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Chapter 483

The meeting of Shinju Oryeong has begun.

The first was an explanation of each force.

The comedy is calm, the Guisalchang is full of blood, the Four Swords Demon is gloomy, and finally, the Evil Sword is dry. Each person recited how their group grew and what goals they had.

After that, it was a report on what each faction had been doing recently. Of course, there was nothing about evil deeds, it was all about fighting Ouma or doing good deeds.

Raon did not find fault and took a step back from the meeting to find out what the intentions of the leaders of Shinju Oryeong were.

Of course, it was the comedian who led the meeting, and the other three people only gave flexible answers without spoiling the atmosphere.

What they wanted to say was simple.

It is said that Hsinchu Oring has no intention of antagonizing the Six Emperors and neutral forces and is even ready to fight Oma to protect the continent.

In other words, since we are not enemies, we should not benevolent, but let’s be friendly and get along well with each other.

“What we have said so far is our sincerity.”

Emperor Huigeuk bowed his head, saying that he wanted to get along well with all the powers on the continent.

“So do we!”

“Rather, I’d like to ask you a favor from here!”

“Most of the good deeds I hear about these days are about Shinju Oryeong. “Anything is welcome!”

“I agree. “I just want to thank you for inviting me in the first place.”

The leaders of the neutral forces applauded and shouted congratulations on the establishment of Hsinchu Oring. Since no one refused, the atmosphere in the conference room became friendly.

In a way, it is natural that neutral forces invited here also enjoy a leisurely day, but since it cannot be compared to Shinju Oryeong, it must feel like they are being treated well.

However, Raon did not fall into the warmth of the now friendly conference room and gave a cold smile.

‘You’re all so immature.’

I know this because I faced the comedy festival head-on. The real purpose of Shinju Oryeong is not to make friends with neutral forces.

I’m not sure exactly what their purpose was, but one thing was certain: they were trying to take advantage of a neutral force.

“thank you.”

The comedian bowed his head again and leaned his upper body in front of the table.

“To foster friendship not only with us but also with younger generations, we are planning to hold a duel competition in which only martial artists under 40 can participate. There will be special prizes, so please encourage participation.”

She smiled and said that since they had reached a consensus among themselves, she wanted to give the younger friends a chance as well.

“I don’t have kids gathering, so this is a great idea!”

“It’s a product that Ariel would say is special, so I’m looking forward to it!”

“We will have all of our kids compete!”

“Forty? Unfortunately, I won’t be able to go out.”

“What are you talking about when you are already 50 years old!”

The leaders of the neutral forces looked at each other and nodded, thinking it would be fun.

“Ah, even if you are under forty and represent your family, you cannot compete.”

The comedian’s gaze slowly rolled towards Raon. It seemed like they were saying that you can’t come out because you are also the representative.

“Can I say one more thing?”

As if she thought the mood was ripe, she came to the center of the conference table and raised her hand.

“I didn’t know I could communicate so well with you all, so I’d like to make a suggestion.”

The once noisy conference room quieted down. Now the comedy festival dominated the atmosphere here.

“How about forming a temporary alliance among the people here?”

“Do, alliance?”

“Suddenly the alliance was a bit… .”

“Isn’t it too urgent?”

The leaders of the neutral forces widened their eyes in surprise at the sudden appearance of the word alliance.

“As you may already know, the current situation on the continent is not good.”

The comedian stopped in the center of the rectangular table. The moonlight pouring through her window made her existence even more sacred.

“The Black Tower, the White Blood Cult, and the North-South Alliance have begun to reveal their power in earnest, and Eden is hiding and raising ghosts. In addition, there was information that the sword master of the Seonggeomryeon appeared not long ago.”

Her heavy voice oppressed the quiet conference room.

“Oh, oh my?”

“Are the sword spirits of the Holy Swordsman trying to come out into the world again…? .”

“You’re the new ghost of Eden, what are you planning to do this time?”

“I heard it too. “They say Yurt City was attacked by the White Blood Cult and there wasn’t even a pile of ashes left.”

“It’s the same with the Black Tower. There was a story that the owner of the floating pagoda appeared… .”

The leaders of the neutral forces trembled when they heard that Oma had begun his activities.

“It’s not just about showing up. “The monsters that only have the same name are moving in conjunction.”

