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Chapter 541

Runaan lifted her trembling eyelids.

‘I feel dizzy… .’

I don’t know how much time has passed. It felt like more than two days had passed, but since it was a basement with no windows, I couldn’t really tell.

“… “Thanks to turning my attention to the blood of my subordinates, I was able to decapitate the Ogre Lord without difficulty.”

Syria, who was sitting within reach if I stretched out my hand, pursed her lips with a frantic look.

“The next mission was rescue. “It was about rescuing the bugs that had fallen between the canyons, but I felt like it was a waste of time, so I killed them with my own hands and reported that they were all dead.”

“… … .”

Runaan looked at Syria’s twisted eyes and clenched her fists.

‘What are you thinking?’

I can not understand.

At first, I thought it was all over, but after suppressing only the Aurors, Syria didn’t even touch a finger.

He kept talking about himself, but I couldn’t predict what his intentions were.

“ah! Something interesting happened there. Have you ever heard of human hunting? Just like releasing animals to kill them, they are deliberately letting people go… .”

There was one more strange thing.

Syria keeps saying such disgusting and disgusting things, but strangely enough, the murderous intent and anger towards him has slowly subsided.

What was even more bizarre was that I felt a sense of kinship, as if I had participated in the evil deeds he had committed.

‘Maybe it’s because of this.’

Runaan looked down and looked at the floor.

A red magic circle that looked like it had been drawn in blood had been installed in a room that was originally used as a warehouse and was rough and full of dust.

At first, I didn’t know the effect of this magic circle, but now I can get a general feel for it.

My senses are becoming soft, as if they were rubbed with sandpaper. The magic that loosened the emotions and soul was evident.

‘It doesn’t matter what this magic circle is.’

Runaan chewed his molars gently.

‘Because I will endure until the end.’

Every time my murderous intent and hatred toward Syria subsided, I thought of my parents, Raon, and Gwangpungdae.

As I drew pictures of my precious people, I felt like my distracted mind became stronger again.

“But that doesn’t mean I only committed murder. Sometimes I did good things. The area where the flood occurred… .”

“Mom and Dad.”

Runaan looked at Syria and his eyes became fierce.

“What happened to you two!”

“don’t worry. “I adjusted the medication so that I didn’t die.”

Syria recited in a friendly tone the frightening words that she had drugged her parents.

“How can you believe that? show me. “I want you to show me that you two are safe!”

Runaan bit her lip, saying that if Lorcan and Clara died, she would die here too.

“That’s not difficult.”

When Syria gestured, the two prosecutors standing behind opened the door and went out.

The prosecutors who returned a while later had Lorcan and Clara in their hands. The two people were breathing lightly with their eyes closed. I felt like I had fainted.

“I have no intention of killing you two yet.”

“Oh, not yet… ?”

“Sleon is not a doghouse, and even Sieghart would think it strange if the matriarch suddenly disappeared. “My father and mother will hand over the position of head of the family to me and retire quietly.”

He said it was retirement, but it couldn’t be an ordinary retirement. He meant he was going to kill.

“you… .”

He revealed his teeth while glaring at Runaan’s Slyon.

“What on earth do you want to do!”

I clenched my fist so hard that red blood flowed from my hand.

“This wasteful thing.”

Syria swept up the blood that had fallen from Runaan’s hand with her finger and brought it to her mouth.

“ah… .”

Runaan stepped back, her legs shaking. It should have given me goosebumps, but I didn’t feel anything, perhaps because of the fighting method.

“because of this!”

She hit Jinbeop forcefully, but the red color only became darker.

“You asked me what I wanted to do?”

Syria sucked all the blood from her finger and then raised her eyes filled with madness.

“It’s simple. “I’m going to stab Sieghard in the heart.”


“Soon the continent will become a sea of ​​fire. Slyon will quietly stand behind Sieghardt as he has done up until now, and then he will stab them in the heart at the most critical moment.”

“Do you think that will work?”

