners.


With one sword strike, three practitioners were sent flying.

“Ugh… .”

The one who got hit at the end stood up, but the other two were already unconscious.

“Oh my!”

Decal chased after him, but Burren had retreated to the side.

“W-what on earth! “You suddenly mixed herbs and herbs!”
“That’s right.”

Buren wrinkled his nose.

‘I never thought that just mixing herbs would make such a difference.’

A sword technique that relies on instinct rather than a sensory sword system. Trainees who had not yet reached completion had no choice but to flutter about as they were caught in the middle of nowhere.

‘But how did he know this?’

Raon clearly did not move from that spot. He was aghast at the sense and knowledge of this guy who sat still and looked down on the whole situation.

‘Marta must be feeling the same way as I am.’

It was obvious that Martha, who was fighting down here, was probably thinking the same thing.

‘He’s like an onion.’

If you think you know this much, Raon shows another side. He is a different guy, like an onion.

“It’s not over yet!”

Decan gritted his teeth and rushed forward. The three remaining trainees also rushed forward together.


Burren thrust his sword forward. Although his power was strong, his movements were so large that several gaps were visible.

“It’s a mistake. don’t mind! uh?”

Decal’s eyes widened. She tried to ignore it and move on, but the trajectory of Burren’s sword attack did not change.

“It’s real this time.”
“Oh my!”

We belatedly switched to defense, but it was already too late.


Dekal flew backwards with his training sword broken by the powerful sword strike.

“The fight is already over.”

Burren’s blue eyes shined as he looked at the remaining trainees.

“We won.”

As long as that monster exists, the training ground 5 cannot lose.

* * *

“W-what is this!”

Metun’s eyes widened to the point where they almost jumped out as he saw the 6 training ground trainees starting to push in at the same time.

“What’s going on!”

It is understandable that one place is being pushed out. However, the top, center, and bottom three were all being pushed out. And that too against opponents who had beaten them once.

“I told you so. “It’s not over yet.”

Rimmer, who was lying down next to him, yawned mischievously and muttered.

“What did you do?”
“I didn’t do it, Raon did it.”
“Raon gave those guys some advice before you saw it. “It worked well.”
“The situation can change like this with just one piece of advice from a trainee?”
“It’s not just a trainee, it’s Raon’s advice.”

Rimmer grinned and pointed at Raon, who was guarding the flag alone.

“Among the trainees, there are some who don’t follow Raon, and there are some who hate Raon, but I trust that guy’s strength and judgment. “Maybe after today, I will follow it like the voice of God.”
“Umm… .”

Methun groaned. That means she is trusted.

However, what was more surprising was that his advice clearly worked than that he gained trust.

“What was your advice?”
“curious? If you’re curious, take a gold coin… Oh, I understand.”

Rimer waved his hand after seeing Metun’s expression hardened mercilessly.

“First of all, from above… .”

He told Methun the advice Raon had given to his practitioners.

“crazy… .”

Methun trembled with his fingers.

‘How can a trainee give such advice?’

It was a perfect strategy that left nothing to waste.

But what’s even more surprising is that he was able to identify the opponent’s weaknesses from afar just by feeling.

Rimmer was right. It wasn’t Raon who was arrogant, it was him.

He deserved to be said to have better sense than Kane.


Methun looked down at Kane, who had begun to move, and smiled confidently.

‘The fight is not over yet.’

* * *

Raon, who was sitting under the flag, opened his eyes.

‘Everything is doing well.’

Although his presence was dead, he smiled, letting go of the spirit he had opened wide to observe the situation of the war.

Buren, who broke the decal, attacked the trainees who had learned the sense sword like a storm, while Marta broke the sword and beat up the remaining trainees.

And Runaan… .
I was in the middle of an ice battle with a top trainee from Training Center 6 who was my opponent.

‘what. It doesn’t matter.’

I didn’t think I would lose, so I thought it would be okay.

‘Okay then… .”

Raon stood up. As I lightly warmed up, the bushes shook and a swordsman with blond hair and blue eyes appeared.

‘Kane Sieghardt.’

6 The head of the training center and a direct descendant two years older than him appeared.

‘I knew it would be like this.’

Since he was being pushed from all directions and didn’t reveal his presence, there was only one direction for him to move.

Capturing the opponent’s flag.

“Were you here as expected? Raon Sieghardt.”

Kane bit his lip. He didn’t look surprised, as if he had expected it to some extent.

“I didn’t know you could work magic on trainees. “I heard he wasn’t recognized, but that was a rumor.”

He slowly pulled out the sword from his belt.

“It just ends here.”
“I heard that your auror is a fire attribute.”

With those words, red flames burned on Kane’s blade.

“Unfortunately, my auror is a top-level fire attribute auror, and my auror level is above a formal swordsman. “Actually, you can’t beat me.”
“It’s a compatibility.”

Raon laughed and pulled out his sword. The manga ball’s energy, which dyed the blade red, made a small flower bloom.


It was much smaller than the flame burning on Kane’s sword, but the intensity of the color was incomparable.

“This family talks a lot before fighting.”

Raon declared with eyes the same color as flames.

“Come on. “I’ll show you how a single spark can devour your flames.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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