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Chapter 513

The Robert family’s grand garden, where red moonlight falls on light green leaves.

A small maid prostrated herself behind the back of Delus Robert, who was watching the clouds flowing like a river.

“What happened?”

Derus turned his head halfway and looked at the maid.

“Things got a little messy.”

Contrary to the saying that the situation was complicated, Kubara’s eyes were calm itself.

“Things went wrong?”

“As the head of the family had hoped, Orgos and the Storm Troopers collided, and Raon Sieghart belatedly participated in the battle and trapped Orgos in a barrier. But after that… .”

Kubara closed his eyes for a moment, then opened them and continued speaking.

“It is said that the devil has descended.”

“… Devil?”

Derus Robert turned his back. His pupils, looking down at Kubara, were twisted as if they had been hit by a knife.

“Did you just say you were the devil?”

“That’s right.”

“Why did the Demon King suddenly… .”

“I heard that the demonic energy of Orgos came out because it touched a nerve.”

“That devil lord’s outfit. No, what does it look like?”

“She is a beautiful woman with sky-blue hair and skin like jade, but I heard from a distance that I can’t tell if she is male or female.”

“Then no… .”

Derus lowered his eyelids deeply and let out a thick breath.

“What happened to Raon Sieghardt?”

“They said they couldn’t hear the sound, so they only figured it out through lip-reading, but it seems that the Demon King only killed Orgos and ignored Raon Sieghart.”

“You ignored it… .”

Lip reading means reading words with your lips. Since the shadows basically learn lip reading, they probably didn’t see anything wrong.

‘Regardless of lip reading, that makes sense.’

It is strange that the Demon King, who descended because he does not like Orgos’s demon energy, is only interested in a master-level human.

It would not be a lie to say that Raon was ignored.

“What after that?”

“The Demon King, the White Blood Cult Leader, and the Holy Sword Trainer collide… .”

Kubara reported every story leading up to the time Glenn and the Dragon Lord came out.

“hmm… .”

Derus Robert looked down at Kubara and adjusted his black leather gloves. The wound on the back of my hand hurt slightly.

‘They said the Demon King broke through the barrier.’

In that case, there is a possibility that the barrier was twisted and Raon Sieghart fell somewhere on the continent.

Raon said that he cut open his stomach and created a barrier, so even if he survived, it was clear that he would not be able to move or would have fainted.


Derus made a decision and raised his head.

“Tell the Shadows of the entire continent to search every infiltrated area to find Laon Sieghart.”

There’s a high chance you won’t find Raon, but if you can, it’s a good chance to easily kill that annoying guy. You must never miss it.

“There is no need to report, just kill them as soon as they are found, and instruct them to go in groups of two just in case.”

If it’s the Raon Sieghardt we’ve seen so far, it’s obvious that he’ll struggle even before he dies. He had to make the two of them go around and kill him at all costs.

“All right.”

“for a moment.”

Cubara nodded without a single question. As she was about to back away, DeRuth raised her hand.

“What happened to that demon lord?”

“They say it disappeared when Glenn and the Dragon Lord showed up.”

“… i get it. “Let’s go.”

Derus turned his back again. The corners of his mouth curled up as he looked at the clouds that were beginning to block the moonlight.

“He is the devil who easily kills Orgos and overwhelms the white blood cult leader.”

There may be one more word I can use.

* * *

The place where Lars appeared again was in front of the Beads Ice Cream store inside the royal capital.

-under… .

Raon was helpless as he looked at Lars, who was clinging to the store window like a frog.

-Is this the place you had to go to?

“Isn’t it obvious!”

Lars nodded vigorously, saying there was no need to ask.

“This king has lived just for this day! “I wanted to try the beaded ice cream with my own mouth and hands!”

The guy’s blue eyes widened, saying he would kill him if he stopped him.

-No, I have no intention of stopping you.

Raon raised his finger and pointed inside the store. Because it was late, the store manager was cleaning the floor as if he was about to close.

-If I don’t go in now, the door will be closed.

“That will never happen!”

Lars jumped up and entered the ice cream shop.

“Oh, I’m sorry. Sales are over… ah!”

A young woman who appeared to be the store manager stopped while trying to turn off the fire. She looked at Ra’s face and dropped her magic lantern that she was holding in her hand. Her glass broke and the floor she cleaned was a mess.

“S-how can a person’s face be…?” .”

However, the store manager didn’t care about the shattered magic lantern and only looked at Lars’ face.

“It’s a feeling I haven’t felt in a long time.”

Lars ran his fingertips through his messy hair and raised the corners of his mouth.

‘As I said before, the King’s beauty is the best in the demon world… .’

-Is that important now? He said he didn’t have time.

“Yes, that’s right! Master, come to your senses!”


The store manager hurriedly lowered her head, but her pupils were still being sucked in by Lars.

“Hmm, but business is over?”

“no! Take your pick! all! every!”

When Lars lowered his eyebrows with a disappointed expression, the store manager waved both hands wildly. He was ready to give up the store.



“You will be blessed!”

Lars also asked for blessings on the topic of the Demon Lord and looked at the beaded ice cream over the counter.