The comedian lowered his eyelids and then opened them. Her red eyes sparkled with an eerie light. The warriors of the neutral forces who made eye contact swallowed dry saliva.

“We don’t know when fire will hit the continent, so we hope you can help us.”

She went back to the end of the table and turned her back to me.


“Do, please help me… .”

“You said we were allies. What are you talking about?”

The leaders opened their mouths wide as they heard the Emperor’s request for help.

“It hasn’t been long since our Shinju Oryeong appeared in the world. Although she is confident in her power, she still lacks a foundation. “I hope you will join us to fill that deficiency.”

As the Comedy Emperor spoke back to asking for help for the alliance, small smiles began to bloom on the faces of the leaders. Her voice changed into various colors like a rainbow and dominated the conference room.

‘It’s definitely a mutually beneficial approach. Giving and receiving… hmm?’

Raon frowned while organizing his thoughts.

‘What am I thinking right now… .’

Could this be a good approach for both parties?

If these people here form an alliance, it is obvious that all the reputation will go to Shinju Oryeong, and all the arrows will be taken by neutral forces. It could never be a good way.

‘But why did I think that?’

I was thinking about finding fault at any time, but suddenly my mind went blank and I had a strange thought. It was clearly not a normal judgment.

‘no way… .’

Raon lightly chewed the tip of his tongue.

‘Is this the work of a comedian?’

Even though she wasn’t using her aura, her voice sounded so vivid in my ears. It seemed obvious that she was up to something.


The ring of fire was operated immediately. The seven rings resonated, and the energy inside the conference hall came into view.

‘I’m not an Auror after all.’

The comedy system does not operate even the slightest auror. However, every time she speaks, the air inside her conference room shakes. It was clear that she had something in her voice.

-Have you finally realized it?

Lars let out a sigh as if he was pathetic.

‘What is that?’

-What is it? It’s a thought.

The guy frowned as he watched the comedy festival.

– Raising the level of the soul by accumulating achievements, and the art performed based on that level is the spirit. In other words, intention is the power of the soul. That woman is persuading those fools by putting her thoughts into her own voice.

‘Is that possible?’

-If you overdo it, it can have the opposite effect, but that guy is very smooth, not once but twice.

‘There are different methods.’

I thought it could only be used as a martial arts tool, but I had no idea it could be used that way. As expected, the comedy festival was not someone to be taken lightly.

-But no matter how much you think about that person, he’s not that good. It seems like the whole thing that came to save my men was an act.

‘Do you know that now?’

-I wanted to believe it.

Ras shook his head, hoping that there would be no villains among those who thought of his subordinates. Although he feels it every time, he is truly a soft devil when it comes to his subordinates.

‘Anyway, that means the intention is correct.’

-That’s right. But it won’t be easy to break.

‘Just give it a try.’

Raon clenched his fists as he watched the comedian continue to express his determination in his voice.

“I am fine.”

“I agree.”

“It’s an honor to be with Shinju Oryeong!”

The leaders of neutral forces raised their voices calling for an alliance agreement to be drawn up immediately. Because the energy was not filled with malice, they seemed to be unaware of what was happening to them. It was the perfect result of the right reasons, her comical speaking skills, and her intentions.

“We are grateful that you understand us.”

The Emperor of Comedy stood up from his seat and made eye contact with the heads of the neutral forces who raised their hands one by one and bowed his head.

“Since Sieghart and guests from the Magic Tower are here at the moment, could you be a witness to this alliance?”

She smiled sweetly as she looked this way, as if she had gained confidence.

‘That woman… .’

Raon looked into the eyes of the comedian and touched his fingertips.

‘Was this the purpose?’

Form an alliance with a neutral force and present the Six Emperors as a witness to make it impossible for them to be defeated.

Although Hsinchu Wuling certainly possesses strong military power, it still lacks numbers and reputation. It seemed like they were trying to fill the gap with a neutral force.

It seemed like they were trying to increase the scale further without any intention of stopping at the current level.

I whetted my appetite while watching Dumbtkan and Byton shouting for a quick alliance.

‘It doesn’t matter what happens to others… .’

I can’t see myself falling for the comedy’s tricks.

‘The reason I came here is to make a fuss.’

I didn’t come here to be a scarecrow, so now was the time to step up.

Raon let out a shaky breath and got up from the chair. He smiled, looking at the comedian with cold eyes.

