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Chapter 511

As Ras was about to extend his hand towards the White Blood Cult leader, Rimmer took a step forward.

“Ugh… .”

Rimmer did not bend his knees even though he was caught between the waves of transcendental beings and was being crushed by tremendous pressure.

“I want to ask you something.”

He proudly stood in front of Lars with a thin stream of blood flowing from his lips.

“Pick your ears.”

“Ears, ear plugs?”

“Tell me.”

Lars nodded as if he had something to say.

“When killing Orgos… .”


“You are the one who said you were the master of crude demon energy. Did he by any chance not see a young human when he killed him? “His hair is blonde, and his eyes are red.”

Rimmer was taken aback by the term ear-piercing, but as if he didn’t want to miss this opportunity, he talked about Raon’s facial expressions.

“He had a long sword and two daggers, and his clothes were black.”

Cheryl walked up to Rimmer’s side. He relieved him of his burden and even explained the weapon.

The two people looked so desperate that they had to ask for the devil’s help.

-hmm… .

Raon bit his lip as he looked at Rimmer and Cheryl’s desperate eyes. I’d like to tell them not to worry and get out of here because I’m alive, but I couldn’t say that for those two.


‘I know.’

Lars turned his gaze tediously slowly and met the eyes of Rimmer and Cheryl.

“The king only dealt with those bastards with demonic energy. “There were other humans in the barrier, but he didn’t really touch them.”

The guy continued talking, waving his hand at the two people to get out of the way.

“It could have fallen into a dimensional gap, or it could have been thrown off somewhere.”

-good job.

Lars gave his best performance. Because it’s strange that the Demon King, who ignores even the transcendental ones, only pays attention to humans who are masters.

“Well, thank you.”

Rimmer and Sheryl nodded at Lars and stepped back.

“It’s strange.”

But it didn’t work on the house window.

“It smells like Raon.”

Merlin seemed to have transformed so much that he now had a dog nose, and kept circling around Lars, sniffing.

I don’t know how, but it seemed like I was tracking it with my sense of smell.

“I’m sure it’s nearby, eh… .”


Lars blushed and Green’s fingertips trembled when he saw Merlin’s eyeballs. She still seemed to be horrified by Merlin’s obsession.

-Las Now is not the time.

‘Ah, I know.’

Ras nodded and turned his eyes to the white blood cult leader.

“How long are you going to make me wait?”

“… … .”

The leader of the White Blood Cult raised his hands without answering. A transparent energy rose above her grasp.

It looked like a beautiful drop of water, but inside it was a concentration of blood that was on a different level than before. A blazing haze was burning all around.


The Holy Swordmaster did not step forward, but instead took a step back.

He calmed down the powerful energy wave and smiled curiously like an onlooker. I couldn’t tell what he was thinking.


Lars sprinkled frost energy with his fingers. The cold air, which drew a geometric trajectory like a magic circle, fell on the floor and created a soft light.


Lars stepped on the light and moved forward. Even in the face of the white-blooded cult leader and the holy sword practicer, he did not lose his dignity.

He lowered his hands and raised his chin as if to challenge him as much as he wanted. They said it showed the majesty of a king, and that was exactly what it was.

Rather, Raon, behind Lars, swallowed dry saliva as he surveyed the situation.

-You have to get at least one.

The White Blood Cult’s energy wave has become stronger than before, and the Holy Sword Master is a sword expert who is said to be on par with Glenn.

Even if Ras was pushed back, it would be a close match, so I had to learn at least one thing before returning.

“How arrogant you are to come to someone else’s land.”

The head of the White Blood Clan twitched his mouth and spread his hands shoulder-width apart. The condensed blood formed a single blade and emerged like a fish sword.

“You’re babbling needlessly.”

Lars quietly shook his hands. His thoughts were caught in the wind, and the warriors around him, including Rimmer, Cheryl, and Merlin, were pushed back.

It was a noble method of making the Grand Master and the Transcendents retreat with a light gesture.

“her… .”

“Wasn’t it just strength?”

“This is the devil… .”

Emperor Huigeuk, Demon King, and Evil Sword squinted as they felt Rath’s energy.

“The price of slapping my head is high. “I’ll kill you!”

The four sword demons rolled their cold eyes, saying that they would repay the price for being slapped twice.

