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Chapter 6

I am soon to be Namjoo’s mother

The Duke of Siaster and Viscount Evanroir, an unknown family, were a very humble and unremarkable family. Except for one thing: I come from a family of scholars for generations.

So even if you suddenly wanted to meet Duke Siaster, there was no way you could easily meet him.


Who is Elston?

He pretends to be an ordinary wizard, but in reality, he is the core of power, the magic tower lord, who can stand alone with the emperor at any time!

I knew that I was completely immersed in Axion’s cuteness and couldn’t get over it, so I quietly made a ticket.

I wrote the phrase ‘Cute Axion 30-second hug ticket’ in proper letters on the ticket and handed three of them into Elston’s hand.

As I looked at his shaking neck and his twinkling eyes like stars, I knew that the deal was done.

And the very next day, I was able to request a meeting with the Duke of Siaster through him.

This is why connections are important.


I walked diligently without hiding my smile.

The stroller in which Axion was sleeping vibrated slightly and rolled as I walked.

I muttered as I looked up at the sunny, beautiful sky, as if representing my happy heart.

“I thought we would have to wait a very long time, but I guess the food problem is serious.”

This was because he hinted through Elston that he knew a way to solve the new food problem.

Duke Dazar was a great nobleman with a lot of work to do, and to make an appointment with him, you had to wait at least several months.

In the beginning, that is.

However, Duke Dazar ordered him to visit Duke Siaster’s residence a week later.

The promised day is tomorrow.

Meanwhile, I had finished preparing to face him and was about to take a break today.

“I heard it rained early in the morning. Perhaps because Axion came outside, the rain clouds have disappeared?”


“If things go well like this, wouldn’t Vanilla be able to fall in love with Axion and cut off the demon dragon’s power?”


I looked down at Axion, who had already woken up and was playing with his hands, and smiled.

Today, as we take a break, the place we are walking through is a cemetery provided by the imperial family, not far from the Viscounty of Evanroire.

This cemetery was about a thirty-minute carriage ride away.

‘It was this way, right?’

The cemetery had a floor made entirely of marble, and small gardens were occasionally placed between the tombs.

It was a very neat and luxurious cemetery to be considered simply a neighborhood cemetery.

‘Well, it’s a place where people with many stories are buried.’

Noble families usually have their own separate cemeteries, so there was no way nobles would be buried here.

Even commoners would not dare to bury their family members here.

This is because in order to build a tomb here, one had to pay the average annual living expenses of a commoner.

So, those buried here had a somewhat strange story.

For example, people like this half-sister, who had a relationship with Viscount Evanroir a long time ago.

I have a memory of visiting this place once.

I stumbled through my memories. I walked for about ten minutes and went deep into the cemetery.

I placed down the flowers I had prepared in front of the small marble graveyard, stood holding Axion, and spoke softly.

“… … I will raise Axion well. “Don’t worry too much.”

I searched hard for the memories this body possessed, but almost no memories related to my half-sister came to mind.

The age gap between me and my half-sister was quite large, and since I broke up with her and left home when I was young, it was unlikely that I would remember her.

I was thinking that I should say hello sometime, and it happened to be a nice day so I ended up here.

“The child is so pretty.”

Picking up Axion, he bent his knees and spoke in a whisper.

‘There were two people who almost became mothers. One tried to die with me before I could even perceive the world, and one… … tried to kill me They said I was cursed.’

Even though she made the wrong choice… … .

There must have been a reason why that had to be the case… …

‘Why did you try to kill such a cute child? You will not be forgiven.’

I didn’t think about it.

I looked down at the graveyard, coldly wondering if Axion might hear me.

The reason I came here today was because I wanted Axion to have some good memories of his real mother.

‘If you just imagine it without actually facing it, you may end up thinking even worse things.’

I hope you have some good memories of her when you visit the cemetery on a nice day, like going on a picnic.


Axion began to whine as if his posture was uncomfortable.

I hugged the child and took out a rattle from the stroller.

Jingling jingling.

I gently rocked the rattle to soothe Axion and sat down on a nearby wooden bench.

I was thinking of spending a little more time here and then heading back.


However, as I was quietly looking at the leaves rustling on the bench, I immediately had to open my eyes.

Axion’s eyes suddenly turned purple, along with a strange sensation as if something was passing through his entire body.


Axion, who had been laughing and looking at the rattle I was holding just moments ago, was staring blankly somewhere with his eyes that had turned purple.

