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Chapter 491

“…That’s d*mn right, really.”

Chung-Myung had his teeth chipped.

Anyway, these masochists were not helpful in the past life and now.

No, it’s better if it doesn’t help.


He moaned from the inside and scratched his head.

At the same time, the eerie venom in his eyes was young.


Chung-Myung’s gaze moved slowly toward the ice boat in his sleeve.

Mahkyo wants an ice boat to save Heavenly Demon. Of course, Chung-Myung doesn’t believe the crazies can really revive Heavenly Demon, but isn’t there a saying that the world is one?

“Should I just break everything?”

“What? An ice boat?”

Hwasan’s disciples opened their mouths wide with their eyes wide open.

“Hey, how hard have you been digging for this?”

“The trouble isn’t the problem right now! d*mn it!

“Ho, where’s the marriage party? What are you supposed to give to Green Rim?

“Marriage or nonsense…”….”

Chung-Myung clenched his fists and clenched his teeth.

Of course, the promise with King Greenlim is important. But nothing compared to the ridiculous bad news of the resurrection of Heavenly Demon.

I’m sure you can’t stand the back of her head, but I’d rather fight Green Lim than fight Heavenly Demon.…. No, about a thousand times better.


“Oh, it’s easy to say.”

What if the magicians find out that it’s impossible to revive Heavenly Demon?

‘You’re literally going crazy.’

It would be great if you were discouraged and depressed, but where are the great men? It was obvious that he would flip his eyes and do everything he could.

If they run wild with bubbles in their mouths, it is clear that not a single ant cub will survive in the North Sea.

None of the marchers are sane.

So it was really the last thing to think about.

So the only way left is…….

“It means we have to fight after all.….”

Chung-Myung tore his head off with a groan.

“Foolish little demon, you’re f*cking f*cking d*mn it. This time again! How can we deal with Mahyo who can’t handle the support of the people?”

He was not enough, and he rolled around the ground with the force of water.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Nothing’s going to work out of the blue.

His laughing face gave the disciples a deep sigh.

Yoon-Jong asked Baek Cheon quietly.

“Shouldn’t you stop him?”




Yoon-Jong peeked at the prisoners behind and whispered again.

“……but I still have a lot of eyes.”

“I guess you didn’t have a good eye at the arena.”


Baek Cheon looked at Chung-Myung with a face that let go of much.

It’s good to get your act together, so please come to your senses when you’re done. Don’t expect much from me.

In fact, the situation was quite understandable.

Although Chung-Myung says his nerves are made up of a cord, it would be even stranger if the demon was red-eyed right next to him, and the object he was looking for was in my sleeve.

“Let’s calm down a little bit.….’

But just as Baek Cheon was about to open his mouth, Chung-Myung suddenly woke up.

The flinching Baek Cheon quickly looked at his expression.

It was a difficult expression to describe.

Anger and irritation, anger and injustice.

All those emotions seemed to be mixed into one, and Chung-Myung’s lips began to twitch.

“……isn’t it?”

His eyes soon began to twinkle anxiously.”For God’s sake, have I ever worked out? If the mountain is blocked, you can change it, if the river is blocked, you can twist it!”

At the curious words, Baek Cheon smiled pleasedly.

Oh, my God. That’s a master. That’s a master.’


Do you happen to know what “no nature” means?

If Tae Sang-ro sees you, he’ll collapse holding the back of your neck with a bubble in his mouth.

But Chung-Myung’s murmur continued.

“Yes, you will be resurrected here. You mean?”

Who told you, you bastards?

Blood began to rise in both eyes.

“It’s the same with Picha being unlucky. I’ll make you regret what happened to me, you demon bastards!”

Yoon-Jong whispered again as he watched Chung-Myung burst into anger with his whole body.

“Sa-Sook, the situation is a bit disturbing.”



“Turn your head and it’s Pian.”

“…what do you mean?”

“It means it’s comfortable to give up.”

“…Baek Cheon, that’s not what it means…”….”

Hye Yeon, who was listening, stepped in quietly, but no one cared much.

Then Chung-Myung turned his head and looked at Yosa Hon, the elder of the past bingo.



Yosa Hon replied flinchingly at the sudden call.

“You’ve got a rough picture of the situation, haven’t you?”