“Everyone is so scared. If you don’t come… .”

Lars strengthened his fingers that were shaking because of Merlin and curled his mouth.

“I will let the king go.”

With those words, Lars’ body turned into light. The body appears in front of the Four Sword Demons. As soon as she appeared, she stretched out her hand.


The capital, blazing with the cold energy of the Demon World, aimed at the Four Swords Demon’s neck.


However, the Four Swords Demon was a transcendental of a higher rank than Orgos.

In response to Rath’s attack, a sword curtain was immediately created. A black-burning flame collided with the Ras capital.

Damn it!

The frost fog that enveloped the capital city of Las froze the entire energy of the Four Sword Demons, and even penetrated the blades.

“What is this!”

The four sword demons urgently took a step back and sprayed out the black paint that had formed on the sword. Black flames swirled and gathered as if to trap Lars.

“Get out.”

Ras shouted as if giving a command to the black flames rushing in from all directions.

Coo coo coo coo!

The voice containing the devil’s intentions appears with substance. The flames caused by the four sword demons died out without burning even a single hem of Las’s clothes.

“Wow, that’s ridiculous… .”

The four sword demons trembled their chins as they recited exactly what Orgos had said.

“can not believe it!”

He stabbed the sky with his sword, his eyes filled with fear and disbelief.

The black flame that burned from the blade trapped Lass and created hundreds of heat rays. Each and every flame was a sword strike containing the inaction of super ascension.

“That’s sloppy.”

Lars sneered and waved his hand as if swatting away a fly. The wave of frost that bloomed on the back of her hand spread in a semicircle like dew on a leaf, freezing all of the Four Sword Demon’s flames.

The black flame trapped in the blue ice revealed both beauty and eerieness.

Coo coo coo coo!

The frozen flames broke into pieces and collapsed, and the Four Sword Demon’s expressions were equally crushed.


Lars stepped on the steps as white cold air rose from the floor. After he appeared from behind the Four Sword Demons, he roughly reached out and grabbed the man’s arm.


The Four Sword Demon’s entire arms were pulled out, and red blood was sprayed into the air.


“You must have let your guard down in front of the king. You must have been so excited that you wanted to die.”

Ras threw the Four Sword Demon’s arms on the floor and revealed his white teeth.

-under… .

Raon let out a sigh.

-Is this really the method of using cold energy?

I had never even thought of freezing the flame, but Lars was showing it to me. He seemed to know why he always said that images and imagination were important.

But the battle was not over yet, and the enemy was not the Four Sword Demons alone.


The white blood cult leader did not miss the gap where the cold blocked his gaze, and penetrated into the gap between Lass and fired his blood sword.

As her lips moved quickly, the blades spread into thousands and wrapped around Lars.


A power that is on a different level from the swordsmanship of the Four Sword Demons. The blade of blood even pierced Las’s coldness and tore through his insides. It was martial arts and magic that showed what a true transcendent person is.


As the white blood cult leader recited the high-speed mantra again, the blades of blood flying through the sky rained down on Ras.

At the same time, it didn’t move. As if they were aiming for a time difference, they were eating up the space to avoid.

“It’s pretty good.”

Ras smiled brightly as he looked at the transparent blade being struck.

“But… .”

The moment his hand swept the air as if touching a marble, the pieces of frost condensed as if stretching.

The blades of cold surged like a turbulent wave, causing the same changes and illusions as the blades of blood used by the White Blood Cult leader.


Cold and blood clashed head-on, and a terrifying roar echoed through the night sky.

“Tsk… .”

The White Blood Cult’s eyes were squinted by the bitter frost that enveloped her, but Lars looked at her with eyes that had not yet lost their composure and pushed the ground with his left foot.

The space folded horizontally, revealing the white blood cult leader’s bewildered eyes in front of his grasp.


It was when Lars was trying to grab the white blood cult leader’s ebony hair. An eerie energy was revealed in the square on the right.

‘It’s finally here.’

The Holy Sword Trainer, who had retreated as if he was going into battle, stabbed his sword in the explosion.

Damn it!

I didn’t have time to look back. It quickly aroused suspicion. As the will and demonic energy worked together, a huge wall of cold rose from the floor and blocked the Holy Sword Runner’s sword strike.


