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Chapter 506

Glenn looked up at the dark window and chewed his lip. He showed a rare expression of deep emotion and placed his hand on the Jincheon sword that he wore at his waist.

‘Orgos and Gwangpungdae… .’

Chad said that Orgos, the pontoon lord of the Black Tower, and the Storm Trooper collide, but that is not the correct expression.

If they encounter Orgos, not a single member of the Frenzy will be able to survive.

Although he was not the leader of the Six Emperors, Orgos was also a transcendental person who reached the sky through force.

Even if Raon, Rimmer, and Cheryl are together, it will be difficult to withstand it, but Raon and the Gwangpungdae alone can never fight it.

‘The assumption that we don’t meet is meaningless.’

The person Orgos is targeting is Raon. At his level, the Thunderstorm will notice Cameloon’s anomaly and hide or find him even if he runs away.

‘It would be difficult to use that ring.’

Chamber’s ring, which was the winning prize of the Six Emperors duel sparring held in the Kingdom of Owen. If Raon uses the ring at the right time, he may be able to escape this crisis.

However, the ring’s power is so great that it requires not only the mana inside but also the mana of the chamber. She wouldn’t have that luxury as she was now fighting against her Black Tower lord.


Glenn tapped the sword of the Jincheon Sword with his trembling fingers. Jincheon Sword let out a faint cry as if she knew her master’s anxious heart.

‘Then there’s no way to get there on time.’

Considering the time period that Chad had mentioned, it would have been impossible to arrive at that location before Orgos and the Storm Troopers encountered each other unless the portal to Cameloon was restored.


Glenn took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

Raon’s awkward eyes. Sometimes, I picture my eyebrows lowered in embarrassment.

After that, as the faces of Burren, Marta, Runan, and other children overlapped, my heart tightened as if I had been chained.

‘No matter what you do, it will be too late. still… .’


If you just think about it here, you won’t get the answer.

The right thing to do is to run to Raon and Gwangpungdae, even if it means pouring all the energy you have into it.

“Non-banquet owner. “What is the nearest portal?”

Glenn made a decision and took his hand off the Jincheon Sword.

“To the southwest of Cameloon, there is a medium-sized city called Dior. “It’s probably a little closer there than Owen or Balder.”

Chad gave his answer without hesitation, as if he had prepared it in advance.


Glenn threw away the cloak covering his shoulders and headed toward the door of the throne room. After ending her agony, his steps were eerily quiet.

“I won’t look back.”

Roen lowered his head with his hand on his chest. His eyes, which were originally full of kindness, became pitch black.

“I will follow.”

* * *

An unknown forest where the trading city of Cameloon and the city of Barene are located.

Soldiers covered in wounds, like the remnants of defeated soldiers, walked along a forest path where white snowflakes replaced the green leaves of grass.

Dorian smoothed the bandage around his shoulder and looked back. She was not with the group she was traveling with, but rather looked at a place far away and savored her appetite.

‘I’m sure you’ll be okay, right?’

I witnessed the miracles Raon created closer than anyone else, but this time I couldn’t feel at ease.

‘Because the opponent is the Grand Master.’

There are many differences between Master and Grand Master beyond Expert and Master.

Even if it was Raon, it was obvious that he would fight with death in mind, so I felt sick to my stomach.

‘Whether I win or lose, I hope I come back safely.’

As Dorian pressed his temple, hoping for Raon’s safe return, he heard someone mumbling to his right.

When I turned my head, I saw Burren looking at his hands and licking his lips.

“I can’t believe I’m becoming a master, I can’t believe I’m becoming a master, I… .”

Buren repeated the same words as if he still couldn’t believe he had become a master.

Dorian smiled slightly as he looked at Burren’s hand, which was full of scars.

‘It’s not strange that he became a master.’

Burren is Sieghardt’s direct descendant. It was a set process for him to become a master.

Of course, the reason he was so surprised was because he became a master at the age of 21, but considering what he had done so far, that wasn’t really a big deal.

‘Because I haven’t passed the risk of death once or twice.’

Raon almost died countless times in his family because he trained as if he were fighting, and he risked his life every time he fought in real missions, so it was only natural that his strength grew quickly.

‘You got what you got.’

Dorian let go of Buren, who was pinching his cheek, and looked ahead.

Runaan, whose body was wrapped in bandages like a mummy, was twirling her arms with blind eyes. Blue frost was blooming from her fingertips.

