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Chapter 521

Raon looked at Aris and blinked slowly.


Although I accepted the war to catch the light dragon as my fight, I thought I would actually be in charge of getting rid of monsters and sea warriors.

I was just about to put my hand on it at the end, but when I suddenly heard the two of them talking about cutting off Kaibar’s head, my mind went blank.

“Then who else is here besides you?”

“There is a pirate king.”

He pointed to Labawin, who was standing motionless in front of Aris.

“He’s the captain. “You have to act as a leader when dealing with the monsters guarding Kaibar’s nest.”

She shook her head, saying that Labawin was supposed to be in charge of clearing out monsters and sea warriors from the beginning.

“What Aris said is correct.”

Labawin nodded with his back turned.

“My role is to pull Kaibar out of the nest. “In some ways, it’s more important than dealing with him.”

“But Lavawin’s steel sword would be able to easily pierce a dragon’s scales… .”

“My specialty is defense, so Raon will be stronger in swordsmanship itself.”

He put his hand on his chest with a gentle smile. He was not wearing clothes, so there was no sword emblem, but he seemed to be giving Sieghardt’s greeting.

“Furthermore, if Kaibar knows our information according to Aris’s judgment, Raon is the only one who can crack that gap. Please blow off the light dragon’s head.”


Not only Labawin, but also other sailors on the Cheongpung bowed their heads as if asking for a favor. Their eyes seemed to be burning with fire, perhaps because their colleagues in the city had died.


Kubarud came forward and chewed his lip.

“This cannot happen again. “Please do me a favor too.”

He fluttered his white eyebrows as he looked at the panoramic view of Aikar, where black smoke was still burning.


Perhaps because he sensed Kubarud’s sincerity, the requiem sword gave off a clear sword.

“I think you’re saying let’s try your sword. “What should I do?”

Aris lightly gestured with her chin as if asking her to make a choice.

“I’ll do it.”

Raon nodded without much thought.

‘Nothing will change.’

In this fight, you must capture the dragon and all the monsters guarding it. It’s just that what I have to focus on has changed.

“It’s nice because it’s cool… .”

Aris raised her hand to tap Raon’s shoulder but stopped.

“What is that seagull on your shoulder? Are you raising it?”

“… “I don’t know either.”

Raon closed his eyes tightly as he looked at the seagull that Merlin had possessed.

“You are also very unique.”

Aris laughed and clapped loudly as he looked at the sailors.

“Everyone, prepare to go. Front lines will arrive from Yucal Village soon. Take good care of me.”

“All right.”

Labawin answered confidently and looked at the sailors.

“Let’s start with recovery first!”

He knew what came first, directing the treatment of those who survived and the restoration of essential buildings.

“I’ll take care of the repairs.”

Kuberud led the way into the city holding a hammer, saying he would be in charge of restoring the city. Others followed him into the city.

“Then you come with me.”

Aris snapped his fingers and walked toward the port.

“Where are you going?”

Raon followed behind and tilted his head.

“If we want to catch that crazy lizard, we need to discuss it.”

She walked without hesitation, as if telling me to come without talking nonsense.

“hmm… .”

Just when I was feeling down as I looked at the crushed, blood-soaked pieces of the barrier, the wide open blue sea appeared.

Aris landed right on the water as if her destination was the sea.

‘The sea to discuss?’

Is it that kind of conversation?

Raon read Aris’ thoughts and stepped into the sea.

“It would be nice here.”

Aris turned around after dropping to a point where the harbor was vaguely visible.

“You don’t have to say it out loud just to discuss it.”

She pulled out the sword from her belt. A red-colored blade caught my eye.

“Once we are ready to go, we will leave right away. Because there isn’t enough time to have an uneducated conversation with your mouth… .”

Aris lifted her index finger as if to challenge her.

“Let’s have a body conversation.”

“after… .”

Raon looked at Aris and let out a low breath.

‘As expected.’

From the moment Aris headed to the sea to talk, I thought she would ask for a sword fight.

‘That’s also true.’

It is not easy to understand each other’s military background just through conversation. In order to unite against the light dragon, it was quick and efficient to divide the swords directly.


When I pulled out my sword, the seagull on my shoulder took off on its own.

Raon chuckled and resonated the ring of fire. As the ring of fire raised the level of the soul, I could feel the energy quietly boiling in Aris’ Danjeon. It was a terrifyingly large aura and intention.

‘Is he also a transcendental person? .’

This is the first Sieghardt Transcendant I see other than Glenn.

Even if I did my best, I didn’t want to touch a single hem of my clothes, so I used Glacia with extreme caution from the beginning.

I raised my sword as I felt a living, breathing cold rushing sharply through the mana circuit.

“Then I will go.”

“However much.”