Yosa Hon nodded quickly. In fact, I didn’t have any idea what was going on, but I felt like I had to answer first because I felt like I was going to eat it up.

“I was originally going to get just the right information, but things have changed.”

“…what do you mean?”

“I mean, the demon cubs didn’t get pushed out by the heavyweights and got stuck here, but they came for a purpose. The purpose of reviving Heavenly Demon!”


“Whether it succeeds or fails, the North Sea is over. If you succeed, of course it’s over, and if you fail, these bastards will go wild.”

“No, how do you…….”

“That’s how Markyo is.”

I know what I’ve been through, man! I did!

Chung-Myung looked scary.



Yosa Hon.

He certainly wasn’t the one to fall behind in his past status or experience. But now I feel like I’m being dragged into by this young man from Hwasan.

“If we get out of here, will we be able to find the fool again?”

“Rain, did you say you were going to find the Bingo again?”


Yosa Hon looked at Chung-Myung with a puzzled face.

“How can we find the Bingo again, which we have lost track of? We’re prohibited from teaching.….”

“I can figure it out for you.”


“Now that, I can untie you.”

Yosa Hon opened her eyes wide.

“What, what…….”

“Oh, can’t you hear me? I can lift the ban for you. I can help you find the history again.”

“It’s, uh, how…….”

“How can I?”

Of course, it is the marchers who know the magic best in the world. Except for them, however, Chung-Myung was the one who had the highest understanding of Mageong.

At the time of the reign of horsemanship, no one knew more about horsemanship than Chung Jin except for example, there was no one who knew horsemanship better than him. So now is the time to tell me what to do?

And most of all…….

What’s different about the gauge?

It’s because you’re losing ground!

Come to think of it, so much has changed since Chung-Myung returned. But I don’t say these things openly anymore.If it were the old plum blossom inspection, I would have shouted to my face, “You’re weak, so you can’t even solve it, you bastards.”

“Is that really possible?”

“You’ve been fooled! Do I look like a liar?”


“…Why aren’t you answering?”

“No…… well…….”

His disciples nodded at Yosa Hon, who hesitated to answer.

‘Maybe it’s because he was an elder, but he has a good eye for people.’

‘I have faith in myself.’

Then Chung-Myung clapped his hands with a determined face.

“In a nutshell.”

And asked again in a serious voice.

“Tell me. If we can find the history and get out of here, we can rally the power of the former palaceists and play a game with the Bingo.”

There was a touch of embarrassment on Yosa Hon’s face.

“……Well, it’s not easy.”

“Why? I heard that Gungju has lost a lot of public confidence because of tyranny. Aren’t there a lot of people who support this side?”

Yosa Hon sighed deeply.

“Yes, but even so, not only the warriors of the Bingo but also the North Sea will not support us.”


“Because we are not a family of words.”

Chung-Myung asked back with a slight frown.

“No way?”

“Yes, the North Sea leader has been in the snow for generations. Those who are not tongue-tied do not win the support of the North Sea.”

Chung-Myung, who was speechless for a moment, opened his mouth wide.

“No, what the hell is that…….”

Hwasan’s disciples were also forced to harden their faces.

“What a kingdom.”

“I mean, I don’t think he’s a doorkeeper.”

Even in the blood clans of Sega, certain people do not monopolize the seat of the household.

“……Do you have any other appropriate remarks?”

Yosa Hon shook her head when asked by Baek Cheon.

“Seolga has been a family of precious hands for generations. Solchon Sang is the only one in the North Sea that connects the Lunar New Year.”


Chung-Myung scratched his head thinking that something was going horribly wrong.

“No, is there really no other way?”

If there were other ways, I would have tried. Yosa Hon sighed as if she was frustrated.

“That’s why I told you that I should borrow the power of the midfield. Due to the nature of the North Sea, you can’t do anything without the blood of the tongue. What if I had the son of a good princess who ran away during a disaster?….”

At that moment Jo-Gol opened his mouth.

“Son of the Prince of Sons?”


Hwasan’s disciples looked back at each other’s faces.

“That… that Solso Baek guy.

“I think so?”

Yosa Hon’s head flashed. With his eyes wide open, he asked in a trembling voice.

“Well, how can you…….”

“I met you.”

Chung-Myung replied with a sour voice.

“He was with a man named Hanyi Myeong.”

“Ha, a general?”