‘Runan seems to be in a good mood too.’

Seeing that Runan, who is only interested in Raon and ice cream, can’t sit still, it seems surprising that she has become a master herself.

Runaan was also someone who worked harder than Burren, so it was no surprise that she became a master.

‘Actually, the most surprising thing is… .’

Dorian smiled slightly and looked to his left, where Mark Goeton was.

‘That must be him.’

Mark Goeton was still teary-eyed, hugging the black sword that Raon had given him.

‘You cried. Of course, I would have been like that too… .’

No. If it were me, I wouldn’t have been able to endure it.

Mark Götten quickly became a master, but his growth stalled and he watched as others overtook him.

It wasn’t that he was ignored from the beginning, but because he started out as admired and then collapsed, the criticism from others must have hit him even more painfully.

But Mark Goeton overcame the hurt, insults, and despair and stood up again. He strengthened his heart by serving Raon, who was much younger than himself, as his lord.

Others laughed at him for being late, and even though he trained with Gwangpungdae, who was about the same age as his son, he did not let go of the Tao until the end.

After much hardship and pain, I finally reached my goal of becoming an intermediate master, so I couldn’t help but feel even greater emotion than when others became masters.

‘I hope we keep moving forward.’

Dorian slightly bowed his head in respect to Mark Goeton.

‘I wonder if I can become a master too.’

To be honest, I never thought about becoming a master.

However, the idea that it might be possible because the three leaders had become masters and he had also touched the wall of master status occurred to him.

‘If it weren’t for Raon, I would never have been able to imagine becoming a master.’

During my trainee days, Habunseong, Gwangpungdan, Sepia Sanghoe, and even Gwangpungdae. He received countless amounts of help from him.

He was just grateful because Raon became Sieghardt’s swordsman thanks to him.

‘It’s a debt that must be repaid even if it means risking one’s life.’

Although I, a coward, would not believe anything if I said this, I was willing to sacrifice my life for Raon.

Dorian smiled, remembering Raon’s face.

‘Of course, if I say this to Raon, he will nag me to swing my sword more.’

Now I can see roughly how he moves and what he thinks.

Because I spent the most time with Raon, I could roughly predict what he would say.

“You don’t have to worry too much.”

When Dorian looked back again, remembering Raon, Buren lowered his hand and shook his head.

“I’m sure he’s thinking about coming back and training that monster after he’s done with it.”

“that’s right. “All you have to do is think about surprising Raon.”

Runaan nodded, saying that he would brag about becoming a master and ask to buy ice cream.

“Are you saying you don’t trust our great lord?”

“The great lord is Lord Rimer… .”

“Oh right.”

“It doesn’t matter. “Raon seems like a real master.”

Gwangpungdae prosecutors also joked lightly and erased the anxiety about Raon.


As Dorian smiled and nodded, Denning Rose and her escort, who had been walking at the front, stopped.

“why… .”

When I was about to ask why I stopped, the forest ended and a field emerged, revealing the panoramic view of Cameloon.


Dorian opened his eyes wide. Cameln’s walls and buildings were crushed, and black smoke was billowing into the sky.

The city was being destroyed in real time. Even though I was far away, my fingertips trembled at the powerful wave of power that erupted from within Cameloon.

“Cameloon was also attacked?”

Denning Rose chewed his lip as he watched the collapsing spire.

“crazy… .”

“ah… .”

Burren and Runaan seemed speechless as they watched Cameloon burning, as if they had not anticipated this situation.

“Uh, what should I do?”

“Ka, if it’s not Cameloon, it’s Owen. To Balkar… .”

“Owen and Balkar are the ones protecting Cameloon. “They won’t be safe either!”

The neutral forces’ warriors were also embarrassed and their faces turned red. The civilians only watched the people around them, not knowing what to do.

“eww… .”

Dorian held his trembling wrist and his chin trembled.

‘How on earth did this happen?’

I thought everything would be over if I arrived in Cameloon and waited for Raon, Cheryl, and Rimmer, but I didn’t know that we were attacked here too.

The sense of crisis that had subsided became a tidal wave and swept over my entire body.

“… … .”

Denning Rose looked at the panoramic view of Cameloon, a flash of light and darkness, and turned around. Her complexion was as white as the snow on the fields.

“I think the Black Tower attacked Cameloon. The one blocking it seems to be the Balkar Kingdom, but it doesn’t look easy.”

She shook her head and said that going to Cameloon now was not a good choice.