Aris naturally lowered her sword. Unlike her elegant posture that seemed to be drawn from a painting, her flaws were countless.

Damn it!

Raon exploded Glacia and stamped his foot. The cold air emitted from the mana circuit beneath his feet froze the sea and Aris’ legs standing on it for a split second.


While Aris was looking at her legs with curiosity, she stepped on Taehwabo. Since there was no chance of victory from the front, she swung to the right and struck down the Chosik of the Gwangah Sword in succession.


Three sharply sharpened blades aimed at Aris’ neck, heart, and shoulders at the same time.

“You’re used to fighting.”

Aris grinned and swung her sword. She just swung it lightly, as if she was joking, and a translucent Auror shield rose up in front of the Jecheon sword she was advancing.

Damn it!

The three herbivores of the Gwanga Sword were blocked at the same time. It was a sharp sword that created an aura from afar.

‘It is, after all, a swordsmanship focused on space.’

As Lars said, Aris’ specialty is swordsmanship that uses space. You shouldn’t be this surprised.


Raon did not back down. He approached Aris, stepping briskly across the frozen sea. If distance meant nothing to his opponent, he should dig deeper, rather than retreat and waste time.

“It’s a good decision.”

Aris nodded and raised her sword.


The space in front of my eyes shook like a haze, and a fierce sword attack came rushing in. It’s not something like sword energy or sword strength. It was a sword strike filled with Aris’ intentions.

Raon chewed his lip and raised the Jecheon sword that was placed underneath. The flame burning from the blade forms a strong shield. It was a wall of cartoon beads.


The wall of prayer beads and the sword of space interlocked, causing the sea to tremble as if it were about to collapse.

Raon stepped on the waves and lashed out his sword. Branches burning with flame rise above the silver blade.

Neat flower petals blooming from branches fly in the sea breeze. Hwaryeong, which was less sophisticated but had increased in power, poured down on Aris’ whole body.

“It’s pretty.”

Aris smiled slightly and pulled the sword to her chest.


The atmosphere vibrates violently, distorting the flow of mana. The pieces of her flame that flooded her Aris failed to reach her, fluttering in the air before fading away.

“hmm… .”

Raon frowned as he looked at the flame fragments melting into the sea.

‘I didn’t know you couldn’t even reach it.’

Aris used the sword of space to make it impossible for Hwaryeong’s flame to even reach her. It was an unimaginable method of defense.

However, there was no feeling of despair. Rather, she was able to come up with a new defense method through her mystical martial arts skills.

“Now is it my turn?”

Aris smiled and stretched out her sword. The space in front of her was twisted, and her fierce sword attacks rushed towards her entire body.

‘Pushing it out.’

Aris manipulated the space a little while ago and pushed Hwaryeong away. I don’t know the principles of the space sword, but I was able to do something similar.


He wielded Glacia and stretched out a snowflake spear. I pushed back the sword attacks coming from the front so that they could not reach me, and used suction to make the sword attacks coming from the right and left come at me faster.

Raon stepped on the Taehwa Sambo, stepped back, and performed a chuck and a suction attack at the same time.


The sword strikes from the front that were being pushed out and the sword strikes from the left and right that were drawn in collided with each other, causing a huge explosion. The sea water rose so high that it reached the sky.

-You… .

Lars’ chin trembled as he watched the waves rising endlessly.

-Ji, did you imitate that thief woman’s skills with your current power?

‘that’s right.’

Raon nodded. The sword strikes coming from the front were faster, and the sword strikes coming from the left and right were a little slower, so the swords struck each other using the spear and suction.

It was amazing and satisfying to actually achieve the situation I had pictured in my head.

“Huh, are you copying my swordsmanship just now?”

Aris also seemed surprised, and a raised voice came from behind the waves.

‘Now is the time.’

Without answering, Raon kicked the seawater that rose like a fountain. He raised his Jecheon sword, which was thinly scraping the sea, diagonally.

Raon Sieghart style swordsman silver sword dream.

The blade of the Jecheon Sword captured the grandeur of the sea and drew a line as dazzling as a dream.


It was a surprise attack that erased the distinction between Jingeom and Heocho, but this time it did not reach Aris.

She used aurors to create a space that the sword itself could not penetrate.

“It’s a shame.”

“Not yet.”

Raon extended his left hand like a thunderbolt. An eerie cold surged from the requiem sword held gently in his grasp.


The red blade and the cold blade running behind it cut sharply into Aris’ shoulder.


However, the two blades of the frost kite also could not advance further with Aris right in front of them. The blade vibrated as if it would break, but it did not split her space.

‘I predicted it up to this point.’

I didn’t panic because I thought Aris could easily stop it. He just continued the next move like a machine.