“It’s not that difficult.”

Syria stretched out his hand into the air. A black air current spread like smoke, and a goat’s helmet with long horns appeared.

“Well, that helmet… .”

Runaan’s chin trembled as she looked at the goat’s helmet. It was a pitch he couldn’t ignore.

“Take a good look.”

When Syria put the goat helmet on his head, something like molten metal flowed out from inside the helmet and covered his entire body, forming black armor.

The lower body was that of a goat, the upper body was armored as a knight, and a chillingly cold purple eye glowed within the goat’s helmet.

“Bah, Baphomet. Then you are a devil… .”

Runaan leaned back against the wall and held onto his shaking arms.

‘That’s why I brought up the story of Baphomet.’

The reason Syria suddenly started talking about Baphomet at the restaurant and the reason he became obsessed with me, his own flesh and blood, was because he was covered in Baphomet’s helmet.

“okay. “I am an evil sheep.”

Syria let out a heated breath, acknowledging that she was the evil spirit of Eden.

“Oh my brother! “Give my brother back!”

Raon said that the soul of the monster inside that helmet eats the human soul and takes over the body.

It was clear that the reason my older brother, who was kinder and sweeter than anyone else when I was young, disappeared was because the Baphomet inside that helmet had swallowed his soul.

“That’s not it.”

Syria slowly shook her head.

“I ate Baphomet.”

“… what?”

“restoration. “I just want to return this peaceful continent to the era of paradise ruled by monsters, according to ‘his’ ideals.”

He held his stomach and laughed, saying that he had swallowed Baphomet.

“ah… .”

Runaan swallowed dry saliva. It’s crazy. The author is really crazy. I wanted to stop it at all costs, but there was nothing I could do.

“That is the beginning of the continental war.”

When Syria raised his left hand, a new helmet appeared with black flames.

It was similar to the Baphomet helmet he was wearing now, but the cheekbones were smaller and the horns were longer.

“You and I will be at the center of it.”

He covered Runaan’s face with his helmet and curled the corners of his mouth.

“My lovely little brother.”

* * *

Even though Laon knew that Martha and Dorian were moving away, he walked with all his might.

‘Why is it so far… .’

The Slyon family’s outbuilding is built on the outskirts of Sieghardt’s territory.

I usually didn’t think much about it, but as the situation became more frustrating, it felt so far away.

-Isn’t it slow! Move faster!

Lars said he was as slow as a slug and slapped him on the back.

“Damn… .”

Raon chewed his lips. As Lars said, my legs felt slow.

I regretted that I should have focused not only on swordsmanship but also on footwork training.

‘I hope nothing happens.’

I tried to reassure myself that I was overreacting and that Runaan had just overslept, but all I could think of were bad thoughts.

‘There’s no way he would break his ice cream promise.’

I would have done that if Buren or Martha hadn’t shown up at the meeting place. Because they neither like ice cream nor do they particularly hate it.

But Runaan never once broke her ice cream promise.

It was clear that something bad had happened because he was the one who came an hour early every time and waited.

-I can see the house! That’s it, right?

Lars raised his finger toward the blue roof falling in a graceful curve.

‘that’s right.’

Raon nodded and kicked the ground more harshly. No matter what happened to my auror consumption, I ran to the main gate of the Slyon family, focusing only on speed.

There were two prosecutors standing in front of the front door, looking calm as if nothing had happened.


“This is the private property of the Slion family. “What brought you here?”

As Raon stood in front of the door, prosecutors blocked his way and asked him about his intention to visit. The two people showed wary eyes with their hands on their swords.

“Gwangpungdae vice-captain. This is Raon Sieghardt. “We came here because Team 2 leader Runan did not respond to the summons without any contact.”

“See you Raon.”

The prosecutors lowered their hands from their swords and nodded as if they were sorry.

“Did you say Runaan didn’t come to the convocation?”

“yes. “After two hours, he didn’t come and there was no call, so I came to see him.”

