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Chapter 58

“Well, those children were held hostage by bandits?”

Burren’s blue eyes bulged as if they were about to pop out.

“Rescuing the hostages means discovering the bandits! Do not lie!”

Martha put her face in his face and told him not to say nonsense.

Two people. No, all the trainees at the base were dumbfounded, unable to believe that Raon and Runan had rescued the child from the bandits.

“Think whatever you want.”

Raon laughed and took the children near the bonfire.

“Rest here for now.”

I sat the children down in front of the fire and handed them the beef jerky that Sylvia and Helen had packed for them.

“Fill your stomach with this.”
“Okay, thank you.”
“Thank you.”

When the boy bowed his head, the girl bowed her head in the same way.

The two children were dumbfounded and then started munching on the beef jerky. Tears welled up in my eyes, as if I was feeling sad.

“to? yes!”
“Do you have a blanket? “A clean one.”
“Of course there is.”

Dorian took a long green blanket out of his stomach pocket. I covered the two children’s shoulders with a blanket.

“Eat this too.”

Runaan knelt down and made eye contact with the children. She took the lid of an ice cream box out of her bag and held it out.

There are only two beaded ice cream left. Even though it was only her favorite flavor, there was no hesitation in her gesture.

“what’s this?”

The girl tilted her head.

“It’s ice cream.”

Runan wiped the child’s hands and handed him the ice cream, saying it was refreshing and delicious.


The girl licked her tongue at the ice cream and screamed. Of course, it’s a happy scream. She started eating the ice cream, wagging her little tongue like a kitten.


The boy also took a bite of ice cream and opened his eyes. However, she did not continue eating, but handed the remaining ice cream to her younger sister, who enjoyed it.

Raon whetted his appetite as he looked at the two children. The tip of his tongue was bitter.

‘You have become an adult.’

Seeing him take care of his younger brother first even when he was with the bandits and eating ice cream, the boy who lost his parents had already become an adult.

Raon thought he was better than his previous life, when he only followed Derus Robert’s instructions, so he lightly patted the boy on the shoulder.

-Huh, to escape from the temptation of ice cream, which even the real king is addicted to, he’s bound to become a big guy. Get that guy involved. Like it.

Lars muttered that he wanted to make that boy his subordinate.


I raised my head at the sound of sniffling. Dorian was looking at the children with tears in his eyes.

“Eat all of this!”

He took out all the snacks he usually ate from his stomach pocket and piled them in front of the children. He is a very affectionate guy.

“We saved the children, and we have to deal with the remaining bandits. “Once they confirm that the hostages have been rescued, they will definitely run away.”
“okay. Where are those bastards? “I will break every branch of those human scum.”

While watching the children eating cookies, Burren approached with enthusiasm and Marta approached with angry eyes. She quickly tapped her scabbard as if to guide the bandit.

“are you okay.”
“It’s okay! The mission must be completed… .”
“What is this about again?”

Just as Burren was about to argue, Rimer and the instructors jumped out from the bushes on the side of the mountain. Only the three instructors who remained to clear the traces of the bandits were not seen.

“What kids?”

He and the instructors pretended not to know anything and tilted their heads.

‘I wish I knew it all.’

Raon frowned slightly. Although there were still few Aurors to pinpoint Rimmer’s location, he was clearly watching him.

“You know, don’t you?”

Rimmer shrugged his shoulders as if he didn’t know anything.

“I saved it with Raon.”

Runaan approached Rimmer and nodded.

“You saved these children?”
“Didn’t you hear from the other instructors?”
“Oh, now that I think about it, I can’t see the three people. “Where did it go?”
“Ha, let me tell you.”

Raon sighed and stood up. Looking at Rimmer’s expression, it seemed like he wanted to speak in front of others.

“We found traces of bandits in the forest inside the hill and started tracking them. “It was a barely visible trace, but I followed it until the end and eventually found the bandits deep in the forest.”

Step by step, I explained everything that happened while tracking today.

“… “After killing Seolho Chaeju, he returned with her children.”

After hearing his explanation, silence fell in the clearing.

“Wow, that’s ridiculous… .”

Buren swallowed dry saliva.

‘The mission itself was completed while I was wasting my time… .’

