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Chapter 62

30 minutes before the battle begins.
Excluding Raon, all 42 trainees from the 5th Training Center gathered at the western base.

“I can’t see Raon.”

Burren frowned and turned his head.

“Runan. “Where is Raon?”
“I don’t know.”

Runaan, who was sitting at the base of the tree, tilted his head. It wasn’t that she didn’t care if she didn’t come, but the look in her eyes showed that she would definitely come.


Buren clicked his tongue. He was getting impatient because he couldn’t see the guy who was supposed to come quickly and take command of the operation.

“Let’s gather together. “At least make sure you cook it before he comes.”
“All right.”

Most of the trainees gathered in front of the map, but Marta was eating fruit from a tree and Runaan did not move from her seat.

“You guys take a look. First of all, this way… .”

Burren told the trainees about places where the enemy might make a surprise attack or places that could be dangerous.

However, I did not look at the map and terrain that seriously.

‘Because you can win no matter what you do.’

Even if a few elites entered the 6th training hall, most of them were those who failed the 5th training hall test.

I’ve been training as hard as I can so far, and I’ve accumulated a lot of sparring experience, so I couldn’t lose even if I wanted to.

When the trainees had adequately learned the geography and warmed up, Raon came up to the base.

“It’s pathetic that the chief is late.”

Runaan ran out first, and Marta rolled her eyes.

“What were you doing, come quickly and plan a plan!”

Burren stomped his feet and narrowed his eyes, but Raon walked to the place where the flag was planted without much reaction.

“There’s no need to be so nervous. “Is it possible for you to lose to the 6th training ground?”

Raon sat at the base of the cut down tree and laughed. He seemed somewhat confident, but he also seemed sarcastic.

“Hmm, whatever.”
“Actually, that’s true.”
“Honestly, the opponent is weak.”
“Because if it weren’t for Kane, we could wipe it out in an instant.”

However, the trainees nodded with a heightened sense of self-confidence, as if they had not felt such emotions.

“I’m glad you understand. “Then let’s all fight on our own.”
“Well, just fight?”
“Without an operation?”
“They just said they could win. “Why are you planning such an ugly strategy?”
“Good idea. “I like it!”

Marta jumped down into the center of the slightly embarrassed trainees.

“There’s no need for you to step forward because I will destroy everything by myself. “I’m waiting here!”

She said and raised her auror.

“Are you serious?”

Buren narrowed his eyes and approached Raon.

“You think so too.”
“hmm… .”

Raon’s question made Buren taste good. Honestly, it’s not wrong.

If Marta and herself move to both sides while Raon and Runaan keep Kane in check, the defense line of Training Ground 6 will be devastated.

“You too, move with the collateral that follows you. “I’ll leave the rest to you.”
“What are you going to do?”
“Kane might attack by surprise, so we have to protect the flag here.”
“I will be here too.”

Raon pointed to the red flag behind him, and Runaan flopped down under the flag.

“good night. “You two will be enough.”

Burren nodded and stepped back. He gave instructions to the collateral practitioners who usually followed him to go upstairs.

“Let’s go down.”
“These are the ones who failed the provisional exam. “It’s light.”
“Have you ever heard of Jingeom?”

Trainees and recommended students from the Bongshin family flirted with going downstairs.


When everyone was ready, the signal to start the battle sounded from the top of the mountain.

Now, the fight will not end unless one side’s flag is torn down.

“for a moment.”

As the trainees were about to run out, Raon’s voice was heard from behind. Everyone looked back.

“As chief, I give the final operational instructions. Do whatever you want. “If the situation is bad and you are ordered to retreat, you must come back.”
“I’m sorry, but that won’t happen!”

Martha broke the ground and ran to the center.

“It’s the same here. let’s go!”

Buren led the collateral trainees upward, while the referees and trainees from the vassal family ran downward.

“Raon. “Can you win?”

Runaan asked, tapping the flag.

“It will be difficult if it continues like that.”

Raon shook his head. He lowered his eyes as he watched the practitioners running in three directions.

I’ll come back with a bang.

* * *


Martha charged forward like a bull seeing red cloth.

‘I’ll take care of everything by myself.’

There is no need for other practitioners to step forward. Even if you do it alone, you can wipe out all the scum in the 6th training ground.

After about 5 minutes of running through the thick bushes, nine trainees were seen. The number 6 written on leather armor. 6 They were trainees at the training center.

“Good meeting you!”

Martha licked her tongue and kicked the ground. As she floated in the air, the Titan’s aura surrounded her and struck her fist.


As the fist fell like a meteor and crushed the ground, the trainees of the 6th Training Center were scattered in all directions.

“Martha Sieghardt.”

The large practitioner in the center raised his sword and called Martha’s name.

“Are you the advance team?”

Martha twirled her wrist and pulled out the sword from her belt.

“It’s a hassle, so attack me at once.”
“This is Dawn Sieghardt. I am a collateral… .”
“I don’t need the name of the guy who will fall!”
“hmm… .”