However, the sword of the Seonggeomryeonju cut through the snow wall as if it were filled only with anticipation, and fired a second sword strike.

Lars stretched out his hands to both sides. He placed a pulling force on the left hand and a pushing force on the right hand.

As the waves of cold spread, the body of the White Blood Cultist was dragged in, and the sword strike of the Holy Swordmaster was pushed back without being able to approach.


The Baekhyeol cult leader stretched out his hand filled with blood as if he was satisfied with the situation. A cold, blood-fluttering hand pressed towards Lars’ chest.


Ra’s’ hand traced the outer surface of the crescent moon. It gently shed the attacks of her white-blooded cult leader and coated her body and soul with chains of cold.

On the contrary, it suppressed the swordsmanship of Seonggeomryeonju and caused it to hit the floor.

Damn it!

An electrifying force that blocks the attacks of two transcendents and even launches a counterattack. However, the White Blood Cult Master and the Holy Sword Master were not ordinary transcendents either.


The White Blood Cult ignited a flame of blood throughout his body and broke the chains of cold, while the Holy Sword Master moved in a direction where Rath’s cold could not reach and swung his black sword covered in white frost.

Ras entered the gap between the White Blood Cultists who were trying to strengthen their defenses without letting down their guard against the Holy Sword Masters.


In that brief moment, the White Blood Cult Master regained his breathing and stretched out his feet. It was an extreme angle that penetrated his chest even before he could take a breath.

Pead deud deuk!

Ras grabbed the white blood cult leader’s shin, creating a translucent coldness in his hand. Blood and cold clashed, and intense sparks erupted.


Ras’ hand stretched out without hesitation amidst the intense spark that engulfed even the flesh of the transcendental. When he was about to grab the white blood cult leader’s neck, the holy sword practicer stabbed him with his sword as if waiting for him.


Lars put his left hand up and his right hand down, drawing an image as if he was holding a bead. The bluish cold that rose from his grasp twisted the space.

Damn it!

The space was destroyed and the Holy Sword Master’s sword, which was heading towards Las’s heart, pierced the air, and the White Blood Cult Master’s fist hit the ground.

Ras rammed his fist into the face of the white blood cult leader in the distorted space.


The White Blood Cult created a shield of blood energy in the meantime, but Lass stretched out his fist and struck her on the head as if it didn’t matter.


The Holy Sword Master laughed as he looked at the space where the sword had been twisted.

“It’s definitely a skill worthy of the title of Demon King.”

He nodded, looking at the cold sword.

“You damn monster!”

The leader of the White Blood Cult wiped his lips, which had white blood flowing down, and gritted his teeth.


She put her hands together in anger.

A white tsunami rose from the blood-soaked earth. The tsunami surged all the way to the sky, as if trying to contain the starlight, and poured down on Lars. A harmony of martial arts and witchcraft. It was the power that made fantasy a reality.

“Split up.”

Lars’ sky blue eyes shed an auspicious light. He stood on his back and frowned in front of the magnificent wave of blood.


As the Demon King’s voice echoed the world once again, the waves of blood created by the White Blood Cult leader split. The mysterious art of putting intention into one’s voice. It was a word.

Damn it!

The wave of blood that could not even pass by Lass sank, completely melting the forest behind it.

“This… .”

The White Blood Cult leader widened his eyes as if he had never dreamed of such a situation.

-It was like this before… .

Raon swallowed dryly, remembering the waves and flames that were torn apart by Lars’ words.

‘It’s a saying.’

Lars told me in his mind what he had done a little while ago.


‘I’ve probably told you this once before, but it’s about putting your intention into your voice and making it happen in reality.’

-Is it like verb magic?

‘The lizards do it instinctively, but others have to gain enlightenment. Oh, now that I think about it, I guess I’ll have to finish it quickly.’

The guy muttered that he didn’t have much time and spread his hands.

“I’ll kill you with all my might… .”

The leader of the White Blood Cult let out a heavy breath and folded his hands. She moved so fast that her lips were not visible, and a white dawn burned across the night sky.

A blurry silhouette appeared in the lofty dawn, and a white-blooded god with forty-eight arms and three eyes descended. It was the incarnation of Mara blood god Avalokitesvara.

