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Chapter 503

The Robert family’s grand garden, where light green trees sway even in the middle of winter.

As Derus Robert was looking at the moonlight waving in the clouds, a small woman dressed as a maid prostrated herself behind him.

“I received a call from Siris.”

The maid raised her lowered head, revealing dry, emotionless eyes.

“Who came?”

“Seonggeomryeonju has driven the sword. It is said that Yonghyeon Swordmaster became one-armed, and there were people who appeared to be disciples of Seonggeomryeonju.”

“student? “Is it Quirrell?”

Derus seemed to be interested and asked about the disciple of the Holy Sword Trainer.

“no. “They say he’s a new disciple, but he’s already been promoted to Grand Master.”

“The youngest student is the Grand Master. “You mean he wasn’t just hiding?”

He smiled slightly and nodded.

“What about the other side?”

“The leader of the White Blood Cult personally came with the 3 apostles and the 10 apostles.”

“That mischievous spirit always exceeds expectations. Then there are two. “I guess he hasn’t arrived yet.”

“finally… .”

The woman in the maid’s uniform took a quick sip of her food.

“Merlin has appeared.”


Derus lowered his gaze for the first time as if he was surprised.

“Eden probably doesn’t have any free time right now?”

“It seems that Merlin was targeting Raon Sieghardt alone. “They said they were in a confrontation with the 10 apostles.”

“Have you still not come to your senses after what happened?”

He clicked his tongue a couple of times as if he was pathetic.

“What is the situation?”

“It is said that inside the city, the leaders of the Holy Sword Runners, the White Blood Cult Lords, and the Shinju Five Spirits are fighting with each other. The Heavenly Sword Master and the Light Sword are blocking the Yonghyeon Sword Master and the Apostle… … .”

The woman wearing a maid’s uniform paused for a moment before speaking.

“Outside the city, it is said that Raon Sieghart defeated the disciple of the Holy Sword Runner.”


Derus’ sunken eyes fluttered wide open.



“They said that a disciple of the Holy Sword Training Master is a Grand Master.”

“That’s right.”

“So, does that mean Raon Sieghardt has become Grand Master?”

“That’s not it.”

The woman called Kubara gently opened her lips without being intimidated by Derus’ eerie gaze.

“It is said that he used Sword Realm Appearance.”

“under! Sword Realm Appearance?”

Derus held his forehead and let out a sigh.

‘Geomgye at 21 years old? It won’t be complete. No, even if that were the case… .’

Although it is more surprising than being promoted to Grand Master.

I searched through countless books and records, and even kidnapped and dissected a direct lineage who could use the Sword World, so I know more about the Sword Realm incarnation than Sieghart’s warrior.

Sieghardt’s Sword Egg is a barrier that embodies the image of the swordsman’s life in this world. The operating methods are endless and may change depending on the growth of the prosecutor.

Because life is involved, no matter how genius you are, it takes a lot of time to achieve it, and a crazy guy named Raon Sieghart created the sword world at only 21 years old.

‘This can’t even be compared to what he has achieved so far.’

I thought there would be no more surprises from Raon, but this went beyond my imagination.

“What kind of sword realm is it?”

“I didn’t hear that.”

Kubara slowly shook her head.

“What does that mean?”

“As soon as Raon Sieghardt’s sword world went out, he said his energy was low and that he would attack right away, and then he cut off contact.”

She sighed as Siris moved without waiting for orders.

“Do you want to stop it?”

“Hmm… .”

Derus smoothed his chin while looking at the green leaves swaying.

‘That’s not wrong.’

Sword Egg: Prosecutor Sieghardt’s trump card. Once deployed, stamina and aura are lost to the point of exhaustion.

If the pendulum of balance within Varene had achieved perfect balance, there would be few people who would come to Raon’s rescue.

If the experienced Siris was moving, it meant that he saw a clear gap, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to believe it.

“I’ll leave it alone.”

Derus wrapped his arms around the moon that had broken through the clouds and drew a cool smile.

“No matter what happens, Raon Sieghart will not survive today.”

* * *

Raon stopped behind a tree the size of the torso of an adult man. He released his aura, which had not yet fully increased, and scanned the surroundings.

‘It’s an assassin’s move after all. That too… .’

Just like the shadow guys.

Assassins also have their own characteristics for each faction.

The Blood Shield pursues faster speed than anyone else, while the Shinigami Church values ​​secrecy without being noticed by anyone.

However, the shadow changes the way it moves depending on the situation. When stealth is needed, it moves darker than the Shinigyo Bridge, and when speed is important, it moves faster than the Blood Shield to eliminate the target.

‘Those shadow guys are just a little bit, but the fact that they’re making noise is… .’

I guess he knows that my physical condition is at its worst.

It was clear that the shadows were rushing towards me to quickly eliminate me before I could recover my stamina and aura.

It seemed like he was watching the situation from high up.

