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Chapter 493


Blood drops floating freely on the white page draw bizarre shapes.

It looks like a human, but it is not a human. His face was stained black, his eyes flashed blue, and an elongated conch-shaped horn sprouted from his head.

The blood drew the monster’s mouth and stopped abruptly. She began to tremble violently, like a frightened animal, and struggle to get off the pages of the booklet.


The vibration of the blood droplets condensed on the edge of the page became stronger, eventually tearing the paper and blood flowing out of the booklet.

Blood seeps between the cracked pages. It looked as if a transparent glass window had been struck with a blood-soaked palm.

“ah… .”

Ariel swallowed dryly as she looked at the eerie pattern engraved on the booklet.

My hands were trembling without my knowledge as a chill ran down my spine.

‘… Does this make sense?’

This booklet is called the Sun and Moon Bible.

If it had been properly operated as an ancient artifact that inserted humans between the streams of the sun and the moon and predicted the sky, the future of Raon should have been written in the lyrics of the song.

It was my first time seeing blood draw a picture, and it was my first time moving around and tearing the page.

‘I was definitely scared… .’

Instead of writing down the words of the prophecy, the blood became afraid of the being Raon and went on a rampage to escape the paper.

It was a strange phenomenon that even the original owner of this book had never heard of, so my hair stood on end.

Ariel raised her blood-soaked hand and turned the pages of the Sun and Moon Bible.

‘I also read Glenn Sieghardt, so does it make sense that I can’t read Laon Sieghardt?’

Before going to Sieghart, I used the Sun and Moon Bible to predict what would happen there and then made my move.

There were lyrics about how Glenn would react, and I couldn’t believe I couldn’t see Raon’s future.

‘Besides, I was only thinking about Raon Sieghart.’

I did not intend to know the future of the entire continent, nor did I seek to learn about the Heavenly Demon.

I was just trying to see the future of Aesongi, who is still a master, but when something like this happened, I was so embarrassed that my eyes widened.

“Whoa… .”

Ariel exhaled the thick breath filling her lungs and looked at the lyrics she had written when she went to Sieghardt.

‘If this prophecy were to follow, I should have come out of there with Sieghart’s name on my back.’

Raon Sieghardt. Was he the culprit of all the problems?

At first, I thought it was because of Glenn Sieghardt’s transcendent status because the prophecy of the Sun and Moon Bible had never deviated from it until now.

‘But no.’

When Raon came, a problem arose in the meeting where neutral forces were to be absorbed, and even in the duel competition where reputation was to be built, the value of his name rose to the point where it skyrocketed.

The problem with the future poetry of the Sun and Moon Bible was due to Raon Sieghardt not knowing what was hidden inside.


Ariel gritted her teeth until the sound rang out.

‘Since someone who can’t see the signs of heaven is involved, the future is bound to go awry.’

Originally, the Sun and Moon Bible was used to predict the overall situation and prepare for the future, but it was natural that the whole situation was ruined because the being called Raon could not be read.

‘But why can’t I see his future?’

I still couldn’t believe that the predictable movements of Glenn Sieghart, who was said to be the best on the continent, couldn’t read the dust-like Raon.

‘What is the devil’s appearance at first and his fear of even blood?’

I felt stuffy because there was nothing refreshingly revealed.

“He couldn’t be… .”

Ariel bit her lip and pressed down gently on the table.

‘It won’t affect this matter, right?’

It was important to build up the name of the Six Emperors, accept neutral forces, and use dueling competitions to build a reputation, but the biggest event had not yet occurred.

Since the Shinju Oryeong is properly established only after that incident occurs, there should never be any problems there.

Ariel crossed her arms with her fingers and narrowed her eyes.

‘Should I kill him now?’

It seemed like a good idea to deal with problems before they occurred, but the burden was too great. If Glenn moves, it will be neither porridge nor rice.

‘okay. There’s no need to overdo it.’

Unlike what has happened so far, the most important thing in the upcoming incident is force.

The possibility that Raon, who had not yet reached the rank of Grand Master, would mess up was zero.

‘Still, I don’t know… .’

Ariel touched her forehead and sighed.

“Whoa… .”

She chewed her lips and massaged her heated temples.

“He really is a nuisance.”

* * *

Sieghardt’s throne room before the head of the family.

“You damn bastard again!”

Glenn frowned as he looked at the report. She must have been so angry that her hands holding the papers were shaking.

“Uhm… .”

Chad, who brought the report, swallowed dry saliva as he looked at Glenn’s face turning red.

“It looks like the Great Lord of the Wind Wind is playing a prank again.”

Roen smiled softly as if he understood what the situation was.

“What is written this time?”

“It’s just one line. ‘Raon Gaengpan’ is a huge success! A huge disappointment at the comedy festival! It says ‘Wow!’… .”

Glenn closed his eyes and burned the report he was holding without leaving a single ashes behind.

“I’m especially annoyed by the exclamation mark.”


Roen also laughed as if he didn’t know it would be that bad.

