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Chapter 55

Chapter 55: A Perfect Crime

TL: Hanguk

Detoxifying Green Onion?!

Leon’s head quickly turned, as he was rushing down to the first floor of the tower to get the Venomous Spider’s Sharp Fang Sword from the guild warehouse.

The same was true for the other hunters.

“What?! Detoxifying Green Onion?”

They were all stuck unable to climb the tower due to the deadly Tarantula, the boss of the 38th floor.

The Cherry Tomatoes sold by the cat merchant were already extraordinary, and it was impossible for the green onion to be ordinary. Furthermore, it had “detoxification” clearly in its name.

“Theo, can we see the Detoxifying Green Onion?”

“I want to see it too!”

“Me too!”

“Show it to our Wizard Guild first!”

“What are you talking about! We, Royal Knights, will see it first!”

The hunters from the Royal Knights Guild and Wizard Guild, aiming to break through the 38th floor first, excluding the Phoenix Guild, rushed towards Theo.

“Line up, meow!”

Theo arrogantly shouted as he put the Detoxifying Green Onion back into his bag. His voice was full of confidence, having somehow regained it.

‘Sejun’s words are indeed the truth, meow!’

Seeing that the Detoxifying Green Onion, which he didn’t expect to sell, was hugely popular among the humans, Theo thought he should listen to Sejun’s words once again.

In the meantime, the hunters lined up in an orderly fashion according to Theo’s words. Thanks to a concession by a guild member, Leon was able to stand third in line.

“Oh! It’s real!”

The exclamation of the Royal Knights Guild hunter, who was first to verify the Detoxifying Green Onion, could be heard.

While Leon anxiously awaited his turn, the Royal Knights Guild hunter returned to his place with a grave face.

Then they began to pool all the money they had. The determination to buy the Detoxifying Green Onion, regardless of the cost, was evident on their faces.

A little later

“If this is…”

When the hunter of the Wizard Guild who checked the options of the Detoxifying Green Onion turned back, the situation was similar. The members of the Wizard Guild also began to pool their money.

‘What on earth could it be?’

“Here it is-meow!”


Finally, it was Leon’s turn, and he checked the Detoxifying Green Onion arrogantly handed over by Theo.

[Detoxifying Green Onion]

→ A green onion grown inside the tower that is delicious due to ample nutrient absorption.

→ Upon consumption, it detoxifies D-grade or lower poisons for an hour.

→ When consumed by a non-awakener, the liver detoxification function becomes more active for 24 hours.

→ Cultivator: Tower farmer Park Sejun

→ Expiration date: 60 days

→ Grade: D

‘D grade?’

The Detoxifying Green Onion was D-grade, different from the Magical Cherry Tomatoes.

However, that was enough. The toxic gas attack of the deadly Tarantula gives E+ grade poison damage. It’s deadly because it emits this poison gas once during combat.

“Theo, how many of these Detoxifying Green Onions do you have?”

“100 pieces, meow!”

100 pieces? It was an ambiguous number. The maximum number of people who can raid a boss is 50. However, as the raiding party gets bigger, the chances of getting good rewards from the raid rewards decrease, so it’s typical to raid the boss with about 15 to 25 people.

And boss raids usually take more than 3 hours.

If we consider the full force of the Royal Knights guild and the Wizard guild, it would take about 20 people to take down the boss. This means that they would need at least 60 detoxifying green onions to defeat the boss on the 38th floor of the tower.

However, they also have antidotes acquired from quests, and if they wear the Venomous Spider’s Sharp Fang Sword, they can reduce the number of people needed for the boss strategy to about 18. So, even if they secure only 50 detoxifying green onions, it’s possible to beat the boss.

‘We’re in a better position. But how much money do we have?’

Leon’s mind became anxious as he spent all his money buying the magical cherry tomatoes just a while ago.

“Jeffrey, gather up the money from the guild members here!”


Leon gave an order to the leader of Team 1 and contacted Deputy Guild Master Catherine via his Hunter Phone to quickly send up the Venomous Spider’s Sharp Fang Sword. Leon’s Hunterphone was an expensive model that cost 500 million each, and it was able to communicate with the first floor through a special receiver installed at the guild headquarters.

‘Today, our Phoenix Guild will raid the boss on the 38th floor.’