However, looking at them moving so quickly and making no sense of presence, they all seemed like top-level assassins.

‘Well, there’s no way he would send just anyone.’

There is no way that the guys Derus sent were ordinary assassins. He must be hiding something special.

‘I should avoid direct confrontation.’

Fighting from the front was not a good choice now that both Aurors and stamina were gone.


Lars seemed satisfied to know that Gwangpungdae was safe and entered the flower bracelet while yawning.

-Because I’m bored. Wake me up when you’re done.

‘anyway… .’

Raon chewed his lips thinly and pulled out his requiem sword.

‘It’s the worst situation, but it doesn’t mean there’s no way.’

Let’s go back to the past.

I pretended to run away and went into the forest. Because it was winter, the trees and bushes were empty, but I used stealth skills as I passed by the base of a large tree.

It is not the shadow martial arts that I learned in my previous life. He was Baek Yeong-bo, who improved Heuk Yeong-bo based on the martial arts he gained while living a new life.

Baek Yeong-bo climbed the tree, completely killing any trace of it.

‘You’ve arrived.’

I don’t know if he was a master level expert, but the area around here was full of assassins.

Raon looked around and held the requiem sword in reverse.

‘I can’t find it either.’

Unlike when they ran hard, they did not find themselves hiding and were circling around.

‘But it’s hard for me to find it… .’

Because physical strength, mental strength, and auror were all low, the assassins’ positions could not be determined properly.

‘It’s been a long time since I felt like this.’

A fight between assassins is different from a fight between assassins.

It was an information war in itself, where one had to figure out the opponent’s location and status, and it was a silent war in which one’s head would be blown off if one moved without thinking.

‘They all have top-notch stealth skills. ‘You raised these guys well.’

There was no presence or vitality, like a dead person. Their stealth skills were beyond the highest level.

Raon breathed in the sound of the wind, spreading the feeling in more detail.

‘You’re good at hiding.’

My physical condition was the worst, but the enemy’s presence was faint and their life was non-existent, so it was difficult to determine the exact location where the enemies were hiding.

‘But I can’t use the sense of a folktale.’

The sense of lore consumes not only anger, but also aura and mental power.

If you can’t use it to pinpoint the locations of all assassins, the problem becomes bigger. Now was the time to be patient.

Raon placed his hand on a thin tree branch and closed his eyes. He commanded the ring of fire that slowly swirled around his heart. Find the enemy as quickly as possible.


The seven rings resonate strongly, sharpening the senses. Overcoming exhaustion-level fatigue, the forest was dyed pure white.

In a white space where only nature exists, black beings cause a lingering fire. It was the energy of assassins.


The location of the twenty-four assassins was determined by surrounding the forest like a net. However, even though I knew their hiding place, it was difficult to capture their vitality. They really looked like corpses.

‘Have they created a new martial arts school?’

When I thought that I had created a dead body, like a dead body, a small rumbling occurred throughout the forest.

[Hidden so that not even the hair can be seen.]
A strangely distorted voice. It seemed like they used an artifact so that I couldn’t tell where it was coming from.

[Sieghart’s White Sword Dragon is hiding in front of the enemy. If even a rumor were to be spread about this, wouldn’t it be a shame?”
Raon calmly nodded, listening to the mocking voice.


There is a separate leader.

Originally, the shadows had a leader who gave orders for these assassinations, and it seemed like the person who was speaking out now was the leader.

‘Where is it?’

Among the twenty-four assassins who had taken position a moment ago, there was no leader. It seemed that his hiding skills were more special.

[If you wait here for too long, all of your favorite Gwangpungdae will die? I sent someone there too.]
The leader of the assassins started taunting as if to tell him to come out quickly.


Raon clicked his tongue briefly in his mouth.

‘That can’t be possible.’

Derus is not interested in the Gwangpungdae. All he wanted was the death of Raon Sieghart.

‘Are you trying to shake my mind?’

I’m confident about that too.

Raon stepped on Baekyoungbo and moved behind the nearest assassin.

The guy was hiding at the base of a tree on the right, looking toward the center.

‘As expected, the presence is different.’

Even though it’s so close, it doesn’t feel alive. It seemed true that Derus Robert created a new martial arts school.


Raon covered the assassin’s mouth and pierced his neck with the requiem sword held backwards.

‘Not even a single movement?’

I had no idea that no matter how much he was an assassin, he would not make any movement while dying. He felt as if he had stabbed a doll.

‘How much brainwashing did you do?’

I thought Derus was terrible and moved next to him. This time, they closed his mouth and ripped out his heart.


The blood flowing from the assassin’s chest touched his wrist, and the flesh melted as if he had been burned.

‘Is it poison? No, that’s impossible.’

No matter how much of an assassin I am, it makes no sense to mix a poison in my blood that would melt my skin.

‘Wait a minute and think about it… .’

When I approached them to cover their mouths, everyone’s body temperature was low. Just like a dead body.

