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Chapter 530

Raon lifted his gaze, clutching his heaving chest.

Unlike the small and cozy village view that came to mind a little while ago, Capolli village had sophisticated yet large buildings.

If it grows a little more, it can be called a small town. It was completely different from the village in my vague memories.

However, the shape of the mountain ridge that seemed to overlook the village of Capley and the sunset that seemed to hang between it perfectly matched the memory that suddenly bloomed.

It felt like different pictures drawn by different people were overlapped into one.

‘Are you sure… .’

Raon pressed down his blue lips.

‘This is the village where I lived.’

Just as muddy water rises when you play kickball in a valley, the past of your past life that was submerged deep in the sea of ​​memories slowly comes to mind.

This was clearly the village where I spent my childhood before I was kidnapped.

‘So everything was familiar.’

When the village of Cappoli came out from the mouth of Siris, who was controlling the receiver, it felt familiar, the way I naturally walked along the path on the way here, and the confidence I gained when I saw the ridge visible from the entrance of the village were all reasons why I was in this village. It was because I lived in

‘Ugh… .’

Along with a strong headache, new memories stimulate my brain. Young men and women. Two people who appeared to be the mother and father from their previous lives were depicted.

The faces of my mother and father were not visible. The only things that are exposed are their hands and mouths, but their hands are very hard, and the corners of their mouths are stiff as if they are angry.

Next, I remember my mother running down the trail carrying me. My steps were rough. It seemed like he didn’t care whether I got hurt or not.

“under… .”

Raon let out a low sigh while holding his forehead.

‘I thought I was kidnapped, but maybe I was sold?’

I tried to reassure myself that I wasn’t abandoned by my parents, but that I was kidnapped by a shadow, but it seems that wasn’t the case.

I feel nauseous. The regret of coming here and seeing dirty memories comes over me like a wave. I felt sick to my stomach, as if ants were eating my heart.

‘Damn… .’

As I was holding my throbbing head, I heard a low voice from behind me.

“What makes you uncomfortable?”

Raon hastily turned his back. An old man with a kind look was bending his back and smiling.

‘I couldn’t believe a normal person approached me and I didn’t know… .’

I couldn’t feel the slightest mana from the old man. He is an ordinary person who has not even entered martial arts. My emotions were so intense that I didn’t even notice that such an old man was approaching.

“… it’s okay.”

Raon spoke in the deep voice of a middle-aged man to match his disguised appearance.

“Hmm, I guess this isn’t my first time here.”

“Why do you think so… .”


The old man looked back and pointed to the path he had passed a while ago.

“People who come to the village for the first time walk along the wide road and do not pass through that path.”

He held out his hand with a faint smile.

“Chief of Capley village. “It’s Berulik.”

“It’s called Balan.”

Raon said the pseudonym he had thought of in advance and held Berulik’s hand.

“I think he was surprised to see our village after such a long time.”

“That’s right.”

I nodded because I thought I could get information about the village from Berulik.

“It’s changed a lot. “Just a little longer and it will be worthy of being called a city.”

He looked around the entire village and gave a satisfied glance.

“Why has the village of Capley grown so big?”

“Of course it’s not because of the iron ore mine.”

“Iron ore mine?”

“hmm? You don’t even know that? The mine was discovered a long time ago… .”

Berulik tilted his head and said that it was a mine he discovered when he was young.

“I’ve been here a few times, but I didn’t know much about it because I just passed by every time.”

“Then I guess I’ll have to explain!”

He came to the side with a smile, probably because he was itching to let people know about the developed village.

“Please come in first.”

Berulik lightly gestured and entered the village first.

Raon licked his lips while looking at Berulik’s back.

‘It’s not a bad thing.’

Perhaps because we arrived at Capley Village too quickly, information about the black market has not arrived yet.

Since it was an opportunity to obtain information first, I followed Berulik’s pace.

“The reason our village developed like this is because, as I said a little while ago, an iron ore mine was discovered. “I don’t remember exactly because I was living in the next town at the time, but it’s been over several decades.”

“… … .”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he listened to Berulik’s words.

‘It must have been after I left town.’

If there had been an iron ore mine before then, the village would not have been so small and compact. Whether they were kidnapped or sold, it was clear that the mine was discovered later.

“The iron ore at the entrance of the mine was of poor quality, but as you go deeper, the condition gets better and the reserves are large, so little by little, our village’s name is becoming known. “Not long ago, we opened a new business in the center of the continent.”

Berulik could not hide his smile as if he was happy to see the village developing.

“That’s a good thing. But how did you become the chief of this village after previously living in another village?”

Raon pretended to be interested in Berulik and asked him questions that would elicit information.

“I originally lived in Prisil Village, on the other side of Mount Iharo.”

“But why are you here…” .”

“There was a big problem in our village and here in Capoli.”

“What if you say it’s a problem?”

“There was a landslide.”

Berulik sighed as he cautioned the children running around the village.

“Decades ago, more than half of the village, both this village and Prisil, where I lived, collapsed due to a landslide. “Many people, both adults and children, have died, and there are many whose bodies have not been found to this day.”

“ah… .”

“It was hell at the time. The village of Prisil where I was also suffered a lot of damage, but almost no one in Capoli survived. “When everyone thought they couldn’t maintain the village and were about to leave, an iron ore mine happened to be discovered.”

He pointed to the entrance to a mine built on the side of Mount Haro.

“I feel sorry for the dead, but the living must live. The survivors of Capley and Prisil gathered here and became miners. “A place called Oil Painting Merchants built a factory like that, so everyone was able to make a living.”

Berulik lowered his eyes as he looked at the huge factory built in the center of the village.

“I had no idea something like that happened. “There must have been many children who lost their parents, so it must have been a case of a father-son crisis.”

