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Chapter 499

“Huh… .”

Mark Goeton fell to his knees, out of breath. He let out a scream-like roar and let out all the anger he had built up, and his heart felt refreshed as if it had been completely opened.

It felt like the congestion that had been there for over ten years had gone away all at once.

‘I finally got up there.’

To master intermediate level.

It stayed in place for nearly 20 years.

Even when my senior, classmate, and junior went ahead, I stayed where I was and was finally able to jump over the wall and climb a flight of stairs.

‘okay. There’s just one staircase.’

To some, it may be a small staircase that is nothing special, but to me, it was a staircase more precious than life.

‘Well done for following him.’

Meeting Raon was the first opportunity in my life.

I was glad I threw away what little pride and honor I had left and grabbed him by the crotch of his pants.

‘If it weren’t for that, I wouldn’t be feeling the way I do now.’

The coolness of the wind that cools your sweat after training with all your heart, the warmth of a meal eaten with colleagues walking the same path, and even the sense of accomplishment of breaking down a wall through your efforts.

Thanks to Raon, I was able to feel again the emotions I had forgotten a long time ago.

Even now that I think about it, deciding to follow in his footsteps was the best decision of my life.

‘thank you. really… .’

Mark Goeten lowered his eyes as he expressed his gratitude to Raon, who is not here right now.

As I was feeling Jung Jung-jeon’s breathing, which was beating like a heart, I heard the sound of swords clashing with swords from behind.


Mark Goeton hastily opened his eyes.

‘that’s right. ‘Now is not the time to be like this!’

The situation is not over yet. There was no time to hesitate here to save the Gwangpungdae comrades.


When I tried to stand up, I felt unbearable pain. My side and thighs were torn, and I suffered internal injuries, which made me feel dizzy, but now was not the time to worry about such things. She forced herself upright and looked behind her.

“uh… .”

As soon as Mark Goeton turned his back, his eyes widened.

‘It’s all over…’ ?’

Among the swordsmen who came with the disciples of the Holy Sword Master, the masters were all dead, and only three of the remaining guardian guards were left.

They, too, were so badly injured that it seemed like they would die soon.

The white-blooded believers who had flocked in like a swarm of ants were all dead, with their bodies pierced by pieces of frost.

“Uh, when did this happen…” .”

“Did you all cry?”

As Mark Goeton’s lips were trembling, Burren came up next to him.

“Buren? “No, you!”

Burren’s condition was not normal. His whole body was covered in wounds, and he seemed to have even suffered internal injuries, but his eyes were filled with a passion that had never existed before.

The momentum itself has changed. It was a change that would have been impossible without breaking down the wall and reaching a new level.

“Have you become a master?”

“yes. And it’s not just me.”

Burren raised his hand with a rare big smile. She followed his hand and saw Runaan sitting on her floor.

‘The wound is severe. however… .’

Runaan’s injuries were more serious than Buren’s. Her back and shoulders were completely soaked in blood, as if her flesh had been torn off.

However, the energy wave blooming from her was also different from before. The energy that was like a delicate lake was turbulent as if it had become a rough sea.

“Two, you both became masters?”

“It just so happened to be like that. “Even though I’m on the verge of death.”

Buren let out a weak laugh as he looked at the sword marks on his body.

“So this guy said that.”

I wasn’t paying attention because I was concentrating on the battle, but now I understand why Balben said the situation was messed up.


“Wow… .”

The necks of the last remaining water guards were blown off, and their hearts were pierced.

Encia and Denning Rose’s guards had also eliminated the Holy Swordsmen’s swordsmen, so there was no one left.

“I won… .”

Crane lay down, wiping the blood flowing from the corner of his mouth.

“Wow, Lord, I thought you were going to die.”

Dorian carefully put Martha down and wiped away the cold sweat.


“We won.”

“You bastards! This is Sieghart, and we are the Mad Dogs!”

“How dare someone like Oma… .”

The Gwangpungdae celebrated their victory by raising their hands.

However, they were also very tired, so their voices and raised hands were weak.

“hmm… .”