“Turn off the fire first!”

Burren quickly assessed the situation and ordered the soldiers to turn off the lanterns and torches they were holding.

People turned off their torches and lanterns with frozen expressions. Now he realized that Cameloon was not a living gate, but a monk.

“It’s not good to stop here.”

Denningrose shook his head as he looked at the fields heading towards Cameloon. As the place was open to all sides, she looked as dangerous as she said.

“Let’s go back into the forest.”

As soon as Buren heard Denning Rose’s words, he turned around. He walked behind the small hill he had seen on the way here.


Denning Rose snapped her fingers, and escorts in nightgowns came out behind her.

“Erase the traces.”

At her direction, the escorts spread out toward the entrance and exit.

“Cassia. “I’ll help you too.”

“All right.”

At Encia’s gesture, the escort called Cassia also moved toward the entrance.

Cassia and the black market warriors divided into the forest’s entrance and exit and erased the traces on the ground.

There was a high chance of getting caught because of the snow, but it was better than nothing.

“What should I do?”

Buren let out a low breath and looked at Denning Rose.

“First of all, I can’t go to Cameloon. Looking at the arrival of Balkar’s wizards, Valkar doesn’t look good either, and the only place left is Owen. It’s a small city called Dior… .”

Denning Rose gave the party several options to choose from.

“Owen, Dior… .”

“But since both of them have to leave this forest, there is a high chance of getting caught.”

She frowned, thinking that she might be attacked while moving.

“Well, then how about hiding here for now?”

Dorian crawled over to the two men.

“Well, I think it’s best if we stay here. The fact that the Black Tower attacked Cameloon means that it has something to aim for, so it doesn’t look like it will come all the way here… .”

Burren agreed with Dorian and looked at Denning Rose.

“I think that’s a good opinion. but… .”

Denning Rose rubbed the ground with her fingers and chewed her molars.

“Why are you doing that?”

“I thought they might go down because Raon has a problem with the Black Tower… .”

She sighed, saying that the Black Tower was the most persistent of the Ouma.

“ah… .”

Dorian’s fingertips holding the scabbard trembled.

‘that’s right.’

Raon is the warrior of the Black Tower. There is also a problem with the owner of the floating tower. As Denning Rose said, there was a possibility that the Black Tower was targeting Raon.

“I think it’s best to hold on for now, watch the situation, and then move when a rescue team comes from Owen.”

“All right. Then like that… .”

As Burren nodded, her escorts returned, instructed by Denningrose to clear their tracks.

“I couldn’t process everything, but I erased all the important parts.”

“thank you. Poyen.”

Denningrose smiled at Poyen.

“No… .”

Poyen shook his head and then stopped.

“Ah, lady. escape… .”

Her neck, which was telling her to run away, was bent 180 degrees with a crunching sound.


The master-class warrior, who was breathing just a moment ago, collapsed.

“Eh, Encia!”

As Encia’s bodyguard, Cassia, coaxed us to quickly escape, blue flames soared over her shoulder.


Cassia tried to push away the flames with her strength, but the blue flames burned more and more intensely, instantly turning her body into ashes.

A moment of silence. What spread after that was fear and screams.



“What is this…?” .”



Everyone stepped back in horror, and Denning Rose and Encia knelt down and screamed.


“You must step back!”

This was when Dorian grabbed Denning Rose and Encia and tried to pull them away.

There was something huge floating in the sky.

His chin trembled and he lifted his eyes. A white-eyed monster with black skin and no pupils, as if clad in darkness, was standing in the sky like a staircase.

He’s tall and bulky, but not that big. It seems to be smaller than average. But the presence felt from him covered the entire sky.

At my low level, I seemed to be no different from the leader of the Five Spirits of Shinju, the so-called Transcendant, the Master of the Holy Sword, or the Master of the White Blood Cult.

“Cha, Orgos, the Flame Demon Lord… .”

At the sound of Denning Rose’s dripping voice, Dorian let go of her arm.

‘The Flame Demon Lord… .’

I don’t know the name Orgos, but I can’t help but know the nickname ‘Changyeom Demon Lord’. The vice-pagoda lord of the Black Tower who has reached the state of transcendence. Looking at it now, the black skin and white eyes were just as I had heard.

Orgos’s white eyes twist. Because I couldn’t see his pupils, I couldn’t tell where his eyes were going.

No, before that, no one could open their mouths due to the overwhelming presence of the Blue Flame Demon Army.

