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Chapter 61

Combat training with the 6th training center.

This is a rumor that Burren has also heard. It was a story that came out at a bar two months ago, but nothing was said since then, so I thought it was a rumor.

But tomorrow? Tomorrow?

Burren thought something was wrong with his hearing. Otherwise, there’s no way you’d hear such crazy things.

“Did you say tomorrow?”
“Don’t copy Runaan. Please be clear. Is it really tomorrow?”
“Oh, that’s right.”

Rimmer nodded quickly. It’s a confident expression that makes you want to hit it.

“It’s not sparring, it’s all-out war. Tomorrow?”
“Since the numbers are not that large, it is better to think of it as a local war rather than an all-out war… .”
“That’s not it!”

Buren stamped his foot.

“The showdown is tomorrow, but you’re telling me today. Where is the law?” “Could it be that the rumor that came out at the bar earlier was true?”
“Oh, I knew. That’s about me and Methun.”
“Holy shit!”

It may be a one-on-one sparring, but if it is an all-out war, it is a duel with the pride of the gymnasium at stake. To say that a day ago was so absurd that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut.

“Ha, this is why they call you kids.”

Rimmer squatted down and clicked his tongue.

“War. The battle is ‘Hello? We will start the fight from now on. Do you start politely by saying ‘Be careful!’? no. “Most battles occur suddenly and unexpectedly.”

From his awkward posture, he radiated a sharp force that overwhelmed those around him.

“Once war breaks out, you have to get out even while eating, sleeping, or pooping. Without knowing who the enemy is or what their numbers are, I first draw my sword and look. “If we had known about it a day in advance, we would have had enough time to respond.”
“that is… .”

Buren and the trainees remained silent as if they had nothing to say.

‘That’s true.’

Raon nodded.

‘Because there are a lot of missions that are unexpected.’

The same goes for assassinations.
Naturally, an assassination is more likely to be successful when the target is outside than when the target is at home.
It was common for the target to leave the house and go somewhere, only then to make a plan and move.

Planning and acting on the spot was an essential skill for an assassin.

“Besides, I told you about Training Center 6 last night. “I’m not much different from you.”
“Well, didn’t you say that in advance?”
“You got angry before I could explain. “It’s been a while since I’ve seen you so angry.”

Rimmer chuckled.

“Ugh! sorry.”

Buren lowered his head, his earlobes dyed red, as if he was embarrassed.

“Then you probably understand everything, so I’ll start explaining now.”

Rimmer stood up with his back. It seemed like he was trying to get some form, but it didn’t look like he was there.

“The battle starts at 6 a.m. tomorrow. There are 43 of us, and there are 60 of them. Win or lose… .”
“Now that I think about it, why are there 60 people over there?”
“It’s almost 1.5 times more… .”

The trainees craned their necks when they heard that the number of people in Training Center 6 was much larger.

“I told you. War isn’t about fighting numbers. When we meet multiple enemies later, are you going to call them cowards because they outnumber us? “No.”
“Hmm… .”
“Yes, that’s true.”

The trainees tilted their heads and returned to their seats. They felt like they were constantly being stopped by Rimmer.

“Start explaining again. 43 of us and 60 of them move at the same time. You win by neutralizing all enemies or capturing the flag of the opponent’s formation. “In some ways, it’s simpler than sparring.”

He muttered that it was too easy and said he was glad he didn’t tell me right away tomorrow morning.

“Well, now that I think about it. “I don’t think it will be that difficult.”
“Well, half of the trainees at the 6th Training Center are those who failed here. “There are no direct descendants.”
“Don’t you know? “Kane entered the training hall 6 a few months ago.”
“Well, if you’re Cain Sieghardt, you’re two years older than us! “How can you defeat that person!”
“are you okay. His injuries were so severe that he was hospitalized for a year. “I guess he hasn’t fully recovered yet?”
“Oh, then it’s worth it.”

The trainees heaved a sigh of relief when they heard that Kane had not yet recovered from his injuries.


Burren shook his head.

“Kane Sieghardt has already recovered from all his injuries. “Even while recovering, he continued his auror training and sense training, so his strength is now at the level of an advanced sword user.”
“So, advanced sword user?”

The practitioners’ faces turned pale at his words.

“Hmph, so what should we do? If you’re scared, get out. “I’ll take care of whether it’s Kane or something.”
“I’m not scared. I was just giving information. And you can’t do it alone.”

The color returned to the faces of the trainees as Martha and Buren argued.

“We also have Master Burren, Master Marta, and Master Runan. Well, there’s also Raon.”
“Honestly, I think you’ll win without difficulty, right? Those two just need to stop Kane and wipe out the rest.”
“Is it possible. “We defeated the knights of the Owen Kingdom, and we completed our mission this time.”

The trainees smiled and said that being a 6th training center trainee was light.

“Well, if you look at it too easily, you’ll get seriously hurt.”

The corners of Rimmer’s mouth turned up coldly.

“There is a training called Hell Master that greatly improves the skills of prosecutors at once. 6 The training ground trainees endured the Lord of Hell without a single person falling behind. “It’s also because of you guys.”
“Because of us?”
“Recently, the 5th training ground is receiving the most attention in the family. Those kids are trying to catch up with you. “If you take it lightly, you will lose in vain, right?”