It is said that while he was wasting time, Raon rescued the hostages and killed all the bandits. He found it hard to believe, but given the circumstances, he had no choice but to believe.


Although I didn’t know much about training or sparring, I promised myself that I would at least outperform Raon in actual combat missions, but I failed again this time.

No, it wasn’t just a failure, it was a total no match for him. I was so proud of myself that I couldn’t bear it.

“Shit! Damn it!”

Martha turned around and hit the tree with her fist. The bark of the tree split and fell to the ground.

‘That’s not a lie.’

The Raon we’ve seen so far is someone who doesn’t lie. It was clear that he and Runaan had returned after rescuing the hostages and eliminating the bandits.

‘You idiot!’

When he found out that Raon and Runaan were fighting for their lives while he was having a childish argument with Buren, he was so angry that he cried.

‘I was going to finish it this time.’

I tried to nullify my promise to follow Raon by completing this mission perfectly, but I was completely defeated. He had no excuses.

“Whoa… .”

Martha let out a sweet sigh as she admitted that she had lost to Raon.

“Ho, you killed all the bandits alone?”
“You personally tracked it down and rescued the hostage… .”
“What are you really doing?”

The trainees’ chins trembled. Everyone looked at Raon and Runan in surprise.


One of the instructors approached Raon. An expression that really doesn’t know anything. It appears that he was an instructor who was watching other children.

“Seol Ho-chae’s Chae-ju’s level of strength is that of a mid to upper-level sword user, how did he win? “Maybe I saw something wrong?”
“How can you be sure?”
“See for yourself.”

Raon pointed to a wrapping cloth that could also be considered a trophy.


The instructor nodded and opened the wrapping cloth.

‘Red hair and a big scar around the eye.’

It matched Seol Ho-Chae-ju’s impression and clothing that was conveyed when he received the mission. His eyes fluttered wildly as he looked back at Raon.

“… “I’m sure.”

The instructor swallowed dry saliva and approached Raon.

“Well, it was confirmation for the mission, so I hope you don’t feel bad.”
“of course.”

When Raon nodded, the instructor greeted him face to face and returned to Rimmer.

‘Rimer probably ordered it.’

Raon could tell from Rimmer’s playful eyes that he had ordered it. Perhaps it is to provide confirmation to those who do not believe or are skeptical.

Perhaps because of this, the trainees’ eyes when looking at themselves and Runaan were full of admiration and surprise.


Rimmer treated him well beyond a simple instructor-trainee relationship. It’s so different from the instructor I met in my previous life that I honestly don’t know what it means.

“So is the mission over?”
“But we didn’t do anything…” .”
“Well, can I keep going like this…?” .”

The trainees were happy that they could now go home and sleep well, but their faces were dark at not being able to do anything.

“Why are you so disappointed?”

Rimmer laughed as he looked at the students standing awkwardly.

“It is rare for a person to demonstrate their abilities or perform well on their first mission. “The instructors here either made a lot of mistakes or failed to do anything on their first mission.”

The instructors nodded as if they were right.

“Then what are Raon and Runan?”
“that’s right. “Those two finished it all.”
“Well, there are monsters sometimes. Why bother when you’re already used to it? Actually, I was active from the first mission. It was very uproarious. I went into the enemy camp with a sword… .”

Rimmer chuckled and began to talk about his performance on his first mission.

-That guy’s story isn’t that great. It is a legend throughout the Demon World that King Bon froze a castle during his first battle while in the Demon World… .
“ha… .”

Raon shook his head. As I listened to the two chatters, my eardrums began to hurt.

* * *

Rimmer declared the mission over and said he would return to the family tomorrow.

The trainees immediately prepared a meal, and Runan and the children soon became close friends and ate together.

While we were eating dinner separately, I don’t know if it was meat or stew, Rimmer approached us.

“Good work.”

He flopped down next to me, holding a bowl full of ingredients.

“Because it was a mission.”
“There are a lot of people who are qualified as prosecutors but cannot complete their duties, but you are great. Of course, there were some shortcomings.”

Rimmer took a mouthful of porridge. I muttered, “It doesn’t taste that bad,” and set the bowl aside.