“Did you say you were a witness?”

“yes. “We are not all people who will lie, but since you are with us on such a happy day, I would like to ask you a favor.”

“But what is this alliance for?”

His voice was filled with determination, similar to the comedy he felt through the ring of fire. He didn’t operate as smoothly as her, but he tried to emulate her somehow.

“As I said, in order to prepare for the chaotic situation on the continent… .”

“How do I prepare? Who stands in front when war breaks out? What is the reward for helping? Who gets the loot? What about compensation for casualties? “Aren’t we gathering under the name of Shinju Five Spirits, not an alliance?”

The blunt tone contained a strong intention to awaken people who were bewitched by the comedy emperor. In fact, since I was not yet familiar with the idea, I applied too much force on my own without any need for control.


A strange sound, like sparks flying, rang out and the soft atmosphere created by the comedy festival was instantly shattered.

“Uhm… .”

“Wow, I definitely need to decide on that and put a stamp on it.”

“that’s right. Alliances aren’t usually important, so why get so excited… .”

“It wasn’t the time to get drunk.”

The leaders of the neutral forces seemed to have finally come to their senses and sat down again, saying that even if they form an alliance, they must coordinate their opinions.

-This… .

Lars looked at that and opened his eyes.

‘Thanks to your hint.’

-Hint from King Bon?

‘They say that if you overdo it, it will have the opposite effect. ‘I used that.’

Lars said that too much would have the opposite effect, so I purposely used as much power as I had and broke the chain of intent created by the Comedy Emperor. Looking at the situation, it seems like it worked.

-What a shameless bastard! They always take away information and don’t give me food!

‘… sorry.’

I had nothing to say about it so I kept my mouth shut.

“ah… .”

The comedian’s eyes are curved like moonlight reflected in a glass window. A look in your eyes for the first time. He seemed genuinely embarrassed.

“Yes. “We have to coordinate from there.”

Even in a startling situation, she regained her composure in an instant. No matter how you look at it, the true power of the Comedy Emperor was not his military power, but his mental strength.

“I guess Shinju Oring is just looking for an opportunity.”

Raon pressed his palms against the table and tilted his chin.

“What is that… .”

“Even when he was making a name for himself, he tried to sneak in through the gap where the Six Emperors and Oma were keeping each other in check, and this time as well, didn’t they try to put other powers on their backs by forming an alliance like jumping over a wall?”

“It’s not that, it’s about helping each other…” .”

“Are you not confident in your own strength?”

He snorted and waved his hand.

“Sieghart rose to his current position by spreading his blood and flesh across the continent.”

A red thunderbolt splitting the darkness flashed above Raon’s eyes.

“If you try to steal other people’s blood, other people’s swords, and other people’s achievements, you will never be able to escape that position for the rest of your life.”

Shinju Oryeong and the leaders of the neutral forces kept their mouths shut at the presence that bloomed from the human being Raon himself.

“I’ll stop here.”

Raon glanced at everyone with his cold eyes and turned his back.

“I’ll go too.”

Denning Rose stood up as if he had been waiting, and Encia stood up to focus the camera. The clicking sound can still be heard. This woman really has too much Merlin.


Guisalchang walked out laughing, holding his head.

“I really like you. “If you’re not going to come to the magic club, would you like to become sworn brothers with me?”

“You’re not the right age.”

“My sworn brother doesn’t care about things like that!”

He chuckled, saying that this was the first time he had seen the comedy system destroyed like that.

“Oh, and be sure to come to the competition the day after tomorrow. “Because I’ve prepared something good for you.”

“Let me think about it.”

Raon nodded and left the conference room. It was noisy inside, as if an argument had taken place.

“Are you two okay?”

“yes. “It was refreshing.”

Denning Rose nodded, feeling relieved. Seeing that his complexion was brighter than usual, it seemed like he was serious.

“What happened?”

Encia tilted her head as she took a picture with a camera. It didn’t matter what was going on in there, it seemed like all I had to do was take pictures.

“under… .”

While I was blinking in bewilderment, the door to the conference room opened again, and Yuria walked out. He pursed her lips and looked down at her with a strong gaze.

“Do you have anything to say?”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Yuria’s bear-like body.

“… … .”

Yuria took a deep breath without answering. He felt like he was seeing a bison that seemed ready to charge at any moment.