I lied and said that two hours had passed, unlike the actual time.

“Well, we haven’t heard of this, so please wait a moment.”

The prosecutor on the left opened the front door and entered the central mansion.

“… … .”

Raon used his senses of the ring of fire and tales to look inside the mansion.

‘There doesn’t seem to be anything particularly strange… .’

Although the feeling was detailed, there was no sign of a battle or someone dying.

The movements of the employees and prosecutors inside were also calm.

However, there was no sign of Runaan anywhere.

‘Where did they go?’

As I was concentrating my mind to find Runan’s location, the door to the mansion opened, and an old man with a sad expression came out.

‘That old man… .’

I remember seeing it. He was the deacon who stood behind Lorcan Slion during the selection ceremony.

“long time no see. Mr. Raon.”

Lorcan’s butler bowed his head politely.

“Lady Runan is not feeling well and is sleeping after receiving treatment.”

He briefly took a nap while training with Rokan yesterday, saying he overdid it.

“I would like to let you know that Raon has arrived, but he has just fallen asleep and I cannot wake him up. sorry.”

The butler said he was truly sorry and bowed his head deeply.

“Then can I see you sleeping?”

“Hehe, Runan is no longer a child, but a woman. No matter how much she says she’s the vice lord, I can’t listen to that. Please understand.”

He waved his hand with a soft smile, as if he had anticipated the question.

“I made a mistake.”

Raon nodded and looked at the mansion.

“Runan said that the room overlooks the training ground, so it must be in the room on the left.”

“no. The lady’s room is on the right. “I think you are mistaken.”

The butler shook his head and said that it was not a training ground, but a place overlooking a garden with blooming flowers.

“okay. “I guess I was mistaken.”

Raon scratched the back of his head and nodded.

‘That’s true.’

Runaan said that the room overlooked the garden. He wondered if the butler had been replaced, and he knew exactly where Runaan’s room was.

However, there was no sign of her in the room on the right where Runaan was sleeping.

‘There’s no way I wouldn’t find Runaan’s presence.’

I can be sure because I have been watching it for nearly 10 years. Runaan is not in that mansion right now.

“hey! What on earth… .”

“Well, master… .”

Martha and Dorian arrived late and stopped in front of the door with their faces scrunched up as if they were dying.

“It’s no big deal. “Let’s go back.”


“Well, what is that…” .”

Raon smiled as he held Martha and Dorian’s shoulders.

‘There’s definitely something going on.’

He bowed his head to the butler without revealing his actual thoughts on his face.

“I’m glad Runaan is safe. “When he wakes up, please tell him to come to the training ground.”

“All right. “Thank you for worrying about her.”

I left the entrance of the Slion family, receiving greetings from the butler.

“What the hell is going on! “Is this really okay?”

“Have you seen Captain 2’s face?”

Marta and Dorian frowned, asking why they came all this way and left without even seeing Runan’s face.

“I don’t know exactly. But it’s clear that something happened to Runaan.”

Raon blocked the sound from escaping by using a shield and explained the situation to the two people.

“Then you can just attack!”

Martha pounded her chest in frustration.

“Let’s destroy them all!”

“If we make too much noise, we might take Runaan hostage.”

Raon shook his head and turned around.

“If you hear a loud noise from that mansion, come running right away.”

“Uh, loud? What are you going to do… .”

“If Runaan is detained, we must rescue her.”

After telling the two people a simple plan, he disappeared.

He easily climbed over the wall and hid in the tree in front of the mansion.


Raon called out to Lars, who was staring blankly into space while holding his chin.

‘Do you feel anything?’

-First of all, there is no one in that family.

The guy’s lowered eyebrows trembled as if he was concentrating on finding Runaan.


Raon nodded and followed the butler who entered the front door.

He entered the mansion and spoke with a master-level swordsman.

After hearing the butler’s words, the prosecutor went out to the back of the mansion and stood in the center of the small firefight. After wandering around there for a while, he came back into the mansion.