As Leon was preparing himself,

“I will now start the auction, meow! I will sell the Detoxifying Green Onions in sets of 10, meow!”

As Theo announced the start of the auction,

“50 tower coins for 10!”

“60 tower coins for 10!”

“70 tower coins for 10!”

The hunters from the Royal Knights Guild and the Wizard Guild started to aggressively bid, and the price of the detoxifying green onions began to soar.

“130 tower coins for 10!”

“131 tower coins for 10!”

“132 tower coins for 10!”

The auction was fiercely contested without an inch of concession.

And then,

“155 tower coins for 10!”

With Leon’s shout, the first set of detoxifying green onions went to the Phoenix Guild.


The following three auctions also went to the Phoenix Guild for 157, 162, and 170 tower coins.

‘Just one more successful bid!’


“130 tower coins for 10!”

“131 tower coins for 10!”

“10 pieces for…”

Just as Leon was about to bid, the leader of Team 1 urgently stopped him.

“Jeffrey, what’s wrong?”

“Guild master, we are short of money.”

Due to the rival guilds continuously raising the price, the Phoenix Guild, who had won at a high price, did not have much money left.

“132 tower coins for 10!”

“It’s sold, meow!”

“135 tower coins for 10!”

“It’s sold, meow!”

In this way, the Royal Knights Guild and the Wizard Guild each won 30 of the remaining 60 detoxifying green onions from the money that the Phoenix Guild had.

“Darn it!”

Leon regretted that he should have bought less magical cherry tomatoes, but nothing could be changed.

While Leon was blaming himself,

“Anyone who wants to take a picture with me, line up!”

Theo started his side job. With the magical cherry tomatoes and the detoxifying green onions selling at high prices this time, Theo, in a good mood, offered excellent service to the female hunters and ended photo time.

‘Phew, I’ve gained 100 Churu and 50 of what Sejun likes. I’ve secured 50 hours for President Theo’s time!’

Theo happily put the rewards of his side job into his bag. And he looked around.

“But why can’t I see Kim Dong-sik?”

As Theo, who had an issue to sort out with Kim Dong-sik, was looking around for him,

“Guild Master, I brought the equipment.”

“Thank you, leader of the 5th team.”

Kim Dong-sik, the leader of the 5th team, had brought the equipment that Leon had requested.

“Then I have something to see to…”

After ending his conversation with Leon, Kim Dong-sik hurried over to Theo.

“Kim Dong-sik! Why are you so late? I’ve been looking for you!”

Theo was furious, stomping his feet. Today, he couldn’t go on without Kim Dong-sik.

“I’m sorry. But I had a reason.”

Kim Dong-sik explained that he was escorting Sejun’s family, and gave a brief of the situation outside.

“Is that really true?! Is President Park’s family in danger?!”

“Don’t worry. We are protecting them well. More importantly, do you have the answer to my suggestion?”

“That’s right! President Park agreed!”

Theo showed Kim Dong-sik 200 Magical Cherry Tomatoes, 10 Detoxifying Green Onions, and 15 Golden Sweet Potatoes from his bag.

“These 200 Magical Cherry Tomatoes are prepaid for 3 months. And he said he would give the other crops cheaply! Especially, this one is really good!”

Theo placed the golden sweet potatoes where Kim Dong-sik could see them clearly and spoke.

‘Phew, if Dong-sik takes these, no one will know my mistake, meow!’

Theo was planning a perfect crime.

‘What is this?’

Dong-sik checked the option of the golden sweet potato and the detoxifying green onions. As he had arrived late, he knew nothing about the detoxifying green onions.

“What is this?!”

The detoxifying green onions were absolutely necessary to capture the boss of the 38th floor of the tower, and the fire resistance effect of the golden sweet potato could temporarily solve the curse of his master.

“I’ll buy them all!!!”

“I knew you would, meow! A good choice, meow!”

Theo, who had been anxiously waiting for Kim Dong-sik’s response, spoke with relief.

“Each detoxifying green onion and golden sweet potato are 7 tower coins, meow!”


The detoxifying green onion is D grade and the golden sweet potato is C grade, but they are the same price? Kim Dong-sik was surprised at the extraordinary price.

“That’s right! I’m only giving it this cheap this time, meow!”

