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Chapter 55

Raon crawled towards the voice and raised his head.

Two bandits were standing guard between the bushes that blocked the view like a wall. They laughed amongst themselves as if they were joking.

‘Your skills are low.’

Although my body was quite developed, I could not feel any aura. He is a low-level warrior who cannot use mana.

I crossed over the two and looked behind them.
Behind the two flirting bandits, a large bandit was sitting, and next to him, a child was tied to a tree.
The child was wearing only thin clothes, and his face and hands were red.


The child could not stand the cold and started moaning, so the bandit next to him tapped his cheek. The mere touch of his hand made the child tremble and shrink.


Raon rolled his eyes and clicked his tongue briefly. As I expected when I came here, the bandits were holding the child hostage.

If the enemy attacked, he would have put a knife to the child’s neck and tried to threaten him.

‘There will be a few more people.’

There is no way to keep an eye on the one and only hostage. Inside. It was clear that where the bandits were gathered, there would be other hostages.

‘how will we do it.’

It was clear that if we told everyone and moved together, we would be caught by the bandits.

It might be better to rescue the hostages now that they haven’t been discovered yet and eliminate the bandits like an assassin.

‘And it’s hard to let go.’

The child’s lips turned blue. If you leave it like that, it might freeze.

“… … .”

Raon turned his head. When Runan saw the hostage, his eyes trembled as if he didn’t know what to do.

“are you okay.”

I spread my diaphragm to block the sound from escaping and then whispered.

“There is a way to solve it.”
“You should help me instead.”

Runaan nodded as if he would do anything.

“When I give the signal, stand up and reveal yourself, and use your mana to block the sound. “You can do it, right?”

Runaan just nodded without asking why or how.

“I’ll take care of it after that. “Just the two of us can save that child.”

When told that the child could be saved, Runaan nodded with more force than usual.


Raon left Runan where he was and used the shadow step method to move near the tree where the child was tied.

“How long do I have to stay stuck here?”
“Sieghart, those crazy people have already dispatched a prosecutor. “They say the roads are all blocked.”
“Fuck. “Aren’t we all going to lose?”
“Chaeju said he called someone from the North and South Korea, so if you wait, a guide will come.”

The bandits talked about their situation without even thinking that there was someone listening to their story.

“Shut up.”

The bandits who were on guard fell silent at the words of the bandit sitting next to the tree.

‘That guy is a little different.’

I felt an aura coming from the bandit’s danjeon sitting next to the tree. Still, it was at Sword Beginner level.

In one step, Raon moved to the large bandit next to the hostage.

Runaan had already finished preparing and was taking a slow breath.

‘Whoa… .’

I took a light breath and bent my knees. He assumed a position where he could move at any time and raised his fingers to create a small fire.


Runaan received the signal and rose from the bushes.

“Who are you?”

As soon as the bandits who were on guard saw Runaan, they quickly grabbed their weapons and stood up.

“Girls? Why here… uh?”

The moment the bandit next to the tree tried to catch the child just in case, Raon was already standing behind him.


As soon as he pulled out his sword, he cut off the bandit’s throat.

“Sigh… .”

The bandit was unable to catch the child or remove the sword from his waist, and his head fell off.

Raon kicked the ground before a fountain of blood spurted from the body of the bandit who lost his head.

“what… .”

Of the two bandits, the one on the right turns first. Rotating his ankles changed his direction. He lunged to the right and threw out his sword.


As soon as Raon cut out the bandit’s heart, he swung his sword around and aimed at the last remaining bandit’s neck.

“W-what… .”

The lone surviving bandit swallowed dry saliva when he saw the sword touching his neck.

“Even if you make a sound or move, you will die.”
“Off… .”

The bandit swallowed his dry saliva and kept his mouth shut, wondering if he was oblivious.

“Runan. “Free the child.”

Runaan nodded vigorously and approached the child.

“From now on, answer the questions asked. “For every time you refuse, I’ll pull out a bone for you.”

Raon broke the bandit’s arm and slammed it to the floor.

“Oh, I understand.”

The bandit only nodded as if he was tired of Raon, who swung his sword without any hesitation.

“It’s Seolhochae, right?”
“Yes, that’s right”
“What is the total number of people?”
“Sir, I’m thirty-nine.”
“Where are the rest?”
“It’s inside that forest.”

The bandit pointed with his chin toward the depths of the forest.


Several figures were moving deep in the forest. Because of their location, they did not hide their presence.

“When is the guard shift?”
“About three, three hours later.”
“What about the hostages?”
“There’s one more person in there.”

Raon nodded. As expected, there were other hostages, so it seems the child was placed in a guarded area.

‘If 36 people are together, it won’t work like it is now.’

Assassination is possible, but rescuing a hostage from a place where 36 people are watching is not easy.


Runaan came over, putting a robe on the child. The child’s face became clean as she wiped her face with her handkerchief.

“Well, prosecutor. “My brother is in there.”

The child knelt in front of Ra-on and hit his head. Although he was still cold and his lips were bleeding, he continued to speak.

“Please save my sister!”
“don’t worry.”

Runaan gently stroked the child’s head.

“Raon will solve everything.”
“Runan. “I don’t say things like that carelessly.”
“But you will do it anyway.”