All sorts of emotions swirled over Yosa Hon’s open-mouthed face.

Although the body was trapped here, how much trouble have you been trying to hear from them?

However, he hasn’t even been able to confirm his life or death in years. But I never thought I’d hear from them about Solso Baek, who I’ve been waiting so much for…….

He asked in an urgent voice.

“He, where are they now?”

“I don’t know. Where did you go after that?”

In a heartbreaking reply, the hope on Yosa Hon’s face was rapidly extinguished.

“Ah……. Things could be different if we could just find out where they are…….””Really?”

“……Yes, Confucius is the enemy of the tongue. Those who follow the Prince of the Flagellates will not hesitate to support him. If only we could find the whereabouts of the Servant……it could be different.”


Chung-Myung rolled up the corners of his mouth.

“So, if we find that Solso Back kid, we can rally the outside forces and the whole palace frequency in the glacier?”

“Yes, but how can we find him in this vast North Sea?”

Chung-Myung smiles pleasedly.

“I fed the caterpillar who had nothing to do and put him to sleep, and now I’m finally paying for the meal.”


Chung-Myung tapped his chest.

“Hey, come out.”


Then a bunch of white fur stuck out of his clothes. Maybe he woke up from dozing off, but his black and round eyes were covered with drowsiness.

Chung-Myung grabbed Baeka’s waist and pulled it out.

“You remember that kid, don’t you?”

Baek-ah, caught in Chung-Myung’s hand, nodded.

“You can find it, right?”


“I told you to remember the smell. You can find it, right?”

Baek-ah’s mouth began to open as she stared at Chung-Myung for a moment.

Baek Cheon whispered to Jo-Gol when he saw the sheep.

“Walk. Do animals sweat?”

“I think dogs don’t spill. What about Dambi?….”

“…I guess it’s spilling. Maybe it’s because it’s a ghost.”

It was clearly visible to them. The scene of thick beads of sweat forming on the back of Baek-ah’s head.

Chung-Myung once again asked.

“Why? Can’t you find it?”


Strangely enough, I could understand exactly what that cry meant.

If you put it in human words, “Hey, you crazy man. How can you find a person in this large place with just one smell?’

“Can’t you find it?”


“You can’t find it?”


Sweat flowed down from the back of Baek-ah’s head.


Chung-Myung’s eyes began to glisten with madness. Eventually, Baek-ah nodded very quickly.

Whoops! Whoops! Key!

“That’s right. You should.”

Chung-Myung put the white baby on the floor with a smile on his face.

“Well, that’s simple.”

He turned his head and looked at Hwasan’s disciples and Hye Yeon.

“I don’t usually get involved in other people’s affairs, but I can’t help it because of the situation.”

“……what are you going to do?”

“What are you doing?”

Chung-Myung grinned.

“You’re killing the demon cubs.”

“…isn’t there a shortage of troops?”

“What do you think is lacking? It’s the army that’s all over the bingo!”

“You, you…… don’t tell me?”


Chung-Myung had blue naturalization in his eyes.

“Find that Solso Baek or something and be a puppet…”…. No, use it well to make the warriors of the Bingo stand on our side! Then lead the fool’s way and wipe out all the demon cubs!”

Chung-Myung, who explained it in a powerful voice, grinned.

“It’s simple, right?

“Uh……. It’s very simple.”

Everything is fine except that it looks easier to die.


The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect

The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung.
Status: Ongoing Type: , , , , , , Author: Artist:
The Blooming of Plum Blossoms Mount Hua Sect The 13th disciple of the Great Mount Hua Sect. One of the Greatest Third-Generation Swordsmen. The Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung. After slicing the head of the peerless Heavenly Demon, who threw the world into chaos, he slept an eternal sleep on the peak of the Hundred Thousand Great Mountains. Jumping over a hundred years, he comes back in the body of a child. But… what? Mount Hua declined? What the hell are you talking about!? It’s only natural to want to live if you’re going broke. “Decline? Even though I’m here? Who would dare!” Plum blossoms eventually fall. But when the cold winter passes and spring comes, plum blossoms shall bloom again. “But I’m gonna die first before Mount Hua gets revived! If you’re gonna go bust, might as well do it right, you bastards!” The beginning of the Plum Blossom Sword Master, Chungmyung’s solitary struggle to save the thoroughly declining Mount Hua Sect


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