‘What’s over there?’

-I found it!

Ras jumped as Raon spread a stream of aura down the training ground.

-I was dizzy because of the dirty manas, but there was an ice cream girl down there! It’s not in good condition!

He raised his hand and pointed to a small warehouse on the outskirts of the training ground.

‘It’s not good? ‘Are you hurt?’

-It’s not the body, but the soul has become blurred!

As Raon was about to run to the warehouse, Lars continued speaking.

-But there are a lot of strange things installed on the stairs going down! If you avoid it as much as possible, you won’t be late!

‘hmm… .’

After listening to Lars’ words and unfolding my energy, I felt a strange condensation of mana. It was clear that there were traps to waste time.

‘It’s a trap… .’

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at the ground where the prosecutor was standing a moment ago.

‘I don’t have time to play with that kind of stuff.’

* * *

“eww… .”

Runaan’s lips trembled as she looked into the violet eyes of the evil demon.

“Don’t refuse.”

Syria twirled the second Baphomet’s helmet with his finger and grinned.

“That method allows you to reveal your true feelings. If you are attracted to me, then you are in love with me too… .”

“shut up!”

Runaan shook her head and chewed her tongue.

‘It is a lie.’

Syria is a human being who spits out lies like he breathes. It was clear that this method was not meant to reveal one’s true feelings, but rather to break down the walls between one’s soul and mind.

But even though I knew that, I couldn’t bear it. Gradually, a fog began to fill her head, and her mind became loose like a broken rubber band.

“I heard you’re always cute.”

As Syria scratched her cheek while looking at Runan who was frowning, the door opened with a knock.

The warrior who had brought Lorcan and Clara came in and bowed his head.

“Raon Sieghardt has arrived.”


“I heard that Lady Runan came to visit me because she didn’t come to the convocation.”

The prosecutor told him everything about Raon coming to the front door.


Runaan clenched his fists with trembling hands.

‘Raon… .’

You trusted me.

When I heard Raon’s name, the feelings for Syria that seemed to be touching my heart disappeared, and the fog that had been building up in my head was erased as if it had been washed with water. She came to her senses as if she had washed her face with cold water.

“For now, they said they’ve returned, so you can rest assured… .”

“It’s safe… .”

Syria turned around and patted the prosecutor’s head.

“Si, Syria?”

“You don’t know Raon Sieghardt. “That crazy guy will definitely come here.”

The moment his soft words ended, the prosecutor’s head exploded, and a fountain of blood soaked the walls and floor.

“ah… .”

Runaan’s fingertips trembled as she watched the magic circle turn even redder. It was an incomprehensible action to suddenly kill his subordinate.

“Let’s make some preparations first.”

Syria threw an unknown bead into the corner of the room and approached Runan.

“I pursue natural encounters. I hoped you would love me just the way I am. “But I don’t have time.”

He raised his eyebrows while holding Baphomet’s helmet.

“It’s already too late. Raon will definitely stop you… .”

“Maybe so. “But not today.”

“Now, wait!”

“I was exposed to Jinbeop for two days, so it won’t take that long.”

Syria blocked Runaan’s hands and placed Baphomet’s helmet on her head.


Black energy flowed from the helmet’s eyeball and enveloped Runaan.

“When you open your eyes again, a new world will unfold.”

“iced coffee… .”

Runaan tried to forcefully take off the helmet, but her hands could not overcome Syria’s strength and stopped after only scratching the helmet.

“Oh, one more thing. This oppa is a bit jealous. From now on, don’t mention other men’s names in your mouth.”

Syria smiled as she stroked Runaan’s hair outside the helmet.

“By the time Raon got here, it was all over… .”

As he stepped back, leaving Runaan lying on the floor, the red ceiling shook and then collapsed with a loud noise.


Red eyes flashed among the pouring dust and stone fragments.


Without the slightest hesitation, the owner of the red eyes drew a razor-sharp blade towards Syria’s neck.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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