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Chapter 525

Raon did not simply burst out the energy of the Jecheon Sword and Requiem Sword that were lodged in Kaibar’s neck.

He used the Yeomryonggyeol as the Jecheon Sword and the Heavy Cheonpo as the Requiem Sword, raising the destructive power to the maximum.

The strongest dual sword technique that can be performed now. A sword strike that even the transcendental Aris was impressed with exploded from inside Kaibar’s body.


A wave of terrifying aura that could erase even a storm spread out in all directions, and blood like a red shower fell and drenched the sea.

“Ugh… .”

Raon twisted his mouth as he looked at Kaibar’s wounds through the pouring blood.

‘You can endure this?’

The bright dragon Kaibar did not die. More than half of the flesh and bones in the neck fell off, but they were not completely broken.

As expected of a man who had approached an ancient dragon, his body seemed to be strong enough to withstand two sword strikes from inside the scales. To be honest, he was outrageous.

‘No, it’s my fault.’

I should have gone a little higher.

The problem was that I had to strike Kaibar before he came to his senses, so I aimed for the thick neck just above his torso.

‘Damn… .’

I wanted to suffocate Kaibar by completely ripping off the remaining half of his neck, but perhaps because I used too much force at once, my body did not move properly.

When Raon forced his arms up, Kaibar struggled, letting out the loudest scream he had ever had. It looked like a wild animal caught in a trap struggling to survive.

[Keuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu… .]
Kaibar urgently turned his head towards the sea as if he was not going to die like this, and then jumped into it.

He realized that the only way to survive now was to escape into the depths of the sea.

“I can’t go!”

Raon gritted his teeth and plunged the Jecheon Sword and the Requiem Sword into the raw flesh next to Kaibar’s wound.


At that moment, Khaibar’s head entered the sea. Because of the writhing and pressure of the huge body, he almost lost sight of the Jecheon Sword and the Requiem Sword.

‘I am more confident than anyone else when it comes to holding on.’

Raon clung to Kaibar’s body, using Snowflake Absorption to never let go of him.

When he tried to attack again with a little bit of energy, new skin began to form on Kaibar’s neck, which had been torn off by more than half from the flame dragon and heavy cannon.

‘Regeneration magic? Isn’t it recovery magic?’

I don’t know exactly what it is, but the bleeding stops, the flesh blooms, and the bones regenerate. It seemed like he was going to run away like this until he recovered from his wounds.

Raon twisted his mouth as he watched the flow of mana operating from Kaibar’s wound.

‘If it’s this level of magic… .’

He pushed Glacia’s cold energy into the requiem sword and activated the magic yohyeol.


The mana flow that was healing Kaibar’s wounds split as if cut by scissors, and blood began to flow again.

Raon looked at this and strengthened his left hand holding the requiem sword.

‘It works as expected.’

The magic that Kaibar had used so far was all 8 or 9 circles, and there were so many of them that it was difficult to read the flow.

However, the recovery magic he used a little while ago only had thick mana and the level of the magic was not deep, so he was able to cut off the flow with magic blood.

[Magic force field? You guys until the end!]
‘not there yet.’

Raon twisted the requiem sword and unleashed the heat of a cartoon ball on the blade of the Jecheon sword.


Red-hot flames bloomed and sank in the sea, causing Kaibar’s wounds to become even wider.

Kaibar screamed and swam faster, but he used his snow absorption with all his might and stuck to him like a leech.


When the guy tried to cast the recovery spell again, he immediately used the magic yohyeol to cut off the flow of mana.

[Hey, you guy! How long are you going to interfere!] [Until you die.]
Raon chewed his lips and used Jecheon Sword to strike Manhwagong Hoecheon. The sphere of heat condensed by the sword strike exposed its sharp teeth toward the few remaining flesh and bones of Kaibar.


The whirlpool exploded, tearing Kaibar’s wounds deeper.