Lars and the store manager got along well from the first meeting.

“Umm… .”

Because it was a store located inside the royal capital, there were more different types of ice cream than other stores. Lars couldn’t choose ice cream right away and thought about it for a while.

“I don’t know what to choose.”

-Of course it wasn’t mint chocolate?

Raon tilted his head while looking at Lars. I thought he would definitely say that he would only eat mint chocolate, but I was surprised to see him considering it.

‘An opportunity like this may never come again, so you can’t just eat mint chocolate! In particular, you should definitely choose ice cream that you know you will never eat!’

Lars rolled his eyes quickly, saying he was going to eat a variety of flavors.

-It’s okay to choose, but you don’t have time.

“Bo, the king will choose a set of mi, mint chocolate, pineapple vanilla, apple mango jerky, and peanut apple flavors!”

-No matter how many choices I make, I only pick the same ones… .

Raon sighed. Even just by his name, he was not normal at all.

“All right!”

The manager nodded and began pouring ice cream into luxurious boxes. Of course, her eyes were still focused on Lars.

-But do you have money?

‘money? ‘Do, money!’

Lars was scared and opened his eyes wide.

‘Oh, there is none! ‘What should I do?’

The guy stamped his foot. Since it was the appearance of a demon lord that suddenly appeared, it was natural that there was no money in the human world.

-Is this really the devil…? .

The Lord of the Demon World, who was pressuring the three transcendents alone, laughed out loud at the sight of him being embarrassed because he didn’t have money to buy ice cream.

‘Help me… .’

Lars put his hands together and asked. He received a lot of help this time and wanted to give some money, but he had no choice.

-The money is in my subspace pocket, but I can’t take it out.

‘No, it is possible!’


‘Right now, my king is taking root in your image. All you have to do is bring it out with your imagination, just like when you brought down the main king.’

-Imagination… .

Raon closed his eyes. He started to think about taking out the subspace bag that Dorian had given him.

He felt as if his body was floating, and a pocket of subspace appeared before Lars’ eyes.

“Oh oh!”

Lars quickly snatched up the bag and took out a gold coin from inside.

‘I don’t need you anymore!’

-hey… .

Raon frowned at Lars. She bit her lip, promising herself to see her later.

“Ice cream is here.”

The store manager put some beaded ice cream in a box and handed it to Lars. Even at a glance, it seemed like the amount was more than double.

“Here it is.”

Lars nodded and placed three gold coins on the counter.

“Even if you give me just one, I have to give you change back…” .”

“You don’t need any change!”

The guy shook his head vigorously as he packed the ice cream box.


“It was a task I liked. “Take it!”

-It’s not even your money… .

“It’s the king’s money now!”

Lars waved to the store manager to have a good time and left the ice cream store.

-okay. Because it’s only today. Do whatever you want…

Raon muttered that he was giving up and waved his hands.

-Now, eat quickly.


Lars gulped when he saw the skewer restaurant opposite the ice cream shop.

-hey. You said you don’t have time!

“Ghosts, be quiet.”

The guy pushed away the hand trying to stop him and walked towards the skewer restaurant.

“Welcome… omg!”

The middle-aged manager, who was grilling skewers himself, gaped when he saw Lars’ face.

“What is this?”

“It’s grilled skewers made with green onions, green onions, and chicken leg meat. “For meat, there is pork and cow.”

The store manager had the kind of courtesy he would give to a female noble. Unlike the ice cream store manager, he seemed to view Lars as a woman.

“Give out all kinds!”

Lars nodded as if he liked it and put down three gold coins on the counter.

-hey. Why are they all using three? Just giving one is enough.

‘It’s the king’s money, it’s the king’s heart!’

-No, it’s not your money!

The guy seemed to have fun spending money and was randomly handing out tips.

“Hey, it’s here!”

The store manager lowered his head after handing Lars the skewers that were supposed to be distributed to other customers.

“Good luck.”

Lars said goodbye neatly this time and left the skewer shop. On the subject of the devil, his personality was bright.

-Now it’s really time to eat… .

“What is that again?

The guy stopped looking at the skewers and ran to the pizza shop on the right.

-Hey, you insectivorous demon lord! They said they don’t have time!

“Just one more!”

* * *

Glenn let out a low sigh after checking the inside of the twisted barrier.

‘It’s a barrier made with blood.’

It was said that Raon was the one who created this barrier, so it was clear that the barrier was made up of the blood of him and Gwangpungdae.

‘Damn… .’

I was angry at Orgos for creating this situation. He almost wanted to bring back the guy who had been torn apart by the Demon King and beat him to death again.

‘Where is it?’

If this barrier was really twisted and Raon was thrown out, there would be a hint here. He had to find it somehow.

“hmm… .”

The Dragon Lord also entered the barrier and activated various spells, as if trying to find traces of the Demon Lord.

“He was a stronger demon than I thought… .”

He bit his lip as if he sensed the demon lord’s energy that influenced this space itself.

‘surely… .’

Glenn nodded in agreement.

‘It wasn’t an ordinary Magi.’