The trainee who gave his name as Dawn did not fall victim to provocation. He put his sword to its middle with a calm expression.

“Looks like you’re doing something!”

Martha laughed and rushed towards Dawn, slashing her sword.


There was a loud noise as if swords collided and exploded. Unlike Martha, who stood still, Dawn was pushed back five steps and her hands were shaking.


Martha clicked her tongue when she saw Dawn jumping out.

‘I tried to send it all at once.’

I was just about to finish him off with one strike, but the guy named Dawn withstood his sword attack by taking a few steps back. He was not an easy person to watch.

‘But he’s not a difficult person to look at.’

Marta raised the Titan’s Aura and strengthened her body. The momentum rose explosively.

“Ugh… .”

Trainees at Dawn and 6 training grounds groaned at the wave.

“Don’t be a bother, let’s go nicely!”

Marta raised her sword and struck, her black pearl-like eyes shining. The enormous energy contained in the sword exploded like a volcano.

“Type 3!”

When Dawn lowered the sword to the middle and gave an unknown instruction, the four trainees who were behind him came to his side and gathered their swords.


Martha’s sword and the swords of the five people clashed, and bright red flames soared.

“Hold on!”

Even under intense pressure, the trainees gritted their teeth and did not back down.

“It’s okay if the minnows gather together!”

Martha snorted and swung her sword. A stronger energy than before covered her blade.


A sound sounded as if the earth had exploded, and the trainees’ bodies were greatly shaken.


But even though they were pushed back, they did not fall. I groaned and endured until the end.

“OK. “Let’s see who wins!”

Martha bit her lip and struck the sword in succession.

“Type 2! Type 5!”

Dawn constantly blocked Marta’s attacks by changing her defensive stance and person.

“Tsk, let’s screw the other guy first!”
“Of course we are prepared for that!”

Marta tried to avoid Dawn standing in the center and attack the short-haired woman on the right.

However, Dawn and the trainees rotated smoothly like clock hands to block her sword.

“nice… .”

Martha bit her lip. Just as the guy said he was prepared, as soon as he tried to attack the other side, the trainee backed away and Dawn came forward. He couldn’t dig inside.

‘Did you just practice blocking?’

Perhaps because they only practiced defense, their defense was as solid as a rock. If I attacked it clumsily, it seemed like only the aura would disappear.

“Whew, it’s bothering me.”

Marta took a step back and brought the Titan’s Aura to full power. The sword in his hand vibrated violently and revealed a pale yellow light.

“I admit that I do my best. “But that’s it.”
“Type 10!”

Dawn didn’t answer, but called out a number she hadn’t called before. All eight practitioners followed Dawn.

“It’s no use!”

Matta kicked the ground and poured the Titan Aura filled with his sword vertically.

“Hold on!”

As Dawn shouted, the trainees’ bodies flashed with the same light.


A loud noise that shook the mountain erupted, and the dirt and sand on the floor scattered like a fountain.


Marta opened her eyes wide as the sand rain fell.

“You endured it?”

Dawn and the trainees took a deep breath and were mercilessly pushed back, but not a single one fell off and they received their full strength.

“You crazy bastards!”

Martha slashed her sword repeatedly with madness in her eyes. Even though Dawn and his disciples stumbled, they did not let go of their swords.

“These kids… .”
“You are not the only main character in the world.”
“We also worked hard and sweated hard. “Don’t think you will win easily!”

A line appeared on Martha’s forehead.


I swung my sword with a roar. I gathered all my remaining energy, but I was unable to pierce Dawn’s defense.
Rather, the defense seemed to be getting stronger.

“We continued to work together to stop the four Aurors and their swordsmanship. “As long as screening is maintained, we will never lose.”
“checkup… .”

Of course I knew that they had conducted a medical examination. I tried to break it with force, but I didn’t know it would get blocked this much.

‘It’s dangerous… .’

Marta pulled her sword aside and narrowed her eyes. She must have just used too much energy and her aura was falling.

On the other hand, perhaps because the nine of them were together, the 6th Training Center trainees’ Auror recovery speed was fast.

‘I need to take some time.’

I don’t like it, but I couldn’t help it.

“I am losing strength. “A mountain dog!”

As I was about to step back a bit and restore my auror, Dawn rushed forward with a sword in hand. He is a very quick-witted guy.


Marta swung the sword she had drawn back and slashed it over Dawn’s head.


Dawn gritted her teeth and endured the shock. His hands were shaking, but he didn’t back down.


At his command, four practitioners flew their swords up, down, left and right.


Marta twisted the blade and deflected all of the trainees’ swords, but the attacks continued like waves.

‘There is no gap.’

When you swing your sword, Dawn defends, and the others attack again. There was no time to breathe as the developments continued like gears.

‘shit! ‘You can’t collapse here!’

It looked so easy. I thought I was going to shake it, but I didn’t know I had prepared this much.


The sword aimed at an opening bounced back at the guy named Dawn.

“Whoa… .”