All of the bones were now exposed, and only a third of the flesh remained, but the neck was still not broken.

‘How can I survive like this?’

-Dense mana surrounds the inside and outside of the body to prevent the neck from bending.

‘ah… .’

I didn’t even know that because I was too busy attacking and enduring Kaibar’s struggles.

-I hope the meat is as sticky as that stickiness.

Lars was babbling nonsense even at this moment.

‘You really… .’

-Be a little more strong! The end is in sight!

The guy was cheering for the first time at the thought of eating grilled dragon. However, he felt strangely energized.


Raon cut off Kaibar’s mana, which activated the regeneration magic again, and cut his flesh with his sword.

There weren’t many aurors, so the knife didn’t go in well, but he forced it with inhuman strength.


Magic made of cold rain poured down from Kaibar’s head.

Since it was not a high-level magic, it could be blocked with the requiem sword’s magic blood, but the requiem sword could not be removed to cut off the recovery magic.

‘You have to endure it with your body.’

Raon converted Garambobeop into martial arts in a split second.

I moved my body like a reed leaf swaying in the wind and avoided the onslaught of magic.


His clothes were torn, his flesh was torn, and blood was spreading, but fortunately he did not suffer any fatal injuries.

‘My stamina is falling.’

I have to finish it quickly.

Raon chewed his molars gently and created Glacia’s cold air on the blade of the Jecheon Sword.


Very little of Khaibar’s flesh and scales remained. The end was truly in sight.

Kaibar stopped, letting out a muffled groan. It looked this way and opened its mouth with Aris’ sword mark engraved on it.

[go away!]
This is the first term that was spread after entering the sea. Even though I was holding on with the power of my body and my body, my limbs were shaking as if they were going to fall off.

As expected, it is a term. It is a force that exerts tremendous coercive power, but because it was very tired, its power was significantly reduced compared to when it was fired at Aris.

‘Hold on. ‘You have to hold on!’

If this continues, Kaibar will recover from all his physical wounds and return.

I could never back down because it would have been tantamount to turning the sacrifices of my comrades who sacrificed their lives into nothing more than a mere death.

Coo coo coo coo!

Raon used the ring of fire and raised his soul level. The feats I had accumulated so far and the demon lord’s emotions became one intention and began to push away the force exerted on my body.

‘Never fall!’

Lars said that the way to endure in verbs and utterances is to surround yourself with opposing thoughts. He recited his intention as if it were an oath and did not let go of his hands holding the Jecheon Sword and the Requiem Sword.

[Bounce away!]
Kaibar’s words continued. Because he was prepared to die, the power of his magic became stronger.

‘Anyone wants!’

Raon held on, chewing until the flesh inside his cheek began to bleed.

[Let’s go… .] [Are you afraid of the Blue Devil?]
As Kaibar was about to continue his speech, Ras’ story was brought up.

[Wha, what kind of bullshit are you talking about!] [The Blue Devil has appeared in the center of the continent, and the fact that he is killing humans here means that we are afraid of him!]
Raon was ready to unleash the energy he had built up after stimulating Kaibar to block Yongeon.

[Do you think it will happen again? Stop!]
But Khaibar was not a fool. He immobilized his body with Yongeon and then unleashed his magic. In the meantime, he was using that level of mana, so even though he was an enemy, he was a great guy.

‘still… .’

You have to hold on.

I screamed in my heart and my thoughts wrapped around my motionless body. It brought vitality to his stiffened limbs and filled his right hand holding the Jecheon sword with strength.

[Oh, how can I move my body!]
Kaibar’s elongated, slitted eyes trembled in disbelief.

[A trash lizard that pretends to be strong only towards the weak. That’s it!]
Raon looked at the shaking Gwangryong’s eyes and stabbed the Jecheon Sword deeper. Flames swirled around the submerged blade, creating a fiery brilliance.

Cartoon Ball Baekhwa.


