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Chapter 63

Chapter 63

TL: Hanguk

“These bastards!”

Sejun was furious at the small branch scouts who were destroying the cherry tomato field he had worked on for hours.

“Aileen, call mother Crimson Giant Bear!”

Based on the results of their previous encounter, he thought the mother Crimson Giant Bear alone would be enough.

[The Tower’s administrator says to wait a bit.]

“Thank you.”

So, through Aileen, Sejun who had requested support, stepped forward to confront the enemies.

“Go! Black Rabbit!”


At Sejun’s shout, the Black Rabbit ran forward with a battle cry.


Swoosh. Swoosh.

Sejun threw a torch towards the enemies. As the torch flying in a circle hit the body of the small branch scout,


It caught fire easily.

Swoosh. Swoosh.


As Sejun continued throwing torches, the small branch scouts fell, and a natural wall of flame was formed.

The torches, which the Grey Rabbits had made as many as 300 throughout the day, were enough.

The Black Rabbit went straight into the midst of the enemies and was single-handedly slaying them with a hammer.


Bang! Bang! Bang!

Just when Sejun and the Black Rabbit were successfully blocking the small branch scouts,

Thud. Thud.

The large branch scouts appeared, crossing over the wall of fire.

“Black Rabbit, aim for their legs!”


The Black Rabbit moved quickly, targeting only the legs of the large branch scouts.



The large branch scouts, with one leg broken, lost balance and fell, blocking the way for the small branch scouts and serving as a natural roadblock.


While the Black Rabbit tied up the legs of the large branch scouts, Sejun finished off the small branch scouts by setting them on fire with torches.

[You have defeated a small branch scout of the Corrupted Ent.]

[You have gained 25 experience points.]



Then, after about 30 minutes,


The mighty roar of the mother Crimson Giant Bear was heard.


Cuengi also roared mightily, growing bigger, as it followed its mother.

Thud. Thud.

Thud. Thud.

The branch scouts began to retreat upon hearing the roar of the mother Crimson Giant Bear.

However, they were too slow to escape from the mother Crimson Giant Bear.

Thump. Thump.


With one charge of the mother Crimson Giant Bear, the branch scouts, regardless of their size, were crushed.

And then,

Roar! Roar!

Cuengi detached the limbs of a branch scout, who was lucky enough to survive near the place where the mother Crimson Giant Bear had passed, and brought them to Sejun.

So, thanks to the Cuengi’s help, Sejun leveled up and became level 24.


38th Floor of the Tower.



A spider monster screeched and fell.

“Boss, how long do we have to do this?”

One of the hunters, moving the corpse of the spider monster, asked Jang Rin.

“Yeah. Let’s just run away!”

“Idiot, as long as that cat has the contract, running away is pointless. We’ll only get punished later!”

“But still…”

“Let’s wait for now and look for an opportunity. There must be a chance to escape.”

As Jang Rin was comforting his subordinates,

“Boss, there are two people coming this way?”

Two muscular men in trousers approached. One was a white-haired man in his late 60s, and the other appeared to be a black-haired man in his early 40s.

‘The perfect number for a job.’

Upon seeing the white-haired man, Jang Rin immediately thought of the strongest hunter in Korea, but he heard that hunter had retired due to a curse related to fire attribute.

“Get ready.”


Jang Rin and his men hurriedly hid the spider’s corpse behind a wall and put on their masks, then waited for the hunters to come closer.


“Magic missile.”

The white-haired man amongst the two had detected them and used a skill first.

‘Damn, we’ve been discovered!’


Jang Rin quickly shouted when he sensed that the opponents were not ordinary, but it was too late. The hunter who had been with the white-haired man had already blocked their escape.

“We’re cornered!”

While Jang Rin and his men were panicking,

Boom. boom.

The Magic Missile hit their bodies.

‘Is this a Magic Missile?’

With that thought, the members of Black Wolf Gang all fainted.

“Like Representative Theo said, they are really incompetent.”

Looking at the unconscious Black Wolf Gang, Han Tae Jun began to draft a training plan to improve their skills.


Administrator area of the Tower.


Aileen was deep in thought, frowning heavily.

“What should I name it?”

Aileen was pondering the new name for the Red Locust Tomato Soup that Sejun had made for her.

“I don’t like the idea of having the ominous name of Red Locust in a dish that the special human made for me!”

While thinking about the new name for the soup, Aileen.

“Heeheehee. I should combine the name of the human, Park Se Jun, and my great name, Aileen Pritani, the Black Dragon.”

“Heeheehee. I’ve decided! SeP’s Soup!”

[The name of the dish containing Red Locust will be forcibly changed to SeP’s Soup by the authority of the Tower’s Administrator.]

Aileen used the authority of the tower’s administrator to forcibly change the name of the dish. Of course, the price was a tiny bit of Aileen’s magic and Sejun’s significant contribution.


[By the authority of the Tower’s Administrator, the name of the recipe for Combat Ration – Red Locust Soup is changed to SeP’s Soup.]

[By the authority of the Tower’s Administrator, the name of the recipe for Combat Ration – Red Locust Cherry Tomato Soup is changed to SeP’s Cherry Tomato Soup.]


As Sejun was reading the message,

[The Tower’s administrator says she combined ‘Se’ from Sejun and ‘P’ from Pritani.]

[The Tower’s administrator particularly highlights that she graciously conceded the front part of the name.]

[The Tower’s administrator says that you should be honored that your name comes before the name of the Great Black Dragon.]

“Alright. Thank you.”


As for Sejun, it didn’t matter what the name of the dish was, so he casually answered and harvested tomatoes while cutting the cherry tomato branches.

[The Tower’s administrator says if you’re grateful, give her magical cherry tomatoes.]