Raon gathered the Jecheon Sword and Requiem Sword that had been pushed away in the center. Red flames rise from the Jecheon Sword, and silver cold air burns from the Requiem Sword.

In the fight between the two swords, a sphere of light condensed with heat and cold soared, creating a terrifying wave.

Yeomryong result and Jungcheonpo. In terms of power itself, the two best sword techniques were unleashed at the same time by using the technique of dual sword techniques.

For a moment, I felt a splitting pain in my head, but I held on with the ring of fire and extended my sword strike to the end.


An enormous force exploded, causing a storm to hit Aikar behind Raon, and the entire sea shook.

“Huh… .”

Raon let out a sigh and stepped back. The crazy waves calmed down and Aris was revealed.

‘under… .’

No wounds… .

There was not a single scratch on Aris’ light bronze skin, and there were no tears in her clothes.

However, there was a slight gap in her space, which boasted perfect defense, due to the strong impact.

‘Just that… .’

As Raon bit his lip, a smile appeared on Aris’s lips. At that moment, her sword surged through the space.

“Tsk… .”

Raon raised Baekyoungseom with Jincheon Sword and barely erased Aris’ sword strike, then swallowed a groan.

“Whoa… .”

While I was out of breath and thinking about how to break through that wall, I suddenly heard applause.


Before I knew it, Aris was clapping with her sword in its sheath.

“Are you kidding me?”

“No, I’m serious. “There is nothing lacking, from the variety of swordsmanship, dual swordsmanship that balances cold and heat, and sophisticated fighting sense.”

She smiled brightly and waved her hand.

“Especially his fighting sense is outstanding. “It’s the second most unmanned drone I’ve ever seen.”

She said it was the second, so when I was about to ask who the first was, she continued.

“What do you think of my sword?”

“It’s like swordsmanship using space. “I couldn’t see any way to break through.”

“that’s right. “It maximizes the use of empty swords.”

Aris brushed her scarlet hair away from her forehead.

“Space sword is a difficult sword technique to master, so most people are surprised when they see it, but this is the first time I’ve seen someone imitate it.”

She showed an interesting look in her eyes, as if she was genuinely surprised.

“Maybe you can do it?”


“Do you want to learn my swordsmanship?”

“Can I learn?”

“I’m just going to teach you the basics, but if you do well, you can learn them.”

“then… .”

“Oh, before that, I have to show you my last sword.”

She grabbed the sword again and pursed her lips.

“The Sword Realm Appearance.”

* * *

After Raon and Aris had their sword conversation, they headed to the only restaurant that was in good condition.

The restaurant was empty, as the other sailors had already eaten and were preparing for departure.

“Yukan. “Is there anything left now?”

Aris raised her hand and greeted the store manager as if she knew him.

“sorry. All the ingredients are ruined, so it seems like nothing more than fish porridge… .”

The store manager lowered his head as if he was sorry.

“That’s enough. “Just boil two of them until they are spicy.”

Since Aris had been eating only beef jerky, he waved his hand and said that fish porridge was a sumptuous meal.


Lars jerked his head up.

-Until now, I’ve only eaten beef jerky and Nadine bread, where is that? Bring it quickly!

The guy waved at the unseen store manager.


Raon sat down across from Aris and narrowed his eyes.

“Is the sword system you showed me the last time a single shot?”

Aris’ sword system showed tremendous power, enough to split the sea, but it disappeared after only one swing. He had seen many sword disciplines, but this was his first time with a single strike sword discipline.

“that’s right.”

Aris nodded cheerfully.

“I followed my father a little bit.”


“My father’s sword world, Cheonui Mubong, becomes stronger every time he swings the sword.”

She rolled her eyes into the air as if she was remembering Glenn’s sword.

“I saw it too.”

Raon nodded. As Aris said, Glenn’s sword power exploded every time she swung her sword.

No, rather than the power, it felt like the force itself was overwhelmingly amplified.

“I didn’t even bother swinging three times. So I created the sword system of one strike. “A prosecutor’s battle is best when it comes down to the sum of his or her efforts, right?”

Aris smiled and said that she liked her sword system.


Raon looked down and saw the old table.

‘As expected, Geomgye contains the life of a prosecutor.’

Aris, like her personality, has a refreshing sword sense. It was certainly true that the world of swords illuminates a person’s life.

“But isn’t that sword level enough to kill Kaibar in one blow? It looks like you don’t need my help… .”

“It’s going to be hard.”

Aris slowly shook her head.

“Because that crazy dragon bastard is old enough to be on the verge of becoming an ancient.”

“yes… ?”

Raon opened his mouth wide. He wasn’t a fierce holy dragon, and I couldn’t believe that someone who was so close to an ancient dragon was slaughtering humans.