“Bandits are not as easy opponents as they appear in the stories. They use mountains well at an elf level, and their poisoning skills are not inferior to that of orcs. This is especially true for those who belong to the North-South Alliance or are targeting it.”

Raon nodded quietly.

“Your improvisation to save the children was certainly good, but if there had been an expert or higher warrior there, you and Runan would have died.”
“You were watching as expected.”
“Well, it just so happened.”

Rimmer continued speaking with a grin.

“You did well today. However, from now on, it will be about the opponent’s force, numbers, and whether there are any hostages. After checking the hostage’s condition, decide whether to move alone or call someone else. You are a senior. “It would be good to develop that judgment in the future.”

It’s not wrong. I’ve tried killing countless times, but this was my first time rescuing hostages, so I felt a little inadequate.

In Sieghardt, there are more things to do with a colleague than to move alone, so you need to develop your judgment at the right time.

“There is no need to harden your face like that. Because you and Runaan showed optimal movement. You’re going to be big.”
“thank you.”

Rimmer gave a thumbs up. Raon quietly lowered his eyes and accepted his praise.

“Oh, and I think I’ll be taking those kids to the family. “They said their whole family died and they had nowhere to go.”
“Is that so… .”

Raon scratched the floor with his hand. Even though he was a stranger, his heart ached to a strange degree.

“I’ve become quite close to Runaan, so I’m thinking of asking her to take charge of the Slyon family.”
“That would be fine too.”

The children followed Runan well. If that happened, she wouldn’t be so bad.

“Raon Sieghardt.”

When I was about to eat some porridge to calm my aching heart, Buren, who had finished eating, approached me and opened his mouth pouting.

“I admit it. Today is a complete defeat. You and Runaan finished the mission while I was out of sync like a broken clock. but!”

He raised his shaking fist.

“I don’t give up. Even if you throw away thousands of water lilies, it will catch up with you!”
“uh… .”

Buren turned around without hearing the answer. He returned to where the collateral practitioners were.


Why water lily?
I didn’t know what he was talking about, so when I picked up the spoon to eat, I heard a snorting sound coming from the tree trunk on the right. It was Martha. She had her arms crossed with a cold expression.


She went into the forest without saying exactly who she was talking to or what she was talking about.

“You live such a troublesome life.”

Rimmer grinned and set down the soup bowl. Even though I said it wasn’t delicious, the bowl was empty.

“It’s because of who.”

Raon frowned. He had an instructor stimulate the trainees and pretended not to notice and made jokes.

“For whom?”

Rimmer giggled and asked back.

“Usually, when you’re your age, you grow up well because you have rivals. “In the future, he will become a colleague you can trust more than anyone else, so let’s be friends.”

After leaving those words, he disappeared along with the green wind.

-Rivals… .

As soon as Rimmer left, Lars jumped out of the bracelet.

– King Bon also had six rivals. Of course, the strongest one is the main king, but they are also different… .”
“… … .”

Raon sighed and put down his finished bowl.

Why are there so many crazy people around me? .

* * *

Raon and the trainees returned to the family after a week. There were some trainees who were concerned about not being able to perform their duties, but most of them began to smile at the thought of being able to sleep comfortably.

Coo coo coo coo!

The Sieghardt main gate, which resembled overlapping iron towers, opened majestically. When the gatekeeper cleared the way, a large man over 2 meters tall came out from inside. It was Iliun, the Foreign Minister.

“Runan Slion, Raon Sieghart.”

His eyes lit up as he called out to Raon and Runan, who were standing behind him.

“The matriarch called you two. “Get ready to enter the Gaju battle right now.”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Runan holding the hands of the two children. Lu Nan also tilted her head, as if she didn’t know the reason.

“There is no need to be so surprised.”

Foreign Minister Iliun smiled coolly.

“Because it is Sieghardt’s tradition to award prizes to trainees who performed the best on their first mission.”
“that’s right. “I’m calling you to compliment you, so you don’t have to be nervous.”

Rimmer nodded with a slightly excited expression and muttered that it was no big deal.

However, there was something that neither Rimmer nor Iliun said.

It is a real thing to praise trainees who showed outstanding performance in their first mission, but it is the first time to call that trainee to the family battle.

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