“I wonder how I can kill this guy so that a rumor spreads that I killed him well.”

Glenn sighed and tapped the armrest of the throne.

“But isn’t it better than living as a corpse like before?”

“Of course, but isn’t this a bit harsh? “He is truly extreme.”

He sighed and opened the second report on the right. It was a real report from Cheryl.

“It’s different as expected.”

Glenn nodded in satisfaction as he looked at the four-page report.

However, as soon as he opened the third page, his eyes began to flutter like bee wings.

I was shaking much more violently than when I read Rimmer’s report.

“Damn… .”

A thick wrinkle formed between Glenn’s brow.


Roen’s eyes became round. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen Glenn this angry.

I was curious about what was written inside that was causing such a reaction.

“Why on earth… .”

Chad also looked at Glenn in surprise and opened his mouth.

“It is said that Raon won against three top-level masters in a duel competition. It is said that the second herbivorous form of the Changgung Sword was used… .”

Glenn continued speaking with heavy breathing, as if he was chewing a bone.

“It is said that he made a famous statement to the disciples of Shinju Ohryeong there: ‘You cannot reach my sky.’”

He slammed the throne, saying he should have gone to the intuition. The armrest, which had been repaired more than ten times, crumbled into powder.

“You missed that spectacle!”

A red thunderbolt shook Glenn’s hand as if he was truly angry.

“Uh… .”

Chad’s mouth opened to the point where he couldn’t go any further.


Roen, on the other hand, let out a light laugh.

“It’s definitely a shame.”

Like Glenn, he also licked his lips as if it was a waste not to see Raon in action.

“Because of those damn Oma… .”

As Glenn gritted his teeth, a small piece of paper fell out of the envelope containing the report.


Roen stopped picking up the paper and opened his eyes wide.

“Go, matriarch! “Look at this!”

He jumped up onto the stage and handed Glenn the paper he was holding.

“La, Raon?”

Glenn looked at the paper and gaped. Inside the paper was a vivid picture of Raon.

No, rather than a painting, it seemed like a direct engraving of Raon in reality.

“W-what is this?”

“It says photo on the back. “It is said to have been drawn using an artifact made by the youngest member of the Yonan family.”

Loen read the caption on the photo.


Glenn stared at the photo blankly for a while and then jumped up from the throne.


“This is not the time to be like this.”

“Where are you going… .”

“I will ask Balkan to make a picture frame. “A picture frame that will never break.”

He walked down the stage, holding the photo tightly in his arms.

“ah… .”

Chad pursed his lips.

‘Frame a Vulcan?’

Balkan was the second-best craftsman on the continent who created Glenn’s Jincheon Sword and Raon’s Jecheon Sword.

Now it seemed like Glenn was going to make a crazy request to the continental craftsman to make a picture frame.


Roen looked at Glenn and let out a low breath.

‘Okay, stop me!’

Chad nodded towards Roen. He signaled for me to stop, but words came out of his mouth that were far beyond my expectations.

“How about using Orcon as the material? It will never break.”

Roen, who knew how to stop Glenn, went one step further by suggesting that he make a picture frame out of metal so hard that it would be embarrassing to be second in line.

“That’s a good idea.”

Glenn nodded and ran out of the throne room.


Chad looked at Glenn and Loen’s backs and sighed.

‘The person in power in this family is Raon Sieghart… .’

* * *

Raon came out to the training ground before the sun began to stretch.

Because yesterday’s training was hard, everyone was sleeping, so the entire mansion was quiet.

-Ugh… .

Lars lifted his head, yawning like a crocodile.

-Are you not even sleeping?

The guy narrowed his eyes sharply.

-Just sleeping will relieve your fatigue and make you stronger, so why bother going through all the trouble!

‘I’ve slept enough like this.’

Because Sloth’s abilities have been strengthened, even if he does not sleep much, the effect of increasing his abilities is greater than before.

There was no reason to sleep for long because fatigue went away quickly.

-Okay… .

Lars shook his closed fist in the air.

-That damn brat! If you get caught by King Bon, he will make it impossible for you to sleep for the rest of your life.

The guy frowned, calling Sloth the demon king of thugs.

‘hmm… .’

Raon quenched his appetite while looking at Lars. I wanted to say that you are the true demon king of Hogu, but I held back because I didn’t want to fight in the morning.

‘But it’s not necessarily a good thing. There are also disadvantages.’


‘okay. ‘It’s hard to get out of bed.’

Perhaps due to the effect of laziness, the body continues to become saggy and lazy.

In the past, I would have gotten out of bed right away, but since Sloth opened, I waited 5 seconds before opening my eyes.

-Oh seconds? Ooooooo seconds?

Lars thrust his face in and twisted his jaw.

-What does that mean! If an ordinary human were to suffer that much laziness, he would become one with the bed! What happened to your mental strength after enduring the King’s wrath?

The guy cried out loud, asking how he could overcome the devil’s feelings.

‘I don’t know.’