When the blood god opened his eyes, red blood overflowed from his veiny eyes and drenched the ground.

-that… .

Raon widened his eyes as he looked at the blood god.

‘My arms have grown!’

When Glenn faced him previously, the number of Blood God’s arms was 44, but now it has 46. As expected, she too was growing.


As the White Blood Cult’s lips moved at ultra-high speed, evil intent covered the sky, and the weapons of the human world rose above the forty-six hands of Mara Blood God Avalokitesvara.

Without stopping, she recited a second spell. Pure white flames burned from the forty-six weapons the blood god was holding. It was a blood painting of the monument of Maryeohyeolsik Avalokitesvara.

“I guess I should work on my strength too.”

The Holy Sword Master launched a black sword. A darkness deeper than night burns over the black sword body that has come to life. A breathtaking pressure emanated from the body of the black sword that seemed to melt the shadows.

However, it seemed like he still had some energy left.

Coo coo coo coo!

The White Blood Cult’s Blood Spirit Dance and the Holy Sword Runner’s Black Star True Soul spread out at the same time, and the earth was erased with black light as if it had never existed from the beginning.

A huge storm raged around them, and waves of mana were so enormous that if they retreated, they would be torn to death by the wind.

“after… .”

Lars let out a low breath. He put his right hand forward, wearing his mystery like a long cloth. The loser of the demon world who went beyond transcendence drew a faint smile.

“Pierce through.”

An ecstatic light that made it impossible to open one’s eyes rose above the Demon King’s grasp.

The final battle of the Demon King of Anger.

Eunwol Majang.

The blue flash that shot out along with the words collided with the White Blood Cult’s Blood Spirit Spirit Dance and the Holy Sword Master’s Black Star True Soul.


Blood light, darkness, and blue light competed for power, creating a terrifying explosion of mana. It is truly the manifestation of a god of great power. It was a clash of transcendence that no one in the world could suppress.

Lars accelerated his pushing force with his intention. As the cold energy of the Eunwol Demon Field spread widely as if trying to envelop the enemy, the White Blood Cult leader equally spread his blood energy around to close the gap.


Lass condensed the energy of the Eunwol Demon Lord into one point with a blue flame in his eyes.


The energy of frost condensed in a split second, piercing through the blood spirit spirit dance of the White Blood Cultist and pushing away the Black Star True Soul of the Holy Sword Trainer.


Ras did not miss the opportunity and moved in front of the white blood cult leader. Her blood was gone and she grabbed her neck and gave it strength.


The leader of the White Blood Cult tried to use his blood energy to defend himself, but he blocked it with cold energy and twisted her neck.

“Stay still.”

“I’m sorry, but it’s not my plan for her to die.”

Before he knew it, the black sword of the Holy Sword Master approached and struck Ras on the shoulder.


Blue iron armor sprouted from Ras’s clothes, blocking the blade.

-Story’s Barding!

The blue armor was in perfect shape, blocking the sword of the Holy Swordmaster.


But I didn’t think I could last long. The power of the Holy Swordmaster’s sword rapidly increased, and cold sweat ran down Lars’ forehead.


When the barding broke, Ras grabbed the Holy Sword Master’s sword with his hand. His left hand was holding the neck of the white-blooded cult leader.

“go away… .”

The White Blood Cult leader pushed Ras away with his blood, and the Holy Sword Master’s sword gave off an eerie light.

‘As expected.’

When Ras nodded as if he had finally figured it out, a huge wave of mana arose in the sky.

When I raised my head, I saw a huge golden dragon blocking out countless stars with its muzzle wide open.


Bright yellow breath flashes within the black maw. Lightning Breath. The Gold Dragon’s strongest weapon fell like a thunderbolt.


At that moment, a sword wrapped in red lightning rushed in from the sky on the right.

A sword strike that transcends the concept of speed. A thunderstorm that could not be defeated even by the dragon’s breath filled the air.

‘It’s finally here.’

Lars let go of the head of the White Blood Cult as if he had been waiting, put his hands together as if praying, and then twisted his left hand in the opposite direction.

The cold pattern that was initially laid on the floor gave off a brilliant light.


As the breath, brain energy, blood energy, and sword clashed, a storm of light like no other in the world erupted.

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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