Manhwagong’s swordsmanship, which had shocked Kaibar the most, once again sparked fire under the seabed.


The fire dragon’s breath bit into the water dragon’s neck, crushing the bones and flesh of the creature that had held out until the end.

However, Kaibar did not die even though his neck and torso were separated. A huge mana was moving from the thin neck under his chin, forcing him to breathe.

‘Is it Dragon Heart?’

Raon plunged his sword into Kaibar’s broken neck. He ran up the guy’s neck, tracing the sword marks that Aris had carved with his sword.

Damn it!

After running up Kaibar’s neck, he stabbed the frost kite towards the scales under his chin where the densest mana energy was emanating.


Its flesh was torn apart, revealing round bones wrapped in rainbow-colored mana. Dragon Heart. It was a conglomerate of mana called the life of a dragon.

[Stop it!]
Kaibar, who was concentrating on the regeneration of his body, screamed.

[My, I was wrong! Stop it! please!] [… Is it true?]
Raon raised his head, holding the dragon heart in his hand.

[okay! Never kill a human again. No, I will never show myself in front of humans!]
Kaibar cried out for help, saying he would not come out of the nest again.

[Good idea. but… .]
Raon bared his teeth like an animal and grabbed the dragon heart tightly as if he would break it.

[You should have said that before this fight started!]
Using all his remaining aura and strength, he ripped out the dragon heart buried in Kaibar’s flesh.


Kaibar’s flesh and veins exploded and became soaked with blood like the sea turned red.

‘Huh… .’

Raon raised his gaze as he sank into the sea, holding the dragon heart in his hand.

[Ooooooo… .]
Kaibar let out a low moan as if he were going to die, and wriggled like an earthworm that had been stepped on.

[I, I… .]
He couldn’t even utter a last word, and his eyes lost their shine. I couldn’t feel my breath anymore. Finally, that tough life came to an end.

‘ha… .’

Raon closed his eyes. I have no strength in my limbs. I wouldn’t faint, but I felt like I couldn’t get out of this sea right now.

‘If I can’t go out, I’ll die like this… .’

I felt my back touch Kaibar’s lifeless body. As she struggled to lift her eyelids, Aris with her sunset-colored hair and an octopus with a shiny head were coming towards her.

‘I won’t lose.’

Raon relaxed for the first time since the battle began. Aris and the octopus swimming this way. No, I waved at Labawin.

‘It’s done.’

* * *

“Ugh… .”

Cuberud’s hand holding the deck railing trembled.

‘How on earth is this going on!’

After receiving fatal blows from Aris and Raon, Kaibar abandoned his dragon pride and fled into the sea.

The situation was not good, so he thought it was right to retreat, but Raon plunged his sword into Kaibar’s flesh and followed him.

Two battleships were capsized by a surging tsunami as if hit by a typhoon. Raon and Kaibar seemed to be continuing their terrifying fight without stopping even in the sea.

As soon as Aris and Labawin regained some of their stamina, they went into the sea to save Raon, but they couldn’t help but feel worried.

‘If you die, I don’t have the courage to see that Balkan guy. please… .’

Kubarud chewed his lip as he looked at the sea that had begun to churn once again.

‘Only come back alive!’

Originally, this fight was not Raon’s. Aris said it would be helpful to Raon, but if you think about it, he could have gone back to Sieghart.

I began to feel guilty because I had asked a young guy with a bright future to help me fight this desperate fight.

“eww… .”


Nooran and Maureen closed their eyes with their hands clasped as if praying for Raon to return safely. It’s not just the two kids. The sailors of all the battleships also looked at the sea, praying that Raon and Aris would return safely.


When only the loud sound of waves was erasing the silence, the center of the sea rose up as if it had exploded, and Kaibar’s head was revealed. There were deep sword marks near his lips and eyelids, but he still seemed to be in good health.

“Ka, Kaibar… .”


“Do, I’m back!”