Of course, it was because of the ring of fire and the soul he had developed from his previous life, but he shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

When Raon was about to draw his sword for swordsmanship training, a small figure approached the front door of the dorm. When I heard the footsteps, I realized they were Denning Rose’s.

‘What happened this morning?’

When she knocked, I went over and opened the door.

“Oh, you’re up.”

Denning Rose bowed his head and apologized for being so early.

“it’s okay. “I was just trying to train anyway.”

“You were looking for prosecutors like that yesterday. “No, you already trained me?”

“Because it’s something you have to do.”

“ah… .”

Her eyes widened as if she was surprised that training was something she was supposed to do.

“But what brings you here at this hour?”

“I have something I need to tell you.”

Denningroth grabbed his sleeve and lifted his gaze.

“Oma’s movements have been unusual lately.”


“yes. It is said that White Blood Bridge and Black Tower are moving here and there, but it is not easy to read their movements because they are moving chaotically. “The North and South Korean alliance also said they opened a new waterway.”

An intelligent light welled up inside her eyes.

“I think this Hsinchu Oring festival got on their nerves. It would be best to leave as soon as the festival ends. “Because there are many Omas targeting Raon.”

“Well, there are problems with four places excluding Seonggeomryeon.”

The white pagoda is stamped by the religious leader, and the black pagoda is stamped by the sub-pagoda owner.

Since the North and South Alliance had problems with the Senate, it was no exaggeration to say that they were at loggerheads with everyone except the Seonggeomryeon.

“That’s because Seonggeomryeon hasn’t come out yet. If it shows up, that’s the biggest problem. “Because those swordsmen pursue excellent swordsmen without any hesitation.”

Denning Rose wiggled his fingers, saying that in fact, the Seonggeomryeon was the most dangerous.

“hmm… .”

Raon nodded, looking at Denning Rose’s wriggling hand.

‘That’s true.’

Seonggeomryeon are ghosts who lust after swordsmanship. It was natural that people would come after him as he used a speargun and a sword he had made himself.

“Are you here to tell me that?”

“yes. “I think I should tell you right away.”

“thank you. As you advised, I will leave as soon as the festival ends.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”

Denning Rose smiled, saying that it was just something Raon had to do as training.

“I’ll come back when the sun rises.”

She nodded again and left the dorm.

After seeing off Denning Rose, Raon looked at the wall on the left.

Right next to me, I felt a presence that I knew better than Denning Rose.

‘There’s no one else around but me, right?’

-Who else is there this early in the morning? .

Lars shook his head and said, “You guys are the only ones who are crazy.”


Raon easily jumped over the wall and entered the alley.

The petite woman who had not yet burrowed into the shadows twitched her eyes.


It was Cheryl who had been hanging on the wall since dawn. Perhaps because she was conspicuous, she wore light travel clothes and her hair was dyed black.

“Why are you… .”

“I came out because I felt like I was popular. Are you moving already?”

Raon showed off his skills and approached Cheryl.

“I came out because you moved. “Aren’t you tired after training the kids until dawn yesterday?”

Cheryl asked if it was hard and shook her head.

“Because it’s something to do.”

I repeated what I had said to Denning Rose.


Cheryl, unlike Denning Rose, was not surprised. She smiled faintly as if she liked the answer.

“I enjoyed the sparring yesterday. “When I saw them beating up people who were openly picky, it really made me feel better.”

Cheryl smiled brightly, saying it had been a long time since she had seen such an interesting sight.

“If you came to represent Sieghardt, you should do at least that much.”

“Ugh, as expected!”

Her smile grew brighter.

“If the head of the family had seen that, he would have been proud.”

“Is that so?”

Raon quenched his appetite. Glenn didn’t seem to make much of a difference at all.

“It’s clear.”

Cheryl said she was sure and patted me on the shoulder.

“Well, I… .”

When Laon was about to say that he couldn’t picture Glenn being proud, Cheryl made a gesture as if to tell him to be quiet.

Her frown deepened, and soon there was a knock on the door.

“This body has arrived!”

It’s Limerda. She came in drunk and kicked in the front door.

“That damn bastard… .”

Cheryl’s hands were shaking as if her fists were crying.

Raon looked alternately at Rimmer, who was playing and eating, and Cheryl, who was guarding the Gwangpungdae while not being able to sleep, and burst into laughter.

‘It’s so different.’

The Grand Master of the Heavenly Sword is the most trusted person to Glenn, and his military strength ranks at the rank of Grand Master.

Even within Sieghart, I was grateful and respected that the highest-ranking person could not sleep while protecting those far below him.

In particular, she seemed even more noble because she and Rimmer were friends but showed such different sides of themselves.

“thank you.”

Raon bowed his head to Cheryl with sincerity.

“Why are you like this all of a sudden?”

Cheryl blinked rapidly as if she couldn’t understand the meaning of the greeting.

“actually… .”

As I raised my head to explain to her, a large message appeared before my eyes.

[Characteristic abilities are unlocked.]
-Oh, no! Damn you again!

Lars, who was blinking sleepily, screamed.

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The Genius Swordsman Assasin

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