He gave me serious advice for the first time in a long time.

“no way! “Every day was hell for us.”
“I guess the guys who fell here got stronger. Different talents. Talent.”
“okay. “We have never been defeated or failed so far.”
“As long as we stop Kane, we can win for sure!”

Even after hearing the advice, the trainees’ pride did not go away. In fact, it seemed to be burning even more.

“You feel confident.”

Rimmer chuckled and nodded. It’s a smile that says he doesn’t care if he loses like this.

“Finally, an all-out war is like a small war. In other words, the leader’s instructions are the most important. Tomorrow, everyone will follow Raon’s instructions.”
“… yes.”
“All right.”

The trainees who usually followed Raon answered right away, while those who followed Buren or Runan opened their mouths a beat later.

‘It must be a hassle.’

Raon wrinkled his nose. He said that it was not difficult to defeat the 6 training ground, but it was troublesome to control the practitioners.

“Today’s training is voluntary. “Whether you plan a strategy or train here, prepare for tomorrow’s battle.”

Rimmer returned to his usual light and playful mood.

“Chief instructor. “You didn’t tell me the most important thing.”

Burren raised his hand.

“Where is the battle taking place?”
“Oh, that.”

Rimmer clapped his hands.

“Bukmangsan Mountain behind the main building over there.”

He looked down at Raon and smiled slyly. ‘You know Bukmangsan well. It was a smile that felt like ‘please.’


Raon shook his head. It seemed like Rimmer was gambling on their side’s victory.

A really amazing person who makes the situation worst and gambles on 5 training grounds. No, it was an elf.

‘It’s ruined like that.’

There was a reason why I lost money every time at a gambling house or horse market.

“Then I’m going.”

Rimmer waved his hand like a child going on a picnic and left the gym.


Raon sighed and gathered the trainees to the center of the training hall.

“Let’s start planning now for tomorrow’s group exhibition. 6 Does anyone know information about the training center?”
“Well, I know something.”

Dorian, who was starting to experience hydrostatic tremors, swallowed dry saliva.

“As you all know, the current head of the 6th Training Hall is Kane Sieghardt. He is 16 years old, two years older than us, but while on a mission, he suffered a serious injury and was hospitalized for over a year before returning.”
“It’s an injury… .”
“As you heard earlier, his level of military power is at the upper level of a sword user, and he is popular, so all the current 6 training ground practitioners are following him. The three collateral members are especially strong… .”

Dorian, like a guy who has his feet all over the place, spilled out information about the 6th training ground.

“If that’s the case, there’s no need to make a plan.”
“As expected, we can ignore everyone except Kane.”
“yes. “Let’s have two of the four strongest men stop Kane, and wipe out the rest by ourselves.”

The trainees grinned and said that there was no need to make a plan.

“I’m sure if we just stop Kane, we’ll be able to win without difficulty.”

Buren also seemed to think that he would be defeated and said that we should each move.

“Fuck the plan. You don’t have to bother using your head, just use your strength to shake it off. “If you leave it to me, I’ll sweep it up by myself.”

Marta raised her clenched fist.

The two seemed eager to participate in this battle, having failed to do anything during the mission two months ago.

“Hmm… .”

Raon listened to everyone’s opinions and nodded.

“To summarize, there is a difference in power. There is no need for strategy or strategy, just push through. Let’s stop Kane at all costs. “Is this it?”
“No matter how you fight, you will win.”
“Let’s finish it in the morning and have lunch.”

The trainees smiled as if they had already won. The only ones who stayed quiet were Runaan, who was as usual, and Dorian, who poured out everything he had to say.

“okay. “Let’s do that.”

Raon looked around at the trainees and nodded.

“Oh, how refreshing.”
“So is this personal training?”
“Do you want to bet on how many people we can defeat tomorrow?”

The trainees grinned and each moved to do their personal training.

-You idiots.

Raon nodded with cool eyes.

‘Those guys have no idea the fear of someone chasing them from behind.’

As Rimmer said, I think I need to get hurt a lot before I can come to my senses.

* * *

Same time. 6 Training hall.

About 100 trainees, their hair and clothes covered in dust, were gathered in the middle of the training hall.

“You have endured all the hell weeks with a abandonment rate of over 70%.

6 The trainees straightened their backs at the solemn voice of Metun, the chief instructor at the training center.

“That too is your choice. “Do you remember why?”
“5 It’s because of the training ground!”

The practitioners shouted at the same time. The voice was so loud that the training hall 6, which was larger than the 5 training hall, shook.

“right. The 5th training ground that received the most attention in the family, and where even the Owen Kingdom, which had ignored you, applied for a duel first. “It was to take them down.”

Metun looked at each of the trainees one by one. The pupils had become harder than before.

“Now the opportunity has come. “You guys, who were not even ignored, let alone received any attention, have a chance to defeat the 5 training camp.”

As his voice resonated throughout the training hall, the trainees’ eyes sparkled.