He shook his shoulders, shook his head, and immediately left the conference room.

Raon looked at Yuria’s back and shook his head.

‘What is he?’

* * *

Raon headed to the restaurant in front of the dorm with Denning Rose and Encia. There was so much talk about the comedy festival that it seemed like business was already over, but at Lars’ urging, I decided to give it a try.


The light is on.

I thought the door must have been closed, but strangely enough, I could feel many signs from inside.

-Quick, quick! Get in quickly!

When I opened the door and entered the restaurant, I saw Gwangpungdae eating light snacks and drinking beer.

“uh? “Are you here now?”

“You’re late!”

Crane and Dorian, who were sitting at the table in front of the entrance, waved their hands.

“Did the meeting end well?”

Buren, who was sitting inside, grinned.

“Why is this meeting taking so long!”

Marta frowned as she asked what time it was.

“Sit down quickly.”

Runaan patted the seat next to her and motioned for her to sit down.

“hmm… .”

Raon narrowed his eyes as he looked at Gwangpungdan. There was almost no smell of food, and the only things on the table were dry snacks and beer.

“Have you not eaten?”

“How can I eat when you’re not here?”

Martha clicked her tongue, wondering what kind of obvious statement she was making.

“that’s right. “You don’t have a water owner.”

Buren smiled and nodded.

“I’ve been waiting for everyone.”

Runaan tapped the chair faster as if telling her to sit down quickly.

“You’re here now!”

A middle-aged woman came out of the kitchen and bowed her head. She was the manager I saw when making the reservation.

“I think they forced me to wait, I’m sorry.”

“are you okay.”

“The Gwangpungdae staff said they would pay an additional fee and wait until Raon comes.”

The store manager smiled brightly and said he had received enough money.

“I will prepare a meal for you right away.”

The manager went back into the kitchen, saying that all the ingredients and people were there. A commotion was heard from inside.

“Why are you doing such a useless thing?”

Raon wrinkled his nose as he looked at the Gwangpungdae swordsmen.

“You guys eat quickly and go home.”

Although the words were spoken bluntly, my insides felt strangely warm.

When I saw Gwangpungdae waiting for me with a smile, I felt like I had returned to the annex after a long mission.

“It’s so fucking embarrassing… .”


Before I knew it, Encia had moved forward and was pressing the camera. Denning Rose covered her mouth and smiled as if she found the sight amusing.


I looked to my right when I heard the sound of someone chewing their nose. Lars was red and had tears in his eyes.

-You bastards!

The guy’s eyes became moist as if he had been touched by the windmill.

-Good! This king will take care of all of you! Little ones know what loyalty is!

Lars nodded, saying that he liked all of the Gwangpungdae. He was such an easy guy.

Raon chuckled and sat down on the seat Runan had knocked on.

“Everyone gather together.”

Since it seemed like it would still take some time for the meal to be served, I first explained what happened today.

“It won’t be a simple union.”

“It seems like the Shenju Five Spirits are trying to prey on the neutral forces… .”

“He moves very quickly.”

The Gwangpungdae prosecutors nodded, muttering that it was not a good situation.

“There’s one more.”

Raon raised his index finger.

“It is said that a duel competition will be held in two days. “They say that anyone under 40 can participate, so you can all participate.”

“Shouldn’t I apply?”

“It doesn’t matter because it’s an instant method where you can participate right away without registering.”

Denning Rose told me that I could participate at any time on my behalf.

“If you’re under 40, you can probably become a master.”

“I wanted to test my level now, it’s good.”

“I will definitely participate!”

“me too!”

The Gwangpungdae prosecutors smiled as if they wanted to run right away.

“I’m glad you willingly participated. But if Sieghard doesn’t win… .”

As I spoke, I clenched my fists until they made a clicking sound.

“You’re all going to die.”

“uh… .”

“Well, that’s a bit…” .”

“Isn’t the Master going to be there too?”

“Woah, you want to win?”

“That’s none of my business.”

Raon gave an eerie smile as he looked at the Gwangpungdae.

“If the winner is not affiliated with Gwangpungdae, they return to their family and undergo concentration-strengthening training for a whole month.”

The laughter and cheerfulness of the Gwangpungdae were cut off by the chillingly cold voice.

-You damn bastard!

Lars slapped Raon on the back of the head and screamed.

-Why are you yelling at your subordinates too?

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