Raon cleared his throat. Runaan’s eyes were transparent. Complete trust. I cleared my throat at the burdensome level of belief.

“I don’t mind just dealing with the bandits, but I think it would be better to call someone to safely rescue the child who is a hostage. “There are 36 bandits and a loan shark, so it could be dangerous.”
“Then shall we play the flute?”

Runaan stood up while holding the child’s hand. When she got behind her she played her flute which she had received from Rimer.
It blew hard enough to make my face turn red, but no sound was heard.

‘I can’t hear it clearly.’

The flute was so small that you couldn’t hear it even if you were right next to it. I could understand why this flute was given to me.

“It’s a silent sound! Everyone wake up! “The pursuer has arrived!”

As soon as the sound of the flute ended, a man’s loud voice was heard from inside the forest.

“What is this…?” .”

Raon swallowed dry saliva. That reaction. I was sure I heard the sound of a flute.

‘I can’t believe there was a guy with such good sense… .’

I had no idea that I would hear the sound of a flute so far away that even I could not hear. A cold sweat ran down her spine at the thought that things had gone wrong.

“Runan. “Hide over there with the kid.”

Raon pointed towards the bushes to the west.

“What about Raon?”
“I’ll take my time here.”

He answered Runan and pulled the bandit who had suppressed his arm towards the bushes.

“Because it’s okay. trust me. And if you see an opening, get another hostage.”

When I said it was okay, Runaan nodded and went into the bushes on the right.

Coo coo coo coo!

With a sound as if the forest was collapsing, 34 bandits dressed in various outfits rushed out.

“W-what! When… .”
“What the fuck!”
“What kind of bastard!”

Jang Han, the bearded man with the strongest energy, gritted his teeth at the sight of the dead bandits.

‘The hostages… ‘It’s over there.’

Raon confirmed the location of the hostage while hiding in the bushes.

The bandit on the far right was holding a young girl by the neck. Fortunately, it was right next to the bush where Runaan was hiding.

“Come out!”

Bearded Jang Han stomped his feet and rolled his eyes.

“If he doesn’t come out, I’ll cut off that guy’s head.”

He pulled out his sword and aimed it at the girl who was a hostage.


Raon grabbed the neck of the bandit he had overpowered and stood up from the bushes.

“Little? “You did this?”
“crazy! For such a young bastard… .”
“Boo, debtor… .”

The bandit holding his neck called the man in front of him a debtor. That big guy is the leader of the bandits, and he seems to be the one who heard the sound of the flute.

“Who were you silently calling?”

He even knew the name of the flute Rimmer gave him. It seems he was an instructor somewhere.

“Does it matter who I call?”
“The little guy was so excited because he wanted to get kicked.”

The fan owner growled like an animal.

“I want a hostage exchange.”

Raon said, blocking the gaze between the fan owner and the bandits with his sword.

“Hostage exchange?”
“If you hand over that kid, I’ll give you back this guy.”

The debt owner snorted so much that his shoulders shook.

“It’s none of my business whether that bastard searches or not. Unlike that brat, he is not worth a hostage.”
“okay. Right.”

Raon nodded, turned his sword, and held it to the bandit’s neck.

“I told you, we don’t care if he dies. “If you don’t want to see this girl lose her hair, put down your sword right now.”

I lit a small flame with my left little finger and sent a signal to Runaan.

“I decide whether this guy is worth it or not, not you.”

Raon cut the bandit’s carotid artery with the blade of his sword. A huge amount of blood spurted from the neck, momentarily blocking the bandits’ view.


Raon lifted the dagger stuck to his waist. He opened his senses and spirit to the fullest and felt the presence of a bandit holding his child.

Filled with the energy of a manga ball, he fired a dagger at the bandit.


As the blood rising into the sky subsided, I saw a bandit with a dagger stuck in his forehead fall.

“this! “Damn it!”
“Stop it!”

As the debtor and the bandits moved to target the free child, Runaan, who had been hiding in the bushes, stood up. A silvery cold glow appeared on the drawn sword.


As she swung her sword, frost covered the feet of the charging bandits.

“Um, what is that bitch!”
“It’s an attribute auror!”

The bandits were unable to move and stopped their legs. That one moment of hesitation. That was enough.


Raon kicked the ground and jumped towards the child.


The bandit in the middle struck down his sword.


Raon struck the sword face away with his palm and then decapitated the bandit. A feeling of riding the wind. He seemed to be looking at Li Mer.

“this guy!”

The debtor struck down a huge sword to block the path.

Raon twisted his ankle to stand in front of the child and swung his sword.


The thin sword and the huge sword collided, but it was the sword that was pushed away.


The debtor gritted his teeth and took a step back.

“it’s okay.”

Meanwhile, Runaan came over and picked up the girl.

“Oh, brother!”

The children hugged each other and shed tears like chicken droppings.

“It’s okay now.”

Runaan took a step back, holding the children. He gave a rare, small smile.

‘That guy.’

I glanced behind me and laughed. Runaan acted as if she knew what was going on here. She is a quick-witted person who is different from what she looks like.

“On the topic of kids! Know who I am!”

The debt owner gritted his teeth and swung the sword around. The bandits behind them all drew their swords and lashed out.

“I’m not curious about the name of someone who will die soon.”

The bright red flame of the cartoon ball burned above Raon’s sword.


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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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