‘A corpse with venomous blood and low body temperature?’

When I thought of the assassins as corpses, I remembered the plan Derus had told me about in my past life.

‘No way, these!’

When Raon left the assassin’s body and was about to retreat, the voice of the leader leading the shadows was heard.

As soon as that voice rang out, the neck of the assassin who had just stabbed the heart and killed him turned 180 degrees. The guy stretched out his hand with a hole in his heart, as if he were a zombie.


The one who had stabbed the neck at first also bent his back and rushed towards him, and the assassins who had been hiding all revealed themselves and rushed in.


Raon stepped back and chewed his lip.

‘Did you finally complete it?’

Signing customer.

Now I can understand why those assassins were as lifeless as corpses. They are all dead bodies. It seemed like Derus Robert had finally completed his plan to create an assassin from a corpse.

[It’s not a dragon, it’s a rat, isn’t it? He runs away like a rat.]
A mocking voice followed behind the receiver who was trying to cling to him. It was clear that this guy was manipulating the signers.

‘The acidic poison that blooms in the immortal assassin. Then that too would have come true.’

In fact, the scariest thing about the receiver is not that he is already a dead body. There was something else that was truly scary.

‘He’s probably aiming for that too.’

I felt like I had to use that to prepare to get out of this situation.

“Ugh! come out!”

Raon pretended to be extremely embarrassed and swatted away the attacking assassins.

The corpse assassins naturally had no fear. Even when its limbs were cut off, it continued to attack until the end, spraying poisonous blood.

‘little bit more.’

Raon circled around, pretending to avoid the poisonous blood, and pulled out his sword when the four receivers moved at the same time.


A sharp sword strike that stretched out as if wrapped in elasticity struck the necks of four receivers at the same time.

That moment.

[I got caught.]
With voices filled with laughter, the bodies of the assassins with their heads blown off sparkled as if they had been coated with oil.


Raon chewed his lip, concentrated the little aura into the mana circuit on the sole of his foot, and stepped on the Taehwabo. He stepped back, kicking the floor violently.


As soon as I got out of the crowd of people with their heads blown off, a huge explosion occurred as if a thunderbolt had exploded, creating a bottomless pit in the space where I had been standing just moments before.

‘Ugh… .’

Raon frowned as he looked at his hands and legs.

‘You were a little right.’

Because the distance was too close, the explosion could not be completely avoided. Severe wounds appeared on the backs of his hands and thighs.

‘That’s why I’m a sign language customer.’

Those assassins were called Suhwagaek, meaning that they dragged the living to the underworld together like water ghosts.

‘But the plan would have worked… .’

Because of the explosion a little while ago, the person controlling the receiver must have thought I was dead.

We had to prepare for a surprise attack at the moment he came down.

[Hmm… .]
The assassin groaned as he looked at the gaping space without revealing himself. He chuckled after being quiet for a while.

[You’re not dead? Isn’t it great?]
At those words, cold sweat broke out on my back.

‘You knew that?’

I didn’t make an Auror shield out of fear of being suspected, and just used footwork to avoid it, but I never thought something like that would come out. Whether it was his senses or his ability, he was no ordinary guy.

‘I can’t help it.’

Even if the internal injuries got worse, I felt like I had to use my sense of humor to figure out the guy’s location.

As Raon sighed and massaged his sore lower abdomen, a small movement occurred behind him. He tensed, thinking it was an assassin, but the figure was very small and came up from the ground.


A mole with snow on its head poked its head out from the ground.

‘Because of the ground shaking a little while ago… .’

“it’s hard?”

The mole spoke.


Raon opened his mouth and quickly made a surprise attack.

“Aren’t you fighting the 10 apostles?”

“We’re fighting. But you have to see it too.”

Merlin tilted his head as if asking why he was asking the obvious.

“I saw you using Sword Realm Appearance. “It was a truly beautiful dawn.”

Her face turned red and she smoothed her cheeks.

“Now is the time to say that…” .”

“Do you want me to help you?”


Merlin grinned and went into the ground he came from.

‘What do you mean?’

I don’t know where I’m going after asking if I can help.

When I thought that this was truly an unknown woman, the sky became brighter. When I raised my head, dozens of magic circles that appeared like constellations gave off a vast light and began to drop indiscriminate bombardment.


Magic exploded one after another, uprooting trees and splitting the ground, but the tree under which he was hiding was only burned on top and suffered no damage.

‘It’s Merlin.’

It was clear that Merlin, who had disappeared a little while ago, had noticed this situation and was helping.

‘You can’t miss this.’

I’m not that stupid that I can’t even eat the soup that was spoon-fed to me. He concentrated his few auras on his hands and feet and only used the ring of fire.

Coo coo coo coo!

Amidst the successive explosions of magic, a very small figure moved. It was the presence of a living person, different from a corpse.


A stream of red air surged from Raon’s eyes.


The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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