“Can’t you believe I’m doing that shit when I’m older? But it’s true.”

Aris twisted his mouth, saying that there were things that even dragons couldn’t do.

“Now you know why I need you, right?”

“yes… .”

Dragons are the pinnacle of creatures that become stronger as they age. If you were old enough to be on the verge of becoming an Ancient, even Aris would not be able to guarantee victory.

“so… .”

Aris lightly tapped the table and leaned in with his upper body.

“Do you have a lover?”


Raon blinked awkwardly. There was a story about an ancient dragon, and when the word lover was suddenly mentioned, I couldn’t understand the situation.

“No, at the age of 21, with that face, that strength, that reputation, you absolutely have to have a lover!”

“uh… .”

“Tell me just a little bit. “I will keep your secret.”

Aris said something that only the softest-spoken person would say.

“Uh, none. Now is not the time to be in a relationship… .”

“Where is the time in love? “In the old days, you would have already been married.”

“I understand that Aris didn’t do it either… .”

“Latte was busy because the war was in full swing!”

“I’ve been busy visiting various battlefields.”

“I had a relationship even during the war. Love blooms in battle. “Is there anyone at Gwangpungdae?”

She licked her lips as if she really needed to hear it.

“Um, Aris. “If we capture Kaibar, will there be any interference from the dragon side?”

Raon turned around to get out of this situation. Of course, I brought up her meaningful question enough for her to answer.

“Dragons are each entity rather than a race.”

Aris waved her hand lazily, as if she had been taken aback by the question.

“Even if Kaibar dies, the dragon won’t move. Rod might give a warning at least. But then we just have to follow suit and that’s it.”

“The back?”

“There is my father and your grandfather.”

“I don’t think you’ll come, telling me to take care of it… .”

“Anyway, come. “When you call.”

Aris patted my shoulder and told me not to worry about that.

“Um, but are you feeling okay?” .”

Raon chewed his lips briefly. I was still worried about leaving the Holy Sword and White Blood Cult in front of Glenn.

“Tell me how many times. “I said it’s okay.”

Aris shook her head, saying she was strong enough to do morning exercises.

“so… .”

She thrust her upper body in again.

“Who is your girlfriend?”

“… … .”

Raon smiled slightly as he looked at her serious expression.

‘They seem like real relatives.’

I heard that when I meet my relatives after a long time, they ask me if I have a lover or if I have found a good job. It felt like I was experiencing that firsthand.

If Rimmer was like an immature older brother and Cheryl was like a blunt but caring older sister, Aris was the first person who made me feel like a relative.

“There really isn’t any.”

As Raon shook his head, the manager brought fish porridge.

“The meal has been served.”

As soon as the plate was brought to the table, Lars’ mouth started drooling.

-Finally, the king eats food… .


As the guy was jumping around in joy, a quiet seagull ran into the plate. He filled his stomach by eating the hot fish porridge.

Apparently, the request was to be allowed to eat fish.

-Bo, the king’s meal!

Lars’ chin trembled.

-What a damn bird! Pull out all of that guy’s hair and boil it! I should at least eat that!

The guy got angry and went on a rampage, and the seagull swallowed endlessly.

“I approve of whoever you date. So, please let me know, even if it’s someone you’re slightly attracted to. Oh, if you tell me your ideal type, maybe I can introduce you… .”

Aris didn’t care whether the seagull ate the fish porridge or not and continued to bite her lover.

“after… .”

Raon sighed and shook his head.

It’s crazy… .

* * *

two days later.

The Pirate King’s battleship Cheongpung spread its sails in the waters off Aikar.

A pirate flag with a cute skull pattern fluttered in the wind and made a serious sound.

“The situation has changed, but the goal has not changed.”

Aris, who was standing on the deck of Cheongpung and looking out into the distant sea, turned his back. Her tight-lipped sailors were reflected in her red eyes.

“It will not be an easy fight. This will be the biggest war since I organized the pirates. A lot of people will die, and a lot of people will get hurt. still… .”

The sailors’ eyes quieted down at Aris’ low voice.

“Goes. Even if it means stepping on blood, I will go ahead and cut off Gwangryong’s head. But that’s not something I can do alone. “You must pave the way to achieve this feat.”

She tapped the sheath of the sword on her belt and nodded.

“I believe it.”


At a firm yet simple word, Raon and the crew stood with their backs and let out a roar that shook the sea.

“let’s go.”

Aris smiled as if she liked the answer and turned her back.


Cheongpung advances with a magnificent sound of the ship horn. The front lines deployed behind them spread their wings like hawks, breaking the silence of the calm sea.

Only twelve ships of the line. It seemed like it wasn’t enough to catch the light dragon, but there wasn’t even the slightest fear in the eyes of the warriors moving through the water.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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