“Even if it’s 43 to 60, everyone in the family will predict that the kids will win. But I think winning and losing are 50/50. “Show me what you guys have built up tomorrow!”

The trainees screamed at the training center to leave.

“Kane Sieghardt.”

Metoon called the only direct descendant of the 6th gymnasium. The blond-haired boy standing in the center took a step forward.

“Have faith.”

The trainee called Kane bowed his head in a proud posture.

“I will show everyone that Training Center 6 is stronger than Training Center 5.”
“That’s not all.”

Methun shook his head slightly.

“You, the leader of the 6th training hall, must defeat Raon Sieghardt, the leader of the 5th training hall.”
“… … .”
“Why are you not confident?”

Kane’s eyes flashed fiercely.

“I just didn’t mention it because it was so obvious. That guy can’t beat me. “Because my abilities are superior.”
“It’s good confidence.”

Methun nodded happily.

“It’s not just Kane. Everyone, do your best to ensure that your efforts so far are not in vain.”

On that day, 6, the fire in the training hall did not go out until late at night.

* * *

“Hmm… .”

Raon looked at the map of Bukmang Mountain, where the battle would take place tomorrow, and nodded.

‘It’s a place where everyone knows.’

After following Limer to Mt. Bukmang, I trained around the mountain, so I knew all the surrounding geography. Geographically, he had a huge advantage over the 6th gymnasium.

‘but… .’

The kids are not in good condition.

Trainees are intoxicated with continued victories and achievements.
In particular, even though they did some things alone, they mistakenly thought that their power had become stronger just by being there together.

‘Of course he’s strong.’

It is true that thanks to Rimmer’s training method, trainees are stronger than swordsmen or knights of similar age. However, it is never to the point where it is overwhelming or ignored.

Due to the nature of children growing up without being seen, if you let your guard down, you will be defeated.

-It’s all because I haven’t experienced proper combat. You can only know this when you experience a situation where you will be killed by someone weaker than you.

Lars seemed to understand Raon’s thoughts and sneered.

-Looking at those idiots, it reminds me of when the main king was in the demon world. I grabbed the horns of a high-ranking demon who was showing off in front of the main king and pulled them out… .
“Ah, it has begun.”
– King Bon is telling the story of becoming blood and flesh, but he cuts off again… .
-Ugh! Raon Sieghart!

Raon waved his hands and lay down on the bed. He blocked his hearing and closed his eyes.

Well, what this guy says is not wrong.
It is also a good way to let trainees in the 5th training camp experience defeat to let them know that they are not special.

Rimmer must have been aiming for that to some extent. Of course, you don’t want to lose, but you want to get to the point of losing and then win.

‘Sounds fun.’

Raon smiled slightly.

‘It’s just the right opportunity.’

It was an opportunity to show what role an outstanding commander can play to trainees who have not yet followed him.

After the battle tomorrow, the trainees of the 5th Military Academy will follow his instructions unconditionally, without leaving a single one out.

“Then I guess I’ll have to steal the information first.”

Raon’s eyes shone softly like the moon in the sky.

* * *

The next day, on the eastern slope of Bukmangsan Mountain.

Kane Sieghardt and the 59 trainees from Training Center 6 were gathered in a circle around the yellow flag.

“Finally, we talk about the strategy.”

Kane let out a sharp voice while looking at the map of Bukmangsan Mountain.

“5 The place where the training center practitioners are is to the west. They still haven’t come together. They are divided into four factions: Raon, Buren, Runaan, and Marta.”

He knew that the practitioners of the 5th Training Center were not yet able to unite.

“They will definitely move separately. Especially Marta, who will rush in alone. Dawn.”

At Kane’s call, the large trainee next to him nodded.

“Just like we practiced, take the first group and block it. “If you fight against each other like a two-wheeled combat, you can win.”
“All right.”
“Buren uses sharp and systematic swordsmanship. Decal!”

A practitioner with long arms and legs like a monkey raised his hand.

“You go. Together with Team 2, who has mastered the Sensory Sword, we will be able to defeat Buren. “I will move with the collateral, so take the third group with me.”

Kane last saw a woman with short green hair standing on his right.

“Karin. Your opponent is Runaan. Although he is an unpredictable child, he is said to follow Raon’s words very well. “Wait here and follow my instructions with Team 4.”
“Finally, Team 5 and I will wait here and stop Raon.”

Kane Sieghard straightened his back holding a map.

“How are you going to figure out their movements? “If you get the position wrong, everything will fail.”
“are you okay.”

He smiled confidently.

“Because I’m going to use the observation plan.”

Observation is an art that allows you to sense the location and energy of enemies from afar. It was an optimal ability to use in such local warfare.

It may be one-on-one, but the most important thing in a local war like this is information and detection. As for my detection ability, I was confident that I would win even if I fought other instructors than Raon.

“It’s time to show our will to endure this hell week. “After today, Sieghart’s best training ground will be the 6th Training Ground!”

The trainees of the 6th Training Center shouted at Kane’s powerful voice.

However, there was one thing that neither Kane, who clenched his fists nor the trainees with burning will, knew.

That there is a red eye looking down at them from the tree.

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