Runaan stood up unsteadily. She approached Burren and Mark Goeton with a calm expression, even though she was the most seriously injured.

“Lu, Runan!”

“You are like this… .”

Buren and Mark Goeton, who saw Runaan’s injuries up close, trembled. The wounds were much bigger than expected, so it was a good thing that he didn’t die.

“I’m sorry. I should have finished it sooner… .”

“So do i. I’m distracted by my fight.

The two chewed their lips as they looked at Runaan’s wounds, which looked like they had been bitten by an animal. It seemed like those sword marks would remain even if the saint treated him.

“good job.”

However, Runaan did not hold any grudges. Perhaps because of her pain, she raised her trembling hand and tapped Burren and Mark Goeton on the shoulders.

“No one died.”

She turned around and pointed to the windmill. She said no one was unhurt, but she nodded her head, saying that everyone lived.

“Nachalnyeo is also safe.”

Runaan smiled warmly while suffering from scars worse than anyone else here. She had a smile without even a trace.

“you… .”

Burren swallowed dryly as he looked into Runaan’s transparent eyes.

‘This is Runaan?’

Runaan was originally the most outgoing guy in the Frenzy Squad.

I thought he only followed Raon and didn’t give affection to anyone, but he was happier that Gwangpungdae survived than anyone else here.

My heart ached and the tip of my nose wrinkled at the change in the guy I had seen since childhood.

“Ugh! “Don’t move!”

Encia ran from behind, grabbed Runaan, and randomly sprinkled the white powder in her hand.

“it hurts.”

“Hold on! “I need to stop the bleeding and apply a regenerative potion!”

Encia alternately sprayed Runan with a hemostatic agent and holy water, and Denning Rose gave her an unknown medicine.

“Two of you can take it too.”

Denningrose gave medicine for internal injuries to Buren and Mark Goeton and then dragged Runaan away with Encia.

“Is it because of him? Everything is changing… hmm?”

As Buren was laughing as he watched Runaan being dragged around, a sobbing sound was heard next to him.

When I turned my head, I saw tears like chicken droppings falling from Mark Goeton’s harsh eyes.

“Ma, Sir Mark?”

“Ugh… .”

“Are you crying again?”

“Oh, no.”

Mark Goeten wiped his eyes with his sleeve and shook his head.

‘I can’t stand it.’

The hand that held Runaan’s shoulder moments ago while saying thank you for your hard work was so warm. I felt a friendly spirit that reminded me of his former colleagues.

I joined the Gwangpungdae late, and because of the age difference between me and the members, it was difficult to get along with them.

I was feeling a little bit alienated because I couldn’t be considered a colleague even though I was in the same space and belonging to the same organization, but Runan’s one word completely washed away my sadness.

Now I finally felt like I was a real member of the Gwangpungdae.

“Thanks for your efforts.”

Burren seemed to know Mark Goeton’s feelings and patted him on the back with a light smile.

“no. But what are we going to do now?”

Mark Goeton rubbed his red eyes and then looked back at Burren.

“Are you going to wait here for Raon? Or just chase after me now… .”


Buren lifted his chin and looked at Varene. Spiers fall and buildings collapse. The battle of the transcendentals is still not over.

“It is right for us to get out of here as quickly as possible.”

Going to Raon or Varennes will not help. I was worried about Cheongeomdae and Rimmer, but getting out of this place was the most important thing right now.

“Especially since you never have to worry about that monster.”

Buren glanced in the direction where Raon disappeared and shook his head.

“that’s right.”

Runaan, who had already returned, nodded. She twitched her eyes, her face as if it had been coated with flour.

“I’ll go to Cameloon and eat ice cream and then I’ll come back.”

She said with confidence.

“I feel the same way. “He will come after you on his own.”

Denningrose looked at Runaan and nodded.

“but… .”

Encia’s fingertips trembled as she looked at the place where Raon had disappeared.

“Your Majesty will be fine. No need to worry… .”

“Raon, who trains the disciples of the Holy Sword Master, must also be great, but he can’t take that. Ugh!”

When Mark Goeton was about to tell Raon to trust him, Encia sighed heavily.

“hmm… … .”