“Then the others…” .”

“iced coffee… .”

The crew of the battleship sat down as if they were frightened as they looked at Kaibar’s face, which had become more ferocious during the battle.

“ah… .”

Cuberud also let out a heavy breath with a pale complexion.

‘Then Raon and Aris… .’

Are you saying he’s dead?

The fact that Kaibar came back up meant that Raon and Aris and Labawin, who had gone to rescue him, were all dead.

From now on, rather than the despair of my own death, I felt sorry for the children who disappeared in vain.

“sorry… .”

Kubarud bowed his head while holding Maureen and Nooran in his arms. Even if he died, he turned his back on his two children, hoping they wouldn’t have to suffer.

However, even after waiting, Kaibar did not say anything, let alone attack.

As he turned his trembling head, Kaibar’s neck began to rise. There was a fierce sword mark on the guy’s neck, as if a line had been drawn with a rough brush, and there was a gash in the middle that looked as if there had been an explosion. This was the area where the dragon heart was.

“No way!”

As Kuberud suddenly stood up, Kaibar’s face and neck, on the other hand, lost strength and became tilted.


Kaibar’s head was torn off and he floated over the sea, and after a tremor that shook the ship, his body soared up to almost cover the horizon.

Raon, Aris, and Labawin were sitting on the body of Kaibar, who had lost his head.

“Well, the idea of ​​the neck falling off… .”

“It means he’s dead.”

“Lord, he’s dead! “Gwangryong is dead!”

The sailors sat down, hugged each other and shed tears.


“It’s all over now!”

The people cheered for their victory in killing the light dragon and let out requiem shouts to console the dead.

Kuberud bowed his head towards Raon, listening to the roar of the humans that shook the sea.

“thanks. thank you so much… .”

* * *

“Huh… .”

Raon let out a rough breath, spitting out the salty water that had filled his throat.

‘I’m glad it ended well.’

Kaibar was as strong and persistent as his reputation. He was such a guy that he even gave up his pride of being the strongest race and ran away, so even if his physical strength and spirit were slightly disturbed, he would not have been able to win. Only now did he feel at ease.

“Good work.”

Aris patted his shoulder with a cool smile.

“I tried to end it, but it ended up in your hands.”

She nodded with a look of pride, not regret.


Lavawin bent his back at a right angle.

“Hey Rabawin! I was truly moved! “If I didn’t have a master, I would have followed Raon all my life!”

He knelt down and pounded his left chest, where his heart was, with his fist.

“It’s all thanks to Aris seasoning everything.”

Raon smiled weakly and waved his hand.

“There is no need to be humble. “That’s what you did.”

Aris snorted and pointed to the half-cut corpse of Kaibar the Light Dragon.

Raon looked at Kaibar’s lifeless eyes and smiled wordlessly.


As I was taking a breath to quickly recover my stamina, I heard Lass laughing.

-Since it is submerged in sea water, there is no need to season it separately!

Lars grinned, saying he thought he would just go back and bake it right away.

‘I’m really sick of it… hmm?’

It was time to shake my head and push Lars away.


A huge surge of mana came from the Dragon Heart that Kaibar was still holding in his hand.

That pure and vast mana instantly spread throughout the entire body’s mana circuit, energizing the lower and middle quarters, and flowing into the upper chamber.


Raon lowered his eyelids and focused on the world of images.

The world of images, which had been frozen coldly, is erased by Lars’ pure memoir, and blue water fills the black hole with no end in sight. The cracked ground filled up, and the swords embedded in the ground flashed with new light.

When the cold that constantly stimulated my brain completely disappeared, I felt as if all the chains that were holding my body down had been broken.


The divine sword and demonic sword that disappeared after the descent of Ras are revealed.

‘I see you again.’

As I smiled at the brilliant yet terrifying blade, a blue sword that seemed to be made of water emerged from the hole that had been blocked.

‘That black…’ .’

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