The Demon King was blocking the attacks of the two transcendents and was even on guard against this side. If he remained on this continent, he could cause big trouble.

However, what is important now is not the Demon Lord. Identifying the location and condition of Raon and Gwangpungdae was the top priority.

As Glenn was examining the inside of the barrier again, Loen approached.


Roen continued speaking with his hand on his chest.

“I received a call from my family. “Gwangpungdae is said to be recovering at a treatment center inside the Owen Kingdom.”

His lips trembled slightly as he said that all of Gwangpungdae were receiving treatment there.

“It seems like the head of the Gwangpung Unit used that ring to send everyone away.”

“I guess so… .”

Glenn nodded. I think I sent him to Owen due to a lack of mana, but it was an excellent choice in the current situation.

“Then Raon… .”

“They say there is no Gwangpung Squadron there.”

Roen lowered his head to hide his shaking pupils.

“is it… .”

“King of North Extermination.”

The Holy Swordmaster narrowed his eyes and placed a black sword on his shoulder.

“What are you doing now? “If it were you in the past, you would have clashed swords with me regardless of whether my subordinates were dead or not, right?”

“Keep your mouth shut.”

“Wouldn’t it be better to move before I kill those young things myself? “Don’t disappoint me anymore.”

A blood-stained black spirit blazed beneath his feet.


Glenn turned around. She looked down at the holy sword with a dry gaze that made her breath dry.

“I will kill you even if you don’t fuss that much.”

“okay. That look. I was hoping for that… .”


When he twisted his mouth, Merlin held his head and screamed.

“that’s right. It’s Owen! “Owen stinks!”

Merlin escaped the barrier, muttering that Raon’s scent was leading to Owen. Rising to her feet in one fell swoop, she flew in Owen’s direction.

Glenn lowered his mouth while aiming his sword at the Holy Swordmaster.

‘That woman… .’

She kidnapped Raon to the branch of Eden, and although she is still a crazy person who shows a strange obsession, she was the first to recognize Raon’s barrier.

“Roen. “Take the Great Sword of Heaven and the Great Wind Wind and go to Owen.”

“All right.”

As soon as Roen nodded, Glenn stepped on the taehwabo in the direction Merlin had flown. His new form disappeared in a split second.

“This is crazy! Where are you running away to? Glenn Sieghardt!”

The Holy Sword Master gritted his teeth and ran after Glenn.

“How on earth does this work…” .”

Guisalchang threw his spear in vain.

“It’s a mess.”

The evil swordman took his hand off the sword bottle and sighed.

“… … .”

The comedian looked in the direction where Glenn had disappeared and deeply touched his temple.

‘Raon Sieghart and the Demon King.’

It reminds me of the time I saw Raon Sieghardt’s genius not long ago.

The image of the devil engraved in the booklet seemed to overlap with the face of the devil who killed Orgos.

‘if… ?’

* * *

Lars appeared in a deserted back alley of the royal capital, holding ice cream and various foods in his arms.

“Because it’s time for a change soon. Eat here. “It would be better to find yourself.”

-Because I understand. Wouldn’t it be better to eat quickly?

Raon sighed as he looked at the food Lars was holding.

“I know!”

Lars nodded, laid out a cloth, and placed ice cream and food on it.

“What should I eat first?”

-First, we have to eat food. Ice cream is dessert.

“After all, you don’t know how to eat. In times like this, you should eat ice cream first!”

-If it’s going to be like this, why are you asking? .

Raon frowned at Ras, who was smirking.


Lars opened the lid of the ice cream box with trembling hands. As pure white steam rose, the guy’s eyes also lit up.

“I am finally experiencing this art with my own hands and mouth. I waited a long time… uh?”

However, when Lars brought his hand to the ice cream, the blue energy on his arm began to dissipate.

“W-what! “I guess there’s still time left, right?”

-You said earlier that it takes more strength to treat than to fight. Didn’t the time get shorter by taking my burden on top of that?


Lars’ mouth dropped open as if that was true.

“Oh, no! No way! Just one bite! “Isn’t it so sad to buy everything and not be able to eat it?”

The guy forced his hand out, saying he couldn’t do this.

“You damn sky! “I’m telling you to stop!”

The moment Lars grabbed the mint chocolate ice cream with his hand, the blue frost covering his entire body created an explosion of light, revealing Raon.


No blood flowed from the abdomen where he was stabbed by the Jecheon Sword, but his complexion was pale.

“Today, it’s not because of Eokka, it’s because of your gluttony. “Is this anger or greed?”

Raon shook his head, feeling the cold sensation of the ice cream in his hand.

“So quickly… I told you to do it… .”

But soon, like Lars, he too was unable to control his body and fell sideways.


In the darkened vision, I saw Jecheon Sword and ice cream falling on the ground.

As the mint chocolate ice cream that fell to the ground was slowly melting, I heard the voices of an old man and a woman talking in the alley.

“What do you mean there is something over here?”

“I said I felt a strange energy.”

“Drunkards are throwing punches… hmm?”

As soon as the old man entered the alley, he stopped. He looked at Raon’s face and the Jecheon sword and opened his eyes wide.

“Raon Sieghardt?”

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