I was so shocked for a moment that I almost missed Axion.

In the original work, Axion’s eyes turned purple when the Demon Dragon’s Dragon Heart in his heart reacted.

‘Let’s calm down. calm down. It used to be like this often in the original work too.’

Before Axion went crazy, things like this would sometimes happen in response to the surrounding divine power.

Because he held the Demon Dragon’s Dragon Heart in his heart, he was sensitive to even small waves of divine power.

According to Elston, most holy magic has no effect on him.

However, as a reaction to that, the demon dragon’s energy flows out, and it is said that the eyes will often turn purple like this.

‘It’s just that the eyes turn purple.’

Trying to calm my startled heart, I turned my head towards where Axion was looking.

‘Ah, then who around you used divine power?’

What Axion was looking at was the fountain located in the center of the cemetery.

A man was standing in front of him.

The black-haired man was looking up at the sky as if there was something there.

Even from a distance, his clothes were classy, ​​and his straight back and posture were very elegant.

He was clearly a person of high status.

‘Did that person use divine power…? … .’

It seemed like it was because Axion was staring intently at that man.

I quietly stood up.

Axion, who has the devil’s dragon heart, and a man who uses divine power. That’s because he wasn’t very compatible.

I felt like if I left quickly, it wouldn’t be a hassle in many ways.

I had come to that conclusion and was just about to take a step forward.

A quiet voice came from right behind me.

“What is this?”


Swish, I turned around.

What came into view was a man standing in front of a fountain in the distance.

I don’t know when or how he approached me, but the man was looking down at me with his head tilted.

Although she had a handsome appearance that made you want to go away from a movie star, her expression was so fierce that there was no time to be surprised by her appearance.

The man’s golden eyes slowly examined me. One corner of his mouth went up in a sneer.

A threatening voice came out.

“Contrary to what it looks like, the magical power is quite fierce and vicious. Can I be friends with that idiot demon whose head was cut off by me last time? “I guess you’ve come for revenge?”

“… … yes?”

“For someone who proudly tore through the barrier and came in, such a clumsy expression is a bit funny. “I’d better practice acting more.”

Demon? Barrier?

What kind of nonsense is this person talking about now?

I blinked a couple of times with a confused look on my face.

When you talk about fierce and vicious magical power, you mean Axion… … ?

No, I think there was a serious misunderstanding before that.

“I cut your friend off, starting from the ankles. Where should you start? From the neck?”

“No, over there.”

When he stretched out his right hand into the air, a sword appeared in the empty space.

And when he took the sword in his hand, Axion, who was in my arms, began to cry loudly.



He frowned. I was so lost in the absurdity that I slowly started to get irritated.

No, why are you making my child cry?


He gritted his teeth and lifted the rattle he was holding in one hand.


The rattle followed my rough movements.

The man’s eyes gradually narrowed as he looked at the rattle I held up.

“what? “Is this demonic energy used by demons?”

“What are you talking about? “Can’t you see that my child is crying because of you?”


He brought the rattle closer to his eyes.

And said:

“shake it.”

“… … what?”

“Shake the rattle.” Don’t you know the rattle? Since you made me cry, take responsibility and comfort me, you idiot!”

The man stopped moving for a moment at my words.

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

I’m the Mother of the Soon-to-be Crazy Male Lead RAW novel

곧 미치는 남주의 엄마입니다
Status: Completed
I thought I was possessed in a novel about farming. Until the male lead, who went crazy because of magic and killed the heroine appeared. “Axion…?” Cheeks like rice cakes, puffy lips & eyes like silver beads. This extraordinary beautiful baby…. “Isn’t this the child My Lady adopted?” My son and the main culprit of the destruction of this world? There was seven years till the male lead killed his (adoptive) mother. I decided to convert the tragedy. Mother wants to live, son! *** ​ The reality of a penniless single mother, first of all, I signed a contract with the hostess’ father using my specialty. Initially, I was just going to make money for milk powder. “Is this ‘rice’? The more you chew, the sweeter it tastes!” “This meal will solve the world’s food shortage!” “This chewy texture! Did you say rice cake? I can’t believe this!” Did I just spread the taste of Korea? It will be perfect if I can stop my baby from going crazy now. “Taming me…is it over now?” “Without you, the world is meaningless.” “Did you want to see me go crazy?” This time, the female protagonist’s father, who was her future in-law, went crazy.


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