Buren shook his head and clapped his hands.

“Everyone stand up! “I’m leaving here right now!”

* * *


The shock wave exploded from the clash of swordsmanship and splits the dark land.

Raon took five steps back, but Cloud only took three steps.


Raon frowned as he looked at the crushed floor.

‘As expected, from the front, that side is up.’

At the same time, he took out a sword technique, but the opponent’s sword was faster and stronger.

Physical strength and agility were superior, but the difference in level seemed to play a big role.

“Is that all it is?”

Cloud leisurely lowered his sword and raised his eyebrows.

An arrogant expression, as if he were standing far above him. Rather than letting down his guard, he was provoking us.

“It seems like your tongue is sharper than your sword.”

“It would be foolish to give your all from the beginning. “Because I’m a dragon.”

Raon waved his sword and shrugged his shoulders.

“You still have plenty of time to spare. “Aren’t you worried about those you left behind?”

He rolled his eyes in the direction he left the wind blower and grinned.

“Your subordinates’ heads should be falling off one by one by now?”

“I didn’t raise them to be that weak.”

Raon raised his sword. The power of fire burning above the silver-grey sword blade. A beautifully calm flow illuminated the black darkness.

“It would be better to worry about your own instead of worrying about other people’s kids.”

“He’s a guy with a flower on his head.”

Cloud frowned and stamped his foot. It looks like the floor is being pushed lightly, but the sound that comes through is rapid.

In an instant, he comes across the space and slashes the sword raised at the top.

‘Is it a heavy sword?’

My shoulders are weighed down and my legs feel heavy. The sword strikes raining down on my head had the weight of a mountain.

The quick and strong swords shown in the sword technique were considerable, but the heavy swords were even better.

It seemed like he would get internal injuries if he hit it from the front, so he turned to the right and wrapped the sword around the jecheon.


The moment Jecheon Sword was about to shed Cloud’s sword strike, his sword bent like a snake’s head and burrowed into his chest.

‘This… .’

Absolute sword?

In a split second, the heavy sword became an absolute sword, causing a crack in the remaining sword. I had no idea that he could change his sword techniques so quickly.

‘There’s no time to stop it.’

Because the Jecheon Sword was bent downward, there was not enough time to block Cloud’s sword.

I quickly leaned back. Cloud’s sword grazed her forehead, cutting off her bangs.

“You’re good at running away.”

Cloud sneered and twisted his wrist. The sword that was cutting through the air strangely bends and falls towards Raon’s neck. It was a quick yet accurate slash.

Raon raised his sword, covering the mana circuits of his waist and thighs with the heat of a manga ball.


Snow Wind Swordsman’s turo, imbued with the skill of an absolute sword, harshly parried Cloud’s sword strike.

However, because the center was off, it could not absorb all the shock. There was a sharp pain in my back.

“you… .”

Raon stepped back and narrowed his eyes at Cloud.

“Have you mastered the ten thousand swords?”

Only practitioners of the Ten Thousand Swords were able to use various sword techniques and freely switch between them.

“It seems presumptuous that you also know about Mangeom.”

Cloud nodded, putting his sword on his shoulder.

“It’s just as you said. I am walking the path of ten thousand swords, following in the footsteps of Lord Ryeon. “Even if your swordsmanship contains some tricks, it cannot reach me.”

He pointed his finger at me as if to tell me not to waste time in a fight that was over and to attack me right away.

“That’s fun.”

Raon stepped on the Taehwabo with a faint smile on his face.

“All you can do is rush at me like a wild boar.”

Cloud smiled coldly and brought down the sword that was resting on his shoulder. It felt like my body would be sucked into the extremely exhilarating sword attack that broke the wind and poured down.

‘From quick sword to sharp sword. but… .’

Fast can be defeated by slow and accurate.

Raon stabbed the Jecheon Sword. The slow speed seems to be on a different level from Cloud’s quick sword.

But that sword was occupying the most important space.


Cloud’s sword collided with the Jecheon Sword and bounced off before it received proper force.

“this guy… .”

He furrowed his brows as if he couldn’t believe it and lowered his sword once again.