“It’s Sieghart.”

He immediately said Sieghardt’s name as if he knew that there was a frenzy here.

“Where is Raon Sieghardt?”

“ah… .”

Dorian’s heart tightened at Orgos’ words.

‘Ji, you came to look for Raon yourself?’

Denning Rose’s information was correct. It was clear that he had come here directly to kill Raon, who had interfered with his attempt to catch Drake in Weathers Village.


I heard something explode behind me. A hot liquid falls on her head, leaving a bloody smell. Someone has died.

“This is the second time. “Where is Raon Sieghardt?”

Orgos’ question continues. No one could answer, and someone else burst out.

My chin was shaking. Although I was scared that its white eyes might turn in this direction, I was also worried. I’m afraid someone will tell Raon’s location.


Someone else died. It is unknown whether it is the Gwangpungdae, a neutral force, or a civilian. I didn’t even have the courage to look back.


Blood drips at Orgos’ feet. It’s not wet blood here. It was like the blood of those who had gone to Cameloon before them.

‘Raon is going to die.’

I know this because I have crossed the path of life and death countless times. If we reveal where Raon is now, we will live, but Raon will definitely die.

No matter how genius he is, he cannot live in front of a monster that has reached the sky.

‘Well, then… .’

You have to step up. Now is the time to die for that person.

It’s the moment to keep the resolve you made to sacrifice your life for Raon, but you don’t have the courage. I don’t like being sick, and I’m afraid of death.

But it was obvious that if I survived here without being able to do anything, I would regret it for the rest of my life. She hated it more than dying.

“It’s the last time. “Where is Raon Sieghardt?”

Orgos raised his hand as if he were going to kill everyone. A chilling flame of light burned above his grasp.


Dorian raised his head, chewing his tongue with his molars. He was so scared that his whole body trembled, but the pain emptied his fear.

What I picture in my mind is not just gratitude to Raon.

first meet. I thought of a sickly child with loneliness and desolation in his sharp eyes.

Thinking of the child who was now free of loneliness and treated his colleagues like family, I straightened my back, which had been terrified.


He raised his sword in the manner of the person he most respected and stamped his feet vigorously on the snow-covered ground.


No voice comes out. He continued speaking as he forcibly raised his auror from the crackling Danjeon.

“I am Raon Sieghart!”

The eyes of Burren, Runaan, and everyone present turned from Orgos to Dorian.

“… … .”

Orgos twirled his fingers.


A sound like bones being crushed was heard, and Dorian’s arm twisted and turned.


Dorian knelt down on the spot, holding his crushed right arm.

“You arrogant bastard.”

At Orgos’s gesture, Dorian’s body floated and soared into the sky.

“What did the bug that didn’t even become a master say now?”

“Are you deaf, old man?”

Dorian’s distorted eyes showed fear and coolness at the same time.

“I. White Sword Dragon. “It’s Raon Sieghart!”


Orgos let out a laugh and this time punched Dorian’s left shoulder.


Dorian flew backwards and landed on the ground. He had suffered severe internal injuries, and a large amount of blood was pouring from his mouth.

“If you talk nonsense again, I’ll turn your head back.”

A thin nerve appeared in Orgos’ white eyes as if he was sincere.

“My, I am Raon…” .”

Dorian forced himself to stand up, flailing his damaged arms. He raised his head, spitting out the black blood that had collected in his mouth.

“Sieghart… .”

“I am Raon Sieghart!”

Burren roared, blocking Dorian’s path. He also knows why Dorian came forward.

“I am Raon Sieghart.”

Runan also blocked Dorian’s path and pulled out a fairy tale.

“I am Raon Sieghart.”

Mark Goeton stood in front of the three people and held up a black sword as if he was going to die first.


With Orgos’ light gesture, Burren’s shoulder was blown off, a hole appeared in Runaan’s stomach, and Mark Goeton was thrown to the ground with his black sword broken.

“Wow… .”

“ah… .”

Since all three had not fully recovered from their injuries, they were spitting out dead blood and shaking all over.

But no one was lying still.

Burren and Runaan stood up, clutching the wounds that had cut into their flesh, Mark Goeton gritted his teeth as he held the sword cut in half in both hands, and Dorian, who was the most wounded, leaned against a rock and smelled blood. I let out a mixed breath.

The Gwangpungdae stood in front of the four people prepared to die and raised their swords.

And everyone shouted.

“I am Raon Sieghart!”

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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