Theo, who had to destroy the evidence, sold the sun sweet potato cheaply.


Kim Dong-sik willingly paid 175 tower coins.

“Then see you next time, meow!”

Theo hurriedly disappeared. It was to check if the people who were to give him his reward were well.


Kim Dong-sik waved his hand at Theo, leaving with a bright smile.

‘With this, I should be able to get at least 3 torture prevention passes from the master.’

Both Theo and Kim Dong-sik seemed to be in a similar situation.

After finishing the deal with Theo and turning around,

“Leader of the 5th team!”

Leon called out to Kim Dong-sik, who was holding the detoxifying green onion in his right hand, with a powerful gaze.

And that day, the Phoenix Guild officially became the world’s first to attack the 38th floor of the tower. Kim Dong-sik, who made a great contribution to the attack, was promoted to the leader of the 3rd team.


Day 221 of being stranded.

Rustle. Rustle.

Sejun had been working hard to prepare a dwelling near the peanut field for the queen bee to emerge from its cocoon.

Sejun carefully placed a branch bearing cherry tomato flowers inside the dwelling and covered it again with green onion leaves.


Chew. Chew.

He quietly waited while chewing on semi-dried squid.

Today, he stopped all activities, both building a house and farming on the surface, and made sure no one came around. This was because the queen bee would recognize the first creature it sees after birth as its master.

As the afternoon came,

Buzz. Buzz.

A faint sound of flapping wings could be heard from under the green onion leaves.

‘Is it awake?’

When Sejun carefully opened the leaves, his eyes met those of the queen bee.

[You have successfully nurtured the Queen Bee’s cocoon.]

[You have successfully made the newly born Queen Bee recognize you as its master.]

[Your Beekeeping Lv. 3 proficiency has increased slightly.]

Buzz. Buzz.

The newly born queen bee rubbed its body against Sejun to show affection, then went back to its dwelling and started to suck the nectar from the flowers.

“Eat a lot.”

Sejun covered the dwelling with a leaf again and went down to the cave.

“You can go up now.”



Upon Sejun’s words, the rabbits, who had a lot of work to do on the surface, hurriedly went up. Then they went to the golden sweet potato field. If they hadn’t planted the golden sweet potato vines in advance, the seeds would have disappeared.

“Theo must have taken them.”

Sejun pointed to Theo as the culprit. At that time, Cuengi couldn’t come down to the cave, so there was no other animal that could cause trouble.

Moreover, the yellow fur scattered around the spot where the golden sweet potatoes had been, solidified Sejun’s suspicion.

“Just you wait.”

As Sejun was pondering how to deal with Theo,



The black rabbit and Cuengi, busy hunting in the pond, came into view. Sejun’s worry that Cuengi would aim for the storage was unfounded.

Cuengi, a beast in its own right, preferred to eat what it hunted. Except for honey.

Thanks to that, Cuengi started to catch and eat prey in the pond right away, eliminating the need to move it to the surface.

This reduced Sejun’s workload and made things easier.


Floor 75 of the tower.

Theo arrived at the shopping district.

The hunters caught on the 38th floor had no money. So, he instructed them to earn money as he had a contract, and let them go.

He couldn’t carry humans around, so he planned to ask Sejun what to do in such cases.

‘President Park will surely know how to get money from humans, meow!’

With that, he passed the problem of the hunters onto Sejun,

“Meow, meow, meow.”

And humming a tune happily, thinking he had completely erased the traces of his mistake, Theo strolled through the shopping district.

“I’m a fantastic wandering merchant, meow!”

With the money earned from selling Magical Cherry Tomatoes and Detoxifying Green Onions, he had a whopping 10,575 tower coins!

Theo was filled with pride from his tremendous sales, and his shoulders were filled with incredible strength. But since he usually traveled unnoticed due to his size, no one saw him.

Fortunately, the wolves were following Theo, so the merchants made way for him.


“What’s this, meow?!”

There was a group blocking Theo’s path. No, it was a small hamster.

“Don’t you know who I am? Step aside!”

The Chairman of the Wizard’s Association, hamster Iona, said to Theo.

“And do you know who I am, meow?!”

Theo looked at Elka with eyes full of expectation as if asking her to speak about him.


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