A loud explosion erupts from above the sword body. The explosive sword, magically exploding with aura, followed the flow of the strong sword.


Raon did not retreat even after seeing the explosion that tore through space. He rather moved forward.

‘A wide sword and a strong sword are enough to block it.’

I wrapped my self-confidence around my sword and raised my wrist. In the season of sword determination, the snowstorm that swept up the earth, wrapped around the techniques of heavy swords and heavy swords.


Sword and sword clashed, and an enormous shock swept over the son-in-law.

The two swordsmen who tore up the earth split the gray dust and bounced off. However, this time Raon took four steps and Cloud took three steps.

“You can’t believe it… .”

Cloud gave a murderous look in his eyes and twisted his mouth.


Raon nodded without waiting for Cloud’s next words.

“I’m also learning the Mangeom.”

He continued speaking with a sneer.

“It’s so funny how you act so proud, thinking that you alone can conquer all swords.”

“This bastard… .”

Cloud gritted his teeth as he raised his spirit.

However, I did not make the mistake of rushing in without thinking. It seems he didn’t become Grand Master for nothing.

“I understand why Lord Ryeon and the Blood Sword Master said your talent is special. It was because I was learning the ten thousand swords. but… .”

He lightly scratched the floor with his feet like a touring horse.

“Your talents and mine are on a different level!”

Cloud has been flooding in, revealing a desire for talent or a sense of inferiority.

The techniques of quick sword and illusion sword are also permeated in walking techniques. Contrary to her disorganized personality, she seemed to have properly trained herself in martial arts.


Using the magic of the Phantom Sword, Cloud divides his body into three like a ghost and merges into one on the right. The blades extending at the same time contained the techniques of a defeated sword and a loyal sword.

‘It’s powerful.’

Raon let out a low breath and unleashed the Snow Wind Blade’s Blade of Silver Wind towards Cloud’s sword attack.


The powerful Absolute Sword Myori soared along with the silver wind and struck Cloud’s sword. The broken sword hit the floor and caused a huge explosion.


Raon did not miss the opportunity and delved into Cloud’s space. Although Seolpunggeomgyeol’s first half of the attack was poured out in succession, putting strong pressure on him, he escaped the attack by using the unbreakable techniques of a heavy sword as a practitioner of the Ten Thousand Swords.

Blah blah blah!

Although they are fighting with a similar level of auror, Cloud’s sword skills, which are at a higher level, gradually reveal their superiority. If it weren’t for the abilities gained through the system and the Ring of Fire, he would have been pushed out long ago.

‘As expected, the grand master’s standards are high.’

As he held his sword, feeling the specialness of a grand master, Cloud raised his sword toward the sky.

“I’ll show you why I’m on a different level from you.”

Cloud split the frozen ground with a sneer on his lips. His sword was bent in a way that seemed to have been seen somewhere, and a strong wind was brought in.

‘This can’t be… .’

Raon raised his Jecheon Sword with his eyes wide open. As I was about to unfold the Gwanga Sword, the wind wrapped around Cloud’s swordplay cut off the flow of the Sensory Sword.


The power of an absolute sword that cuts through swordsmanship. It was a movement similar to Seolpunggeomgyeol’s chosik.

“Did you see it?”

Cloud once again raised his chin and raised his chin.

“I can copy your swordsmanship as much as I like. No, you can use it more powerfully.”

He recreated the silver wind current that had once been shown as if he was planning to destroy his spirit by creating a stronger current.


The young Kang-gi was torn off by the Jecheon Sword in a cold wind that felt like it was scraping off the skin.

“Can you feel it now? What is real talent? “I will take the title of dragon given to you here.”

“This is my first time seeing it from the other person’s perspective, and this is what it felt like.”

Raon slowly raised his head. Red joy was blooming from his shiny eyes.

“You must have a lot to eat.”

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

The Genius Swordsman Assasin

Reincarnation Genius Sword Master Assasin
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I lived my whole life as a dog on a leash. A new life. The leash was broken, and the anger remained. Now I will live by my own will and walk with my own feet. If you block my way, I will cut you down, even if you are a god.


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