“Got it. Give me a quest.”

When Sejun gave Aileen the cherry tomatoes and focused on harvesting again,


[You simultaneously harvested 9 well-ripened Magical Cherry Tomatoes.]

[Due to the effect of Harvesting Lv. 4, you have harvested 1 crop of one grade higher.]

[Your job experience increases greatly.]

[Your proficiency of Harvesting Lv. 4 increases greatly.]

[Due to the effect of Proficiency Increase Lv. 1, your proficiency in Harvesting Lv. 4 increases an additional 5%.]

[You gained 290 experience points.]


The current grade of the harvested cherry tomatoes was C-grade. But a grade increase meant that he had harvested a B-grade magical cherry tomato.

Sejun, excited by the message, quickly checked the cherry tomatoes on the branch. They were indistinguishable from the outside, so he had to check them one by one.

“This is the B grade.”

Sejun found the B grade Magical Cherry Tomato and looked at its options.

[Magical Cherry Tomato]

→ A cherry tomato grown inside the tower, it is delicious as it has consumed enough nutrients.

→ A farmer who is familiar with farming has grown it, improving its taste and efficiency.

→ When consumed, it breaks down 40g of body fat and increases magic by 1 for 10 minutes.

→ The effect stacks up to 10 times within an hour.

→ When consumed by a non-awakened person, it breaks down 40g of body fat and revitalizes the body.

→ The effect is applied even if there is not enough fat to decompose.

→ Cultivator: Tower Farmer Park Sejun

→ Expiration date: 120 days

→ Grade: B

Breaking down 40g of body fat and increasing magic power by 1. As the grade increased, the efficiency improved. If you eat 10 B-grade Magic Cherry Tomatoes, your magic power increases by 10. Now, it was a number that couldn’t be ignored.

In addition, content was added that the effect is applied even if there is no fat.

“Shall we see how it tastes?”

Sejun hurriedly put the B grade Magic Cherry Tomato in his mouth. Since he only had one, it would be trouble if he was caught.



The firm but thin skin burst, and the sour and sweet juice moistened Sejun’s mouth.

“It’s delicious.”

After eating the cherry tomato that had become even more flavorful, Sejun enjoyed the aftertaste with a satisfied expression when,



The black rabbit and the Cuengi, who had been hunting in the pond, approached Sejun.

‘Did they notice?!’

Sejun was nervous that he might have been caught eating the B-grade cherry tomato by himself and continued to harvest the cherry tomatoes as if nothing happened.



Fortunately, the two of them had come to get permission to eat snacks.

“Well, then you can eat.”

As Sejun gave his approval, the black rabbit started to eat a carrot from the storage, and Cuengi came to Sejun with a glass bottle filled with honey.



Sejun poured 1 dollop of honey to the Cuengi and was about to stop when,


Cuengi held Sejun’s hand with its paw.

Kwoong. Kwoong.

[Give me more honey. Otherwise, I’ll tell big brother you ate a cherry tomato by yourself.]

“Secrets are meant to be taken to the grave, right?”


Cuengi nodded.


Cuengi obtained an extra dollop of honey in exchange for keeping the secret.


67th floor of the tower.

“Oh! You’re here!”

The boss of the 67th floor of the tower, Lizardman Warrior Tamuro, who had been waiting for the sturdy blade onion leaves, greeted the wolves led by Malkai.

“Tamuro, here they are.”

“Thanks. Here’s 1250 tower coins for 500 sturdy blade onion leaves.”

“Yes, thank you. We’ll be off then.”

As the wolves were about to leave with the cart and head to where their tribe was,

“Wait! What is that?”

Tamuro asked, seeing the pot that hadn’t been taken off the cart. a delicious aroma emanating from it.

“It’s a soup made from Red Locust meat. Would you like a bowl?”

The soup was meant for his tribe, but the desire in Tamuro’s eyes was too intense to ignore.

“Hmm. I guess I’ll have one bowl then.”

Tamuro replied, licking his lips as if he had been waiting for Malkai’s offer.

“Here you go.”

Malkai filled a bowl with soup and handed it to Tamuro.



Tamuro’s eyes widened after tasting the soup.


Gulp, gulp.

He downed the soup in one go.

[You have consumed the standard portion of Combat Rations – SeP’s Soup.]

[Your strength will increase by 7.1 for 30 minutes.]

[You will feel full for 3 hours.]


Tamuro was again surprised by the effects of the food.

“Is this really made from Red Locust meat?!”


“Malkai! Give us all your Red Locust meat! I want our Lizardman warriors to eat this too! We’ll pay well for the soup!”

That’s how Sejun’s money-making methods increased.


75th floor of the tower.

“Buy quickly and go up, meow!”

Upon arriving at the shopping area, Theo quickly started buying the items that Sejun had ordered. Then, on his way to the blacksmith’s shop to draw equipment,

“Representative Theo, let’s go together!”

“No, meow! You guys, come slowly to the blacksmith’s shop, meow!”

When the large wolves were slow to move due to bumping into other merchants, Theo decided to go ahead alone.

‘My lap!!!’

He was in a hurry.

Just as Theo was almost at the blacksmith’s,

“Who’s this?! Look over here, guys!”

One cat spotted Theo and recognized him.

“Oh! Isn’t that Theo, who fled at night from Granier Village?!”

“He said he was going to be a wandering merchant, and he really did it, huh?”

Upon hearing the call of the delinquent cat, his companions approached.


“It’s been a while, Theo.”

A fat black cat stepped forward and spoke. It was Oren, the son of the wealthiest family in Granier Village, who had humiliated Theo greatly.

“It’s been a while, meow.”

Theo responded with a smirk.


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Farming Alone Inside The Tower

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