Raon said he was sorry and subtly asked about the child.

“Unfortunately, most of the children and the young couples raising them were crushed by the landslide. “At that time, it was not filled with children’s cries, but only adults’ cries.”

Berulik shook his head, saying he still can’t forget that hellish sight.

“okay… .”

Raon’s hands, which were hidden inside his sleeves, trembled.

‘They didn’t just take me.’

Even in such a quiet village, if many children are kidnapped, the nearby Mugana Kingdom will have no choice but to move.

It was clear that Derus had kidnapped the children and forcibly caused a landslide to thwart an external investigation.

‘They’re like demons… .’

Kidnapping children wasn’t enough, causing a landslide to kill their parents was something even the devils of hell wouldn’t do. I felt sick, like I was going to throw up.

“Huh… .”

The lips open spontaneously, and a rough breath flows out. If De Luz had been here, he would have been impatient and attacked the guy.

“Here it is.”

While Raon was suppressing his emotions, Berulic’s steps stopped. At the beginning of Mt. Haro, a large stone tower the size of a building was built.

“This is a cenotaph and tomb created to comfort those who died at the time. “Survivors of the time built it themselves.”

Berulic looked at the stone tower with faint eyes.

“We can’t comfort those who sadly died with something like this… .”

“… … .”

Raon approached the stone tower while listening to Berulik’s words. As I tried to touch the tower with trembling hands, a new memory came to my mind with a strong shock.

No, it’s not a new memory, it’s a memory I saw as soon as I came to this town.

However, unlike then, the faces of my mother and father were clearly revealed.

The father has a thick beard and looks fierce, but his eyes are soft, and the mother has a graceful appearance with her black hair. Their rough hands and firm mouths were the same, but her eyes were different.

My parents looked at me with sadness, regret, and urgency in their eyes.

My father carefully stroked my head and handed it over to my mother, then picked up the ax hanging on the wall.

Mother nodded and climbed out the window. She crossed the village entrance barefoot and entered the path.

My mother’s feet and face were covered in blood as she ran without hesitation, and she was breathing heavily as if she was dying, but she did not stop walking until the end.

But my mother could not leave the trail. The moment the black shadow covering the thin moon approached, she collapsed, vomiting her blood, and my memory of her ended there.

‘Then that hand gesture… .’

When I first came to this village, my mother and father’s stiff hand gestures, stiff mouth, and rough steps running through the forest were all in an attempt to save me from Derus’ men.

I wasn’t abandoned or sold.

My parents desperately tried to protect me even when they were about to die.

I could hear my mother and father’s voices amidst my subsiding headache.


My name that two people called. A friendly name that means a gentle, peace-loving person. It was the name of me who could not live like that.

After the clear memory of my mother and father smiling at me, all the past memories that had bloomed in my mind subsided.

The stone tower comes into view again. I feel weak throughout my body. My limbs shook so much that I couldn’t stand.

Raon fell to his knees. He chewed his tongue and clasped his hands together to keep from revealing the anger that was burning from the bottom of his soul.

‘Mother, father.’

I will take revenge. I will do whatever it takes to bring Derus Robert’s head here.

Comfort for the dead comes later. Now was the time to swear revenge on those who lost their children and died without even being able to close their eyes.

“Thank you.”

Berulik patted his shoulder and smiled softly.

“They will be grateful to you, too.”

He seemed satisfied, as if he thought he had prayed to comfort the dead.

“Do you have any more questions? “Everyone knows these stories, but after speaking for the first time in a while, this old man is in a good mood.”

Berulik smiled as if he liked the person Raon had created named Balan.

“I am looking for work. How are the factories and mines here doing?”

“Oh, really?”

Berulik smiled and said that if he wanted to work, he would introduce it to him. It seemed like he had won points by quietly listening to everything he said.

“First of all, I have to talk to an acquaintance of the village I originally planned to go to, so I just want to look around today.”

“You won’t regret coming here. “It will soon become a city.”

He quickly gestured and entered the factory first.

“uh? “Chief?”

“What brings you here at this hour?”

The factory workers standing in front of the furnace looked at the village chief and bowed their heads.

“I heard it while passing by.”

The village chief waved his hand and said not to worry.

“You grabbed a young person again and started chatting.”

“Looking at the dry corners of your mouth, it looks like you’ve been suffering for a while.”

“I only get one person every week.”

The workers shook their heads, saying it was pitiful.

“Yekki! You people! “Don’t say anything to a good person!”

The village chief blushed and waved his hand as if he was embarrassed. I don’t think this was the first time this happened.

“… … .”

Raon nodded to them and looked around the factory.

‘They are all ordinary people.’

There is no mana inside, and there are no movements unique to an assassin. It was clear that he was literally the one who maintained the factory here.

At first glance, there doesn’t seem to be any major problems with the factory. But Siris couldn’t have lied, so it was clear she had something in here.

As I was about to evoke the ring of fire and sense of lore, the room on the left opened, and a voluptuous middle-aged man with a bulging belly walked out.

“Oh, Chief. “Are you here?”

“Work leader. “Why is it so hard to see your face?”

Berulik frowned as he called the middle-aged man the foreman.

“There’s so much work to do. “Who is next to you?”

The work crew leader smiled at Raon. However, unlike his mouth, his eyes were not smiling.

“Oh, I caught it on the way. “It’s been a while since I cleared my throat.”

Berulic grinned, saying he approached first.

“Ha, the number of victims has increased by one.”

The foreman waved his hand, saying he would like to chat with the village chief.

“no. “I’ve heard a lot of good words, so I’m even more thankful.”

Raon lowered his head as he looked at the work leader. As he looked up again, his eyes sank into an eerie light.


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