Marta let out a harsh breath as she dodged the sword blade.

‘Damn it!’

Is it because the situation is not good? Raon’s words came to mind. I’m saying you can definitely win.

‘That bastard. ‘You probably knew everything.’

It was clear that he was being sarcastic because he knew he would struggle like this.

‘So I have to win no matter what.’

Martha clenched her fists. She needed to flatten Raon’s nose by drilling it somehow, but she couldn’t see a way.

To be honest, I had a feeling that we would lose like this.

‘What should I do?’

“Are you thinking about other things during battle?”

While I was thinking about how to defeat my opponent, Dawn, who was only playing defense, charged in like a bison.


Marta was thrown backwards by a powerful shoulder headbutt.


Under Dawn’s instructions, the trainees swung their swords at Martha, who was unable to keep her posture.

“good night! “Even if you fall here, you guys will die!”

As Marta held her sword upside down and tried to lunge at her like an animal, a silvery chill bloomed from the floor.

“This, this!”

Runaan with sparkling purple eyes jumped out from behind the bushes.

“Yes, why are you here…” .”
“Raon said to retreat.”

As Runaan drew a semicircle with his sword, the cold air drawn on the ground rose like a haze.

“I haven’t lost yet… .”
“Ugh, damn it!”

Marta looked into Runaan’s clear eyes and lowered her hand. He stepped back, chewing his lip.

Runaan looked at Dawn and the trainees separated by the frost for a moment, then ran after Marta.

“That Martha is leaving!”
“Hey, I won! “We won!”

The trainees cheered and shouted that enduring the Lord of Hell was worth it.

6 The central area was not the only place where the trainees cheered. It could be heard from above where Burren was and from below where the collateral trainees were moving.


As the trainees were cheering in victory, Kane Sieghardt jumped from the tree.

“Master Kane!”

Dawn smiled brightly and ran towards Kane.

“great job.”
“Have you won anywhere else?”
“okay. As expected, Raon and Runan did not move, and we won all three.”
“You really won!”
“Oh, it doesn’t feel real.”

The trainees hugged each other and burst into bright laughter.

“It’s still too early to be happy.”

When Kane raised his hand, the students’ laughter stopped.

“We must not let down our guard until we take out the enemy’s flag.”

His blue eyes sparkled like starlight.

“It goes according to plan until the end.”

* * *

Raon looked at the five training ground trainees standing in front of him one by one.

He looked like a beggar, covered in sweat and dirt, his muscles were shaking, and his eyes showed embarrassment. It was the appearance of the defeated soldiers themselves.

The same was true for Burren and collateral trainees who came late.

Burren, who had learned systematic swordsmanship, would have been blocked by trainees who had learned the sense sword, and would have been pushed back without being able to properly demonstrate his original abilities.

“How was it? Was it as easy as expected?”

No one answered. Burren bit her lip, and Martha gave her a death glare.

The other practitioners also looked down at the ground, unable to find anything to say.

“Would you like me to tell you what you are mistaken about?”

Raon’s red eyes shone like moonlight.

“You think the world is standing still and you are the only thing that changes. ‘If you beat someone once, you can beat them again. Because most of those guys failed the test. Because I was ignored by the Owen Kingdom. No matter what we do, we will win.’ ‘Isn’t this what you guys think?’
“… … .”

This time too, the trainees were unable to answer. Because it was just like Raon said.

“The world changes faster than you think. You may lose tomorrow to the opponent you beat today, and you may not be the opponent the day after tomorrow. however… .”

Raon’s voice became even more subdued. His voice seemed to come from underground, sending chills down my spine.

“You don’t even know the topic and you’re guaranteed to win? Can you defeat your opponent without knowing his strategy? You can go alone and bring everyone down? Instead of winning, I was so overconfident that I wasted my Aura and stamina and even showed off the skills I had. “They are so amazing.”

His gaze passed over Buren and Marta and looked directly at each of the trainees. The trainees’ bodies trembled.

“A lion does his best to catch a rabbit. But you are not lions, and they are not rabbits. Those trainees are also swordsmen who grind their lives and sharpen their swords every day. “We are not the type of people to ignore people just because they are a little ahead.”
“Ugh… .”
“Ugh… .”

Buren and the trainees bowed their heads. My face turned red because I was embarrassed. Martha just frowned and couldn’t say anything.

“Then you lose?”

Runaan, who was standing behind, came to the side.

“Maybe so, but maybe not.”

The trainees slowly raised their heads at Raon’s calm words.

“Yes, as you said, we used up a lot of stamina and aura.”
“There are already four people who have fallen.”
“This is not a one-on-one sparring, but a team fight. “If you guys come to your senses even now, you have a chance.”
“Are you sure?”
“I’ll do anything to crush that rock!”

Burren and Marta clenched their fists until they made a loud noise. The trainees’ eyes began to shine again.

“The eyes are still alive.”

Raon nodded, looking at the trainees’ heated eyes.

“Then I’ll tell you how to win.”

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